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The George Polk Awards in Journalism are a series of American journalism awards presented annually by Long Island University in New York.[1]

Year Category Winner Organization Work
2017 Special Award staff The New York Times and The Washington Post " uncovering connections between Trump campaign officials and well-connected Russians "
2017 Foreign Reporting Award Iona Craig The Intercept "documenting the destruction and civilian casualties of a covert U.S. Navy SEAL raid"
2017 National Reporting Award Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey & Ronan Farrow The New York Times and The New Yorker "exposing the decades-long sexual predation of the movie producer Harvey Weinstein"
2017 Local Reporting Award Melissa Segura BuzzFeed "drawing attention to innocent men framed for murder by a Chicago police detective"
2017 Immigration Reporting Award Maria Perez The Naples Daily News "exposing the practice of Florida companies hiring undocumented workers in dangerous jobs"
2017 Immigration Reporting Award Antonia Farzan and Joseph Flaherty Phoenix New Times "revealing that Motel 6 motels in Phoenix, Arizona, provided nightly guest rosters to ICE"
2017 Financial Reporting Award The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists "mining a trove of 13.4 million records to reveal how corporate giants and prominent wealthy individuals use financial manipulations to evade taxes."
2017 Medical Reporting Award Nina Martin & Renee Montagne ProPublica & NPR "explaining the reasons and portraying the tragedies behind an alarming increase in maternal deaths"
2017 Political Reporting Award Stephanie McCrummen and Beth Reinhard The Washington Post "digging into the past of U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama "
2017 Magazine Reporting Award Ben Taub The New Yorker "for showing the humanitarian devastation caused by the shrinkage of Lake Chad in Africa"
2017 Photography Award Adam Dean and Tomas Munita The New York Times "capturing the plight of the Rohingya people desperately fleeing burning villages"
2017 National Television Reporting Award Elle Reeve VICE News "on-the-scene up-close coverage of the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia"
2017 Foreign Television Reporting Award Nima Elbagir and Raja Razek CNN "uncovering a hidden modern-day slave auction of African refugees in Libya."
2017 Public Service Award David Begnaud CBS News "capturing the destructive power Hurricane Maria unleashed on Puerto Rico"
2017 Commentary Award Gail Collins The New York Times
2016 George Polk Career Award Anna Deavere Smith
2016 Foreign Reporting Nicholas Casey and Meridith Kohut The New York Times
2016 Political Reporting David Fahrenthold The Washington Post "Searching for evidence of Trump’s personal giving"[2]
2016 National Reporting Alec MacGillis ProPublica
2016 Local Reporting Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston East Bay Express
2016 Financial Reporting The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists The Panama Papers
2016 Medical Reporting Lenny Bernstein, Scott Higham and David Fallis The Washington Post
2016 State Reporting Craig Harris The Arizona Republic
2016 Justice Reporting Christie Thompson and Joseph Shapiro The Marshall Project, National Public Radio "Doubling Up Prisoners In 'Solitary' Creates Deadly Consequences"[3]
2016 Sports Reporting Rebecca R. Ruiz The New York Times "Russian Doctor Explains How He Helped Beat Doping Tests at the Sochi Olympics"[4]
2016 Education Reporting Brian M. Rosenthal The Houston Chronicle "Denied"[5]
2016 Radio Reporting Robert Lewis WNYC NYPD Inc.[6]
2016 Television Reporting A. J. Lagoe, Steve Eckert, and Gary Knox KARE-11 "Invisible Wounds: A report on the VA and vets with traumatic brain injuries"[7]
2016 Magazine Reporting Anand Gopal The Atlantic "The Hell After Isis"[8]
2016 Photojournalism Daniel Berehulak The New York Times "They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals"[9]
2016 Documentary Film Nanfu Wang Hooligan Sparrow
2015 George Polk Career Award Simeon Booker Jet
2015 National Reporting The Washington Post The Washington Post "A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000" [10]
2015 Military Reporting Nicholas Kulish, Christopher Drew, Matthew Rosenberg, Mark Mazzetti, Serge Kovaleski. John Ismay, Sean Naylor New York Times "SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines" [11] and "Navy SEALs, a Beating Death and Claims of a Cover-Up" [12]
2015 Foreign Reporting Ian Urbina New York Times "The Outlaw Ocean" [13]
2015 Justice Reporting Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller The Marshall Project and ProPublica "An Unbelievable Story of Rape" [14]
2015 Foreign Reporting Margie Mason, Robin McDowell, Martha Mendoza, Esther Htusan The Associated Press "Seafood From Slaves" [15]
2015 Medical Reporting Jason Cherkis The Huffington Post "Dying to Be Free" [16]
2015 Radio Reporting Nikole Hannah-Jones This American Life "The Problem We All Live With" [17]
2015 Financial Reporting John Carreyrou The Wall Street Journal "Hot Startup Theranos Has Struggled With Its Blood-Test Technology" [18]
2015 Legal Reporting Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Michael Corkery, and Robert Gebeloff New York Times "Beware The Fine Print" [19]
2015 Regional Reporting Terrence McCoy The Washington Post "The flawed system that allows companies to make millions off the injured" [20]
2015 Education Reporting Cara Fitzpatrick, Lisa Gartner, and Michael LaForgia The Tampa Bay Times "Failure Factories" [21]
2015 Photography Andrew Quilty Foreign Policy "The Man On The Operating Table" [22]
2015 Magazine Reporting Noreen Malone, Jen Kirby and Amanda Demme New York Magazine "Cosby: The Women, An Unwelcome Sisterhood" [23]
2015 Local Reporting Jamie Kalven Invisible Institute "Sixteen Shots" [24]
2015 Television Reporting Jim Axelrod, Emily Rand CBS News "Compounding Pharmacy Fraud"
2015 Documentary Film Matthew Heineman and Tom Yellin "Cartel Land"
2014 International Reporting Rukmini Callimachi New York Times Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror [25]
2014 Documentary Film Orwa Nyrabia Proaction Film
2014 Foreign Reporting Rania Abouzeid Politico magazine "The Jihad Next Door"[26]
2014 Health Reporting Adam Nossiter, Norimitsu Onishi, Ben C. Solomon, Sheri Fink, Helene Cooper, and Daniel Berehulak New York Times
2014 National Reporting Carol Leonnig Washington Post
2014 Local Reporting Tim Novak, Chris Fusco, and Carol Marin Chicago Sun-Times
2014 Business Reporting A consortium of 120 journalists from 58 countries and 42 news organizations International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
2014 Environmental Reporting Seattle Times
2014 Justice Reporting Julie K. Brown; Michael Schwirtz and Michael Winerip Miami Herald; New York Times
2014 Magazine Reporting James Verini National Geographic
2014 Military Reporting Denis Wagner Arizona Republic
2014 State Reporting Doug Pardue, Glenn Smith, Jennifer Berry Hawes and Natalie Caula Hauff Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.)
2014 Television Reporting John Carlos Frey, Marisa Venegas, Solly Granatstein The Investigative Fund, Telemundo, The Weather Channel
2014 Commentary Ta-Nehisi Coates The Atlantic
2014 Career Award Garry Trudeau Doonesbury
2013 National Security Reporting Glenn Greenwald, Ewen MacAskill, Laura Poitras The Guardian
2013 National Security Reporting Barton D. Gellman Washington Post
2013 Foreign Reporting Jim Yardley New York Times
2013 National Reporting Eli Saslow Washington Post
2013 State Reporting Shawn Boburg The Record
2013 Local Reporting Andrea Elliott New York Times
2013 Justice Reporting Frances Robles, Sharon Otterman, Michael Powell and N. R. Kleinfield New York Times
2013 Sports Reporting Tim Elfrink Miami New Times
2013 Medical Reporting Meg Kissinger, Cynthia Hubert and Phillip Reese Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sacramento Bee
2013 Magazine Reporting Matthieu Aikins Rolling Stone
2012 Political Reporting David Corn Mother Jones
2012 Foreign Reporting David Barboza, Bloomberg News New York Times
2012 Television News Reporting Holly Williams, Andrew Portch CBS News
2012 War Reporting David Enders, Austin Tice,[27] McClatchy Newspaper "Inside Syria" Correspondent Team McClatchy Newspapers
2012 Video Reporting Tracey Shelton GlobalPost
2012 National Reporting John Hechinger Janet Lorin Bloomberg News
2012 Local Reporting Gina Barton Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2012 Magazine Reporting Sarah Stillman The New Yorker
2012 Justice Reporting Sam Dolnick New York Times
2012 State Reporting Ryan Gabrielson California Watch
2012 Medical Reporting Peter Whoriskey Washington Post
2012 Business Reporting David Barstow, Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab New York Times
2012 Education Reporting Colin Woodard Maine Sunday Telegram
2012 Documentary Television Reporting Martin Smith, Michael Kirk, Marcela Gaviria, Jim Gilmore and Mike Wiser Frontline
2011 Career Award Ronnie Dugger
2011 Radio Reporting Ira Glass This American Life
2011 Legal Reporting Thomas Farragher, Marcella Bombardieri, Jonathan Saltzman, Matt Carroll, Darren Durlach Boston Globe
2011 Television Reporting Brian Ross, Anna Schecter ABC News
2011 Medical Reporting Lance Williams, Christina Jewett, Stephen K. Doig California Watch
2011 International Reporting Ben Elgin, Alan Katz, Vernon Silver Bloomberg News
2011 Local Reporting A.M. Sheehan, Matt Hongoltz-Hetling Advertiser Democrat (Oxford County, Maine)
2011 National Reporting staff Wall Street Journal
2011 Metropolitan Reporting Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Chris Hawley, Eileen Sullivan Associated Press
2011 Foreign Reporting Jeffrey Gettleman, Tyler Hicks New York Times
2011 Military Reporting C. J. Chivers New York Times
2011 Magazine Reporting Jane Mayer New Yorker
2011 Television Documentary May Ying Welsh, Hassan Mahfood Al Jazeera English
2011 Sports Reporting Sara Ganim Patriot-News (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
2010 Career Award Sandy Close
2010 Television Reporting ProPublica; PBS, Frontline; New Orleans Times-Picayune
2010 Radio Reporting Daniel Zwerdling, T. Christian Miller National Public Radio; ProPublica
2010 Commentary Juan Gonzalez Daily News (New York)
2010 Military Reporting Dexter Filkins, Mark Mazzetti New York Times
2010 Criminal Justice Reporting John Diedrich, Ben Poston Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2010 Education Reporting Bloomberg News
2010 Metropolitan Reporting Amy Brittain, Mark Mueller Star-Ledger (New Jersey)
2010 Local Reporting Los Angeles Times
2010 National Reporting Dana Priest, William M. Arkin Washington Post
2010 Foreign Reporting Clifford J. Levy, Ellen Barry New York Times
2010 Environmental Reporting Associated Press
2010 Magazine Reporting Michael Hastings Rolling Stone
2009 Career Award Gene Roberts
2009 Foreign Reporting David Rohde New York Times
2009 Videography people recording the death of Neda Agha-Soltan
2009 National Reporting Mark Pittman, Bob Ivry, Alison Fitzgerald, Craig Torres Bloomberg News
2009 State Reporting Raquel Rutledge Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2009 Local Reporting George Pawlaczyk, Beth Hundsdorfer Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville, Illinois)
2009 Sports Reporting Alan Schwarz New York Times
2009 International Television Reporting Dan Rivers, Kit Swartz, Kocha Olarn, Theerasak Nitipiched CNN
2009 National Television Reporting Steve Kroft, Leslie Cockburn CBS News, 60 Minutes
2009 Business Reporting Kathy Chu USA Today
2009 Military Reporting Charlie Reed, Kevin Baron, Leo Shane III Stars and Stripes
2009 Magazine Reporting David Grann New Yorker
2009 Environmental Reporting Abrahm Lustgarten ProPublica
2008 Career Award Gay Talese
2008 Foreign Reporting Barry Bearak, Celia W. Dugger New York Times
2008 International Reporting Paul Salopek Chicago Tribune
2008 National Reporting David Barstow New York Times
2008 Military Reporting Eric Nalder Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2008 Local Reporting Jim Schaefer, M.L. Elrick Detroit Free Press
2008 Labor Reporting Paul Pringle Los Angeles Times
2008 Justice Reporting Ryan Gabrielson, Paul Giblin East Valley Tribune (Mesa, Arizona)
2008 Magazine Reporting Richard Behar Fast Company
2008 Environmental Reporting Susanne Rust, Meg Kissinger Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2008 Sports Reporting Ken Armstrong, Nick Perry Seattle Times
2008 Television Reporting Scott Pelley, Solly Granatstein, Nicole Young CBS News, 60 Minutes
2008 Documentary Reporting Stefan Forbes Independent producer
2008 Radio Reporting Alex Blumberg This American Life
2007 Career Award John McPhee
2007 Television Reporting Jim Sciutto, Angus Hines, Tom Murphy ABC News, ABC World News with Charles Gibson
2007 Political Reporting Barton D. Gellman, Jo Becker Washington Post
2007 Foreign Reporting Leila Fadel McClatchy Company
2007 Environmental Reporting Shai Oster Wall Street Journal
2007 Medical Reporting Charles A. Duhigg New York Times
2007 Legal Reporting Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo
2007 Consumer Reporting Chicago Tribune
2007 Book Award Jeremy Scahill for Blackwater Nation Books
2007 Magazine Reporting Joshua A. Kors The Nation
2007 Financial Reporting Edward Chancellor Institutional Investor
2007 Economic Reporting Charlotte Observer
2007 State Reporting Jerry W. Mitchell Jackson Clarion-Ledger
2007 Local Reporting Chauncey W. Bailey, Jr. Oakland Post
2006 Documentary Television Spike Lee, Sam Pollard
2006 Foreign Reporting Lydia Polgreen New York Times
2006 Network Television Reporting Lisa Myers, Adam Ciralsky NBC News, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
2006 Military Reporting Lisa Chedekel, Matthew Kauffman Hartford Courant
2006 Medical Reporting Robert Little Baltimore Sun
2006 Environmental Reporting Kenneth R. Weiss, Usha Lee McFarling Los Angeles Times
2006 Business Reporting Charles Forelle, James Bandler, Mark Maremont Wall Street Journal
2006 National Reporting Jeff Kosseff, Bryan Denson, Les Zaitz Oregonian
2006 Metropolitan Reporting Debbie Cenziper Miami Herald
2006 Local Reporting staff Lakefront Outlook (Chicago)
2006 Political Reporting Ray Ring High Country News
2006 Radio Reporting Producers University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism; American Public Media; and Living on Earth
2005 Career Award Frederick Wiseman
2005 International Reporting Cam Simpson, José Moré Chicago Tribune
2005 Television Reporting Brian Ross, Richard Esposito ABC News
2005 National Reporting Dana Priest Washington Post
2005 Foreign Reporting Joe Stephens, David B. Ottaway Washington Post
2005 Commentary Frank Rich, Barry Meier New York Times
2005 Metropolitan Reporting staff New Orleans Times-Picayune
2005 Justice Reporting Jerry Mitchell Jackson Clarion-Ledger
2005 Health Reporting David Evans, Michael Smith, Liz Willen Bloomberg News
2005 Political Reporting Marcus Stern, Jerry Kammer, Dean Calbreath Copley News Service, San Diego Union-Tribune
2005 Local Reporting Adam Clay Thompson San Francisco Bay Guardian
2005 Book Award Victor S. Navasky Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2005 Radio Reporting JoAnn Mar Independent producer
2004 Career Award Bill Moyers
2004 Foreign Reporting Paisley Dodds Associated Press
2004 War Reporting Dexter Filkins New York Times
2004 Sports Reporting Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada San Francisco Chronicle
2004 Television Reporting Diane Sawyer, Robbie Gordon ABC News, Primetime Live
2004 National Reporting Walt Bogdanich New York Times
2004 Military Reporting Diana B. Henriques New York Times
2004 Economic Reporting Ellen E. Schultz, Theo Francis Wall Street Journal
2004 Labor Reporting Justin Pritchard Associated Press
2004 Regional Reporting four reporters and a photographer The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, California)
2004 State Reporting John Hill, Dorothy Korber Sacramento Bee
2004 Local Reporting Tim Novak, Steve Warmbir Chicago Sun-Times
2003 Foreign Reporting Somini Sengupta New York Times
2003 Radio Reporting Anne Garrels National Public Radio
2003 Photojournalism Carolyn Cole Los Angeles Times
2003 Economics Reporting Nancy Cleeland, Abigail Goldman, Evelyn Iritani, Tyler Marshall Los Angeles Times
2003 Business Reporting Pete Engardio, Aaron Bernstein, Manjeet Kripalani Business Week
2003 Labor Reporting David Barstow, Lowell Bergman, Neil Docherty, Linden MacIntyre, David Rummel New York Times; PBS, Frontline; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
2003 National Reporting Cam Simpson, Flynn McRoberts, Liz Sly Chicago Tribune
2003 Internet Reporting Center for Public Integrity
2003 Magazine Reporting Michael Hudson, Bill Barrow, Mary Kane, Taylor Loyal, Kenneth Harris, Keith Ernst, Robert Manning Southern Exposure
2003 State Reporting Dave Altimari, Jon Lender, Edmund H. Mahony Hartford Courant
2003 Education Reporting Daniel Golden Wall Street Journal
2003 Local Reporting Duff Wilson, Brian Joseph, Sheila Farr Seattle Times
2003 Television Reporting Andrew Smith, Liviu Tipuriță CNN, CNN Presents
2003 Career Award F. Gilman Spencer
2002 Career Award Morley Safer CBS News
2002 Foreign Reporting Anthony Shadid Boston Globe
2002 National Reporting reporters and editors Boston Globe
2002 Regional Reporting Clifford J. Levy New York Times
2002 Health Care Reporting Walt Bogdanich, Barry Meier, Mary Williams Walsh New York Times
2002 International Reporting Sonia Nazario, Don Bartletti Los Angeles Times
2002 Environmental Reporting Debbie Salamone, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Sargent Orlando Sentinel
2002 Criminal Justice Reporting Michael Luo Associated Press
2002 Financial Reporting Ellen E. Schultz, Theo Francis Wall Street Journal
2002 Medical Reporting Stephen Kiernan, Cadence Mertz Burlington Free Press (Vermont)
2002 Magazine Reporting Arnold S. Relman, Marcia Angell New Republic
2002 Local Reporting Jason Riley, R. G. Dunlop Louisville Courier-Journal
2002 Television Reporting Phil Williams, Bryan Staples WTVF (Nashville)
2002 Cultural Criticism Susan Sontag New Yorker
2001 Television and Radio Reporting Stephen Evans BBC World and BBC World Service
2001 Foreign Reporting Barry Bearak New York Times
2001 National Reporting New York Times
2001 Magazine Reporting Bernard Lewis New Yorker
2001 Book Award Joan Didion New York Review of Books
2001 Medical Reporting Duff Wilson, David Heath Seattle Times
2001 Financial Reporting Susan Pulliam, Randall Smith Wall Street Journal
2001 Metropolitan Reporting Bill Theobald, Bonnie Harris Indianapolis Star
2001 International Reporting Sudarsan Raghavan, Sumana Chatterjee Knight Ridder
2001 Regional Reporting Jessie A. Hamilton, Stephanie Earls, Tom Roeder, Mark Morey Yakima Herald-Republic (Yakima, Washington)
2001 Local Reporting Heidi Evans, Dave Saltonstall Daily News (New York)
2001 Environmental Reporting Lisa Davis San Francisco Weekly
2001 Career Award Edna Buchanan
2000 Magazine Reporting Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele Time
2000 Book Award Laurie Garrett
2000 Career Award John B. Oakes
2000 National Reporting Michael Grunwald Washington Post
2000 Transportation Reporting Scott McCartney Wall Street Journal
2000 Local Television Reporting Anna Werner, David Raziq, Chris Henao KHOU-TV (Houston)
2000 Network Television Reporting John Larson, Allan Maraynes, Lynne Dale, Neal Shapiro, Andy Lehren NBC News, Dateline
2000 Political Reporting Virginia Ellis Los Angeles Times
2000 Statewide Reporting Kevin Corcoran, Joe Fahy Indianapolis Star
2000 Healthcare Reporting Sam Hodges, William Rabb Mobile Register (Alabama)
2000 Foreign Reporting Alma Guillermoprieto New York Review of Books
2000 Special Award New York Times
1999 Foreign Reporting Paul Watson Los Angeles Times
1999 Television Foreign Reporting Giselle Portenier, Olenka Frenkiel, Fiona Murch BBC News
1999 International Reporting Sang-hun Choe, Charles J. Hanley, Martha Mendoza, Randy Herschaft Associated Press
1999 National Reporting Jason DeParle New York Times
1999 Regional Reporting Todd Richissin, Andre Chung Baltimore Sun
1999 Criminal Justice Reporting Ken Armstrong, Steve Mills Chicago Tribune
1999 Local Reporting Kevin Carmody Daily Southtown (Illinois)
1999 Local Television Reporting The "I" Team WWOR (New Jersey)
1999 Editorial Writing New York Daily News
1999 Financial Reporting Ellen E. Schultz Wall Street Journal
1999 Medical Reporting Andrea Gerlin Philadelphia Inquirer
1999 Special Award National Security Archive
1999 Career Award Studs Terkel
1998 Book Award Philip Gourevitch New Yorker
1998 Career Award Russell Baker New York Times
1998 Commentary Juan Gonzalez Daily News (New York)
1998 Economic Reporting Mary Jordan, Keith Richburg, Kevin Sullivan Washington Post
1998 Environmental Reporting Gardiner Harris, R. G. Dunlop Louisville Courier-Journal
1998 Foreign Reporting Tracy Wilkinson Los Angeles Times
1998 International Reporting Alix M. Freedman Wall Street Journal
1998 Legal Reporting Joe Stephens Kansas City Star
1998 Local Reporting Clifford J. Levy New York Times
1998 Medical Reporting Robert Whitaker, Dolores Kong Boston Globe
1998 National Reporting Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele Time
1998 Radio Reporting Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill Pacifica Radio, Democracy Now!
1998 Television Reporting Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz ABC News, 20/20
1997 Career Award Pittsburgh Courier
1997 Foreign Reporting Laurie Garrett Newsday
1997 Network TV Reporting Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz ABC News, Primetime Live
1997 Military Affairs Reporting Dayton Daily News
1997 Medical Reporting Wall Street Journal
1997 Business Reporting Kurt Eichenwald, Martin Gottlieb New York Times
1997 National Reporting Keith Bradsher New York Times
1997 Local Reporting Pensacola News Journal
1997 Environmental Reporting Will Englund, Gary Cohn, Perry Thorsvik Baltimore Sun
1997 Book Award Horst Faas, Tim Page, "Requiem" Random House
1997 Sports Reporting Kansas City Star
1997 International Reporting Michael Dobbs Washington Post
1997 Magazine Reporting Adam Gopnik New Yorker
1996 Criticism Award Blair Kamin Chicago Tribune
1996 National TV Reporting Matt Meagher, Tim Peek Inside Edition
1996 Economics Reporting New York Times
1996 National Reporting Elizabeth Marchak Cleveland Plain Dealer
1996 Political Reporting Los Angeles Times
1996 Cultural Reporting Chuck Philips Los Angeles Times
1996 Magazine Reporting Anne-Marie Cusac The Progressive
1996 Local Reporting Kevin Collison Buffalo News
1996 Transportation Reporting Byron Acohido Seattle Times
1996 Foreign Reporting John F. Burns New York Times
1996 Foreign TV Reporting Christiane Amanpour, Anita Pratap CNN
1995 Career Award John K. Cooley ABC News
1995 Foreign Reporting David Rohde Christian Science Monitor
1995 National Reporting Michael Weisskopf, David Maraniss Washington Post
1995 Local Reporting Elizabeth Llorente The Record (Bergen County, New Jersey)
1995 Metropolitan Reporting Frank Bruni, Nina Bernstein, Joyce Purnick, Lizette Alverez New York Times
1995 Magazine Reporting Richard Behar Fortune
1995 Education Reporting Steve Stecklow Wall Street Journal
1995 Business Reporting Kurt Eichenwald New York Times
1995 Health Care Reporting Chris Adams New Orleans Times-Picayune
1995 Medical Reporting Orange County Register (California)
1995 Local Television Reporting Tom Grant KREM-TV (Spokane, Washington)
1995 Consumer Reporting Lea Thompson, Jack Cloherty, Sandra Surles NBC News, Dateline
1995 Network TV Reporting Jim Clancy CNN
1994 Magazine Reporting Allan Nairn The Nation
1994 Medical Reporting Dave Davis, Joan Mazzolini Cleveland Plain Dealer
1994 Education Reporting Olive Talley Dallas Morning News
1994 Environmental Reporting Jim Lynch, Karen Dorn Steele Spokesman-Review (Spokane)
1994 Political Reporting Joe Stephens Kansas City Star
1994 Local Reporting Sonia Nazario Los Angeles Times
1994 Metropolitan Reporting David Armstrong, Shelly Murphy, Stephan Kurkjian Boston Globe
1994 National Reporting Joel Brinkley, Deborah Sontag, Stephen Engelberg New York Times
1994 Foreign Reporting Barbara Demick Philadelphia Inquirer
1994 Television Documentary Steven Emerson, Martin Koughan SAE Productions - aired on PBS
1994 Network Television reporting John Martin, Walt Bogdanich, Keith Summa ABC News, Day One
1994 Career Award Philip Hamburger New Yorker
1993 Medical Reporting Larry Keller, Fred Schulte Sun-Sentinel
1993 Magazine Reporting Oliver Sacks New Yorker
1993 Business Reporting Paul Nyden Charleston Gazette
1993 Foreign Reporting Keith Richburg Washington Post
1993 Local Reporting Ying Chan New York Daily News
1993 National Reporting Eileen Welsome Albuquerque Tribune
1993 Political Reporting State Journal-Register
1993 Financial Reporting Scot J. Paltrow Los Angeles Times
1993 Regional Reporting Isabel Wilkerson New York Times
1993 Radio Commentary Daniel Schorr National Public Radio
1993 Book David Remnick for Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire
1993 Career Award Richard Dudman St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1993 Television Reporting Christiane Amanpour CNN
1992 Local Reporting Los Angeles Times
1992 National Reporting Gregory Vistica San Diego Union-Tribune
1992 Foreign Reporting Roy Gutman Newsday
1992 Legal Reporting Marianne Lavelle, Marcia Coyle, Claudia MacLachian National Law Journal
1992 Magazine Reporting Lawrence Weschler New Yorker
1992 Health Reporting Seth Rosenfeld San Francisco Examiner
1992 Environmental Reporting John Thor Dahlburg Los Angeles Times
1992 Photography Carlos M. Guerrero El Nuevo Herald
1992 Radio Reporting Tom Gjelten National Public Radio
1992 National TV Reporting Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz NBC News, Dateline
1992 Foreign TV Reporting Chris Wallace, Neal Shapiro, Anthony Radziwill ABC News, Primetime Live
1992 Social Commentary Henry Louis Gates, Jr. New York Times op-ed
1992 Career Award Herbert Mitgang New York Times
1991 Radio Reporting Nina Totenberg National Public Radio
1991 Local Television Christopher Scholl KWWL (Iowa)
1991 National Television Glenn Silber, Robert Krulwich, David Fanning, Sharon Tiller PBS, Frontline; Center for Investigative Reporting
1991 Cultural Reporting Konstantin Akinsha, Grigorii Kozlov ARTnews
1991 Special Award Andrew Schneider, Mary Pat Flaherty Pittsburgh Press
1991 Education Reporting Jeff Gottlieb San Jose Mercury News
1991 Economic Reporting Donald L. Barlett, James B. Steele Philadelphia Inquirer
1991 War Reporting Patrick J. Sloyan Newsday
1991 Local Reporting Holly A. Taylor Berkshire Eagle
1991 Regional Reporting Dan Barry, John Sullivan, Ira Chinoy Providence Journal-Bulletin
1991 National Reporting Jeff Taylor, Mike McGraw Kansas City Star
1991 Foreign Reporting Francis X. Clines New York Times
1991 Foreign Reporting Barbara Crossette New York Times
1991 Career Award Claude Fox Sitton
1990 Foreign Reporting Caryle Murphy Washington Post
1990 National Reporting Susan Rasky, David E. Rosenbaum New York Times
1990 Regional Reporting Gayle Reaves, David Hanners, David McLemore Dallas Morning News
1990 Local Reporting Heidi Evans New York Daily News
1990 Environmental Reporting Adam Seessel Independent Weekly
1990 Business Reporting Dianne Marder Philadelphia Inquirer
1990 Special Publications Joseph M. Belth Insurance Forum
1990 Special Award Globalvision
1990 Documentary Television Hedrick Smith, Martin Smith WGBH-TV (Boston) and Martin Smith Productions
1990 Local Television Reporting Kevin Kerrigan Guam Cable Television
1990 Network Television Reporting Peter Jennings, Leslie Cockburn, Tom Yellin ABC News
1990 Career Award Fred Friendly
1990 Metropolitan Reporting Laurie Bennett, Alan Fisk, Robert Ourlian Detroit News
1989 Foreign Reporting Nicholas Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn New York Times
1989 National Reporting Rick Atkinson Washington Post
1989 Local Reporting Hartford Courant
1989 Local Television Reporting WCSC-TV (Charleston)
1989 TV Investigative Reporting Jonathan Kwitny WNYC-TV (New York)
1989 Network TV Reporting CBS News
1989 Radio Reporting Robert Knight WBAI (New York)
1989 International Reporting Stephen Engelberg, Michael R. Gordon New York Times
1989 Medical Reporting John Crewdson Chicago Tribune
1989 Political Reporting Andrew Melnykovych Casper Star-Tribune
1989 Regional Reporting Miranda Ewell, David Schrieberg San Jose Mercury News
1989 Career Award Fred Hechinger New York Times
1988 Foreign Reporting John Kifner New York Times
1988 National Reporting Keith Schneider New York Times
1988 Local Reporting David Gomez, Patricia Guthrie Albuquerque Tribune
1988 Financial Reporting National Thrift News
1988 Environmental Reporting Mary Bishop Roanoke Times & World-News
1988 Local Television Reporting KING-TV (Seattle)
1988 Network Television Reporting Brian Ross, Ira Silverman NBC News
1988 Economic Reporting Donald L. Barlette, James B. Steele Philadelphia Inquirer
1988 Radio Reporting Patricia Neighmond National Public Radio
1988 Cultural Reporting Lawrence Weschler North Point Press
1988 Photojournalism Mary Ellen Mark
1988 Career Award William Shawn
1987 Foreign Reporting Nora Boustany Washington Post
1987 National Reporting Mike Masterson, Chuck Cook, Mark N. Trahant Arizona Republic
1987 Local Reporting Ron Ridenhour New Orleans CityBusiness
1987 Financial Reporting Daniel Hertzberg, James B. Stewart Wall Street Journal
1987 Metropolitan Reporting Charlotte Observer
1987 Local Television Reporting Margie Nichols WSMV-TV (Nashville)
1987 Network Television Reporting CNN
1987 Radio Reporting Larry Bensky Pacifica Radio
1987 Sports Reporting Chris Mortensen Atlanta Journal-Constitution
1987 Science Reporting Science News
1987 Political Reporting Washington Bureau Knight Ridder
1987 Foreign Television Reporting Gordon Manning NBC News
1987 Magazine Reporting Roger Rosenblatt Time
1987 Career Award Murray Kempton Newsday and New York Newsday
1986 Foreign Reporting Newsweek
1986 National Reporting Andrew Wolfson, Daniel Rubin Louisville Courier-Journal
1986 Local Reporting Sally Jacobs Raleigh News & Observer
1986 Regional Reporting Alex Beasley, Rosemary Goudreau Orlando Sentinel
1986 Financial Reporting Peter G. Gosselin Boston Globe
1986 Science Reporting Science Times
1986 Environmental Reporting High Country News
1986 International TV Reporting David Fanning, Martin Smith PBS, Frontline
1986 National Television Reporting Bill Moyers CBS News, CBS Reports
1986 Local Television Reporting Lee Coppola WKBW-TV (Buffalo)
1986 Book Richard Kluger for The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune
1986 Career Award James Reston New York Times
1985 Foreign Reporting Alan Cowell New York Times
1985 International Reporting Pete Carey, Katherine Ellison, Lewis M. Simons San Jose Mercury News
1985 National Reporting Diana Griego, Louis Kilzer Denver Post
1985 Local Reporting Stan Jones Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
1985 Metropolitan Reporting Jimmy Breslin New York Daily News
1985 Political Reporting Frank Greve Knight Ridder
1985 Business Reporting Spotlight/Business Team Boston Globe
1985 Medical Reporting Lawerence K. Altman New York Times
1985 Criticism Arthur C. Danto The Nation
1985 Radio Reporting Peter Laufer NBC Radio News
1985 Network Television Reporting Ted Koppel, Richard N. Kaplan ABC News, Nightline
1985 Local Television Reporting Vic Lee, Craig Franklin, Brian McTigue KRON-TV (San Francisco)
1985 Career Award George Tames New York Times
1984 Foreign Reporting Mark Fineman Philadelphia Inquirer
1984 National Reporting Robert Parry Associated Press
1984 Local Reporting Ellen Whitford Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, Virginia)
1984 Medical Reporting William R. Ritz, John Aloysius Farrell Denver Post
1984 Environmental Reporting Tom Harris, Jim Morris Sacramento Bee
1984 Special Interest Reporting Lois R. Ember Chemical & Engineering News
1984 Magazine Reporting John Vinocur New York Times Magazine
1984 News Photography Ozier Muhammad Newsday
1984 Special Award "Amnesty International Report" Amnesty International
1984 Foreign Television Reporting Michael Buerk, Mohamed Amin BBC, Visnews, NBC News
1984 National Television Reporting Alex Kotlowitz, Kwame Holman, Susan Ades PBS, MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour
1984 Local Television Reporting Rick Nelson, Joe Collum KPRC-TV (Houston)
1984 Career Award Red Barber
1983 Foreign Reporting Joseph Lelyveld New York Times
1983 National Reporting Robert M. Frump, Timothy Dwyer Philadelphia Inquirer
1983 Regional Reporting Paul Lieberman, Celia Dugger Atlanta Journal-Constitution
1983 Local Reporting Jim McGee Miami Herald
1983 Foreign Affairs Reporting Philip Taubman New York Times
1983 Economics Reporting Dennis Camire, Mark Rohner Gannett News Service
1983 Consumer Reporting Marcia Stepanek, Stephen Franklin Detroit Free Press
1983 Medical Reporting Benjamin Weiser Washington Post
1983 Network Television Reporting Don McNeill CBS News
1983 Local Television Reporting John Fosholt, Ward Lucas KBTV (Denver)
1983 Documentary Television "Vietnam: A Television History" WGBH-TV (Boston), and aired on PBS
1983 Special Interest Reporting The Amicus Journal Natural Resources Defense Council
1983 Special Award Youssef M. Ibrahim Wall Street Journal
1983 Career Award William Lawrence Shirer
1982 Foreign Reporting Thomas L. Friedman, David K. Shipler New York Times
1982 National Reporting Richard Halloran New York Times
1982 Regional Reporting Jim Henderson Dallas Times Herald
1982 Metropolitan Reporting Doug Cumming Providence Journal-Bulletin
1982 Local Reporting David Johnston, Joel Sappell Los Angeles Times
1982 Magazine Reporting Roger Rosenblatt Time
1982 Financial Reporting Phillip L. Zweig American Banker
1982 Criticism Stanley Kauffmann New Republic
1982 News Photography Robby Castro Associated Press
1982 Network Television Reporting Martin Smith, Ed Rabel CBS News
1982 Local Television Reporting Dick Gelfman, Theresa Crawford, John Sur WBAL-TV (Baltimore)
1982 Documentary Television Andrew A. Stern PBS
1982 Special Award Rod Nordland
1981 Foreign Reporting John Darnton New York Times
1981 National Reporting Seymour M. Hersh, Jeff Gerth, Phillip Taubman New York Times
1981 Regional Reporting Stephanie Saul, W. Stevens Ricks Jackson Clarion-Ledger
1981 Local Reporting "The Federal Impact" Orlando Sentinel-Star
1981 Consumer Reporting Phil Norman Louisville Courier-Journal
1981 Magazine Reporting William Greider The Atlantic
1981 Book Edwin R. Bayley for Joe McCarthy and the Press University of Wisconsin Press
1981 Science Reporting "News and Comments" Science
1981 Television Documentary Pierre Salinger ABC News
1981 Television Reporting Ted Koppel NBC News, Nightline
1981 Radio Reporting John Merrow Institute for Educational Leadership and National Public Radio
1981 Career Award George Seldes
1980 Foreign Reporting Shirley Christian Miami Herald
1980 National Reporting Jonathan Neuman, Ted Gup Washington Post
1980 Local Reporting Miami Herald
1980 Regional Reporting Charlotte Observer
1980 Editorials Editorial Board New York Times
1980 Commentary Roger Angell New Yorker
1980 News Photography Oscar Sabatta United Press International
1980 Satiric Drawings Edward Sorel
1980 Cultural Reporting ARTnews
1980 National Radio Reporting National Public Radio
1980 Local Radio Reporting Station KMOX (St. Louis)
1980 Political Reporting Bill Moyers WNET (New York)
1980 Local Television Reporting Stephen Talbot, Jonathan Dann KQED (San Francisco)
1980 National Television Reporting Charles Kuralt CBS News
1980 Special Award Leonard Karlin LIU alumnus/Polk Citation Writer
1979 Foreign Reporting John Kifner New York Times
1979 National Reporting Brian Donovan, Bob Wyrick, Stuart Diamond Newsday
1979 Regional Reporting Jim Adams, Jim Detjen Louisville Courier-Journal
1979 Metropolitan Reporting Walt Bogdanich, Walter Johns Jr. Cleveland Press
1979 Local Reporting Ed Petykiewicz Saginaw News
1979 Documentary Jack Willis, Saul Landau New Time Films, Inc.
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