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This is a list of French football transfers for the 2009 summer transfer window. The summer transfer window opened on 1 July 2009 and will close midnight on 1 September 2009. Only moves involving Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs are listed. Players without a club may join one at any time, either during or in between transfer windows.


Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
16 May 2009 France Ouasfane, AnthonyAnthony Ouasfane France Toulouse France Angers Free
23 May 2009 Brazil dos Santos, EduardoEduardo dos Santos France Guingamp France Lens €3m[1]
24 May 2009 Gabon Aubameyang, Pierre-EmerickPierre-Emerick Aubameyang Italy Milan France Lille Loan
25 May 2009 France Mienniel, ThomasThomas Mienniel France Clermont France Angers Free
26 May 2009 Tunisia Kasraoui, HamdiHamdi Kasraoui Tunisia Espérance France Lens Free[2]
28 May 2009 France Gourcuff, YoannYoann Gourcuff Italy Milan France Bordeaux €15m[3]
28 May 2009 Slovenia Birsa, ValterValter Birsa France Sochaux France Auxerre Undisclosed[4]
28 May 2009 Republic of the Congo Douniama, LadislasLadislas Douniama France Orléans France Lille Undisclosed[5]
30 May 2009 Mali N'Diaye, TenemaTenema N'Diaye France Tours France Nantes Free[6]
1 June 2009 France Charbonnier, GaëtanGaëtan Charbonnier France Paris Saint-Germain France Amiens Free
2 June 2009 Guinea-Bissau Ca, BocundjiBocundji Ca France Tours France Nancy Undisclosed[7]
2 June 2009 Gabon Do Marcolino, FabriceFabrice Do Marcolino France Angers France Laval Free[8]
2 June 2009 France Regattin, AdrienAdrien Regattin France Sète France Toulouse Free
3 June 2009 France Lotiès, JordanJordan Lotiès France Dijon France Nancy Free
3 June 2009 France Lebouc, JérômeJérôme Lebouc France Vannes France Laval Free[9]
4 June 2009 France Baca, MaximeMaxime Baca France Le Havre France Lorient Free[10]
5 June 2009 Cameroon Nounkeu, DanyDany Nounkeu France Pau France Toulouse Undisclosed
5 June 2009 France Talmont, PierrePierre Talmont France Vannes France Laval Free
5 June 2009 France Licata, AlexandreAlexandre Licata France AS Monaco France Auxerre Free[11]
6 June 2009 Burkina Faso Ouedraogo, HamadoHamado Ouedraogo France Beauvais France Arles Free
7 June 2009 France Elie, RomainRomain Elie France Gueugnon France Arles Free
7 June 2009 France Raynaud, RomainRomain Raynaud France Libourne-Saint-Seurin France Arles Free
8 June 2009 Angola Delgado, LuísLuís Delgado France Metz France Guingamp Free
8 June 2009 France Paillot, SandySandy Paillot France Lyon France Grenoble €2m[12]
9 June 2009 France Jamaï, AbdelAbdel Jamaï France Arles France Gueugnon Free
9 June 2009 Morocco El Adoua, IssamIssam El Adoua Morocco Wydad Casablanca France Lens Free[13]
9 June 2009 France Aubanel, ChristopheChristophe Aubanel France Marseille France Gazélec Ajaccio Free
9 June 2009 Ivory Coast Bamba, Ali VanomoAli Vanomo Bamba Ivory Coast Société Omnisports France Le Mans Undisclosed
9 June 2009 France Henaini, EyemenEyemen Henaini France Arles France Sedan Free
9 June 2009 France Valdivia, PierrickPierrick Valdivia France Lyon France Sedan Free
10 June 2009 France Langil, StevenSteven Langil France Auxerre France Caen Loan
10 June 2009 Ghana Quartey, JonathanJonathan Quartey South Africa Kaizer Chiefs France Nice Free
10 June 2009 Mali Traoré, BakayeBakaye Traoré France Amiens France Nancy Free[14]
10 June 2009 Senegal Diallo, MustaphaMustapha Diallo Senegal ASC Diaraf France Guingamp Undisclosed[15]
10 June 2009 France Argelier, ThierryThierry Argelier France Créteil France Guingamp Free[15]
10 June 2009 France Pitau, RomainRomain Pitau France Sochaux France Montpellier Free[16]
11 June 2009 France Mandrichi, Jean-JacquesJean-Jacques Mandrichi France AC Ajaccio France Nîmes Free[17]
11 June 2009 Togo Agassa, KossiKossi Agassa France Reims France Istres Loan
11 June 2009 Tunisia Ben Khalfallah, FahidFahid Ben Khalfallah France Caen France Valenciennes Undisclosed[18]
11 June 2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo Mabiala, LarrysLarrys Mabiala France Paris Saint-Germain France Nice Free
11 June 2009 France Kitambala, LynelLynel Kitambala France Auxerre France Dijon Loan
11 June 2009 France Jasse, MaximeMaxime Jasse France Auxerre France Dijon Loan
11 June 2009 France Jeunechamp, CyrilCyril Jeunechamp France Nice France Montpellier Free[19]
12 June 2009 France Armand, RomainRomain Armand France Montpellier France Clermont Loan
12 June 2009 France Dernis, GeoffreyGeoffrey Dernis France Saint-Étienne France Montpellier Free[20]
13 June 2009 France Darbion, StéphaneStéphane Darbion France AC Ajaccio France Nantes Free[21]
15 June 2009 France Koscielny, LaurentLaurent Koscielny France Tours France Lorient Free[22]
15 June 2009 France Sauget, DavidDavid Sauget France Saint-Etienne France Grenoble Free
16 June 2009 France Coulibaly, OusmaneOusmane Coulibaly France Guingamp France Brest Free
16 June 2009 France Devaux, AntoineAntoine Devaux France Boulogne France Toulouse Free
16 June 2009 France Giresse, ThibaultThibault Giresse France Amiens France Guingamp Free
16 June 2009 France Esor, MarvinMarvin Esor France Bordeaux France Arles Free
16 June 2009 France Ayasse, ThomasThomas Ayasse France Cannes France Arles Free
16 June 2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo Yenga, YannickYannick Yenga France Paris FC France Tours Undisclosed
16 June 2009 France Baldé, AbdoulayeAbdoulaye Baldé France Amiens France Châteauroux Free
16 June 2009 France Roumegous, JérémieJérémie Roumegous France Nîmes France Châteauroux Free
17 June 2009 France Lasimant, YohannYohann Lasimant France Rennes France Sedan Loan[23]
17 June 2009 France Genest, LudovicLudovic Genest France Auxerre France Laval Free
18 June 2009 Mali Traoré, DjimiDjimi Traoré England Portsmouth France AS Monaco Free[24]
18 June 2009 France Costil, BenoîtBenoît Costil France Caen France Sedan Free
18 June 2009 France Agouazi, LaurentLaurent Agouazi France Metz France Boulogne Free
18 June 2009 France Doumbia, TongoTongo Doumbia France Châteauroux France Rennes Undisclosed
19 June 2009 Japan Inamoto, JunichiJunichi Inamoto Germany Eintracht Frankfurt France Rennes Free
19 June 2009 France Das Neves, KevinKevin Das Neves France Nantes France Boulogne Free
19 June 2009 France Lemaître, ReynaldReynald Lemaître France Caen France Nancy €1m
22 June 2009 Gabon Ovono, DidierDidier Ovono Georgia (country) Dinamo Tbilisi France Le Mans Undisclosed
22 June 2009 France Benvegnu, BenedictBenedict Benvegnu France Amiens France Vannes Free
22 June 2009 Republic of the Congo N'Ganga, FrancisFrancis N'Ganga France Grenoble France Tours Free
22 June 2009 France Viviani, JodyJody Viviani France Saint-Étienne France Grenoble Undisclosed[25]
22 June 2009 South Korea Keun-Ho, LeeLee Keun-Ho Japan Júbilo Iwata France Paris Saint-Germain Undisclosed[26]
23 June 2009 Ivory Coast Gnanhouan, GérardGérard Gnanhouan France Fréjus France Vannes Free
23 June 2009 France Carrasso, CédricCédric Carrasso France Toulouse France Bordeaux €8m[27]
23 June 2009 France Bréchet, JérémieJérémie Bréchet Netherlands PSV France Sochaux €1m[28]
24 June 2009 France Roux, NolanNolan Roux France Lens France Brest Free
24 June 2009 France Butelle, LudovicLudovic Butelle Spain Valencia France Lille Undisclosed
24 June 2009 France Borne, GuillaumeGuillaume Borne France Rennes France Boulogne Free
24 June 2009 Morocco Sbai, SalaheddineSalaheddine Sbai Belgium Charleroi France Nîmes Free
24 June 2009 France Bocognano, YohanYohan Bocognano France AC Ajaccio France Nîmes Free
24 June 2009 Morocco El-Hajaoui, AbdelmounaïmAbdelmounaïm El-Hajaoui France Sète France Nîmes Free
24 June 2009 France Enza-Yamissi, ManasséManassé Enza-Yamissi France Nîmes France Sochaux Free
24 June 2009 Bosnia and Herzegovina Spahić, EmirEmir Spahić Russia Lokomotiv Moscow France Montpellier Free[29]
25 June 2009 France Le Pen, UlrichUlrich Le Pen France Lorient France Laval Free
25 June 2009 France Touré, OumarOumar Touré France Nancy France Dijon Free
25 June 2009 France Rivière, YohannYohann Rivière France Guingamp France Istres Free
26 June 2009 France Landreau, MickaëlMickaël Landreau France Paris SG France Lille €2m
26 June 2009 Brazil Louzã, LuanLuan Louzã Brazil São Caetano France Toulouse Undisclosed
26 June 2009 France Poté, MickaëlMickaël Poté France Clermont France Nice Free
26 June 2009 France Isabey, MichaëlMichaël Isabey France Sochaux France Dijon Free
26 June 2009 France Sopalski, JérémyJérémy Sopalski France Rodez France Tours Free
26 June 2009 Japan Matsui, DaisukeDaisuke Matsui France Saint-Étienne France Grenoble Free
27 June 2009 France Haddad, RudyRudy Haddad Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv France Châteauroux Undisclosed
27 June 2009 France Da Rocha, FrédéricFrédéric Da Rocha France Nantes France Boulogne Free[30]
27 June 2009 Nigeria Adefemi, OlubayoOlubayo Adefemi Austria SCR Altach France Boulogne Free[30]
27 June 2009 France Modeste, AnthonyAnthony Modeste France Nice France Angers Loan
27 June 2009 Tunisia Saidi, KarimKarim Saidi Tunisia Club Africain France Tours Undisclosed
27 June 2009 France Guillon, LoïcLoïc Guillon France Nantes France Vannes Free
27 June 2009 Mali Diarra, SigamarySigamary Diarra France Tours France Lorient Free
27 June 2009 France Mvuemba, ArnoldArnold Mvuemba England Portsmouth France Lorient Loan
27 June 2009 France Liabeuf, CédricCédric Liabeuf France Guingamp France Vannes Free
27 June 2009 Serbia Stošić, MiodragMiodrag Stošić Serbia Vojvodina France Nîmes Free
28 June 2009 France Begeorgi, FabriceFabrice Begeorgi France Marseille France Istres Free
28 June 2009 France Rivière, Jean-FrançoisJean-François Rivière France Angers France AC Ajaccio Free
28 June 2009 France Monterrubio, OlivierOlivier Monterrubio Switzerland Sion France Lorient Free[31]
29 June 2009 France Pelé, YohannYohann Pelé France Le Mans France Toulouse Free
29 June 2009 France Coupet, GrégoryGrégory Coupet Spain Atlético France Paris Saint-Germain €1m
29 June 2009 Japan Suzuki, NorioNorio Suzuki Japan Vissel Kobe France Angers Free
29 June 2009 France Planté, VincentVincent Planté France Caen France Saint-Étienne Free
29 June 2009 Portugal Machado, PauloPaulo Machado Portugal Porto France Toulouse €3.5m[32]
29 June 2009 France Adjet, GeoffreyGeoffrey Adjet France Nancy France Tours Free
29 June 2009 France Piocelle, SébastienSébastien Piocelle Italy Juve Stabia France Arles Free
30 June 2009 France Deruda, ThomasThomas Deruda France Marseille France AC Ajaccio Free
30 June 2009 Turkey Erdinç, MevlütMevlüt Erdinç France Sochaux France Paris Saint-Germain €9m[33]
30 June 2009 France Olimpa, KévinKévin Olimpa France Bordeaux France Angers Loan
30 June 2009 Cameroon Ekobo, EugèneEugène Ekobo France Strasbourg France Clermont Free
30 June 2009 Algeria Madouni, AhmedAhmed Madouni Qatar Qatar France Clermont Free
30 June 2009 Argentina Gonzalez, LuchoLucho Gonzalez Portugal Porto France Marseille €18m[34]
1 July 2009 France Coue, ChristopheChristophe Coue France Clermont France Laval Free
1 July 2009 France Ferrand, ThibautThibaut Ferrand France Le Mans France Reims Loan
1 July 2009 France Poulard, YoannYoann Poulard France Nantes France AC Ajaccio Free
1 July 2009 France Auvray, StéphaneStéphane Auvray France Vannes France Nîmes Free
1 July 2009 Zimbabwe Caruro, OvidiOvidi Caruro Zimbabwe Masvingo United France Boulogne Free
1 July 2009 France Poirier, GrégoryGrégory Poirier France Arles France Nîmes Free
2 July 2009 Guinea Bangoura, IsmaëlIsmaël Bangoura Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv France Rennes €11m
2 July 2009 France Pichot, StéphaneStéphane Pichot France Sochaux France Strasbourg Free
2 July 2009 Cameroon Fomen, CharleyCharley Fomen Cameroon Panthère de Bangangté France Marseille Undisclosed
2 July 2009 France Cissé, EdouardEdouard Cissé Turkey Beşiktaş France Marseille Free[35]
2 July 2009 Senegal Diawara, SouleymaneSouleymane Diawara France Bordeaux France Marseille €6m[35]
2 July 2009 France Sorin, ArthurArthur Sorin Denmark AGF Aarhus France Sedan Loan
2 July 2009 Slovakia Kamenár, LubošLuboš Kamenár Slovakia MFK Petržalka France Nantes Undisclosed
2 July 2009 Cameroon Ekeng-Ekeng, PatrickPatrick Ekeng-Ekeng Cameroon Canon Yaoundé France Le Mans Undisclosed
3 July 2009 Benin Adenon, KhaledKhaled Adenon France Le Mans France Bastia Loan
3 July 2009 France Brahimi, YacineYacine Brahimi France Rennes France Clermont Loan
3 July 2009 France Kamissoko, BiaguiBiagui Kamissoko France Reims France Vannes Free
3 July 2009 Serbia Stevanović, IvanIvan Stevanović Serbia FK Partizan France Sochaux €1m
3 July 2009 South Korea Nam, Tae-HeeTae-Hee Nam England Reading France Valenciennes Undisclosed[36]
4 July 2009 France Jallet, ChristopheChristophe Jallet France Lorient France Paris Saint-Germain €2.5m
5 July 2009 France Tafforeau, GrégoryGrégory Tafforeau France Lille France Caen Free
5 July 2009 Croatia Tadić, JosipJosip Tadić Croatia Dinamo Zagreb France Grenoble €500k
6 July 2009 France Borbiconi, StéphaneStéphane Borbiconi Turkey Manisaspor France Metz Free
6 July 2009 Argentina Lopez, LisandroLisandro Lopez Portugal Porto France Lyon €24m[37]
8 July 2009 France Touati, YoucefYoucef Touati France Pacy Vallée-d'Eure France Dijon Free
9 July 2009 Czech Republic Plašil, JaroslavJaroslav Plašil Spain Osasuna France Bordeaux Undisclosed[38]
9 July 2009 Cameroon M'Bia, StéphaneStéphane M'Bia France Rennes France Marseille €12m[39]
10 July 2009 Switzerland Fernandes, GelsonGelson Fernandes England Manchester City France Saint-Étienne Undisclosed
10 July 2009 France Sako, BakaryBakary Sako France Châteauroux France Saint-Étienne Undisclosed
10 July 2009 France Cantareil, AlainAlain Cantareil France Lorient France Nice Free
11 July 2009 France Grondin, WillyWilly Grondin France Valenciennes France Paris Saint-Germain Free
11 July 2009 France Dembélé, BiraBira Dembélé France Rennes France Boulogne Undisclosed
11 July 2009 Senegal Gomis, RémiRémi Gomis France Caen France Valenciennes Undisclosed
13 July 2009 France Robert, FabienFabien Robert France Lorient France Boulogne Loan[40]
13 July 2009 France Rool, CyrilCyril Rool France Nice France Marseille Free
13 July 2009 France Jarjat, FlorianFlorian Jarjat France Dijon France Nantes Free
13 July 2009 Gabon Akouassaga, ErnestErnest Akouassaga Georgia (country) Olimpi Rustavi France Nantes Free
13 July 2009 France Pied, JérémyJérémy Pied France Lyon France Metz Loan
14 July 2009 France Previtali, RobinRobin Previtali France Sochaux France Gueugnon Free
14 July 2009 France Puygrenier, SébastienSébastien Puygrenier Russia Zenit St. Petersburg France AS Monaco Loan
14 July 2009 United States Davies, CharlieCharlie Davies Sweden Hammarby France Sochaux Undisclosed[41]
15 July 2009 France Haquin, NicolasNicolas Haquin France Guingamp France Clermont Undisclosed
15 July 2009 Republic of the Congo Ewolo, OscarOscar Ewolo France Lorient France Stade Brest Free
16 July 2009 Brazil Bastos, MichelMichel Bastos France Lille France Lyon €18m[42]
16 July 2009 Luxembourg Mutsch, MarioMario Mutsch Switzerland Aarau France Metz Free
16 July 2009 Senegal N'Diaye, LeytiLeyti N'Diaye France Marseille France AC Ajaccio Loan
16 July 2009 France Sabo, Jean-PhilippeJean-Philippe Sabo France Marseille France AC Ajaccio Loan
16 July 2009 France Da Silva, DamienDamien Da Silva France Niort France Châteauroux Free
16 July 2009 Ivory Coast Lingani, HassanHassan Lingani France Albi France Bastia Free
16 July 2009 Morocco Belghazouani, ChakhirChakhir Belghazouani Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv France Tours Loan
16 July 2009 Brazil Andrade, ElintonElinton Andrade Romania Rapid Bucureşti France Marseille €200k
17 July 2009 Italy Vecchione, CarloCarlo Vecchione Italy Juventus France Clermont Loan
17 July 2009 France Diawara, KabaKaba Diawara Cyprus Alki Larnaca France Arles Free
17 July 2009 Brazil Ramos, RodrigoRodrigo Ramos Japan Júbilo Iwata France Strasbourg Free
17 July 2009 France Levrat, FabriceFabrice Levrat France Amiens France Laval Free
17 July 2009 Ivory Coast Traoré, KandiaKandia Traoré France Sochaux France Caen Loan
18 July 2009 France Contout, RoyRoy Contout France Amiens France Auxerre Free
18 July 2009 France Cissokho, AlyAly Cissokho Portugal Porto France Lyon €15m[43]
20 July 2009 France Vergerolle, Jean-ChristopheJean-Christophe Vergerolle France Guingamp France Arles Free
20 July 2009 France Paisley, GrégoryGrégory Paisley France Strasbourg France Nice Free
20 July 2009 Algeria Arrache, SalimSalim Arrache France Marseille France Bastia Free
20 July 2009 Algeria Cherrad, AbdelmalekAbdelmalek Cherrad France Bastia France Arles Free
20 July 2009 France Le Marchand, MaximeMaxime Le Marchand France Rennes France Le Havre Loan
20 July 2009 France Fleurival, DavidDavid Fleurival Belgium Mons France Châteauroux Free
20 July 2009 Togo Ayité, FloydFloyd Ayité France Bordeaux France Nancy Loan
20 July 2009 Mali Diabaté, CheickCheick Diabaté France Bordeaux France Nancy Loan
20 July 2009 France Marange, FlorianFlorian Marange France Bordeaux France Nancy Free
21 July 2009 Ivory Coast , GervinhoGervinho France Le Mans France Lille €8m[44]
21 July 2009 France Lasne, PaulPaul Lasne France Bordeaux France Bastia Loan
21 July 2009 France Diaz, KévinKévin Diaz France AS Monaco France AC Ajaccio Loan
21 July 2009 France Grax, SébastienSébastien Grax France Saint-Étienne France Guingamp Loan
21 July 2009 France Reset, VirgileVirgile Reset Switzerland Sion France Vannes Free
21 July 2009 Morocco El-Jadeyaoui, AlharbiAlharbi El-Jadeyaoui France Brest France Guingamp Free
22 July 2009 Tunisia Barkallah, SaimySaimy Barkallah Cyprus Olympiakos Nicosia France Istres Free
22 July 2009 Serbia Ljuboja, DanijelDanijel Ljuboja Germany Stuttgart France Grenoble Free
23 July 2009 Senegal N'Daw, GuiraneGuirane N'Daw France Nantes France Saint-Étienne Loan
24 July 2009 Mali Bagayoko, MamadouMamadou Bagayoko France Nantes France Nice Free
24 July 2009 Algeria Kadir, FouedFoued Kadir France Amiens France Valenciennes Free
24 July 2009 France Merville, CyrilleCyrille Merville France Troyes France Arles Free
24 July 2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinkela, ChristianChristian Kinkela France Boulogne France AC Ajaccio Free
24 July 2009 France Valverde, MathieuMathieu Valverde France Bordeaux France Boulogne Free
27 July 2009 Brazil Santos, BrunoBruno Santos Brazil Figueirense France Châteauroux Free
27 July 2009 Spain Morientes, FernandoFernando Morientes Spain Valencia France Marseille Free[45]
27 July 2009 France Abriel, FabriceFabrice Abriel France Lorient France Marseille €2.5m[45]
28 July 2009 Republic of the Congo Mouko, BarelBarel Mouko France Gueugnon France Lille Free
28 July 2009 Zambia Sakahuwa, JonasJonas Sakahuwa Zambia Zesco United France Lorient Undisclosed
29 July 2009 France Gomis, BafétimbiBafétimbi Gomis France Saint-Étienne France Lyon €13m[46]
29 July 2009 France Ciani, MichaelMichael Ciani France Lorient France Bordeaux €4m[47]
29 July 2009 France Fanchone, JamesJames Fanchone France Strasbourg France Lorient Free
29 July 2009 Cameroon Bong, GaëtanGaëtan Bong France Metz France Valenciennes Free
30 July 2009 Argentina Heinze, GabrielGabriel Heinze Spain Real Madrid France Marseille Undisclosed[48]
31 July 2009 Norway Tettey, AlexanderAlexander Tettey Norway Rosenborg France Rennes €5m
31 July 2009 Republic of the Congo Oniangue, PrincePrince Oniangue France Rennes France Angers Loan
31 July 2009 France Moimbé, WilfriedWilfried Moimbé France Bordeaux France AC Ajaccio Loan
3 August 2009 Portugal Paulo, JoãoJoão Paulo Portugal Porto France Le Mans €1.5m
3 August 2009 France Camara, AbdoulAbdoul Camara France Rennes France Vannes Loan
4 August 2009 Senegal Daf, OmarOmar Daf France Sochaux France Brest Free
4 August 2009 France Mathis, LionelLionel Mathis France Sochaux France Guingamp Free
4 August 2009 Canada Al Shaibani, HaidarHaidar Al Shaibani Canada Western Ontario Mustangs France Nîmes Free
4 August 2009 Senegal Sow, SadioSadio Sow Morocco Kawkab Marrakech France Nîmes Free
4 August 2009 Serbia Buac, VladimirVladimir Buac Serbia Vojvodina France Nîmes Free
5 August 2009 France Samassa, MamadouMamadou Samassa France Marseille France Valenciennes Loan
5 August 2009 Argentina Penalba, GabrielGabriel Penalba Argentina Argentinos Juniors France Lorient €2m
5 August 2009 France Khiter, SeïdSeïd Khiter France Valenciennes France Strasbourg Loan
5 August 2009 France Fauvergue, NicolasNicolas Fauvergue France Lille France Strasbourg Loan
5 August 2009 Senegal Sambou, MassambaMassamba Sambou France AS Monaco France Nantes Loan
5 August 2009 France Drouin, StephenStephen Drouin France Troyes France Vannes Free
6 August 2009 France Biancalani, FrédéricFrédéric Biancalani France Nancy France Metz Free
6 August 2009 France Darcheville, Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude Darcheville France Valenciennes France Nantes Free
7 August 2009 Brazil Costa, EduardoEduardo Costa Brazil São Paulo France AS Monaco Undisclosed
7 August 2009 France Dalé, MauriceMaurice Dalé France Auxerre France Arles Free
10 August 2009 Algeria Cherfa, SofyaneSofyane Cherfa France Sedan France Châteauroux Free
10 August 2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo Baseya, CédricCédric Baseya France Lille France Le Havre Loan
12 August 2009 Cameroon N'dy Assembé, GuyGuy N'dy Assembé France Nantes France Valenciennes Loan
12 August 2009 France Delort, AndyAndy Delort Unattached France Nîmes Free
15 August 2009 Democratic Republic of the Congo N'Suki, GivestinGivestin N'Suki France Lille France Lorient Free
15 August 2009 France Moreira, DanielDaniel Moreira France Rennes France Boulogne Free
16 August 2009 Morocco Allaoui, MustaphaMustapha Allaoui Morocco FAR Rabat France Guingamp Undisclosed
19 August 2009 Argentina Sosa, FrancoFranco Sosa Argentina Racing Club France Lorient €800k
19 August 2009 France Ducasse, PierrePierre Ducasse France Bordeaux France Lorient Loan
20 August 2009 Ivory Coast Sanogo, BoubacarBoubacar Sanogo Germany Werder Bremen France Saint-Étienne €4m
20 August 2009 France Dedola, RomainRomain Dedola France Lyon France Strasbourg Free
21 August 2009 Angola , KaliKali Switzerland Sion France Arles Free
24 August 2009 Mali Soumare, BakaryBakary Soumare United States MLS (Chicago Fire)[49] France Boulogne €1.5m[50]
25 August 2009 France Wimbée, GrégoryGrégory Wimbée France Grenoble France Valenciennes Free
26 August 2009 France Gassama, LamineLamine Gassama France Lyon France Strasbourg Loan
28 August 2009 Argentina Bergessio, GonzaloGonzalo Bergessio Argentina San Lorenzo France Saint-Étienne Undisclosed
28 August 2009 Argentina Fernández, AugustoAugusto Fernández Argentina River Plate France Saint-Étienne Loan
28 August 2009 Senegal Ba, Papa MalickPapa Malick Ba Romania Dinamo Bucureşti France Nantes Free
28 August 2009 France Anin, KevinKevin Anin France Le Havre France Sochaux Free
30 August 2009 France Coutadeur, MathieuMathieu Coutadeur France Le Mans France AS Monaco €4m[51]
30 August 2009 France Capoue, AurélienAurélien Capoue France Nantes France Auxerre Loan
31 August 2009 Senegal Sène, BadaraBadara Sène France Sochaux France Le Mans Loan
31 August 2009 Iceland Guðjohnsen, EiðurEiður Guðjohnsen Spain Barcelona France AS Monaco Undisclosed[52]
31 August 2009 Cameroon Moukandjo, BenjaminBenjamin Moukandjo France Rennes France Nîmes Free
31 August 2009 Ghana Ayew, AndréAndré Ayew France Marseille France Arles Loan
31 August 2009 France Mounier, AnthonyAnthony Mounier France Lyon France Nice €2.5m
31 August 2009 France Bellaïd, HabibHabib Bellaïd Germany Eintracht Frankfurt France Strasbourg Loan
31 August 2009 Ivory Coast Dja Djedje, FranckFranck Dja Djedje France Strasbourg France Vannes Undisclosed
31 August 2009 France Bakar, DjamelDjamel Bakar France AS Monaco France Nancy Undisclosed
31 August 2009 France Gavanon, BenjaminBenjamin Gavanon France Nancy France Sochaux Loan
31 August 2009 Portugal Frechaut, NunoNuno Frechaut Portugal Braga France Metz Free
31 August 2009 France N'Diaye, MameMame N'Diaye France Boulogne France Brest Loan
31 August 2009 France Maire, ArnaudArnaud Maire France Bastia France Strasbourg Free
31 August 2009 Brazil , GilmarGilmar Brazil Náutico France Guingamp Undisclosed
  • ^1 Player who signed with club before 1 July officially joined his new club on 1 July 2009, while player who joined after 1 July joined his new club following his signature of the contract.

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