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This is a list of applications that use GTK+ and/or Clutter for their GUI widgets. Such applications blend well with desktop environments that are GTK+-based as well, such as GNOME, Cinnamon, LXDE, MATE, Pantheon, Sugar, Xfce or ROX Desktop.

In contrast to Qt, GTK+ relies on additional libraries, such as GLib, Cairo, Pango, or GStreamer. There are no unnecessary abstraction layers and occurring problems are solved at the root, not somewhere above the abstraction layer. In addition, there are language bindings for GTK+.

Official GNOME applications[edit]

The GNOME Project, i.e. all the people involved with the development of the GNOME desktop environment, is the biggest contributor to GTK+, and the GNOME Core Applications as well as the GNOME Games employ the newest GUI widgets from the cutting-edge version of GTK+ and demonstrates their capabilities. The following table lists applications supplied as part of a GNOME release:[1]

"Official" GNOME applications can be found

  1. in the GNOME Wiki at
  2. in the navigation bar {{GNOME}}
  3. somewhere under the Category:GNOME

there should be no good reason to create another list or amalgamation of "GNOME software", this page comprises GTK+ software and arranges it by its scope.

Shells, user interfaces, application launchers[edit]

Education software[edit]

  • Tux Typing – typing tutor for children
  • DrGeo – geometry software
  • GCompris – educational entertainment for children (legacy version only)

Utility software[edit]

Operating system administration[edit]

End-user utilities[edit]


Abstract strategy games[edit]

Puzzle games[edit]


Graphics editors[edit]

Image viewers[edit]

Internet software[edit]

Web browsers[edit]

  • Web – default GNOME web-browser
  • Midori – default Xfce web-browser
  • Uzbl – minimalist web-browser
  • xombrero – minimalist web-browser

Email clients[edit]

Software for inter-person communication[edit]

  • Empathy – instant-messaging client, VoIP and videoconferencing
  • Emesene – Instant messenger
  • Pidgin – Instant messenger
  • Smuxi – User-friendly IRC Client
  • XChat – IRC client
  • Gajim – Instant messenger

File sharing[edit]

Office software[edit]

Tools for programming and development[edit]

Optical disc software[edit]

Optical disc authoring software[edit]

Optical disc ripping software[edit]

  • Grip – CD ripper and player
  • Thoggen – DVD backup utility



  • GCfilms – Movies collection manager

Video players[edit]

Video editors[edit]

Tablet applications[edit]

  • Xournal – Pen notetaking application
  • Jarnal – Pen notetaking application

Science software[edit]


Despite the immense popularity of Qt, there continues to be science software using the GUI widgets of version 2 of GTK+ toolkit. Whether this is going to remain that way, or whether the software will be ported to some current version of GTK+ (maybe GTK+ 4) remains to be seen.

  • Ghemical – computational chemistry software package
  • Chemtool – for drawing chemical structural formulas


  • gdevilspie – creates and manages Devil's Pie rules; Devil's Pie finds windows as they are created and perform actions on them, such as resizing, moving to another workspace, or pinning them to all workspaces
  • Devilspie2 – uses Lua scripts
  • Beagle – search tool
  • GrampsGenealogy software

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