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Chuteur Opérationnel Instructor and Moniteur Brevet of the French Armed Forces.
Chuteur Opérationnel Brevet of Commando Parachute Group of the French Army.
Paratrooper Moniteur Brevet of the French Armed Forces.
French Army Parachute Brevet.

The history of French airborne units began in the Interwar period when the French Armed Forces formed specialized paratroopers units. First formed in the French Air Force, they were rapidly integrated into the French Army, French Navy, National Gendarmerie and from the British Armed Forces. Some were later included in the postwar French Armed Forces.

French Army[edit]

Parachute and airborne divisions[edit]

Parachute Brigades and Groups[edit]

Parachute Demi-Brigades[edit]

Parachute centers of formation and schools[edit]

Foreign Legion[edit]

Seven Flame grenade of the Foreign Legion.

Legion parachute companies, battalions and regiments[edit]

Parachute (Airborne) Commandos of the Foreign Legion[edit]

Parachute Commandos of the 11th Parachute Brigade (11e BP) include:

Parachute, Underwater Demolition and Diving Units of the 6th Light Armoured Brigade (French: 6e Brigade Légère Blindée, 6e BLB) include:

  • 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment, (1er REG)[8]
    • PCG Teams (Combat Engineer Divers, French: Plongeurs du Combat du Génie), former DINOPS Teams of Nautical Subaquatic Intervention Operational Detachment specialized in Parachute, Underwater Demolition and Diving.

Parachute, Underwater Demolition, Diving Units and Commandos of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade (27e MIB) include:

Troupes de Marine[edit]

Insigne des troupes de marine.jpg

Marine Infantry Parachute Regiments[edit]

Battalions and Colonial Parachute Groups[edit]

Parachute Artillery[edit]

Parachute Cavalry[edit]

Parachute Engineer[edit]

Parachute Infantry[edit]

Patrol Chasseurs[edit]

General Parachute Infantry[edit]

21e R.I.A.P

French Air Force Commando de l'Air, Parachute Chasseur, British Army Special Air Service (S.A.S) & 1er R.P.I.Ma[edit]

Shock Paratroopers[edit]

French Train Parachute Regiments[edit]

Parachute Companies and Regiments[edit]

  • Air Support Companies (CRA).
  • Air Delivery Regiment (RLA - dissolved).
  • 1st Train Parachute Regiment (French: 1er Régiment du Train Parachutiste) (1er RTP).

1er R.T.P

Airborne Bases[edit]

Parachute Command and Support[edit]


Vietnamese, Laotien and Cambodian Parachute Units[edit]

Algerian Parachute Units[edit]

French Air and Space Force Fusiliers Commandos de l'Air[edit]


Past and present Fusiliers Commandos de l'Air units have included:

French Navy[edit]

Commando-marine-béret V2.jpg

Naval Fusiliers and Commandos include the following Forces Fusiliers Marins and Commandos Marine FORFUSCO

National Gendarmerie[edit]

Paratroopers of the National Gendarmerie include:


Combat medics in the French Armed Forces are part of the French Defence Health Service. Each French regiment, battalion, company and unit has its own specialized combat medics, with ranks designating various unit level sizes.

For French Regiments engaged in combat, the leading Medical leadership would be a colonel or Lieutenant-colonel and can also be designated as Parachute Medical-Colonel of the Army (French: Médecin-Colonel Parachutiste de l'Armée).

For Foreign Legion Regiments, Medics can be French and Legionnaires, while the leading Medical leadership would be a Colonel or Lieutenant-colonel and can also be designated as Foreign Parachute Medical-Colonel (French: Médecin-Chef Parachutiste des Régiments, Bataillons et Compagnies Etranger de Parachutistes).

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