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The following is a list of television stations that are affiliated with GMA News TV.[1]

Terrestrial regional television stations[edit]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Power kW (ERP) Location (Transmitter Site)
GMA News TV 11 Manila DZOE-TV TV-11 Originating 100 kW (829.8 kW ERP) Metro Manila
GMA News TV 27 Laoag DZLS-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Laoag
GMA News TV 40 Ilocos Sur DWIS-TV TV-40 Relay 10 kW Bantay, Ilocos Sur
GMA News TV 27 Abra* DWGN-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Bangued, Abra
GMA News TV 22 Baguio DWRA-TV TV-22 Relay 1 kW Baguio
GMA News TV 38 Dagupan DWNT-TV TV-38 Relay 10 kW Dagupan
GMA News TV 32 Mountain Province* DZUZ-TV TV-32 Relay 1 kW Mt. Amuyao, Mt. Province
GMA News TV 27 Tuguegarao DWWQ-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Tuguegarao
GMA News TV 26 Aparri DWQA-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Aparri, Cagayan
GMA News TV 27 Isabela* DWGY-TV TV-27 Relay 5 kW Santiago, Isabela
GMA News TV 26 Olongapo DWOO-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Olongapo
GMA News TV 28 Tarlac DWCA-TV TV-28 Relay 1 kW Tarlac City, Tarlac
GMA News TV 26 Batangas DWGS-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW (11 kW ERP) Batangas
GMA News TV 26 Lucena* DWQL-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Lucena
GMA News TV 26 Occidental Mindoro DWOC-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW (12 kW ERP) San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
GMA News TV 27 Puerto Princesa DYRG-TV TV-27 Relay 10 kW Puerto Princesa
GMA News TV 28 Naga DWNJ-TV TV-28 Relay 10 kW (120 kW ERP) Naga
GMA News TV 27 Legazpi DWFW-TV TV-27 Relay 10 kW (120 kW ERP) Legazpi
GMA News TV 27 Masbate DYEX-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Mobo, Masbate
GMA News TV 27 Kalibo DYRU-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Kalibo, Aklan
GMA News TV 27 Roxas DYXZ-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Roxas
GMA News TV 28 Iloilo DYMK-TV TV-28 Relay 10 kW (120 kW ERP) Iloilo
GMA News TV 48 Bacolod DYEN-TV TV-48 Relay 1 kW Bacolod
GMA News TV 28 Dumaguete DYRF-TV TV-28 Relay 10 kW (258.44 kW ERP) Dumaguete
GMA News TV 27 Cebu DYLS-TV TV-27 Originating 10 kW (113.4 kW ERP) Cebu
GMA News TV 26 Tacloban DYOU-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Tacloban
GMA News TV 26 Borongan* DYSR-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Borongan
GMA News TV 21 Zamboanga DXZX-TV TV-21 Relay 10 kW (120 kW ERP) Zamboanga
GMA News TV 26 Dipolog DXDG-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW (11 kW ERP) Dipolog
GMA News TV 26 Pagadian DXPG-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW (11 kW ERP) Pagadian
GMA News TV 30 Iligan* DXIG-TV TV-30 Relay 1 kW Iligan
GMA News TV 43 Cagayan de Oro DXXL-TV TV-43 Relay 5 kW Cagayan de Oro
GMA News TV 22 Ozamiz DXOG-TV TV-22 Relay 1 kW Ozamiz
GMA News TV 27 Davao DXRA-TV TV-27 Originating 10 kW (113.4 kW ERP) Davao
GMA News TV 26 General Santos DXGS-TV TV-26 Relay 5 kW General Santos
GMA News TV 27 Agusan del Sur* DXOB-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW San Francisco, Agusan del Sur
GMA News TV 27 Cotabato DXCQ-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW (11 kW ERP) Cotabato
GMA News TV 27 Surigao DXSG-TV TV-27 Relay 1 kW Surigao
GMA News TV 26 Jolo DXJX-TV TV-26 Relay 1 kW Jolo, Sulu

(*) Off air.

GMA News TV is also available on a must-carry basis on all cable TV operators nationwide.

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