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The following is a list of characters from the anime Future GPX Cyber Formula series, including all the characters in the TV series, the OVAs, and the games.

Character conception[edit]

Unlike other long-going series by Sunrise Productions, the Cyber Formula series seldom changes the major cast throughout the series. Most of the major characters were kept throughout the whole series while adding new characters throughout the production. The major difference to main casts to switching the main character role between Hayato Kazami and Bleed Kaga in Cyber Formula SIN.

The brackets after the teams and cars are their active seasons, including official settings other than game variations.

Main characters[edit]

Hayato Kazami[edit]

Hayato Kazami (風見 ハヤト Kazami Hayato?) is the main character in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula other than Cyber Formula SIN.

Hayato was introduced to the world of Cyber Formula when by accident he became the registered driver of the Cyber Formula car Asurada, designed by his father while he recovered it from the hands of mercenaries. The Cyber System registers a unique user for the vehicle at the time of activation and the it would take a week to reformat the vehicle for another driver. This was not an option as the race was to be held much sooner. This forces the Sugo Grand Prix team to go with Hayato as the driver for the license race over the team's driver at the time, Akira Hiyoshi. After earning his license to compete in the Cyber Grand Prix, Kazami becomes the youngest driver to ever compete in the Grand Prix, at the time.

His first season was successful, being the youngest driver to seize the World Championship title in his debut year by three wins and six podiums, including the stunning victory in Japan, overcoming the disadvantage of switching cars from Asurada GSX to Super Asurada 01 and stumbling at the beginning of the Grand Prix due to overconfidence and near-lack of racing skills. He and his team struggled in the following season's opener due to the high speed of development of other constructors. However, the development of Super Asurada AKF-11 and his driving skill would still prove strong against other opponents, especially Knight Schumacher (Osamu Sugo). He nearly abandoned the chance of becoming World Champion by requesting Osamu, who attempts to retire the race (due to an eye condition) to return to the track in final round. However, it turned out that all the leading drivers are throwing away their lead and race against them, Hayato barely beat Osamu, Shinjyo and Randoll in the final corner, winning the race and secured his second World Champion title.

He started off well in 2017 following his second World Champion title, setting up a pole-to-win record in first four races, and likely to become the first person to have three World Championship titles. However, his discovery of "Zero-Realm" ability in the fifth race in England leads him to the serious accident, which not only ends his season but sends him to a near-fatal condition. Even in terms of points, he still ranked third (where Naoki Shinjyo was crowned World Champion). He would not be able to return the circuit until the fifth race in the 2018 season, but he would not overcome his ghost until the sixth race, where he would also make-use of the "Zero-Realm" to win the race. He successfully holds off Bleed Kaga to lead Sugo's Henri Claytor to get his first World Championship title, while he finished fourth in overall ranking.

The aging of Super Asurada AKF-11 and development of other teams made him lose the title race again in 2019 season, and he abandoned his partner Asurada and driving Garland SF-03 at the beginning of 2020 season instead. However, the unsatisfactory result of such combinations would lead Kazami to return to Asurada, with a powered-up chassis v-Asurada AKF-0. The change proved to be a success by winning the 6 out of the 7 remaining races in the season, and was crowned the historical first third World Champion (following Aoi's disqualification of doping and cheating in the race that season).

The 2021 season would set his record champion points 76 (6 wins out of 12) after the reform of the Race Calendar and points and getting his 4th World Champion title. He loses lots of advantage in the title race in 2022 season by retiring 5 out of first 8 races due to transmission problem (through he still won the remaining three), although he would able to recover the deficit in 11th race. The final-corner overtaking by Bleed Kaga (on OGRE AN-21) in round 12 would declare his failure of his title-defense with only 2 points.

Asuka Sugō[edit]

  • Voice actor: Kotono Mitsuishi
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: March 14, 1999
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Teams: Sugo Asurada (2015–2017), Sugo Winners (2018–2019), Sugo Grand Prix (2020–2021), Sugo GIO Grand Prix (2022–)

Asuka Sugō (菅生 あすか Sugō Asuka?) is the main heroine in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula.

Sugo's team staff mainly in charge of communication of the team, but also takes the management role when the manager is out. She is the younger sister of Osamu Sugo and the daughter of Kojiro Sugo. She is also the childhood friend and fiancée of Hayato Kazami. When Karl Lichter von Randoll entered Cyber Formula racing, he saw Asuka and fell in love with her.

Asuka and Hayato had an engagement in the Zero OVA, but because of Hayato's betrayal of his promise to not race anymore, she threw the engagement ring back at him. In the end, she forgave him for what he has done and studied abroad at Columbia University to become a doctor to protect Hayato as well as all those other people who are racing.

Originally, Asuka fully backed up Hayato in the TV series and the Double One OVA, but since the accident met by Hayato in the opening of Zero, she feels more uncomfortable throughout his participation of Cyber Formula. Although she trusts him and his actions in the race, she could never feel peace; especially when he was versing Phill (Al-Zard NP-1) and Kaga (Orge AN-21), which was created by Nagumo and his brother. In the Double One OVA, she is also worried about her brother, driving as Knight Schumacher, who had his eye condition worsened due to an accident in the past.

Throughout the OVAs, it is shown that Hayato and Asuka has many instances slept together; most notably when they were sleeping naked in episode 4 of the SIN OVA. This is also shown, through the fact that she is willing to wear a bath robe after taking a shower in front of him. However, in one episode of the TV series, she beats him away when he accidentally saw her wearing a towel after taking a shower.

At the end of the SIN OVA, it is shown that Hayato and Asuka were getting married in which all the acquaintances from the Cyber Formula world has appeared in the background to celebrate the wedding.


The computer navigation system created by Hiroyuki Kazami, Hayato's father, is the most advanced system in the world of Cyber Formula, said to be able to analyse emotions and continue to evolve. It was designed as opposite to the Ogre Cyber System developed in 2019.

Once Asurada was finished, Smith from Missing Link, where Hiroyuki Kazami worked in, tried to obtain this system even to create weapons of mass destruction. But Hayato Kazami has registered himself as the only driver of Asurada in order to flee the system from Smith's men. However, as it has a unique security feature of it, Asurada only responds to the first person contacting with it and no additional driver can be added. And Hayato has to replace Akira Hiyoshi as the driver of Sugo to participate in the Fujioka preliminaries.

The system's biggest drawback is its unique security feature. Although additional persons can be added in communication purpose, driving orders must be taken by the driver himself and cannot be changed. Akira Hiyoshi, original driver of Asurada GSX, could not drive the car and leaves the team afterwards. When Hayato suffered a serious accident in the 2017 season, the Sugo team cannot find any driver to replace him with, and directly leads to the development of non-Asurada operated Garland SF-01.

On many occasions, Asurada has been abandoned by Hayato, but every time they meet again, Asurada forgives him and swears that they'll forever be partners. Asurada is still proved superior even has been used for 7 years. In 2021 and 2022 season its chassis, v-Asurada AKF-0 would still get an overall first and second places, respectively.

Naoki Shinjyo[edit]

  • Voice actor: Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: October 28, 1998
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Teams: Aoi Formula (2015–2019), Union Savior (2020–2022), Aoi ZIP Formula (2023–)
  • Notable entrants: Superion GT (2015), Fire Superion G.T.R. (2015), Fire Superion GTO-15B (2016), Ex-Superion Z/A-8 (2016–2019), Issuxark 00-X3 (2020–2022), Ex-Zard Z/A-11 (2023–)

Naoki Shinjyo (新条 直輝 Shinjyo Naoki?) is a supporting character in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula.

Naoki Shinjyo is a highly successful two-time European F3 Champion before making the switch to Cyber Formula racing after being scouted by Aoi Formula boss, Kyoko Aoi. After passing the Japanese qualifying rounds he makes his debut in America during the 2015 season with high hopes for both him and his team.

He starts his season well in podiums early in his second race, and he would win in the fourth round. However, when Sugo reveals the newest Super Asurada 01, his pride towards himself would make him struggle after an engine blowout in that round. He continues to struggle after Hayato and Union Savior's youngster Karl Richter von Randoll both defeats him and suffered a second retirement despite having the new Fire Superion. His slump was further deepened when Aoi Formula was demoted to the 2nd team while the original team manager Kyoko Aoi sets up the "Aoi ZIP Formula" in the 7th round. However, he bounced back after Miki Jounouchi blamed him for having no respect to mechanics and his attitude towards his poor driving skills. He finished 5th, 3rd and 1st in the following three races. He would finish in second place in overall that year, only barely losing to Hayato in the very final moment in Japan Round.

In the 2016 season, he starts off well with the upgraded Fire Superion GTO-15B until the introduction of Knight Schumacher to Aoi, but he would still be finished in second overall again, although he was throwing away his lead along with the other leading drivers in order to establish the final duel with Knight Schumacher, making Hayato the final winner of the race.

He was crowned the World Champion title in 2017 as the aftermath of the exit of two main rivals Hayato and Randoll due to an accident in the British Grand Prix. However, he struggled in the start of 2018 season and almost was fired by Aoi, only a race with Kaga's assistance and his accidental discovery of "Zero-Realm" made him win the Asian Grand Prix and saved him from being fired. At the end of the season, Miki Jounouchi, who developed a romantic relationship with Naoki, transferred to Aoi to be the chief mechanic of Aoi and the partner of him.

He was dismissed by the Aoi team after losing a large margin to the Al-Zard NP-1 in a test session before the opener of the 2020 season. He would be spending most of the remaining season in NASCAR with Miki. By Randoll's idea, they disguised like former teammate Knight Schumacher and joined Union Savior in the 11th race that season as a "special driver". Although their identity was blown off by Hayato and Asuka in front of public and would had to drive with his real name, he would take revenge on Fritz, beating him and finished 1–2 with Randoll. He and Miki would be staying the 2021 and 2022 season in Union Savior until 2023, when Bleed Kaga, the only driver of Aoi ZIP Formula retired. The two returned to Aoi, partnered with Seiichirou Shiba, former test driver of Sugo Winners.

Jōtarō Kaga/Bleed Kaga[edit]

  • Voice actor: Toshihiko Seki
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: April 1, 1996
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Teams: Aoi ZIP Formula (2015, 2018–2020, 2022)
  • Notable entrants: Stealth Jaguar Z-7 (2015), Ex-Superion Z/A-8 (2018–2019), Al-Zard NP-1(2020), Ex-Superion Z/A-10 (2022), Ogre AN-21 (2022)

Bleed Kaga (ブリード 加賀 Burīdo Kaga?) is a supporting character in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula, and the leading character in Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN. His real name is Jōtarō Kaga (加賀 城太郎 Kaga Jōtarō?).

Bleed Kaga was a former 'Crash Racer' racing on the fringes of recognized professional racing. These racing often dangerous and resulting in death gave him a plethora of skills he passed on to then rookie driver Hayato Kazami when they met on the highways of Japan. They quickly became friends which was complicated when Bleed, always chasing the big money, made the jump to the new Aoi ZIP Formula team formed when his "Proto Jaguar" (A modified Cyber-wheel made by Aoi) was totaled in the Fireball race and Aoi began to lose confidence in their rising star Naoki Shinjyo. Bleed and Hayato would first be friends then rivals as their goals in racing began to clash. Unlike the major drivers, who obtained their Super Licenses through official races, his Super License was obtained directly through unknown means, which raised many controversies before he finished in a close 2nd place in his debut.

In the TV series' beginning, he was known for chasing for rewards all over the world in field races, even he started to participate in Cyber Formula. However, in the final race in 2015 season. When Kyoko Aoi offered a reward to hold back Shinjyo chasing for the World Champion title, he refused her offer and removed himself from the race in purpose instead, allowing the 3 only possible candidates Shinjyo, Hayato, and Randoll to battle for the Champion title freely.

He did not participate Cyber Formula in 2016 and 2017 season. But he participates in Indy and won 2 consecutive Champion titles. At that time, he assisted Hayato in different means, including being a voluntary test driver of Sugo. He would fully be involved in Cyber Formula series since the 2018 season, recognizing Hayato as his real rival. He was very close to the title that year but he only got 2nd place overall when Hayato beat him in a small distance and Henri Claytor scored in Japan Round. He was still in the top ranks in 2019 and 2020, even after he and his team was disqualified in 2020 season by team's reason.

He remained as the only Aoi ZIP Formula driver in 2022. As the negative image of the Al-Zard incident in 2020 season, Aoi was reluctant to Cyber Formula and only supplied him with the Ex-Superion Z/A-10, the car originally planned to use in 2020. He humiliatingly lost to Hayato (through still finished in points) in first round however, Kyōshirō Nagumo had given him the prototype of Al-Zard, the Ogre AN-21 before race 3. Although he was struggling with the car's specialized Cyber System with previously caused numbers of deaths. He overcomes it and would go to the top of the table while Hayato's v-Asurada AKF-0/G suffered a number of mechanical failures, although he point was leveled by Hayato in the end of season. He managed to beat Hayato, once and for all, in the last-minute thriller in Japan GP, giving him the World Champion title. He retired from Cyber Formula after that and end the rivalry between him and Hayato.

Like Hayato, he proceeded the "Zero-Realm" ability which can predict the opponent's movement in a very early stage, however, upon his discovery of the "Zero-Realm", he would be involved to an accident with his best friend Eiji Aizawa, killing him. He bears the grief as the reason of his death until he found Hayato, which he found similarities towards Eiji. Kaga would call Hayato as the "lifetime rival" until he beats him in 2022. As the opener of 2023 season, he was seen visiting the grave of Eiji. Due to his field race background, he also proceed some offensive skills which can damage his opponents' cars, through he avoids to use them unless in extreme situations.

Karl Lichter von Randoll[edit]

  • Voice Actor: Youko Matsuoka
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: July 7, 2001
  • Nationality: Austria
  • Teams: Union Savior (2015–2017,2019– (as 'Prinz Rosencreuz in 2018), manager and driver since 2019)
  • Notable entrants: Issuxark 007 (2015), Issuxark 007 (2016–17), Issuxark 00-X1 (2018–19), Issuxark 00-X3 (2020–)

Karl Lichter von Randoll (カール・リヒター・フォン・ランドル Kāru Rihitā fon Randoru?) is a supporting character in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula.

Karl Lichter von Randoll is the eldest child of one of the most prominent families in his native Austria. From an incredibly wealthy background, he excelled at all sports and endeavors until he took the challenge of Cyber Formula while chasing Asuka Sugo. Accepting the offer of Union Savior, Randoll officially succeeded Knight Schumacher's championship points and he starts his career. Nicknamed the 'Amadeus of the Circuit' or simply 'Genius' he wins his debut race humiliating Naoki Shinjyo in the process and establishes himself as a contender for the 2015 title. An early rival to Hayato Kazami and a spoiled brat, he finds a purpose in his life through Cyber Formula and forms real lasting friendships.

He continues his Cyber Formula participation in 2016, starts extremely well in the beginning of season, but he struggled after the humiliation from Knight Schumacher, although he recovered in the final race in Japan, his failure of winning the race (but a close 2nd place) only gave him an overall 4th. He was involved in the serious collision with Hayato Kazami in the British Grandprix in 2017, which left him a scar on his face and was forced to leave the industry due to both of his parents' disapproval. However, after witnessing Hayato Kazami's return to Cyber Formula, Randoll determines to do the same and privately takes over Union Savior's ownership with his money, becoming a new owner. As an owner, Randoll takes innovative approach to redesign his racing car mostly by importing competitors' chassis mechanism, such as rolling cockpit mechanism (but not the whole cockpit, as he dislikes its driving method) and linear wheel from Sturozech Project, and six-wheel drive from Sugo (while supplied them with their engine). In the final Grand Prix in 2018, Randoll joins the Cyber Formula through pre-qualify procedure, using "Prinz Rosencreuz" as his alias along with a mask which reminds of Knight Schumacher. Randoll retired from the race and his real identity was blown off in front of his parents, yet he was given a chance to continue his career once again. He returned as Randoll since 2018, being both owner as well as driver of Union Savior. He also invited an unknown driver (later realized as Naoki Shinjyo, returning from Indy) to partner with him in 2020 season. After Shinjyo leaves to return to Aoi ZIP Formula in 2023, Randoll himself hires a female driver, Sera Gellagher.

He is usually having tea breaks inside pits or on pit lanes, even in the middle of the races.

Osamu Sugō / Knight Shoemach[edit]

  • Voice Actor: Show Hayami
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: August 9, 1994
  • Nationality: Japan / England
  • Teams: Union Savior (2015), Aoi ZIP Formula (2016), Sugo Asurada/Winners/Grand Prix/GIO Grand Prix (as owner/test driver, 2017–)
  • Notable entrants: Knight Saber 005 (2015), Ex-Superion Z/A-8 (2016), Garland SF-3 (Test drive only)

Osamu Sugō (菅生 修 Sugō Osamu?) is a supporting character in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula.

The son of Sugo Corp's president Kojiro Sugo and the long lost brother of Asuka who leaves his house after an argument with his father due to his belief that the Cyber System isn't needed in the racing world. He went to England, joined the Missing Link F-1 team, and became a rival of Edelhi Bootsvorz. However, he accepted the concept of the Cyber System after he became the test driver of the prototype of the Asurada Cyber System. He quits the team sometime later after he knew of Smith's ambition to take the wrong use of his father's childhood friend's creation, the Asurada Super Neuro Computer, for his own gain. He disguises himself as Knight Shoemach, and participated in the 10th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix as a driver of Union Savior to keep an eye on Hiroyuki Kazami's son, Hayato, who is now driving a machine with the aforementioned Cyber System, as well as Smith and his men. He retires in the 4th race due to Smith, who has attacked him while he's on a race duel with Bootsvorz. Osamu returns to his F-1 career after the debut of the Super Asurada 01.

In Double-One, he returns for the 11th Cyber GPX as the driver of Aoi ZIP Formula, and winning the race with the Ex-Superion Z/A-8. Despite him quickly becoming a favorite to win the championship, his eye problems due to the incident with Smith resurfaced and has worsened in the series. Through he still leads in points in the end of the season, his eyes nearly turned blind in the final race, in which he would finish the final 3 laps solely with the navigation voices of the Cyber System. He finished fourth in that race and retired from Cyber Formula after that race.

Osamu becomes an owner of Sugo and took over the manager role in the 2016 season. In SAGA, he underwent another operation, this time to correct the eye problem he has since Double-One, although it was not sufficient for him returning in races but would still be essential in the test driver role.

The alias "Knight Shoemach" was named after Michael Schumacher, who was driving in Formula 3 when the TV series was in production. But due to his early debut in Formula 1 while the TV series was airing, in the 2 final episodes he was seen wearing uniforms and sitting in a garage, both in the Camel-colour, which mocks the Benetton Formula team, whom Schumacher raced for that season.

Other Racers[edit]

Jackie Gudelhian[edit]

  • Voice actor: Bin Shimada
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: May 1, 1995
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Teams: Star Stampede (2012–2015), Sturozech Project (2016–2017), Stormzender (2018–)
  • Notable Entrants: Stampede RS (2015), Stil HG (2016–2021), Spiegel HP-022 (2022–)

An American and ladies man, Gudelhian always wears a cowboy hat. He has an intense rivalry with Franz Heinel, and the two frequently fight. However by the time of the 11 OVA he and Heinel have formed Sturozech Project together.

Franz Heinel[edit]

  • Voice actor: Ryōtarō Okiayu
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: December 23, 1994
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Teams: Unknown team (2011–2014), S·G·M (2015), Sturozech Project (2016–2021), Sturobrahms (2022–, as owner and mechanical designer)
  • Notable entrants: Silent Screamer β(2015), Stil HG (2016–2021)

Hailing from Germany, Heinel is an intensely serious man who rarely smiles. He has a rivalry with Jackie Gudelhian, and the two fight frequently. Gudelhian is able to easily break Franz's calm demeanor and send him into a blind rage. By the time of the 11 OVA Heinel and Gudelhian have formed Sturozech Project together.

Edelhi Bootsvorz[edit]

  • Voice actor: Naoki Tatsuta
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: August 8, 1993
  • Nationality: Russia
  • Teams: Missing Link (2015–2022), Sugo GIO Grand Prix (2023–)
  • Notable entrants: Missioner VR-4 (2015), Neo Missioner VR-40 (2015), Missioner VR-50/1(2016), Strat Missioner MS-1(2017–2019), Strat Missioner MS-3/B (2020-2022), Garland SF-03/G (2023–)

Edelhi Bootsvorz is a former Formula one racer of Missing Link (and teammate of Osamu Sugō). However, he was seriously injured during an F1 test and lost his left arm and left eye. By the assistance of Smith, he was given a mechanical eye and arm to continue his racing career, however he has to, in return, take out the Asurada GSX in order to obtain the Asurada Cyber System.

He quickly lost his trust by Smith as he failed in all his three attempts in Japan, Peru and Brazil, though it was mainly not his fault. He later left Smith after realizing his act after the race between him and Osamu but continues to participate in Cyber Formula as a Missing Link driver. Despite having lesser performance in Missing Link's car (like using cars not dedicated for the motorsport), his performance is steady and often finished with points. He gets his first win in 2017. In 2020, he had an operation again to replace his original mechanical arm and eye to a more advanced one, making him looking more like a normal human. He was frustrated with his teammate Leon Earnhardt by his frequent collisions which takes out other team, even he defends Earnhardt in front of other teams' complaints.

He was being traded to the Sugo GIO Grand Prix with Henri Claytor after the 2022 season. Although he looked older and has the second longest career in current drivers (which Gudelhian has the longest), he was only 29 years old in the end of 2023 season, and he targets himself to continue in the series even if he reaches 40.

Pitalia Lope[edit]

  • Voice actor: Tomomichi Nishimura
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO
  • DOB: April 7, 1985
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Teams: ZIP Racing (2008), KOH-I-NOOR Formula (2009-2011), A.G.S (2012-2015), A.G.S (2016–, as owner)
  • Notable entrants: Condor B-12 (2012), El Condor B-14 (2014), El Condor B-15 (2015)

As being the 7th and 9th Grand Prix winner, Lope was a favorite in the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix. He finished 2nd and 1st place in the first 2 rounds, making him as the title favorite especially after Knight Schumacher retires from the series in race 4. However, his advantages was gone due to the fast pace of the car development by Sugo, Aoi and Union Savior. Even if he still have a slim chance being the World Champion (by winning the race and neither point leaders Randoll, Shinjyo and Hayato finished with points) in Japan race, his car crashed out in the final 25% of the race while battling the 3rd place with Kaga, ending his hope of defending Champion. He retired as a racer after that race.

He assisted Akira Hiyoshi who leaves the Sugo team to get the Super License and racing with Hayato. After his retirement as driver, he invited Hiyoshi to his team, replacing himself as a driver.

Henri Claytor[edit]

  • Voice actor: Hiro Yūki
  • Anime appearance: ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: June 6, 2003
  • Nationality: France
  • Teams: Theodolite T.T (2017), Sugo Grand Prix/GIO (2018–2022), Missing Link (2023–)
  • Notable entrants: Corundum 50P(2017), Garland SF-01/SF-02(2018–2019), Garland SF-03 (2020–2021), Garland SF-03/G (2022), Strat Missioner MS-1(MS-3/B) (2023–)

Henri was introduced in the ZERO OVA, joining the Sugo team to replace Hayato after the champion suffered a bad crash and retired from racing. Henri has an intense hatred of Hayato and on more than one occasion has concocted false stories to make others think less of Hayato. By the end of ZERO Henri becomes champion and overcomes his hatred of Hayato.

Phill Fritz[edit]

  • Voice actor: Atsushi Kisaichi
  • Anime Appearance: SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: February 14, 2001
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Teams: AOI ZIP Formula (2020), AOI ZIP Formula (2022, as team staff)
  • Notable entrants: Al-Zard NP-1 (2020)

Phill Fritz is one of the secondary characters in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula Saga, also as the main rival of Saga. As the Aoi team only able to get one World Champion (by main rivals forced to quit series due to accident) under Kyoko Aoi's lead, Kyōshirō Nagumo, the development unit's head from Aoi Automobile, has been asked to take over the Aoi team. Before his participation of Cyber Formula, he was only an ordinary driver in NASCAR without any impressive results. However, he was being invited by Nagumo to the Aoi ZIP Formula to drive the Al-Zard NP-1, a new vehicle developed by the development unit under Nagumo. He easily beats World Champion Naoki Shinjyo (and Bleed Kaga) and took over Shinjyo's place in 2020's Aoi team lineup. He would then go on a receive a pole-to-win in his debut race in America, which only previously accomplished by two Union Savior drivers (Knight Schumacher and K.L.V. Randoll) before. Except retiring in race 4 for "mechanical" reasons, he would win the other 3 races between Race 2 to Race 5.

His performance, compared to his NASCAR experience, raised suspicions by Kyoko Aoi, and she later discovered Fritz's car's Cyber System was using a Bio-computer that can make their own judgment and decide the best route by the system, and controls Fritz in the race like a puppet. To overcome these syndromes, a medicine named Alpha-Nero is needed to suppress the response to the high speed. The side-effects however, is very heavy and a larger dose is needed for each time. Both items are considered illegal in the series. After rival constructor Sugo finished the development of v-Asurada AKF-0 in Race 6 that season, Fritz quickly loses his points advantage to a deficit towards Hayato. He started having doubts to himself about the reasons in racing. In the middle on Race 11 in Japan, Nagumo took full control over Al-Zard and tried to kill Hayato in the race, but Fritz (having a change of heart) betrayed Nagumo and destroys the connection between the Cyber System and him and took over control of the car, however a serious accident occurred afterwards due to suspension failure, injured him and the race was red-flagged. He was disqualified from the series and he retired as a Cyber Formula driver after Kyoko Aoi revealed the scenes behind Al-Zard.

In 2022, he returned to Aoi and being one of the main mechanics of the Aoi team, assisting Bleed Kaga.

Leon Earnhardt[edit]

  • Voice Actor: Nobutoshi Canna
  • Anime appearance: SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: May 18, 2001
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Teams: Missing Link (2020–)
  • Notable entrants: Strat Missioner MS-1(MS-3/B) (2020–)

Leon Earnhardt(レオンアーンハート) is one of the secondary characters in the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula. This Spanish racer leaves the NASCAR community to join the Cyber Formula World Grandprix and makes his debut in 2020 as a Missing Link driver. Despite the successful years in NASCAR, Leon spends his first year in the CF disgracefully as he retires during the race 10 times consecutively often by colliding with his competitors. However, at the end of the season, he proves his racing skills by achieving championship points.

The last name 'Earnhardt' is dedicated to the famous NASCAR racer in 1990-2000's, Dale Earnhardt Sr..

Johji Ohtomo[edit]

  • Voice actor: Kousuke Tomita
  • Teams: D.D.T.Albatross (2015)
  • DOB: January 1, 1997
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Anime appearance: TV series, 11
  • Notable Entrants: Albatrander 602 (2015)

Appeared only in TV series and 11 (and the opening sequence in Zero). Before his participation in the Cyber Formula Championship, he has already set-up the most winning record in JCM Off Road Championship. In the 2015 Japan Grand Prix held in his homeland of Hokkaido, he correctly forecasts the weather change, which cannot be predicted by Cyber Systems, helped him to advance to the World Grand Prix in his 3rd year in Cyber Formula. He took the full advantage of the predicted rain and finished the race only behind Naoki Shinjyo. He also hinted Hayato for that information which also made him promote to World Grand Prix by finishing behind him.

Although he showed good ability in off-road racing because of his rallying background and scored some points, he was unable to deal with huge amount of data from the Cyber System, but rely on his own. He was heavily injured in the 9th Race in Germany in 2015 season caused indirectly by the collision between him and Hayato. Although his life is spared, he was unable to participate in Cyber Formula again and has to withdrawn from the series. While rally events was abolished in the 2016 season, he returned to Rallying after 2016.

He is a close friend with Kazami and Shinjyo.

Akira Hiyoshi[edit]

  • Voice actor: Bin Shimada
  • Anime Appearance: TV series, 11, ZERO, SAGA, SIN
  • DOB: August 21, 1997
  • Nationality: Japan(1997−)
  • Teams: Sugo Asurada (2014, quit before 2015 season), KOH-I-NOOR Formula (2015, 2020–), A.G.S. (2016–2019)
  • Notable entrants: Counterarrow T.O.S (2015), El Condor(2016–2019), Counterarrow T.O.S.X-R (2020–)

Akira Hiyoshi the secondary character of the Future GPX Cyber Formula series. Hiyoshi was first introduced as a driver of Sugo Asurada, and originally intended to be a driver of Asurada GSX right before the Fujioka race in 2015. However, as Hayato Kazami was registered as the exclusive driver of Asurada and his participation became impossible, Hiyoshi burst with rage and left his racing team. During his stay in Brazil, Hiyoshi learns that Hayato obtained the Super License to join the World Grand Prix, and is disheartened. However, he was able to return to the track, thanks to the advices and encouragements of Pitalia Lope. Hiyoshi naturalizes himself as a Brazilian[1] and joins KOH-I-NOOR Formula to begin his challenge to the Super License, with Lope as his mentor. He successfully receives the license and makes his debut in the World Grand Prix held in Brazil, 2015, where he ranks 2nd place. After the race, Hiyoshi gave his thanks to Hayato for the motivation.

Hiyoshi has continued his career in the World Grand Prix since 2015. However, the notable performances in his career besides his debut race are yet to be found.

Seiichirou Shiba[edit]

  • Voice actor: Akira Ishida (Road to the Infinity series only)
  • Anime appearance: SIN (Extra Endings only)
  • DOB: Unknown
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Teams: Sugo Winners (2020–?, as test driver), Aoi ZIP Formula (2023–)
  • Notable entrants: v-Asurada AKF-0/1B Nemesis (2021 Extreme Speed), Al-Zard NP-2 (2023), Ex-Zard Z/A-11 (2023–)

Seiichirou Shiba is the main character in the PlayStation Game Cyber Formula: The New Challenger. However, he appeared in the extra endings of Cyber Formula SIN.

In the end of 2015, he saw Hayato's first World Champion in Fujioka, Japan, and he has decided to become a CF driver like Hayato. He would enter the Cyber Formula series in 2020, being a test driver of Sugo Winners, the secondary team of Sugo Grand Prix. And he was assigned with v-Asurada AKF-0/1B, sharing the same chassis with Hayato's v-Asurada AKF-0 but using a different Cyber System called "Nemesis".

In 2021, as a part of an image recovery campaign in Cyber Formula due to the Al-Zard scandal, "Extreme Speed", a special event participated by major Cyber Formula drivers, was held. He was selected as the special entrant of Sugo and participated the series with Hayato and Claytor. He proved his skill by beating all the major drivers including Hayato, winning the "Extreme Speed" title.

Although his result was extremely impressive in the preseason event, he did not participate in official Cyber Formula races in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. As the 2022 season ends with most of the Aoi ZIP Formula's original staff leaving the team for personal reasons, he jumped to Aoi with returning Aoi driver Naoki Shinjyo, both driving Al-Zard NP-2 (and later Ex-Zard ZA/11).

In the original New Challenger game and the SIN animation he has no voice actor, but since the second game of the Road to the Infinity series, he is voiced by Akira Ishida.

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  1. ^ Note : The Future GPX Cyber Formula OVA series state Akira Hiyoshi's nationality as JPN.