List of French royal mistresses

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This page contains a listing of notable French royal mistresses.

Clovis I

  • Evochilde

Chlothar I

  • Waldrada, Princess of the Lombards
  • Valtrude of the Lombards
  • Arnegundis

Charibert I

  • Merofleda
  • Clothilde
  • Marcovefa
  • Theogilda

Chilperic I

Dagobert I

  • Regintrude of Austrasia
  • Berthilde


  • Gersuinda of the Saxons
  • Amaltrud of Vienne
  • Ethelind
  • Sigrade
  • Madelgard
  • Regina
  • Landrade des Herbages
  • Adelindus

Louis the Pious

  • Theodelinde of Sens

Louis the Stammerer

  • Luitgrade of Saxony
  • Adelheid of Paris

Charles the Simple

  • Edgiva of Kent
  • Frederuna von Ringleheim

Philip I

Louis VI

  • Marie de Breuillet

Louis X

  • Unknown, but had progeny

Philip VI

Charles V

Charles VI

Charles VII

Louis XI

Francis I

Henry II

Charles IX

Henry III

Henry IV
This list includes historically recognised and popularly attributed mistresses:[4]

Louis XIII
Purely platonic lovers:

Louis XIV

Louis XV

Napoleon I


Charles X

Louis Philippe I

Napoleon III

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