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This is an episode list of the Fox television series Get a Life. The series starred Chris Elliott as Chris Peterson, a 30-year-old paperboy who still lives with his parents (portrayed by Elinor Donahue and Elliott's real-life dad Bob Elliott). Also starring was Sam Robards as Chris' best friend Larry, Robin Riker as Larry's wife (and Chris' main antagonist) Sharon, and Brian Doyle-Murray as Chris' surly second-season landlord Gus.

Season 1: 1990–1991[edit]

Prod. Code Airdate Title Writer(s) Director
1.01 September 23, 1990 Terror on the Hell Loop 2000 David Mirkin, Adam Resnick, Chris Elliott David Mirkin
Chris talks his best friend Larry into taking the day off from his job so they can go to the amusement park and ride the new Hell Loop 2000, a 360 degree looped rollercoaster. However the fun ends when they get stuck upside down at the top of the loop. Julie Brown guest stars as TV reporter Connie Bristol.
1.02 September 30, 1990 The Prettiest Week of My Life Chris Elliott, Adam Resnick David Mirkin
Chris decides to enter the exciting world of male modeling when he joins the Handsome Boy School of Modeling.
1.03 October 7, 1990 Dadicus Marjorie Gross Tony Dow
Chris convinces his father to accompany him to the father-son competition at the annual newspaper boy picnic. James Hampton guest stars.
1.04 October 14, 1990 A Family Affair Ian Gurvitz Dwayne Hickman
Sharon's sister comes to visit and she is taken with Chris' charm, much to Sharon's chagrin.
1.05 October 21, 1990 Pile of Death Adam Resnick, Chris Elliott Peter Baldwin
In order to raise money to help save his childhood playground, Chris attempts to set a world record by having the most things piled on top of him.
1.06 November 4, 1990 Paperboy 2000 Bill Freiberger, Adam Markowitz Peter Baldwin
Chris and the other paper boys lose their jobs when the newspaper replaces them with the Paperboy 2000, a gigantic paper-delivering robotic vehicle. To get everyone's job back, Chris challenges Paperboy 2000 to a paper-delivering contest.
1.07 November 11, 1990 Drivers License David Mirkin David Mirkin
Chris becomes infatuated with a new waitress at the local diner (Anastasia Barzee) and wants to take her out on a date, but she'll only go if he takes her on a drive around town. However, Chris never got a driver's license and tries to keep that fact a secret when he "borrows" his dad's car for his date.
1.08 November 18, 1990 The Sitting Adam Resnick, Marjorie Gross, Miguel Furman David Steinberg
Chris becomes a house sitter in an old Victorian house that appears to be haunted.
1.09 December 2, 1990 Bored Straight Marjorie Gross David Mirkin
While delivering papers in the bad side of town, Chris meets a group of young hoodlums and he decides to "take back the streets" by helping the kids.
1.10 December 16, 1990 Zoo Animals on Wheels Adam Resnick Peter Baldwin
Much to Sharon's dismay, Chris auditions for and gets the lead part in a local community theatre production of Andrew Todd Keller's musical "Zoo Animals on Wheels" (a parody of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals "Cats" and "Starlight Express").
1.11 January 6, 1991 Roots Adam Markowitz, Bill Freiberger Dwayne Hickman
Chris finds evidence that makes him think he is adopted, so he sets off to find his natural parents, an Amish couple. When he finds them, they are even less prepared for Chris' bizarre behavior than Fred and Gladys.
1.12 February 3, 1991 The Counterfeit Watch Story Adam Resnick David Mirkin
Chris goes to work for the police in a sting operation after he buys a counterfeit watch, the Chronosynch 2000.
1.13 February 10, 1991 Chris vs. Donald Adam Resnick Dwayne Hickman
At the annual Peterson family reunion, Chris is still struggling to get out from under the shadow of his more successful cousin Donald (Jackie Earle Haley).
1.14 February 24, 1991 Chris Wins a Celebrity Adam Resnick Dean Parisot
Chris wins a contest, where his favorite talk show host will spend a weekend at his place. The squalor of the Elliott residence makes the host try to get out of the contest, until Chris gets him in on some of his fun activities. However, after enjoying some of Chris' zany antics, the host says he is through with Hollywood, to Chris' regret. Martin Mull guest stars.
1.15 March 10, 1991 Houseboy 2000 Marjorie Gross Peter Baldwin
After destroying her kitchen, Chris becomes Sharon's slave to work off the $2000 in damage.
1.16 March 24, 1991 Married David Mirkin David Mirkin
In the span of one day, Chris meets his soulmate (Deborah Shelton), marries her and goes through an entire relationship with her.
1.17 March 31, 1991 Camping 2000 Steve Pepoon Dean Parisot
Chris and Larry join Chris' dad Fred on a camping trip. When Fred manages to lose them, the hungry boys eat some berries that cause them to hallucinate.
1.18 April 7, 1991 The Construction Worker Show Adam Resnick David Mirkin
Chris becomes a construction worker with the men who are renovating his parents kitchen. When they tell him one of their trade secrets, Chris has a problem with their dishonesty.
1.19 April 21, 1991 The Big City Marjorie Gross Peter Baldwin
During a visit to "The Big City" (somehow set in the 1950s), Chris believes his wallet was stolen after he was slipped a "mickey". Chris soon becomes a celebrity known affectionately in the City as "Walletboy".
1.20 April 28, 1991 Neptune 2000 Steve Pepoon David Mirkin
When Chris was 12 he got a job as a paperboy so he could buy a submarine from an ad in the back of a comic book. Chris and his father put it together. However, when they embark on the sub's maiden voyage (in Chris's bathtub), they become trapped.
1.21 May 12, 1991 The One Where Chris and Larry Switch Lives Edd Hall David Mirkin
After stealing an arrowhead from an Indian burial ground, Chris and Larry become cursed and wind up switching lives. Chris then has 24 hours to return the arrowhead or suffer the fate of being married to Sharon forever.
1.22 May 19, 1991 Psychic 2000 David Mirkin David Mirkin
Chris has a near-death experience after choking on cereal and is endowed with prescience. However he becomes worried when one of his visions is of Sharon being murdered.

Season 2: 1991–1992[edit]

Prod. Code Airdate Title Writer(s) Director
2.01 November 9, 1991 Chris Moves Out Adam Resnick, David Mirkin David Mirkin
Chris turns 31 and decides it's time to move out, so he goes in search of a new place to live and he moves into Gus' garage.
2.02 November 16, 1991 Larry on the Loose Bob Odenkirk David Mirkin
Larry takes off after listening to Chris reminding him of everything wrong with his life. So Chris goes in search of Larry and when he fails, he goes in search of a new best friend.
2.03 November 23, 1991 Meat Locker 2000 Jace Richdale David Mirkin
Chris and Sharon show their true feelings when they become trapped in a meat locker together.
2.04 November 30, 1991 Health Inspector 2000 Steve Pepoon Dean Parisot
After finding a dead rat in his carton of milk, Chris decides to become a food inspector.
2.05 December 7, 1991 Chris Gets His Tonsils Out Eileen Conn, Andrew Gordon David Mirkin
Chris must deal with the fact he is ready to undergo "major" surgery and he begins by trying to make peace with Sharon.
2.06 December 14, 1991 Prisoner of Love Charlie Kaufman David Mirkin
When his pen-pal gets released from prison, she comes to stay with Chris. She takes him hostage when the police come after her when she starts criminal activities under Chris' nose. Nora Dunn guest stars.
2.07 December 21, 1991 Chris Becomes a Male Escort Adam Resnick John Fortenberry
Chris decides on a whim to become a male escort, hoping for free plays and dates with young women. What he gets is an elderly woman who is hard up.
2.08 January 12, 1992 Girlfriend 2000 David Mirkin David Mirkin
After getting hit by her car, Chris falls for (and stalks) a doctor; later, while stalking her, he starts getting stalked by the girl from the drugstore who has fallen for him. Emma Samms guest stars.
2.09 January 19, 1992 Chris' Brain Starts Working Steve Pepoon John Fortenberry
Exposure to toxic waste found under Gus' house turns Chris into a genius, and with Gus he proceeds to enter and win spelling bees.
2.10 February 2, 1992 Bad Fish Bob Odenkirk David Mirkin
After eating bad shellfish, Sharon and Gus get amnesia, and Chris seizes the opportunity to convince them that they are his best friends.
2.11 February 9, 1992 SPEWEY and Me Jace Richdale David Mirkin
When an alien crashes in Gus' front yard, Chris tries to keep it from the government, but this alien is nothing like E.T. or ALF.
2.12 March 1, 1992 1977 2000 Charlie Kaufman David Mirkin
Chris time travels to save Gus' career as a law enforcement officer. However he soon discovers the trouble with messing with the past which includes two-headed zombies named Sharon.
2.13 March 8, 1992 Clip Show David Mirkin David Mirkin
In this clip show, while on his first jet airplane flight, Chris falls out, and is disappointed when his life flashes before his eyes and it only covers the past eighteen months.