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This is a list of French football transfers for the 2011 winter transfer window. The winter transfer window opens on 1 January 2011, although a few transfers have taken place prior to that date, and closes at midnight on 31 January 2011. Only moves involving Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs are listed. Players without a club may join one at any time, either during or in between transfer windows.


Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
2 September 2010 France Loriot, GuillaumeGuillaume Loriot France Le Mans France Valenciennes Free
2 September 2010 France Dohin, ElieElie Dohin France Ajaccio France Châteauroux Free
4 September 2010 Ghana Issah, KamalKamal Issah Ghana Liberty Professionals France Rennes Undisclosed
6 September 2010 Brazil , AdeílsonAdeílson France Nice France Istres Loan
7 September 2010 France Khiter, SeïdSeïd Khiter France Valenciennes France Laval Free
7 September 2010 France Drouin, StéphenStéphen Drouin France Vannes France Troyes Free
11 September 2010 France Clerc, FrançoisFrançois Clerc France Lyon France Nice Free
20 September 2010 France Biancalani, FrédéricFrédéric Biancalani France Metz France Reims Free
21 September 2010 Republic of the Congo Louhoungou, DavidDavid Louhoungou Turkey Kocaelispor France Boulogne-sur-Mer Free
22 September 2010 France Moullec, GuillaumeGuillaume Moullec France Nantes France Clermont Free
23 September 2010 United States Westberg, QuentinQuentin Westberg France Troyes France Évian Free
26 September 2010 France Bonnart, LaurentLaurent Bonnart France Marseille France AS Monaco Free
27 September 2010 France Queudrue, FranckFranck Queudrue England Birmingham City France Lens Free
28 September 2010 France Seguin, NicolasNicolas Seguin France Lyon France Dijon Loan
11 November 2010 Tunisia Namouchi, HamedHamed Namouchi Germany Freiburg France Grenoble Free
29 November 2010 France Cavalli, JohanJohan Cavalli France Nîmes France Ajaccio Free
30 November 2010 Peru Fernández, RaúlRaúl Fernández Peru Universitario France Nice Undisclosed
15 December 2010 France Fanni, RodRod Fanni France Rennes France Marseille Undisclosed
23 December 2010 France Duhamel, MathieuMathieu Duhamel France Troyes France Metz Loan
27 December 2010 Slovakia Novák, JánJán Novák Slovakia Košice France Tours Loan
28 December 2010 France Bellion, DavidDavid Bellion France Bordeaux France Nice Loan
28 December 2010 Benin Poté, MickaëlMickaël Poté France Nice France Le Mans Loan
1 January 2011 France Le Crom, RonanRonan Le Crom Unattached France Nancy Free
2 January 2011 France Hautcoeur, YohanYohan Hautcoeur Unattached France Le Mans Free
2 January 2011 South Korea Jo-Gook, JungJung Jo-Gook South Korea Seoul France Auxerre Free[1]
3 January 2011 Panama Mejia, LuisLuis Mejia Uruguay Fénix France Toulouse Loan[2]
3 January 2011 France Proment, GrégoryGrégory Proment Unattached France Caen Free
3 January 2011 Togo Boukari, RazakRazak Boukari France Lens France Rennes €5m[3]
3 January 2011 Cameroon Goda, JulesJules Goda France Bastia France Marseille Free
4 January 2011 Argentina Gómez, DiegoDiego Gómez France Montluçon France Angers Free
7 January 2011 France Psaume, BenjaminBenjamin Psaume France Arles-Avignon France Troyes Free
8 January 2011 Slovenia Jug, AžbejAžbej Jug Slovenia Interblock France Bordeaux Undisclosed[4]
11 January 2011 France Saivet, HenriHenri Saivet France Bordeaux France Angers Loan
11 January 2011 France Malaga, KévinKévin Malaga France Auxerre France Nice Free
11 January 2011 Guinea Baldé, BoboBobo Baldé France Valenciennes France Arles-Avignon Free
13 January 2011 France Salibur, YannisYannis Salibur France Lille France Boulogne Free
16 January 2011 France Fournier, RémiRémi Fournier Unattached France Châteauroux Free
20 January 2011 France Blayac, JérémyJérémy Blayac France Boulogne France Tours Undisclosed
24 January 2011 Netherlands Verhoek, JohnJohn Verhoek Netherlands Den Bosch France Rennes €500k[5]
24 January 2011 Norway Ødegaard, AlexanderAlexander Ødegaard Norway Viking France Metz Free
24 January 2011 Brazil Caçapa, Caçapa Unattached France Évian Free
25 January 2011 France Cuvier, JordanJordan Cuvier France Jura Sud France Rennes Undisclosed
25 January 2011 France Lacombe, GrégoryGrégory Lacombe France Montpellier France AS Monaco Loan
25 January 2011 France Nabab, LivioLivio Nabab France Caen France Laval Loan
26 January 2011 France Brillault, MaximeMaxime Brillault Belgium Charleroi France Vannes Free
26 January 2011 Ivory Coast Diarrassouba, LamineLamine Diarrassouba Romania Braşov France Nîmes Free
26 January 2011 Senegal Abass, Dieng CheikhDieng Cheikh Abass Hungary Budapest Honvéd France Nîmes Loan
27 January 2011 Mali Diarra, MahamadouMahamadou Diarra Spain Real Madrid France AS Monaco Undisclosed
28 January 2011 Senegal Sène, ManuelManuel Sène France Nîmes France Istres Free
28 January 2011 Honduras Welcome, GeorgieGeorgie Welcome Honduras Motagua France AS Monaco Loan
28 January 2011 Niger Maazou, Ouwa MoussaOuwa Moussa Maazou France Bordeaux France AS Monaco Loan
28 January 2011 France Othon, QuentinQuentin Othon France Strasbourg France Nantes Loan
28 January 2011 France Langil, SteevenSteeven Langil France Auxerre France Valenciennes Loan
29 January 2011 Nigeria Utaka, JohnJohn Utaka England Portsmouth France Montpellier Undisclosed
30 January 2011 France Bergougnoux, BryanBryan Bergougnoux Italy Lecce France Châteauroux Undisclosed
30 January 2011 France Sunu, GillesGilles Sunu England Arsenal France Lorient Loan
30 January 2011 France Duplus, FrédéricFrédéric Duplus France Sochaux France Vannes Loan
31 January 2011 Brazil , AndréAndré Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv France Bordeaux Loan
31 January 2011 France Rivière, YohannYohann Rivière France Vannes France Le Havre Free
31 January 2011 Cameroon Bilé, Benjamin MoukandjoBenjamin Moukandjo Bilé France Nîmes France AS Monaco Undisclosed
31 January 2011 Togo Ayité, JonathanJonathan Ayité France Nîmes France Brest Undisclosed
31 January 2011 Guinea Bangoura, Amara KarbaAmara Karba Bangoura Unattached France Vannes Free
31 January 2011 France Rocchi, RomainRomain Rocchi Israel Hapoel Tel Aviv France Arles-Avignon Free
31 January 2011 France Ravet, YoricYoric Ravet France Grenoble France Saint-Étienne Undisclosed
31 January 2011 France Guidileye, DialloDiallo Guidileye France Troyes France Brest Undisclosed
31 January 2011 Gabon Aubameyang, Pierre-EmerickPierre-Emerick Aubameyang Italy Milan France Saint-Étienne Loan
31 January 2011 Togo Gakpé, SergeSerge Gakpé France AS Monaco France Nantes Undisclosed
31 January 2011 Argentina Alonso, AlejandroAlejandro Alonso France AS Monaco France Saint-Étienne Free
31 January 2011 France Bru, KévinKévin Bru France Dijon FCO France Boulogne Free
1 February 2011 Guinea Feindouno, PascalPascal Feindouno Unattached France AS Monaco Free
  • ^1 Player who signed with club before 1 January officially joined his new club on 1 January 2011, while player who joined after 1 January joined his new club following his signature of the contract.


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