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The Gaddi Nashin is the leader of the Ravidass Deras in the Ravidassia religion. The religion's founder Guru Ravidass is worshipped as Guru, and the Gaddi Nashin are considered a messenger of God following the Guru. Only one Gaddi Nashin holds the position at a time, as the highest-ranking member of the religion. Below him are a large number of Ravidassia Sant Samaj who work under the leader, directing and giving instructions relating to affairs and matters of the religion.

The current Gaddi Nashin is Sant Niranjan Dass who has been holding that position since 24 November 2007.


Previous holders[edit]

  • Brahmleen Baba Pipal Dass Ji (1895 to 1928CE)
  • Sant Sarwan Dass Ji (1928 to 1972)
  • Sant Hari Dass Ji (1972 to 1982)
  • Sant Garib Dass Ji (1982 to 1994)
  • Sant Niranjan Dass Ji (current)


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