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This is a list of notable applications that use GTK+ and/or Clutter for their GUI widgets. Such applications blend well with desktop environments that are GTK+-based as well, such as GNOME, Cinnamon, LXDE, MATE, Pantheon, Sugar, Xfce or ROX Desktop.

Official GNOME applications[edit]

The GNOME Project, i.e. all the people involved with the development of the GNOME desktop environment, is the biggest contributor to GTK+, and the GNOME Core Applications as well as the GNOME Games employ the newest GUI widgets from the cutting-edge version of GTK+ and demonstrates their capabilities.

Shells, user interfaces, application launchers[edit]

Education software[edit]

  • Tux Typing – typing tutor for children
  • DrGeo – geometry software
  • GCompris – educational entertainment for children (legacy version only)

Utility software[edit]

Operating system administration[edit]

End-user utilities[edit]


Abstract strategy games[edit]

Puzzle games[edit]


Graphics editors[edit]

Image viewers[edit]

Internet software[edit]

Web browsers[edit]

  • Web – default GNOME web-browser
  • Midori – default Xfce web-browser
  • Uzbl – minimalist web-browser
  • xombrero – minimalist web-browser

Email clients[edit]

Software for inter-person communication[edit]

  • Empathy – instant-messaging client, VoIP and videoconferencing
  • Emesene – Instant messenger
  • Pidgin – Instant messenger
  • Smuxi – User-friendly IRC Client
  • XChat – IRC client
  • Gajim – Instant messenger

File sharing[edit]

Office software[edit]

Tools for programming and development[edit]

Optical disc software[edit]

Optical disc authoring software[edit]

Optical disc ripping software[edit]

  • Grip – CD ripper and player
  • Thoggen – DVD backup utility



  • GCfilms – Film collection manager

Video players[edit]

Video editors[edit]

Science software[edit]


Despite the immense popularity of Qt, there continues to be science software using the GUI widgets of version 2 of GTK+ toolkit. Whether this is going to remain that way, or whether the software will be ported to some current version of GTK+ (maybe GTK+ 4) remains to be seen.

  • Ghemical – computational chemistry software package


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