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Class Prominence
P600  600 m +
Marilyns 150+ m
Hewitts 30 – 149 m
Nuttalls 15 – 29 m

This is a list of Furths, a "Furth" or "Furth Munro" being a mountain or top over 3,000 feet (914.4 m) high in the British Isles that is furth of (i.e. "outside") Scotland, that would otherwise be classed as a Munro or Munro Top if it were located in Scotland.[1][2][3] Traditionally a mountain only qualifies as a Furth if it has a drop of at least 30 metres (98 feet) on all sides.[4]

The Scottish Mountaineering Club lists a total of 34 Furths in all; 6 in England, 15 in Wales and 13 in Ireland (none in Northern Ireland).[5] This compares with the 282 Munros and 227 further "tops" in Scotland.

In addition to the SMC Clerk of the List recording Furth completions, further details can be found at Final Furths and Furthists.


Peak Height (m) Prom. (m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Scafell Pike    978 912 NY215072 P600 Snowdon Scafell Pike and Sca Fell.JPG
Sca Fell
Sca Fell 964 133 NY207065 Hewitt Scafell Pike         
Helvellyn 950 712 NY342151 P600 Scafell Pike  Helvellyn(SimonLedingham)Dec2004.jpg
Ill Crag 935 57 NY223073 Hewitt Scafell Pike
Broad Crag 934 52 NY218075 Hewitt Ill Crag
Skiddaw 931 709 NY260290 P600 Helvellyn Skiddaw and Little Man.JPG


Peak Height (m) Prom. (m) Grid ref. Class Parent
 or Yr Wyddfa
1085 1039 SH609543 P600 Ben Nevis Snowdon in the snow clear sight.jpg
Garnedd Ugain
 or Crib y Ddysgl
1065 72 SH610551 Hewitt Snowdon
Carnedd Llewelyn 1064 750 SH683644 P600 Snowdon
Carnedd Dafydd 1044 111 SH663630 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Glyder Fawr 1001 642 SH642579 P600 Snowdon Carnedd Llywelyn.JPG
Carnedd Llewelyn
Glyder Fach 994 75 SH656582 Hewitt Glyder Fawr
Pen yr Ole Wen 978 45 SH655619 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Foel Grach 976 40 SH688658 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Yr Elen 962 57 SH673650 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn Pen-yr-ole-wen.jpg
Pen yr Ole Wen
Y Garn 947 236 SH630595 Marilyn Glyder Fawr
Foel-fras 944 61 SH696681 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Garnedd Uchaf 926 32 SH687669 Hewitt Carnedd Llewelyn
Elidir Fawr 924 212 SH612613 Marilyn Y Garn The north side of Tryfan - - 686166.jpg
Crib Goch 923 65 SH624551 Hewitt Snowdon
Tryfan 918 191 SH664593 Marilyn Glyder Fawr

Republic of Ireland[edit]

There are 13 Furths in Ireland listed by the Scottish Mountaineering Club. They are, for obvious reasons, also referred to as the Irish Munros.

Peak Height (m) Prom. (m) Grid ref. Class Parent
Carrauntoohil    1039 1039 V8036584426 P600 HP Ireland Carrantuohill.jpg
Beenkeragh 1008 91 V8013985245 Hewitt Carrauntoohil
Caher 1000 100 V7926183891 Hewitt Carrauntoohil Caher, Macgillycuddy's Reeks - - 113638.jpg
Cnoc na Péiste 988 254 V8359084176 Marilyn Carrauntoohil
Caher West Top 973 24 V7899084004 Caher Macgillycuddy's Reeks, Lough Callee and Cnoc na Péiste (Knocknapeasta) - - 1434579.jpg
Maolán Bui (centre: 4th from left)
Maolán Bui 973 41 V8321483814 Hewitt Cnoc na Péiste
The Bones 956 37 V8007084680 Hewitt Beenkeragh BeenkeraghGeographImageByColinPark.jpg
The Bones (centre)
Cnoc an Chuillin 958 54 V8234683338 Hewitt Maolán Bui
Brandon Mountain 952 927 Q4604511610 P600 The Bones Boulder fields and clouds - - 219291.jpg
Brandon Mountain
The Big Gun 939 70 V8400084500 est. Hewitt Cnoc na Péiste
Cruach Mhór 932 32 V8400084800 est. Hewitt The Big Gun Peaklug.jpg
Lugnaquilla 925 849 T0320091700 est. P600 Carrauntoohil
Galtymore 919 899 R8784623788 P600 Carrauntoohil

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