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Fujitsu, a multinational computer hardware and IT services company, provides services and consulting as well as a range of products including computing products, software, telecommunications, microelectronics, and more. Fujitsu also offers customized IT products that go beyond the off-the shelf products listed below.

Products and services[edit]

Product category Fujitsu products
Cloud computing Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, FGCP/A5
Notebooks LIFEBOOK
Thin clients FUTRO, Zero Client
Workstations Celsius
Mainframe computers GlobalServer, BS2000
Supercomputers K Computer, VP Series
Software Interstage, Systemwalker, Symfoware Server, Glovia G2, Glovia On Demand, SCIGRESS
Services Consulting, Customer support, Education Services, Managed Services, Technology Services and Solutions
Telecommunications Multi-layer Convergence, LTE, Network Management and Network Planning
Smartphones Android series (ARROWS, REGZA, STYLISTIC[1]), Windows Phone series
Microelectronics Microcontrollers, ASSPs (application-specific ICS) System Memory, ASICs/Wafer Foundry Services, and optical components
Scanners fi series, ScanSnap.[2][3] Popular ScanSnap models include the feature-rich S1300 that can scan double-sided color originals,[4] and the tiny S1100, one of the world's smallest scanners.[5] By December 2009, ScanSnap had sold more than 1 million units since first delivery of fi-4110EOX in Japan, and the ScanSnap brand reached the age of ten years on July 10, 2011.[6]
Point of sale equipment TeamPos, TeamPad
Pointing devices ErgoTrac
Car audio, video, navigation and control systems Fujitsu Ten
HVAC Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI), Airstage