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Fushigiboshi no Futagohime is a 2005 Japanese anime television series based on Birthday's concept. The anime series was produced by Nihon Ad Systems under the direction of Junichi Sato and consists of fifty-one episodes. The story follows the adventures of the twin princesses of Wonder Planet (a mysterious planet shaped like a hollow earth).

The series was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan between April 2, 2005 and March 25, 2006. A second series, Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!, immediately followed the first.

Three pieces of theme music are used for the first season—one opening themes and two closing themes. The opening theme is "Princess wa Akiramenai" (プリンセスはあきらめない?) performed by Flip-Flap. The closing theme for the first twenty-eight episodes is "Oshare Fantasy" (おしゃれファンタジー?) and for the remaining twenty-three episodes is "Patatata Run" (パタタタ・ルン♪?). Both closing themes were performed by Fine☆Rein.

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original airdate
01 "Sweetest Smiles ☆ Twin Princesses"   April 2, 2005
Princesses Fine and Rein are the princesses of The Sunny Kingdom. A Best Princess Ball is held within the kingdom and princesses from all seven countries come. The twins meet Princess Grace, the princess who died saving the seven countries from darkness. They also learn how to use the Prominence. Prince Bright of the Jewelry Kingdom is also introduced, along with The Flame Princess, Lione. 
02 "Flame Kingdom ☆ Prominence on Empty Stomachs"   April 9, 2005
Fine and Rein go to the Flame country. There, Fine wants to eat the Flame fried rice really badly. She and Rein go to this restaurant, only to find it closed. It turns out that the owner of the restaurant can't make the Flame fried rice anymore because the volcano, where the spice is gathered, has not erupted in a long time. 
03 "Get Rid of the Dragon ☆ Totally Impossible?"   April 16, 2005
Fine and Rein go to the Flame country again to visit Lione in the Flame Kingdom's castle. While visiting there, it was colder than before. They have to awaken the dragon that heats the land before the Flame Kingdom ices over! 
04 "Lovely Décor ☆ Let’s Do Our Best"   April 23, 2005
Fine and Rein's mother gives them a décor maker. While looking for decorations, they found one cat who has shiny things so they follow her. 
05 "First Place This Time ☆ Princess Party"   April 30, 2005
Today's Princess Party is Best Décor Princess. Brief Eclipse. 
06 "Ask the Fortune Teller ☆ The Secret of Eclipse"   May 7, 2005
The princess go to the Moon Kingdom to find out about Eclipse. Too bad they never really get their information. 
07 "We Can’t Return to the Castle! ☆ Dig Here-rabirabi"   May 14, 2005
The princesses luches need to charge and the "telepoomotion" will only take poomo, so the princesses stay the night at the moon castle. They hear about the star spring in the Moon Kingdom. Fine and Rein decide to go to it the next day(without poomo knowing) the twins are lended a sand boat as they get to the spring they crash (as they usually do) into a tower. Rabbits were watching over the spring from the tower.when the princesses crash the tower falls to the ground. the princesses have to dig to make up for that. the rabbit's oasis was dried up so they were trying to find water underground by digging.the rabbits where being pestered by scorpions and Rein and Fine use prominence to stop the scorpions from attacking . Suddenly water came out of the ground giving them water. 
08 "Make It Gorgeous ☆ Battle of the Décor"   May 21, 2005
The twins head to the Jewelry Kingdom to learn the ways of making beautiful décor like their mother. When they get there, the teacher they searched for has to compete to make the gorgeous jewelry. The loser must leave Décor Plaza. 
09 "Jewelry Kingdom ☆ Come to the Town of Toys"   May 28, 2005
The princesses visit the Jewelry Kingdom and find a doll called Puppet. 
10 "Let’s Make Sweets ☆ Princess Party"   June 4, 2005
Princess party again, this time for sweets. What will they bake? :O 
11 "Training Really Hard ☆ Become Better Princesses"   June 11, 2005
Disheartened by hurting Altezza's feelings, the twins work hard to become better princesses. 
12 "Seed Kingdom ☆ Being Small Is Hard"   June 18, 2005
The princesses go to the Seed Kingdom where Fine is turned into a monkey. 
13 "Scary Forest ☆ Little Romantic Experiences"   June 25, 2005
Moments of jealousy and love are flying everywhere for our Princesses this episode. Just what are these feelings that Fine is experiencing to Shade and what if Rein gets a hint of Bright's crush for Fine? And then what if Fine realizes the one too many time Shade/Eclipse look at Rein? What if the table is the turned around by a monster who turns the tables twice around again? 
14 "Poomo’s Training ☆ Argument Between the Twins"   July 2, 2005
Continuing off the previous episode, the twins are still not getting along. Poomo, thinking the reason the twins won't stop fighting is because of his lack of strength , decides to leave to find a master of Kung Fu. The girls find out and rush to the island fighting the whole way there, and even longer. When Poomo is in trouble, the girls reunite and save the day. 
15 "Moon Kingdom ☆ The Mysterious Invitation"   July 9, 2005
Fine and Rein go to the moon festival and find out a moon god will not wake up.they save the day by using the prominence. 
16 "Milky in Big Trouble ☆ The True Identity of Eclipse"   July 16, 2005
This episode we discover the true identity of Eclipse. Eclipse is...  !? 
17 "Athletes, Be Passionate! ☆ Princess Party"   July 23, 2005
The Seed Kingdom hosts the next Princess Party for sports. Which princess will earn this title? 
18 "Windmill Kingdom vs. Jewelry Kingdom ☆ Balloon Battle"   July 30, 2005
A balloon race takes place between the Jewelry Kingdom and the Windmill Kingdom. 
19 "Waterdrop Kingdom ☆ Mirlo Will Marry?"   August 6, 2005
The minister of the moon kingdom shows his true nature. The twins try to help Mirlo out of an engagement. 
20 "Shooting Stars in the Sea ☆ Another Country That No One Knows"   August 13, 2005
Fine and Rein visit the Sea Kingdom. 
21 "The Haunted House ☆ Screamed Prominence"   August 20, 2005
The twins help a ghost scare Prince Bright and Auler, and Princess Altessa and Sophie 
22 "Haughty Altezza ☆ We’re in a Pinch, I Hate It~"   August 27, 2005
23 "Seeds of Destiny ☆ The Princesses Are Good Friends?!"   September 3, 2005
24 "Windmill Kingdom ☆ Don’t Take Our Luchés~"   September 10, 2005
When they try and visit Sophie, they and the Bird People have a conflict made up by...? 
25 "Surprised by Locusts ☆ Princess Party"   September 17, 2005
At the Flower Aranging Party, the Minister's workers appear and somehow manage to get Locusts released... 
26 "Oh My God ☆ We Can’t Prominence~"   September 24, 2005
The Twin Princesses sneak into the Moon Kingdom's castle to figure out Eclipse's true identity. They lose their ability to Prominence...! 
27 "Dark Poomo ☆ Fortune Princesses"   October 1, 2005
Princess Grace awards the twins with the power to Prominence again. 
28 "Fortune Princesses at Last ☆ This Sounds Awesome"   October 8, 2005
29 "Cheer Up ☆ Altezza"   October 15, 2005
30 "Waterdrop Kingdom ☆ Fake Twin Princesses ?!"   October 22, 2005
Two young girls impersonate Fine and Rein after being tricked by Bright and Boomo. 
31 "The Treasure Map ☆ Dig,Dig,And Dig Some More"   October 29, 2005
In the Windmill Kingdom, a baker family gets tricked by a fake treasure map from Bright and Boomo. 
32 "Do Your Best, Tio ☆ The Flame Country's Samba Festival"   November 5, 2005
The Flame Country's Samba Festival has finally arrived! But it seems Bright has a different idea. 
33 "Pumo Pumo Poomo ☆ Bumo Bumo Bumo"   November 12, 2005
34 "Shine! Rainbow Springs ☆ Mirlo's Wish"   November 19, 2005
In the Waterdrop Kingdom, the Rainbow Springs were all combined and turned black by Bright. 
35 "Close Call ☆ Princess Summit"   November 26, 2005
The Princesses call a Princess/Prince Summit to discuss the future of the Star. 
36 "Dark Bright ☆ Stormy Princess Party"   December 3, 2005
37 "Find the Seven Treasures ☆ The Secret of the Grace Stones"   December 10, 2005
An old friend appears and reveals himself as Princess Grace's messenger. He also comes with great news... 
38 "The Secret Valley of the Winds ☆ Sophie's Treasure"   December 17, 2005
In search of the grace stone, Sophie helps them with her treasure that she found. 
39 "Pearl's Wish ☆ The Christmas Miracles"   December 24, 2005
Returning to the Sea Kingdom while looking for the grace stone, Bright is doing something to the Mother Coral! 
40 "Year’s First Laugh ☆ Flame Variety Show"   January 7, 2006
The next Stone Grace was in Flame Kingdom, Lione Tries to Help Fine and Rein to get the grace stone on the mouth of the Dragon. 
41 "Hyperactive Baby ☆ Parenting Diary"   January 14, 2006
The next Grace Stone is in the Water Drop Kingdom when Fine and Rein are helped by Milro to get the grace stone. Bright interrupts and asks to take care of Narlo . 
42 "The Grass Full Moon"  
The Princesses head to the Moon Kingdom for the next Grace Stone, but only to find out Moon Malia has fallen into a deep slumber because of the Power of Darkness. A brief moment of jealousy is shown on Fine's side, as it appears Shade finds Rein more reliable than her. 
43 "The Miraculous Circus ☆ Fly, Nacchi!"  
The Princesses visit the Seed Kingdom to obtain another Grace Stone. However, Rein and Fine are attacked by King King out of the blue! It seems Bright has been up to his old tricks in this Kingdom too. Afterwards, the Princesses and the gang stumble upon a circus and a very discouraged trapeze performer, Nacchi. 
44 "Aim for Victory ☆ Shall We Dance?"  
The Last Princess Party will be held in the Windmill Kingdom. This time the skill required is dancing! Yet again another brief moment of jealousy from Fine as Shade practices dancing with Rein. 
45 "The Last Party of Princesses"  
A rumour spreads that the Sunny Kingdoms treasure is hidden deep within the Windmill Kingdoms maze. The Princesses and Princes go to investigate and get lost because of Bright's dirty tricks! Brief Altezza/Auler and Shade/Fine moments. 
46 "Bright Conquest The Kingdom Solar"  
Bright takes over the Sunny Kingdom and sends an invitation out to everyone, including the princesses, to celebrate his rising as King. Everyone agrees to not attend but Fine goes back on her own and tries to convince Bright to stop hurting his friends. Doing so, Fine realizes that the good side of Bright still exists. Boomo manages to convince Bright to take control of Fine, but before he could the rest of the gang arrive. They leave Sunny Kingdom which is now engulfed in darkness. Fine receives a scolding from Shade. 
47 "Hope & Optimism"  
The Princesses head to the Moon Kingdom to find the Grace stone to stop Bright and help Moon Malia. 
48 "The Final Treasure ☆ Boomo's in Love?!"  
The Princesses go back to the Sunny Kingdom without Shade only to discover a diary which belonged to a previous Sunny Kingdom Princess years ago which contains information on where the last Grace Stone is. It's in the Sea Kingdom! While the Princesses go to the Sea Kingdom, Boomo and Pearl try find the Grace Stone together where Boomo... Falls in love?! And what's this, Boomo has turned good again? 
49 "May Our Hearts ☆ Reach Bright!"  
Bright returns to the Jewelry Kingdom to find out even his home has become a saddened place. 
50 "Large Reckless Driving Black crystal"  
Bright falls in love with Rein and releases the anger away from himself. 
51 "The Princesses' Final Prominence ☆ Don't give it up"   March 25, 2006
They finally defeat the Black Crystal. 

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