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This series of lists of “Geordie Songwriter” and associated items is divided into 4 sections.

None of the sections are intended to be complete and no doubt will be added to from time to time.

Contents - Pt 1 the writers - Pt 2 the singers - Pt 3 the songbooks, etc - Pt 4 characters, events and places


  1. "The Owl" by Robert Emery- page 306 in Thomas Allan's Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings, on page 342 in France's Songs of the Bards of the Tyne, on page 142 in John Marshall's Collection of Songs, Comic, Satirical and page 153 in Fordyce's The Tyne Songster
  2. "Tom Carr and Waller Watson - or Tom and Jerry at Home" by W Oliver - page 451 in France's book, on page 137 in Marshall's book and on page 148 in Fordyce's book
  3. "Johny Sc-tt & Tommy C-rr" (writer unknown) - on page 139 in Marshall's book and on page 150 in Fordyce's book
  4. "Tommy C**r in Limbo" - page 19 in John Marshall's Newcastle Songster, on page 140 in Marshall's Collection of Songs, Comic, Satirical's and on page 151 in Fordyce's book.
  5. A short bio appears of the aftermath on page 310 of Allan's book - page 153 Thomas Allan's Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings.

The Worthies (or Eccentrics)[edit]

  • Aud (or Awd) Judy (the surname, often not used was Downey, or sometimes Downing) one of the Eccentrics
  • Barbara Bell
  • Barrel-bagg'd Joe
  • Bet (Bouncing Bet)
  • Bet (young Beagle Bet)
  • Big Bob
  • Billy Hush
  • Bold Archy (or Airchy) Henderson
  • Bugle-Nosed Jack
  • Captain Benjamin Starky
  • Chancellor Kell (Chuckle-head Chancellor Kell)
  • Billy Conolly - an alias of and see William Cleghorn
  • Jacky Coxon (sometimes Cockson)
  • Robert Cruddace (also went under the alias of Whin Bob)
  • Cuckoo Jack - the alias of and see John Wilson
  • Cuddy Billy (or Willy) - alias of and see William Maclachlan
  • Cull Billy as Silly Billy – alias of and see William Scott
  • Dolly Raw (bauld Dolly Raw)
  • Donald
  • Doodem Daddum (with his Dog, Timour, added in the painting)
  • Eccentrics
  • Tommy (on the Bridge) was actually Tommy Fearns
  • Bella Grey (Young Bella Grey)
  • Hangy (or Hangie)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (painting) - A famous painting of many of the "Eccentrics" by artist Henry Perlee Parker,
  • Jenny Ballo
  • Jim Bo
  • Airchy Loggan
  • William Maclachlan (also known as Cuddy Billy or Willy)
  • Mally Ogle
  • Peggy Grundy
  • Pussy Willy
  • Rag Sall
  • Ralphy the Hawk
  • Bella Roy
  • Euphy Scott (or sometimes Heuffy Scott)
  • William Scott - known as Cull Billy or Silly Billy
  • Anty Shoe-tie
  • John Spencer
  • John Stephenson
  • Jacky Tate
  • Whin Bob - an alias of and see Robert Cruddace
  • John Wilson -better known as Cuckoo Jack


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