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GUI testing tools serve the purpose of automating the testing process of software with graphical user interfaces.

Name Supported platforms
(testing system)
Supported platforms
(tested system)
Developer License Automation Latest version Reference Status
Ascentialtest Windows Windows, Web Zeenyx Software, Inc. Proprietary Yes 8.1 [1] Active
AutoIt Windows Windows AutoIt Freeware (closed source) Yes [2] Active
Dojo Objective Harness cross-platform Web Dojo Foundation AFL Yes 1.11.1 [3] Active
eggPlant Functional Windows, Linux, OS X Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Win Embedded, Win CE TestPlant Ltd Proprietary Yes Unknown [citation needed] Active
HP WinRunner Windows Windows Hewlett-Packard Proprietary Unknown Unknown [citation needed] Discontinued
IcuTest Unknown WPF NXS-7 Software Inc Proprietary Unknown Unknown [citation needed]
iMacros Web (cross-browser) Unknown iOpus Proprietary Yes 10.0.2 [citation needed]
Linux Desktop Testing Project Linux Unknown (Collaborative project) GNU LGPL Yes 3.5.0 [4]
Maveryx Windows, Linux, OS X Java, Android Maveryx srl GNU GPL, proprietary Yes 1.3.1 [5]
Oracle Application Testing Suite Windows Web, Oracle Technology Products Oracle Proprietary Yes 12.5 [6][7] Active
QF-Test Windows, Linux, OS X, Web (cross-browser) Java/Swing/SWT/Eclipse, JavaFX, Web applications Quality First Software GmbH Proprietary Yes 4.1.0 [8] Active
Ranorex Windows, iOS, Android Unknown Ranorex GmbH Proprietary Yes 6.2 [9] Active
Rational Functional Tester Windows, Linux Windows, Swing, .NET, HTML IBM Rational Proprietary Yes [10] Active
Robot Framework Unknown Unknown (Collaborative project) Apache Yes 3.0 [11] Active
Sahi Web (cross-browser) Web Tyto Software[12] Apache Yes Proprietary) [13][14]
Selenium Web (cross-browser) Web (Collaborative project) Apache Yes 3.0 [15] Active
SilkTest Windows Windows, Linux Micro Focus
previously Borland and Segue
Proprietary Yes 16.0 [16]
SOAtest Unknown Web (cross-browser) Parasoft
known as WebKing until v6.0
Proprietary Yes 9.5 [citation needed]
Squish GUI Tester Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, AIX Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, AIX, Android, iOS, embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks, ... froglogic GmbH Proprietary Yes 6.2 [17] Active
Test Studio Windows Windows, Test Studio Telerik Proprietary Yes 2016 R2 [citation needed]
TestComplete Windows Windows, Android, iOS SmartBear Software Proprietary Yes 10.3 [citation needed]
Testing Anywhere Unknown Unknown Automation Anywhere Proprietary Yes 8.0 [citation needed] Discontinued
TestPartner Windows Windows Micro Focus Proprietary Yes 6.3.1 [citation needed] Discontinued
Twist Unknown Unknown ThoughtWorks Proprietary Unknown Unknown [citation needed] Discontinued
Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
previously named HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)
Windows Windows, Web Hewlett-Packard Proprietary Yes 12.52 [18] Active
Visual Studio Coded UI Test Windows Unknown Microsoft Proprietary Yes 12.0 Unknown Active
Watir Web Web (cross-browser) (Collaborative project) BSD Yes 3.0 [citation needed]
Xnee UNIX X Window GNU Project, Henrik Sandklef GNU GPL Unknown Unknown [citation needed]


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