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This page contains a list of German Formula Three champions. The championship has been in existence intermittently since 1950[1] and has some former champions who later made Formula One. The most notable among these are seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher,[2] 2004 Monaco Grand Prix winner Jarno Trulli and multiple podium finisher Nick Heidfeld. Eight-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen and 2005 DTM champion Gary Paffett also won the series early in their respective careers.

By season[edit]

Season Champion Team Chassis Engine Secondary Class Champion
2014 Germany Markus Pommer Lotus Dallara F308 Volkswagen R: Netherlands Indy Dontje
2013 Germany Marvin Kirchhöfer Lotus Dallara F311 Volkswagen T: Germany Sebastian Balthasar
R: Germany Marvin Kirchhöfer
DMSB: Germany Marvin Kirchhöfer
2012 Sweden Jimmy Eriksson Lotus Dallara F311 Volkswagen T: Germany André Rudersdorf
R: Austria Lucas Auer
2011 New Zealand Richie Stanaway Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara F307 Volkswagen T: Russia Maxim Travin
R: New Zealand Richie Stanaway
2010 France Tom Dillmann HS Technik Dallara F307 Volkswagen T: Germany Riccardo Brutschin
R: Denmark Kevin Magnussen
2009 Belgium Laurens Vanthoor van Amersfoort Racing Dallara F307 Volkswagen T: Ukraine Sergey Chukanov
R: Netherlands Stef Dusseldorp
S: Belgium Laurens Vanthoor
2008 Belgium Frédéric Vervisch Swiss Racing Team Dallara F307 OPC Challenge T: Austria Marco Oberhauser
R: Colombia Sebastián Saavedra
S: Belgium Frédéric Vervisch
2007 Netherlands Carlo van Dam van Amersfoort Racing Dallara F306 OPC Challenge T: Germany Michael Klein
R: Netherlands Carlo van Dam
2006 China Ho-Pin Tung JB Motorsport Lola B06-30 Opel T: Latvia Harald Schlegelmilch
R: Latvia Harald Schlegelmilch
2005 Germany Peter Elkmann Jo Zeller Racing Dallara F304 Opel-Spiess T: Germany Kevin Fank
R: Germany Pascal Kochem
2004 Germany Bastian Kolmsee HS Technik Dallara F302 Opel-Spiess R: Germany Bastian Kolmsee
2003 Brazil João Paulo de Oliveira JB Motorsport Dallara F302 Opel-Spiess R: Germany Sven Barth
2002 United Kingdom Gary Paffett Team Rosberg Dallara F302 Opel R: Germany Timo Glock
2001 Japan Toshihiro Kaneishi Opel Team BSR Dallara F301 Opel R: Germany Markus Winkelhock
2000 Italy Giorgio Pantano Opel Team KMS Dallara F300 Opel R: Germany André Lotterer
1999 Netherlands Christijan Albers Opel Team BSR Dallara 399 Opel R: Netherlands Walter van Lent
1998 Belgium Bas Leinders van Amersfoort Racing Dallara 398 Opel R: Austria Robert Lechner
1997 Germany Nick Heidfeld Team Opel BSR Dallara 397 Opel C: Czech Republic Jaroslav Kostelecký
R: Germany Timo Scheider
1996 Italy Jarno Trulli Opel Team KMS Benetton Dallara 396 Opel B: Sweden Johan Stureson
1995 Argentina Norberto Fontana KMS Motorsport Dallara 395 Opel B: Denmark Jakob Sund
1994 Germany Jörg Müller RSM Marko Dallara 394 Fiat B: Germany Arnd Meier
1993 Netherlands Jos Verstappen WTS Racing Dallara 393 Opel B: Germany Patrick Bernhardt
1992 Portugal Pedro Lamy WTS Racing Reynard 923 Opel B: Germany Christian Abt
1991 Denmark Tom Kristensen Bertrand Schäfer Racing Ralt RT 35 Volkswagen B: Germany Mathias Arlt
1990 Germany Michael Schumacher WTS Racing Reynard 903 Volkswagen B: Austria Franz Binder
1989 Austria Karl Wendlinger RSM Marko Ralt RT 33 Alfa Romeo B: West Germany Franz Engstler
1988 West Germany Joachim Winkelhock WTS Racing Reynard 883 Volkswagen B: Switzerland Daniel Müller
1987 West Germany Bernd Schneider Schübel Rennsport Int. Dallara 387 Volkswagen Not held
1986 Denmark Kris Nissen Bertrand Schäfer Racing Ralt RT30 Volkswagen
1985 West Germany Volker Weidler Josef Kaufmann Racing Martini MK 45 Volkswagen
1984 Denmark Kurt Thiim Bongers Motorsport Ralt RT 3 Alfa Romeo
1983 Austria Franz Konrad Konrad Racing Anson SA4 Toyota
1982 Denmark John Nielsen Volkswagen Motorsport Ralt RT 3 Volkswagen
1981 West Germany Frank Jelinski Bertrand Schäfer Racing Ralt RT 3 Toyota
1980 West Germany Frank Jelinski Bertrand Schäfer Racing Ralt RT 3 Toyota
1979 West Germany Michael Korten Korten Motorsport March 793 Toyota
1978 West Germany Bertram Schäfer Bertrand Schäfer Racing Ralt RT 1 BMW, Toyota
1977 Austria Peter Scharmann Team Obermoser Jörg TOJ-F302 Toyota
1976 West Germany Bertram Schäfer Bertrand Schäfer Racing Ralt RT 1 BMW
1975 West Germany Ernst Maring Maring Motorsport Maco 375 Toyota
1974 Italy Giorgio Francia Scuderia Mirabella Millemiglia March 743 Toyota
1973 West Germany Willi Deutsch Willi Deutsch March 733 Ford
1972 West Germany Willi Sommer Reifag Racing Team March 723 Ford DDR: East Germany Hartmut Thaßler
1971 West Germany Manfred Mohr Manfred Mohr Lotus 69 Ford DDR: East Germany Wolfgang Küther
1970 No Championship DDR: East Germany Klaus-Peter Krause
1969 DDR: East Germany Frieder Rädlein
1968 DDR: East Germany Heinz Melkus
1967 DDR: East Germany Heinz Melkus
1966 DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1965 DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1964 DDR: East Germany Max Byczkowski
1963 Formula Junior
1959 No Championship
1958 No Championship DDR: East Germany Heinz Melkus
1957 DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1956 DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1955 DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1954 DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1953 West Germany Adolf Lang Adolf Lang Cooper T15 JAP DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1952 West Germany Hellmut Deutz Hellmut Deutz Scampolo 501/4,
Scampolo 502/10
DKW, Norton DDR: East Germany Willy Lehmann
1951 West Germany Walter Komossa Walter Komossa Scampolo 502/9 BMW DDR: East Germany Werner Lehmann
1950 West Germany Toni Kreuzer Toni Kreuzer Cooper T11 JAP DDR: East Germany Richard Weiser

By driver nationality[edit]

Pos Nation Championships
1  Germany 26
2  Denmark 4
3  Belgium 3
 Italy 3
 Netherlands 3
 Austria 3
7  Argentina 1
 Brazil 1
 China 1
 France 1
 Japan 1
 Portugal 1
 United Kingdom 1
 New Zealand 1
 Sweden 1

By team[edit]

Pos Team Championships Years
1 Opel Team BSR 9 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1997, 1999, 2001
2 WTS Racing 4 1988, 1990, 1992, 1993
van Amersfoort Racing 4 1998, 2007, 2009, 2011
4 Opel Team KMS 3 1995, 1996, 2000
Lotus 3 2012, 2013, 2014
6 HS Technik 2 2004, 2010
JB Motorsports 2 2003, 2006
RSM Marko 2 1989, 1994
9 Bongers Motorsport 1 1984
Josef Kaufmann Racing 1 1985
Jo Zeller Racing 1 2005
Konrad Racing 1 1983
Korten Motorsport 1 1979
Maring Motorsport 1 1975
Schübel Rennsport Int. 1 1987
Swiss Racing Team 1 2008
Team Obermoser Jörg 1 1977
Team Rosberg 1 2002
Volkswagen Motorsport 1 1982


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