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Futari wa Pretty Cure
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 49
Original network ANN (ABC)
Rai 2
Original release February 1, 2004 – January 30, 2005
Season chronology

Futari wa Pretty Cure is the first Pretty Cure anime television series produced by Toei Animation. The story revolves around two girls, Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro (Natalie Blackstone and Hannah Whitehouse), who fight the forces of the Dark Zone — a dimension of evil that has encroached on the Garden of Light. The series aired in Japan between February 1, 2004 and January 30, 2005. It was replaced in 2005 by its direct sequel series, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. The opening theme is "Danzen! Futari wa PreCure" (Danzen! ふたりはプリキュア Danzen! Futari wa Purikyua?, "Danzen! We Are Pretty Cure") by Mayumi Gojo whilst the ending theme is "Get You! Love Love?!" (ゲッチュウ!らぶらぶぅ?! Getchū! Rabu Rabu?!?) also by Gojo. It was the first Pretty Cure series to be dubbed in English and aired in Canada between March 6, 2009 and July 31, 2010.[citation needed] The opening theme of the English dub is: Together we are Pretty Cure.

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date[1] English air date
1 "What D' You Mean Transform? / We Can Transform!? No Way!"
"Watashitachi ga Henshin!? Arienai!" (私たちが変身!?ありえない!) 
February 1, 2004 March 6, 2009
Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, two classmates who've never spoken to one another are called to be Pretty Cure by two unexpected visitors. 
2 "Cleaning up the City / Give Me a Break! A City Targeted by Darkness"
"Kanbenshite! Yami ni Nerawareta Machi" (カンベンして! 闇に狙われた街) 
February 8, 2004 March 13, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka must figure out what's behind a citywide power outage, while relying on Mipple and Mepple to guide them in the dark. 
3 "Who's the New T.A.? / Beware of the Cute Student Teacher!"
"Iketeru Jisshūsei ni Ki o Tsukero!" (イケてる実習生に気をつけろ!) 
February 15, 2004 March 20, 2009
Pisard poses as a student teacher in an attempt to get the Prism Stones from Nagisa. He becomes Mr. Komodo and hypnotizes the girls teacher into to bring the girls to the gym where they fight with the gym equipment. Pisard also uses the still hypnotized teacher as both a threat and a distraction and gets the girls off their guard. The girls and their teacher get wrapped in the curtains in the gym and are tossed around until their teacher loses consciousness which ticks the girls off. They use marble twister and send Pisard back and save their teacher. After a while their teacher wakes up to see the girls out of class and gives them detention with the girls concluding that she forgot everything. 
4 "Mystery at the Museum / A Miracle!? The Art Museum Comes to Life"
"Mirakuru!? Ikiteiru Bijutsukan" (ミラクル!?生きている美術館) 
February 22, 2004 March 27, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka are put in charge of a trip to the art museum, which is targeted by Pisard. 
5 "Is it Over Yet? / Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard"
"Majiyaba! Sutemi no Pīsādo" (マジヤバ! 捨て身のピーサード) 
February 29, 2004 April 3, 2009
Pisard's final episode. He desperately tries to win against Pretty Cure, knowing it's his last chance. 
6 "Mountains, Ogres and Bears / A New Darkness! The Bear in the Dangerous Forest"
"Arata na Yami! Kiken na Mori no Kuma-san" (新たな闇! 危険な森のクマさん) 
March 7, 2004 April 10, 2009
Mepple has accidentally lost the Prism Hopish. The girls go hiking to look for it and are attacked by Gekidrago. 
7 "Lacrossed Wires / A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Maiden's Heart is So Delicate!"
"Nettō Rakurosu! Otomegokoro wa Chōbimiyō!" (熱闘ラクロス!乙女心は超ビミョー!) 
March 14, 2004 April 17, 2009
When the Dark Zone attacks during a lacrosse tournament, Nagisa must choose between helping Honoka or her team. 
8 "The Pretty Cure Breakup / Pretty Cure Breaks Up! Isn't It Too Soon For That!?"
"Purikyua Kaisan! Bucchake Hayasugi!?" (プリキュア解散!ぶっちゃけ早すぎ!?) 
March 21, 2004 April 24, 2009
Honoka's well-meaning attempt at matchmaking between Nagisa and Fuji-P backfires, causing a rift in Pretty Cure. 
9 "Get Him Back! Operation Rescue! / Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Operation!"
"Torikaese! Mepo Mepo Daisakusen!" (取り返せ! メポメポ大作戦) 
March 28, 2004 May 1, 2009
Mepple has fallen ill. Just when Nagisa realizes this, the vice-principal confiscates him. Nagisa has to retrieve him and cure his illness before it's too late. 
10 "Birthday Heist / Honoka Explodes! A Wonderful Birthday"
"Honoka Sakuretsu! Suteki na Tanjōbi" (ほのか炸裂! 素敵な誕生日) 
April 4, 2004 May 8, 2009
Honoka's parents come home for her birthday. However, a series of events lead to Honoka and her parents being held hostage in a jewelry store as Gekidrago strikes. 
11 "Fish Out of Water / Save Ryouta! Gekidrago Panic!"
"Ryōta o Sukue! Gekidorāgo Panikku!" (亮太を救え!ゲキドラーゴ・パニック) 
April 11, 2004 May 15, 2009
Gekidrago's final episode. A trip to the aquarium for Ryouta's school project leads to Nagisa and Honoka having to defend him from the enemy. 
12 "Darkness in Disguise / The Evil Flower, Poisonny Appears! Who is She?"
"Aku no Hana, Poizunī Sanjō! tte Dare?" (悪の華・ポイズニー参上!って誰?) 
April 18, 2004 May 22, 2009
The new enemy, Poisonny appears, playing on Nagisa and Honoka's weaknesses to steal Mepple and Mipple. 
13 "Who's the New Student? / Beware! The Young Transfer Student"
"Goyōjin! Toshishita no Tenkōsei" (ご用心! 年下の転校生) 
April 25, 2004 May 29, 2009
A new student, Kiriya, secretly Poisonny's younger brother, transfers to Nagisa and Honoka's school. 
14 "Spot the Fakes / Are You Kidding!? Pretty Cure Impostors Go Wild"
"Uso Honto!? Nise Purikyua ō Abare" (ウソホント!?にせプリキュア大暴れ) 
May 2, 2004 June 5, 2009
Two girls are impersonating Pretty Cure. Poisonny hopes to force the girls to exchange the Prism stones for the impostors. 
15 "We Need A Vacation / A Really Dangerous Family Vacation"
"Metcha Abunai Kazoku Ryokō" (メッチャ危ない家族旅行) 
May 9, 2004 June 12, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka happen to be at the same vacation spot. They take advantage of this and go on an island adventure. 
16 "Practice Makes Perfect / Stress Full Throttle! Being the Madonna is Tough"
"Sutoresu Zenkai! Madonna wa Tsurai yo" (ストレス全開!マドンナはつらいよ) 
May 16, 2004 June 19, 2009
Poisonny's Zakenna possess the body of the school superstar, creating an army of copies of her all over the school. 
17 "Cultivating Crushes / Capture His Heart! Heart-Throbbing Farm Work"
"Hāto wo Getto! Tokimeki Nōsagyō" (ハートをゲット! トキメキ農作業) 
May 23, 2004 June 26, 2009
Honoka invites Nagisa to bring in the harvest on a friend's farm where she'll be working alongside Fujipi. 
18 "Midterm Mission / Heart-Throbbing! Midterm Tests are a Love Labyrinth"
"Dokidoki! Chūkan Tesuto wa Koi no Meikyū" (ドキドキ!中間テストは恋の迷宮) 
May 30, 2004 July 22, 2009
Poisonny traps Nagisa and Honoka in a mirror maze during their midterm exams. 
19 "The Dark Zone's Secret Weapon / Too Scary! Dusk Zone's Final Trump Card"
"Kowa Sugi! Dotsuku Zōn Saigo no Kirifuda" (こわすぎ! ドックゾーン最後の切り札) 
June 8, 2004 July 23, 2009
Ilkuubo shows up and surprises the girls with the power of the Dusk Zone. 
20 "A Double Dose of Smart / Which is the Real One? The Two Honokas"
"Dotchi ga Honmono? Futari no Honoka" (どっちが本物?ふたりのほのか) 
June 13, 2004 July 27, 2009
Poisonny's final episode. Poisonny impersonates Honoka and tries to trick Nagisa into giving her Mepple. 
21 "The Truth about Kirea / A Shocking Date! The Truth about Kiriya"
"Shōgeki Dēto! Kiriya no Shinjitsu" (衝撃デート! キリヤの真実) 
June 27, 2004 July 28, 2009
Kiriya confesses to Honoka about being part of the Dotsukuzon and willingly gives her his Prism Stone. Kiriya then goes back to Dotsukuzon to face his punishment. 
22 "Puppy Pandemonium / No Way! Chuutaro Becomes a Mom?!"
"Ussō! Chūtarō Mama ni Naru!?" (ウッソー!忠太郎がママになる!?) 
July 4, 2004 July 29, 2009
Chuutaro finds an abandoned puppy. Nagisa and Honoka try to find its owner but run into Ilkuubo, who finds out where the Stones are hidden, on the way. 
23 "Summer Camp Fiasco / Danger! The Summer Camp Nightmare!"
"Ayaushi! Natsu Gasshuku no Akumu" (危うし!夏合宿の悪夢) 
July 11, 2004 July 30, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka's training camps experience weird event from power outages to dying trees. They find out that Ilkuubo is behind it as he forces the Prism Hopish out of hiding and takes it. 
24 "Match Point! Pretty Cure Vs. Ilkubo / Deathmatch! Pretty Cure vs. Ilkuubo"
"Kessen! Purikyua tai Irukūbo" (決戦! プリキュアvsイルクーボ) 
July 18, 2004 August 13, 2009
Ilkuubbo finally takes the last two Stones but doesn't know how powerful they really are 
25 "Return to the Garden of Light / Let's Go to the Field of Light, Popo! Us Too!?"
"Iza Hikari no Sono e, popo! Watashitachi mo!?" (いざ光の園へポポ!私たちも!?) 
July 25, 2004 August 20, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka travel to the Field of Light to bring about the Power of Creation. 
26 "Saying Goodbye is Never Easy / Goodbye, Mepple and Mipple!? No Way!"
"Sayanora, Meppuru, Mippuru!? Ya da!" (さよならメップルミップル!?やだー!) 
August 1, 2004 August 27, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka are kidnapped to the Dusk Zone where they try to defeat the Dark King. 
27 "A New Evil Gathers / A New Darkness Closes in! Save the Lost Porun"
"Arata na Yami ga Semaru! Maigo no Porun wo Sukue" (新たな闇が迫る!迷子のポルンを救え) 
August 8, 2004 September 12, 2009
Porun gets lost after going to back to the Field of Rainbows with Mipple and Mepple. 
28 "Turning Up the Heat / Regine Appears! We've Had Enough of This Already!"
"Regīne tōjō! tte Mō Konai de!" (レギーネ登場!ってもう来ないで!) 
August 15, 2004 September 26, 2009
It is an extremely hot day and Nagisa and Honoka meet a new enemy. 
29 "Summer Ends with a Bang / Stormy Summer Festival! The Thunder God is Super Scary!?"
"Arashi no Natsumatsuri! Kaminari-sama wa Chō Kowai!?" (嵐の夏祭り!カミナリ様は超コワイ!?) 
August 22, 2004 October 3, 2009
Nagisa and Honoka go to a Summer festival and meet their third enemy. 
30 "Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm / Explosive! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm"
"Sakuretsu! Purikyua Reinbō Sutōmu" (炸裂!プリキュアレインボーストーム) 
September 5, 2004 October 10, 2009
Porun sneaks to school and gets the girls in trouble. When the guardian is lured out of his hiding place, he gives Porun the power of the prism stones. 
31 "Porun on the Loose / Did He Really Run Away? Where in the World is Porun?"
"Maji Iede? Porun wa Ittai Doko!?" (マジ家出?ポルンは一体どこ~!?) 
September 12, 2004 October 17, 2009
Porun, curious about the Garden of Rainbows, decides to take a visit. 
32 "Cheer Up Porun / Cheer Porun Up! Special Carnival"
"Porun o Hagemase! Totteoki no Kaanibaru" (ポルンを励ませ! とっておきのカーニバル) 
September 19, 2004 January 9, 2010
Porun is feeling homesick, so Nagisa and Honoka take him to the amusement park. 
33 "Teamwork Saves The Day / Get the Victory! Find the Path of Light With Your Heart!!"
"Bui Getto! Kokoro De Tsunage Hikari no Pasurain!!" (Vゲット! 心でつなげ光のパスライン!!) 
September 26, 2004 January 16, 2010
Shiho feeling down after she misses a shot at lacrosse practice and decides to quit the team. 
34 "Running On Empty / Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing 'Gachinko' Relay"
"Nagisa Bucchigiri! Honou no Gachinko Rirē" (なぎさぶっちぎり! 炎のガチンコリレー) 
October 3, 2004 January 23, 2010
It's Track day and Field Day at Verone Junior High and Nagisa's set to race against Yuka. 
35 "You Call This A Date? / Is This a Date? Tumultuous Happy Birthday"
"Korette Dēto? Dotō no Happī Bāsudē" (これってデート?怒涛のハッピーバースデー) 
October 10, 2004 January 30, 2010
Kazuki, the star player of the basketball team, asks Nagisa to go chestnut picking on her birthday with him and she has a hard time turning him down. 
36 "Guardian's Great Escape / Reach For Freedom! Stone Keeper's Desperate Great Escape"
"Jiyuu wo Tsukame! Bannin Kesshi no Daidassou" (自由を掴*め!番人決死の大脱走) 
October 17, 2004 February 13, 2010
The Guardian's been imprisoned by the Dark Zone, but a careless mistake by the Zakennas allows him to escape. 
37 "Shaking Up Shakespeare / First Stage Performance!! Don't Lose, Romeo and Juliet"
"Iza Hatsubutai!! Makeruna Romio to Jurietto" (いざ初舞台!!負けるなロミオとジュリエット) 
October 24, 2004 February 20, 2010
The Cherry Blossom class are planning to play Romeo and Juliet, and Nagisa and Honoka are chosen to play the main roles respectively. 
38 "Ryan's Solo Mission / It Takes Guts! Ryota's Great Errand Strategy"
"Gattsu de Gō! Ryōta no Otsukai Daisakusen" (ガッツでGO!亮太のおつかい大作戦) 
October 31, 2004 February 27, 2010
It's the weekend and the girls are excited for their day of shopping, but plans are derailed when Nagisa's dad. Fortunately, Ryouta steps in and delivers his dad's documents by himself. 
39 "Patching It Up / Glittering Tears! Pouring Sweat! A Chaotic Wedding"
"Namida Kira! Ase ga Tara! Kekkonshiki wa Ōsōdō!!" (涙キラ!汗がタラ!結婚式は大騒動!!) 
November 14, 2004 March 13, 2010
Miss Yoshimi has announced that she's getting married and the class has decided to present her with a wedding gift. 
40 "Sleepover Nightmare / Invitation to a Dream World!? One-Night Journey Into Darkness"
"Yume no Sekai He go Shōtai!? Ippakufutsuka Yami no Tabi" (夢の世界へご招待!?一泊二日闇の旅) 
November 21, 2004 March 20, 2010
Nagisa goes to a sleepover at Honoka's house and they both encounter Beruzei in their dreams and must fight him. 
41 "Losing Isn't an Option / We Won't Lose! Blow the Power of Darkness Away"
"Makenaittebā!! Yami no Chikara o Buttobase!" (負けないってばー!!闇の力をぶっとばせ!) 
November 28, 2004 March 27, 2010
It's the Lacrosse Championship Finals and Verone Junior High is set to play Otag Junior High. 
42 "Together, We Are One! / We are One! Nagisa and Honoka's Powerful Bond"
"Futari wa Hitotsu! Nagisa to Honoka Saikyou no Kizuna" (二人はひとつ!なぎさとほのか最強の絆) 
December 5, 2004 April 3, 2010
The Dark Zone figure out a way to separate Pretty Cure and it's up to Nagisa to find Honoka before she is consumed by the darkness! 
43 "Fergie's Birthday Brouhaha / Extremely Shaken Up! My Feelings for Fuji-P-Senpai"
"Gekiyure Makuri! Fujipi-senpai ni Todoke Kono Omoi" (激揺れまくり!藤P先輩に届けこの想い) 
December 12, 2004 April 10, 2010
Nagisa has a friend named Yui, who has a crush on Fujipi.. what happen next? 
44 "A Holiday Visitor / I Couldn't Be Happier!? Nagisa's White Christmas"
"Saikō Happī!? Nagisa no White Kurisumasu" (最高ハッピー!?なぎさのホワイトクリスマス) 
December 19, 2004 April 17, 2010
Winter vacation is around the corner and Verone holds a Christmas Dance. 
45 "Choir Chaos / Sing, Sakura Class! The Choir Shows Courage"
"Utae Sakura Kumi! Gasshō wa Yūki wo Nosete" (歌えさくら組!合唱は勇気を乗せて) 
December 26, 2004 July 31, 2010
The Eighth Grade Ensemble has won the choir challenge to represent Verone Junior High at the district championships. Chiaki makes a last-minute decision to change the song they’re going to sing and the girls persuade the rest of the class that it’s the right move. 
46 "A New Year Debacle / It's the Pits! Has the Power of the Stones Been Stolen?"
"Saiaku! Ishi no Chikara ga Ubawareta!?" (サイアク~! 石の力が奪われた~!?) 
January 9, 2005 July 31, 2010
Nagisa and Honoka are excited for the new year, but before they can even enjoy their first day at school, the Dark Zone attacks. They’ve figured out that Porun has the power of the Prism Stones inside him so they’ve come to get him. 
47 "The Dark Zone Expedition / The Most Powerful Warrior Appears! No Way!"
"Saikyō Senshi Toujou! tte mō, Arienai!!" (最強戦士登場!っても~ありえない!!) 
January 16, 2005 July 31, 2010
After losing both the Guardian and the Prism Stones, Nagisa and Honoka have to follow Juna, Regine and Belzei back to the Dark Zone. 
48 "Evil vs. Evil / The Greatest Final Battle! Pretty Cure's Last Day!!"
"Shijōsaidai no Kessen! Purikyua Saigo no Hi!!" (史上最大の決戦!プリキュア最後の日!!) 
January 23, 2005 July 31, 2010
The Dark King’s not very happy with his dark warriors. They’ve stolen what he feels is rightfully his and now Pretty Cure has to stand back and watch as the dark enemies battle it out. 
49 "Fight for the Future / Believe in the Future! Believe in Tomorrow! We Won't Let You Say Goodbye!!"
"Mirai o Shinjite! Ashita o Shinjite! Sayonara Nante Iwasenai!!" (未来を信じて! 明日[あした]を信じて! さよならなんて言わせない!!) 
January 30, 2005 July 31, 2010
It’s the final showdown. Either Pretty Cure defeats the Dark King or the darkness will consume the universe. 


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