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This is a list of notable buildings of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. The Eagles have a significant built legacy in a number of cities and towns across the United States. The Eagles were founded in Seattle, Washington.

in the United States

(by state then city or town)

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
1 Eagles Hall (San Diego, California) Eagles Hall San Diego.JPG 1917 built
1934 renovation1985 NRHP-listed
733 Eighth Ave.
32°42′47″N 117°9′21″W / 32.71306°N 117.15583°W / 32.71306; -117.15583 (Eagles Hall (San Diego, California))
San Diego, California Major renovation in 1934 gave work to impoverished Eagles members in a WPA-like, but private, effort. Classical Revival architecture[1]
2 Eagles Home (Evansville, Indiana) 1912 built
1982 NRHP-listed
221 NW 5th St.
37°58′27″N 87°34′18″W / 37.97417°N 87.57167°W / 37.97417; -87.57167 (Eagles Home (Evansville, Illinois))
Evansville, Indiana NRHP-listed[1]
3 Eagles Temple (Akron, Ohio) 1918 built
1982 NRHP-listed
131-137 E. Market St.
41°5′3″N 81°30′47″W / 41.08417°N 81.51306°W / 41.08417; -81.51306 (Eagles Temple (Akron, Ohio))
Akron, Ohio Art Deco architecture[1]
4 Eagles Building-Strand Theater, Alliance, Ohio 1921 built
1997 NRHP-listed
243 E. Main St.
40°55′18″N 81°6′10″W / 40.92167°N 81.10278°W / 40.92167; -81.10278 (Eagles Building-Strand Theater)
Alliance, Ohio Renaissance architecture[1]
5 Eagles' Temple (Canton, Ohio) 1927 built
1982 NRHP-listed
601 S. Market St.
40°47′41″N 81°22′32″W / 40.79472°N 81.37556°W / 40.79472; -81.37556 (Eagles Temple (Canton, Ohio))
Canton, Ohio Spanish Colonial Revival architecture[1]
6 Eagles Building (Dayton, Ohio) EaglesBuilding.jpg 1916 built
1982 NRHP-listed
320 South Main St.
39°45′17″N 84°11′24″W / 39.75472°N 84.19000°W / 39.75472; -84.19000 (Eagles Building (Dayton, Ohio))
Dayton, Ohio Prairie School architecture, Renaissance architecture[1]
7 Eagles Building (Lorain, Ohio) Eagles Bldg - Tall White facade - background P2160052.JPG 1918 built
1986 NRHP-listed
575 Broadway
41°27′57″N 82°10′31″W / 41.46583°N 82.17528°W / 41.46583; -82.17528 (Eagles Building (Lorain, Ohio))
Lorain, Ohio Classical Revival architecture[1]
8 Fraternal Order of Eagles Building (Richmond, Virginia) 1914 built
2006_ NRHP-listed
220 E. Marshall St.
37°32′49″N 77°26′20″W / 37.54694°N 77.43889°W / 37.54694; -77.43889 (Fraternal Order of Eagles Building (Richmond, Virginia))
Richmond, Virginia Colonial Revival architecture[1]
9 Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) Aerie No. 2059 1895 built
1999 NRHP-listed
3940 Tolt Ave.
47°38′39″N 121°54′51″W / 47.64417°N 121.91417°W / 47.64417; -121.91417 (Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) Aerie No. 2059)
Carnation, Washington NRHP-listed[1]
10 Eagles Auditorium Building Eagles Auditorium (Seattle) 2007-09.jpg 1924-25 built
1983 NRHP-listed
1416 7th Avenue
47°36′39″N 122°19′56.7″W / 47.61083°N 122.332417°W / 47.61083; -122.332417 (Eagles Auditorium Building)
Seattle, Washington Elaborately terracotta-covered Renaissance Revival architecture historic theatre and apartment building, home to ACT Theatre since 1996 with two stages, a cabaret, and 44 residential apartments. The building was Aerie No. 1 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (which was founded in Seattle).[2]
11 Eagles Club Eagles-club milwaukee-apr09.jpg 1924 built
1986 NRHP-listed
2401 W. Wisconsin Ave
43°2′17.6″N 87°56′35.49″W / 43.038222°N 87.9431917°W / 43.038222; -87.9431917 (Eagles Club)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals architecture[1]

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