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This is a list of French football transfers for the 2010 winter transfer window. The winter transfer window will open on 1 January 2010, although a few transfers took place prior to that date, and will close midnight on 31 January 2010. Only moves involving Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs are listed. Players without a club may join one at any time, either during or in between transfer windows.


Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
6 September 2009 South Korea Yong-Jae, LeeLee Yong-Jae England Watford France Nantes Undisclosed[1]
10 September 2009 Cameroon Owona, LucienLucien Owona Cameroon Les Astres France Paris Saint-Germain Undisclosed[2]
10 September 2009 Mali Diawara, FousseinyFousseiny Diawara Greece Panionios France Istres Free
17 September 2009 Senegal Faye, MomarMomar Faye France Nancy France Vesoul Loan
17 September 2009 France Zarour, ChaherChaher Zarour France Cannes France Dijon Free
6 October 2009 Republic of the Congo Moussilou, MattMatt Moussilou France Nice France Boulogne Free
7 October 2009 Cameroon Perrier-Doumbé, Jean-JoëlJean-Joël Perrier-Doumbé Scotland Celtic France Toulouse Free
16 October 2009 Angola Buengo, TitiTiti Buengo France Troyes France Châteauroux Undisclosed
21 October 2009 Guinea Baldé, BoboBobo Baldé Scotland Celtic France Valenciennes Free
23 October 2009 China Teng, YiYi Teng China Chengdu Blades France Metz Undisclosed[3]
27 October 2009 France Nanizayamo, JonathanJonathan Nanizayamo France Rennes France Nantes Free
27 October 2009 France Calvé, JeanJean Calvé France Nancy France Grenoble Loan
9 December 2009 France Valverde, MathieuMathieu Valverde France Boulogne France Toulouse Free
10 December 2009 Cameroon N'Tamé, JuniorJunior N'Tamé Slovenia Interblock France Brest Free
13 December 2009 Ivory Coast Soro, BakaryBakary Soro France Lorient France Arles-Avignon Free
15 December 2009 Algeria Ouadah, NasserNasser Ouadah France Montpellier France Châteauroux Free
18 December 2009 Senegal Diakhaté, PapePape Diakhaté Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv France Saint-Étienne Loan
25 December 2009 Ivory Coast Boli, YannickYannick Boli France Paris Saint-Germain France Nîmes Loan
27 December 2009 Senegal Djilobodji, Papy MisonPapy Mison Djilobodji France Sénart-Moissy France Nantes Undisclosed
2 January 2010 France Macquet, LaurentLaurent Macquet France Grenoble France Vannes Free
3 January 2010 France Gigliotti, DavidDavid Gigliotti France Saint-Étienne France Le Havre Free
3 January 2010 France Garcia, AlexandreAlexandre Garcia France Consolat Marseille France Bastia Free
4 January 2010 Switzerland Abdi, AlmenAlmen Abdi Switzerland Zürich France Le Mans Free
4 January 2010 Morocco Aït-Bahi, SaïdSaïd Aït-Bahi France Gueugnon France Nîmes Free
5 January 2010 France Jovial, BriceBrice Jovial France Beauvais France Le Havre Undisclosed
5 January 2010 France Lejeune, KevinKevin Lejeune France Auxerre France Nantes Loan
6 January 2010 Cameroon Bikoyoï, DieudonnéDieudonné Bikoyoï France Évian France Istres Undisclosed
6 January 2010 Algeria Taïbi, SofianeSofiane Taïbi France Pau France Istres Undisclosed
7 January 2010 France Bru, KévinKévin Bru France Rennes France Dijon Free
7 January 2010 Mali Keita, AlphousseyniAlphousseyni Keita France Le Mans France Nîmes Loan
7 January 2010 Cameroon Bedimo, HenriHenri Bedimo France Châteauroux France Lens Undisclosed
7 January 2010 France Digard, DidierDidier Digard England Middlesbrough France Nice Loan
7 January 2010 Algeria Ouali, IdirIdir Ouali Belgium Mouscron France Le Mans Free
8 January 2010 Chile Lorca, Juan GonzaloJuan Gonzalo Lorca Chile Colo-Colo France Boulogne €0.4M
8 January 2010 France Lasne, PaulPaul Lasne France Bordeaux France Châteauroux Loan
8 January 2010 France Laurenti, FabienFabien Laurenti France Lens France Brest Loan
8 January 2010 France Kapo, OlivierOlivier Kapo England Wigan France Boulogne Loan
8 January 2010 Norway Ertsås, RuneRune Ertsås Norway Molde France Tours €0.15M
8 January 2010 France Lorenzi, GrégoryGrégory Lorenzi France Brest France Bastia Loan
8 January 2010 Mauritius Périatambée, Jacques-DésiréJacques-Désiré Périatambée France Dijon France Bastia Free
9 January 2010 Argentina Civelli, RenatoRenato Civelli Argentina San Lorenzo France Nice Loan
11 January 2010 France {{{last}}}, Steeven Joseph-Monrose[[Steeven Joseph-Monrose {{{last}}}|Steeven Joseph-Monrose {{{last}}}]] France Lens France Châteauroux Loan
11 January 2010 France Pereira, Jonathan MartinsJonathan Martins Pereira France Ajaccio France Nantes Undisclosed
11 January 2010 Niger Maazou, Ouwo MoussaOuwo Moussa Maazou Russia CSKA France AS Monaco Loan
12 January 2010 France Mesloub, WalidWalid Mesloub France Istres France Le Havre Undisclosed
12 January 2010 France Brégerie, RomainRomain Brégerie France Metz France Châteauroux Loan
13 January 2010 Croatia Lovren, DejanDejan Lovren Croatia Dinamo Zagreb France Lyon €10M[4]
13 January 2010 France Doumeng, GeoffreyGeoffrey Doumeng France Lens France Tours Loan
15 January 2010 Morocco El Adoua, IssamIssam El Adoua France Lens France Nantes Loan
16 January 2010 France Bellaïd, HabibHabib Bellaïd Germany Eintracht Frankfurt France Boulogne Loan
18 January 2010 Croatia Prahić, IgorIgor Prahić Croatia Varteks France Sedan Undisclosed
18 January 2010 France Robail, MathieuMathieu Robail France Dijon France Bastia Free
19 January 2010 France Arnaud, LorisLoris Arnaud France Paris Saint-Germain France Clermont Loan
20 January 2010 Nigeria Brown, Ideye AideIdeye Aide Brown Switzerland Neuchâtel Xamax France Sochaux €4M
20 January 2010 Turkey Kâzım, KâzımKâzım Kâzım Turkey Fenerbahçe France Toulouse Loan
20 January 2010 Belgium Schifano, AndréaAndréa Schifano Belgium Mouscron France Arles-Avignon Free
21 January 2010 Mali Yatabaré, MustaphaMustapha Yatabaré France Clermont France Boulogne Undisclosed
22 January 2010 Brazil , AbudaAbuda Brazil Avaí France Tours Free
26 January 2010 Cameroon Baning, AlbertAlbert Baning France Paris Saint-Germain France Strasbourg Loan
26 January 2010 Mali Traoré, ModyMody Traoré France Valenciennes France Ajaccio Loan
26 January 2010 France Giroud, OlivierOlivier Giroud France Tours France Montpellier Undisclosed
26 January 2010 France Giroud, OlivierOlivier Giroud France Montpellier France Tours Loan
26 January 2010 Togo Gakpé, SergeSerge Gakpé France AS Monaco France Tours Loan
27 January 2010 Morocco Mokhtari, YoussefYoussef Mokhtari Germany Greuther Fürth France Metz Free
27 January 2010 Ghana Narry, MoussaMoussa Narry France Auxerre France Le Mans Loan
28 January 2010 France Bocaly, GarryGarry Bocaly France Marseille France Montpellier Loan
28 January 2010 Mali Tamboura, AdamaAdama Tamboura Sweden Helsingborgs France Metz Undisclosed
29 January 2010 Portugal Costa, RicardoRicardo Costa Germany Wolfsburg France Lille Free
29 January 2010 Ivory Coast Benjamin, AngouaAngoua Benjamin Hungary Budapest Honvéd France Valenciennes Undisclosed
30 January 2010 France Wiltord, SylvainSylvain Wiltord Unattached France Metz Free
30 January 2010 France Arnaud, LorisLoris Arnaud France Paris Saint-Germain France Clermont Loan
30 January 2010 Cameroon Baning, AlbertAlbert Baning France Paris Saint-Germain France Strasbourg Loan
2 February 2010 France Bourillon, GrégoryGrégory Bourillon France Paris Saint-Germain France Lorient €1.7M
  • ^1 Player who signed with club before 1 January officially joined his new club on 1 January 2010, while player who joined after 1 January joined his new club following his signature of the contract.

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