List of Galician consorts

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Arms of Galicia (Spain), 16th Century.svg

This is a list of the royal consort of the Kingdom of Galicia.

It is, in part, a continuation of the list of Asturian consorts.

Royal Consorts of Galicia[edit]

Suebic queens in Gallaecia[edit]

House of Alfonso[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Consort Ceased to be Consort Death Spouse
Elvira Menéndez of Coimbra
Hermengildo Gutierrez, Count of Coimbra 864-75 890-900 20 December 910
husband's ascession
husband's ascession to León
Ordoño II
Goto Muñiz Munio Gutiérrez, Lord of Amaía - before 927 July 925
husband's accession
after 10 June 929
husband's death
after 1 March 963 Sancho I Ordóñez

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