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Temporal range: Eocene-Present, 46–0 Ma
A Formica rufa collecting.jpg
Formica rufa
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Genus: Formica
Linnaeus, 1758
Type species
Formica rufa

Adformica Lomnicki, 1925
Coptoformica Müller, 1923
Formicina Shuckard, 1840
Neoformica Wheeler, 1913
Raptiformica Forel, 1913
Serviformica Forel, 1913

This is a list of the extant and extinct (†) species in the genus Formica which includes wood ants, mound ants, & field ants.[1][2][3][4]

Valid Formica species[edit]

Formica annosa holotype male
Formica cockerelli paratype male


Formica cinerea worker, Sr synonym to a number of proposed species

A number of described species have been synonymized into other species as jr synonyms

  • Formica cinerea - Senior synonym of Formica balcanica Petrov & Collingwood, 1993, Formica imitans Ruzsky, 1902, Formica lefrancoisi Bondroit, 1918, and Formica subrufoides Forel, 1913
  • Formica flori - Senior synonym to †Formica antiqua Dlussky, 1967, †Formica baltica Dlussky, 1967, †Formica egecomerta Özdikmen, 2010, and †Formica parvula Dlussky, 2002
  • Formica foreli - Senior synonym to Formica goesswaldi Kutter, 1967, Formica naefi Kutter, 1957, and Formica tamarae Dlussky, 1964
  • Formica forsslundi - Senior synonym to Formica brunneonitida Dlussky, 1964, Formica fossilabris Dlussky, 1965, and Formica nemoralis Dlussky, 1964
  • Lasius globularis - Senior synonym to †Formica capito Heer, 1867
  • Formica manchu - Senior synonym to Formica dlusskyi Bolton, 1995
  • Formica pallidefulva - Senior synonym to Formica nitidiventris Emery, 1893, Formica schaufussi Mayr, 1866, and Formica succinea Wheeler, 1904
  • Formica phaethusa - Senior synonym to †Formica clymene Wheeler, 1915
  • Formica ravida - Senior synonym to Formica haemorrhoidalis Creighton, 1940 and Formica rufa tahoensis Creighton, 1940
  • Formica ungeri - Senior synonym to †Formica acuminata Heer, 1849, †Formica aemula Heer, 1867, †Formica kollari Heer, 1867, and †Formica oblita Heer, 1867
  • Formica pressilabris - Senior synonym to Formica rufomaculata Ruzsky, 1895 & Formica tamarae Dlussky, 1964
  • Formica selysi - Senior synonym to Formica torrentium Bernard, 1967


Casaleia longiventris lectotype queen; Originally described as †Formica longiventris

Some species were originally described as species of Formica, but later moved to different genera


A number of species described in the genus have subsequently been determined as unidentifiable to the genus


  • Formica fuliginothorax Blacker, 1992 is considered an unavailable name, due to the type description not designating any type specimens.


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