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The French women's football champions are the winners of the highest league of football in France for women, the Division 1 Féminine. Since the creation of the women's first division by the French Football Federation in 1975, the women's football championship of France has been contested through the Division 1 Féminine. Prior to this, the first division championship of French women's football was contested through a league ran by the Fédération des Sociétés Féminines Sportives de France (FSFSF), a women's football organization in France that was led by women's football pioneer Alice Milliat. The FSFSF's league ran from 1918–1932 and awarded 14 league titles before being disbanded due to the prohibition of women's football.[1]

FSFSF Championship (1918-19/1931-32)[edit]

FFF Championships (from 1974-75)[edit]

FFF championship results by team[edit]

Club Wins First Title Last Title
Olympique Lyonnais (incl. FC Lyon) 13 1998 2015
VGA Saint-Maur 6 1983 1990
FCF Juvisy 6 1992 2006
Stade Reims 5 1975 1982
Toulouse FC(incl. Toulouse OAC) 4 1999 2002
AS Etroeungt 3 1978 1981
Montpellier HSC 2 2004 2005
ASJ Soyaux 1 1984 1984
CS Saint-Brieuc 1 1989 1989


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