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First volume from Gin Tama published by Shueisha on April 2, 2004 in Japan.

The chapters of the Japanese manga series Gin Tama are written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. They have been serialized for the manga anthology book Weekly Shōnen Jump from Shueisha since December 8, 2003.[1] It is set in an Edo which has been conquered by aliens named Amanto. The plot follows the life from the samurai Gintoki Sakata who works as a free-lancer along his friends, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura, in order to pay the monthly rent from where he lives.

Over five-hundred chapters identified as a "Lesson" have been serialized. Viz Media licensed Gin Tama for publication in North America. A 55-page preview from the series was first featured in the January 2006 Shonen Jump issue.[2] Viz acquired the license to publish chapters from the series in the Shonen Jump during the San Diego Comic-Con International from 2006.[3] The chapters were serialized in Shonen Jump from January to May 2007 at a rate of one chapter a month.[4][5] Shueisha is also publishing the first chapters of Gin Tama online on their Weekly Shōnen Jump official website.[6] On April 4, 2006, an anime adaptation from the series, developed by Sunrise and directed initially by Shinji Takamatsu and later by Yoichi Fujita, premiered on TV Tokyo.[7][8]

Shueisha has been collecting the chapters in tankōbon volumes with the first being published on April 2, 2004.[9] sixty-three volumes have been released in Japan.[10] In North America tankōbon were published in under Viz's "Shonen Jump Advanced" imprint.[11] The first volume was published on July 3, 2007, and publication ended with the twenty-third on August 2, 2011.[12][13]

Volume list[edit]

Volumes 1–20[edit]

No. Title Japanese release English release
1 Nobody with Natural Wavy Hair Can Be That Bad
Tennen Pāma ni Warui Yatsu wa Inai (天然パーマに悪いやつはいない)
April 2, 2004[9]
ISBN 978-4-08-873623-5
July 3, 2007[12]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1358-4
  • Lesson 001. "Nobody with Natural Wavy Hair Can Be That Bad" (天然パーマに悪いやつはいない "Tennen Pāma ni Warui Yatsu wa Inai"?)
  • Lesson 002. "Responsible Owners Should Clean Up After Their Pets" (ペットは飼主が責任を持って最後まで面倒を見ましょう "Petto wa Kainushi ga Sekinin o Motte Saigo made Mendō o Mimashō"?)
  • Lesson 003. "Watch Out! Weekly Shōnen Jump Sometimes Comes Out on Saturdays!" (ジャンプは時々土曜日に出るから気を付けろ "Janpu wa Tokidoki Doyōbi ni Deru kara Ki wo Tsukero"?)
  • Lesson 004. "People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck" (第一印象がいい奴にロクな奴はいない "Daiichi Inshō ga Ii Yatsu ni Roku na Yatsu wa Inai"?)
  • Lesson 005. "Make Friends You Can Call By Their Nicknames, Even When You're an Old Fart" (ジジイになってもあだ名で呼び合える友達を作れ "Jijī ni Natte mo Adana de Yobiaeru Tomodachi o Tsukure"?)
  • Lesson 006. "If You Jerks Have Enough Time to Spread Terror, You'd Better Go Walk Your Dog, Pero" (お前らテロなんてやってる暇があるならペロの散歩にでも行ってきな "Omaera Tero nante Yatteru Hima ga Aru nara Pero no Sanpo ni de mo Ittekina"?)
  • Omake. "Dandelion" (だんでらいおん "Danderaion"?)
Samurai Gintoki Sakata works in a freelancer business, Odd Jobs Gin, after Edo was conquered by aliens named Amanto in order to pay the monthly rent from where he lives. In his days, Gintoki is joined by Shinpachi Shimura, a teenager son of a samurai who wants to learn about him, and Kagura, an alien girl who went to Earth to earn money for her poor family, but is unable to return home and threatens Gintoki to let her live with him. While Kagura and Shinpachi live with Gintoki, they meet a terrorist named Kotaro Katsura who participated alongside Gintoki in the war between samurais and aliens, and lost. Odd Jobs is forced to help Katsura escape from the Shinsengumi, a police force working for the Bakufu, after they accidentally perform a terrorist attack. The volume ends with a one-shot from Sorachi named "Dandelion", which explores the work of a pair of exorcists.
2 Fighting Should Be Done With Fists
Nebarizuyosa to Shitsukosa wa Kamihitoe (粘り強さとしつこさは紙一重)
July 2, 2004[14]
ISBN 978-4-08-873632-7
September 4, 2007[15]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1359-1
  • Lesson 007. "Keep a Promise Even If It Kills You" (一度した約束は死んでも守れ "Ichido shita Yakusoku wa Shinde mo Mamore"?)
  • Lesson 008. "There Is But a Fine Line Between Persistence and Stubbornness" (粘り強さとしつこさは紙一重 "Nebarizuyosa to Shitsukosa wa Kamihitoe"?)
  • Lesson 009. "Fighting Should Be Done With Fists" (喧嘩はグーでやるべし "Kenka wa Gū de Yarubeshi"?)
  • Lesson 010. "Eat Something Sour When You're Tired" (疲れた時は酸っぱいものを "Tsukareta Toki wa Suppaimono o"?)
  • Lesson 011. "Look, Overly Sticky Sweet Dumplings are Not Dumplings, You Idiot!" (べちゃべちゃした団子なんてなぁ団子じゃねぇバカヤロー "Bechabecha shita Dango nante nā Dango ja nē Bakayarō"?)
  • Lesson 012. "Young Girls Across the Country, Get Home Before Curfew" (全国のコギャルども門限は守れ "Zenkoku no Kogyaru-domo Mongen wa Mamore"?)
  • Lesson 013. "Only Dirty Things are Born of Toilets" (便所で生まれるのは汚れたものばかり "Benjo de Umareru no wa Yogoretamono Bakari"?)
  • Omake. "Shirokuro" (しろくろ?)
After being repeatedly stalked by the Shinsengumi commander, Isao Kondo, Tae Shimura, Shinpachi's older sister, makes Gintoki have a fake duel against Kondo to stop him. Gintoki breaks Kondo's sword before the duel, and easily wins, capturing the attention of other Shinsengumi members. In other chapters, Kagura adopts an inugami which she names Sadaharu, Odd Jobs look for a woman, whom a dying elder had feelings for, and Gintoki helps a criminal meet his daughter, the idol Tsu "Otsu" Terakado. In another job, the trio searches for their client's daughter, who was kidnapped by the space pirates Harusame. Although they rescue her, Kagura and Shinpachi are at same time kidnapped by Harusame, and Katsura decides to help Gintoki rescue them. Another one-shot, "Shirokuro", ends the volume with its story being focused on a spirits' protector to take care of a voodoo witch.
3 If You're a Man, Try the Swordfish!
Kangaetara Jinsei-tte Ossan ni natte kara no Hō ga Nagai ja nē ka! Kowa!! (考えたら人生ってオッさんになってからの方が長いじゃねーか! 恐っ!!)
September 3, 2004[16]
ISBN 978-4-08-873653-2
November 6, 2007[17]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1360-7
  • Lesson 014. "If You're Going to Cosplay, Go All Out" (コスプレするなら心まで飾れ "Kosupure suru nara Kokoro made Kazare"?)
  • Lesson 015. "Boys Have a Weird Ritual that Makes Them Think They Turn into Men When They Touch a Frog" (男にはカエルに触れて一人前みたいな訳のわからないルールがある "Otoko ni wa Kaeru ni Sawarete Ichininmae Mitai na Wake no Wakaranai Rūru ga Aru"?)
  • Lesson 016. "If You Stop and Think About It, Your Life's a Lot Longer as an Old Guy Than a Kid! Whoa, Scary!!" (考えたら人生ってオッさんになってからの方が長いじゃねーか! 恐っ!! "Kangaetara Jinsei-tte Ossan ni natte kara no Hō ga Nagai ja nē ka! Kowa!!"?)
  • Lesson 017. "Even if You Aren't Drunk, Pretend You Are and Steal Your Boss's Toupee" (酔ってなくても酔ったふりして上司のヅラ取れ "Yottenakutemo Yotta furishite Jōshi no Zura Tore!"?)
  • Lesson 018. "If You're a Man, Try the Swordfish!" (男ならとりあえずカジキ! "Otoko nara Toriaezu Kajiki!"?)
  • Lesson 019. "Even Teen Idols Act Like You Guys" (アイドルだって ほほお前らと同じことやってんだよ "Aidoru datte Hoho Omaera to Onaji koto Yattendayo"?)
  • Lesson 020. "Pets Resemble Their Owners" (飼い主とペットは似る "Kainushi to Petto wa Niru"?)
  • Lesson 021. "Kids' Annoyance Factor is Proportional to the Length of Their Hair" (襟足の長さと子共の憎たらしさは比例する "Eriashi no Nagasa to Kodomo no Nikutarashisa wa Hirei suru"?)
  • Lesson 022. "Stress Makes You Bald, But It's Stressful to Avoid Stress, so You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, so In the End There's Nothing You Can Do" (ストレスはハゲる原因になるがストレスをためないように気を配るとそこでまたストレスがたまるので結局僕らにできることなんて何もない "Sutoresu wa Hageru Genin ni naru ga Sutoresu o tamenai yō ni Ki o Kubaru to soko de mata Sutoresu ga tamaru no de Kekkyoku Bokura ni dekiru koto nante Nanimonai"?)
Continuing from the previous volume, Gintoki successfully rescues his friends with Katsura's help. In the meantime, Odd Jobs come into contact with the Shinsengumi with Kondo still stalking Tae and the vice-commander Toshiro Hijikata having started a rivalry with Gintoki, Katsura adopts a mysterious alien pet named Elizabeth, and Gintoki befriends an unemployed man named Taizo Hasegawa. Odd Jobs also works to find a person threatening Otsu, and help a kappa-like alien defend his lake from developers who want to get rid of it. In the last chapters, Gintoki is suspected of provoking fires and helps a girl to arrest the real person responsible.
4 Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time
Oyako-tte no wa Yana toko bakari Niru mon da (親子ってのは嫌なとこばかり似るもんだ)
November 4, 2004[18]
ISBN 978-4-08-873672-3
January 1, 2008[19]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1361-4
  • Lesson 023. "You Only Gotta Wash Under the Armpits---Just the Armpits" (脇だけ洗っときゃいいんだよ 脇だけ "Waki dake Arattokya iindayo Waki dake"?)
  • Lesson 024. "Exaggerate the Tales of Your Exploits by a Third, so Everyone Has a Good Time" (昔の武勇伝は三割増で話せ盛り上がればいいんだよ 盛り上がれば "Mukashi no Buyūden wa Sanwarimashi de Hanase Moriagareba iindayo Moriagareba"?)
  • Lesson 025. "You Say Kawaiiii so Often, You Must Think You're Cute Stuff" (カワイイを連発する自分自身をカワイイと思ってだろ お前ら "Kawaii o Renpatsu suru Jibunjishin o Kawaii to Omotte daro Omaera"?)
  • Lesson 026. "You Can Forget to Bring Spare Undies on a Voyage, Just Don't Forget UNO" (旅にはパンツは忘れてもUNOは忘れるな "Tabi ni wa Pantsu wa Wasuretemo Uno wa Wasureru na"?)
  • Lesson 027. "When You're in a Fix, Keep on Laughing, Laughing..." (困った時は笑っとけ笑っとけ "Komatta Toki wa Warattoke Warattoke"?)
  • Lesson 028. "Oh Yeah! Our Crib is Number One!" (ああ やっぱり我が家が一番だわ "Aa Yappari Wagaya ga Ichiban da wa"?)
  • Lesson 029. "You Really Think You Can Study for Exams By Listening to Music!? Turn it off Already!!" (音楽なんて聴きながら受験勉強なんてできると思ってんのか お前は! もう切りなさい! "Ongaku Nante Kikinagara Juken Benkyō nante dekiru to Omotten no ka Omae wa! Mō Kirinasai!"?)
  • Lesson 030. "It's Not the Bad Guys Who Cause Calamities, It's the Hyperactive Types" (事件は悪い奴が起こすんじゃないはしゃぎすぎた奴が起こすんだ "Jiken wa Warui Yatsu ga Okosun ja nai Hashagisugita Yatsu ga Okosunda"?)
  • Lesson 031. "Sons Only Take After Their Father's Negative Attributes" (親子ってのは嫌なとこばかり似るもんだ "Oyako-tte no wa Yana toko bakari Niru mon da"?)
One-shot chapters of this volume despict Kagura befriending a runaway princess, Gintoki protecting an alien named Catherine from her former comrades who want her to be a thief again, and Odd Jobs being requested to find their client's boyfriend and capture a thief of female underwear. In other chapters, Odd Jobs win a trip to space, meeting in the trip an old friend from Gintoki from the war, Tatsuma Sakamoto, who is now a businessman in the galaxy. Another old comrade, Shinsuke Takasugi, is revealed to have a plan to kill the shogun in a festival with the help of the mechanic Gengai Hiraga, who hates the bakufu. However, once the plan is foiled by Odd Jobs and the Shinsengumi, Gengai decides to abandon his hatred.
5 Watch Out for Conveyor Belts!
Beruto Conbea ni wa Ki wo Tsukero (ベルトコンベアには気を付けろ)
December 27, 2004[20]
ISBN 978-4-08-873697-6
March 4, 2008[21]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1618-9
  • Lesson 032. "Why's the Sea so Salty? Because You City Folk Pee Whenever You Go Swimming!" (海の水がなぜしょっぱいかだと? オメーら都会人が泳ぎながら用足してくからだろーかアア!! "Umi no Mizu ga Naze Shoppai ka dato? Omēra Tokaijin ga Oyoginagara Yōtashiteku kara darō kaaa!!"?)
  • Lesson 033. "Watch Out for Conveyor Belts!" (ベルトコンベアには気を付けろ "Beruto Conbea ni wa Ki wo Tsukero"?)
  • Lesson 034. "Guys with Inferiority Complexes Get Big Jobs Done" (コンプレックスがデカイ奴は成す仕事もデカイ "Konpurekkusu ga Dekai Yatsu wa Nasu Shigoto mo Dekai"?)
  • Lesson 035. "Don't Panic---There's a Return Policy!" (慌てるな! クーリングオフというものがある "Awateru na! Kūringu Ofu to iu Mono ga Aru"?)
  • Lesson 036. "Don't Be Shy---Just Raise Your Hand and Say It" (恥ずかしがらずに手を挙げて言え "Hazukashigarazu ni Te wo Agete Ie"?)
  • Lesson 037. "Stop Riding Your Bike Like You're In a Biker Gang" (暴走はもうやめろ "Bōsō wa Mō Yamero"?)
  • Lesson 038. "Okama Know About Everything, From Men's Stupidity to Women's Craftiness" (オカマは男のバカさも女のズルさも全部知ってる "Okama wa Otoko no Bakasa mo Onna no Zurusa mo Zenbu Shitteru"?)
  • Lesson 039. "Cute Faces Are Always Hiding Something" (カワイイ顔には必ず何かが隠れてる "Kawaii Kao ni wa Kanarazu Nani ka ga Kakureteru"?)
  • Lesson 040. "Marriage is Prolonging an Illusion for Your Whole Life" (結婚とは勘違いを一生涯し続けることだ "Kekkon to wa Kanchigai wo Isshōgaishi Tsuzukeru Koto da"?)
In one-shot chapters, Gintoki and Hasegawa try to make money by defeating an alien that has been terrorizing the area, Kagura is attacked by a crazy sword collector when she is trying to return a wooden-sword she bought and Gintoki helps the kunoichi Ayame Sarutobi complete one of her missions. Hijikata suspects their base is haunted by a ghost and Odd Jobs is forced to help the Shinsengumi to find once they try to trick them. Shinpachi discovers an old friend has become part of a criminal gang, and he and his friends try to make him quit. Katsura and Gintoki get roped into working at an okama bar, where they work to try to help his son come to grips his travesti father, the boss of the bar, Kishin Mademoiselle Saigou.
6 Some Things You Can't Cut With A Sword
Katana Ja Kirenai Mono ga Aru (刀じゃ斬れないものがある)
March 4, 2005[22]
ISBN 978-4-08-873781-2
May 6, 2008[23]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1619-6
  • Lesson 041. "Think for a Minute Now, Do Matsutake Mushrooms Really Taste All That Good?" (そんなに松茸って美味しいもんなのか一度よく考えてみよう "Sonna ni Matsutake tte Oishī Monna no ka Ichido Yoku Kangaete Miyō"?)
  • Lesson 042. "Grab Your Dreams with Your Fists" (夢は拳でつかめ "Yume wa Kobushi de Tsukame"?)
  • Lesson 043. "All Men Are Romantics" (男はみんなロマンティスト "Otoko wa Minna Romantisuto"?)
  • Lesson 044. "Some Things Can't Be Cut with a Sword" (刀じゃ斬れないものがある "Katana Ja Kirenai Mono ga Aru"?)
  • Lesson 045. "Good Things Never Come in Twos (but Bad Things Do)" (いい事は連続して起こらないくせに悪い事は連続して起こるもんだ "Ī Koto wa Renzoku Shite Okoranai Kuse ni Warui Koto wa Renzoku Shite Okoru Mon da"?)
  • Lesson 046. "The More Delicious the Food, The Nastier It Is When It Goes Bad" (美味いものほど当たると恐い "Umai Mono Hodo Ataru to Kowai"?)
  • Lesson 047. "I Told You to Pay Attention to The News!" (テレビとか新聞とかちゃんと見ないとダメだった "Terebi to ka Shinbun to ka Chanto Minai to Dame datta"?)
  • Lesson 048. "People with Dark Pasts Can't Shut Up" (すねに傷がある奴ほどよくしゃべる "Sune ni Kizu ga Aru Yatsu Hodo Yoku Shaberu"?)
  • Lesson 049. "Once You've Used a Washlet, You'll Never Use a Regular Toilet Again" (一度ウォシュレット使うともうそれ以外のトイレはなんかもうダメ "Ichido Uoshuretto Tsukau to Mō Sore Igai no Toire wa Nanka Mō Dame"?)
Shinsengumi Sogo Okita requests Odd Jobs to investigate an undergroung fighting ring, Rengokukan. They search for the strongest fighter, Doshin, but they discover he is killing people in the ring in order to have money to raise orphans. Doshin decides to stop fighting to leave Edo with the children, but he is killed by another fighter of Regokukan. Odd Jobs and the Shinsengumi decide to avenge Doshin by runining Rengokukan and arresting its owners. In other chapters, Kondo suffers from dangerous events watching the horoscopes, Odd Jobs meet a mushroom hunter in the mountains and after being intoxicated, Odd Jobs and Hasegawa work to help a nurse meet a patient she has feelings for, and Edo is invaded by giant coackroaches. In the last chapters, Tae requests Odd Jobs to investigate a mysterious cult run by a conman.
7 The Things You Care the Least About Are the Ones You Never Forget
Dōdemo Ii Koto ni Kagitte Nakanaka Wasurenai (どうでもいいことに限ってなかなか忘れない)
May 2, 2005[24]
ISBN 978-4-08-873806-2
July 1, 2008[25]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1620-2
  • Lesson 050. "You Always Remember the Things that Matter the Least" (どうでもいいことに限ってなかなか忘れない "Dōdemo Ii Koto ni Kagitte Nakanaka Wasurenai"?)
  • Lesson 051. "Life Moves on Like a Conveyor Belt" (人生はベルトコンベアのように流れる "Jinsei wa Beruto Konbea no Yō ni Nagareru"?)
  • Lesson 052. "Playgrounds are for Kids" (公園は子供たちのものだ "Kōen wa Kodomo-tachi no Mono da"?)
  • Lesson 053. "Prayer Won't Make Your Worldly Prayers Go Away! Control Yourself" (煩脳が鐘で消えるかァァァ 己で制御しろ己で "Bonnō ga Kane de Kieru Kaaaa Onore de Seigyo Shiro Onore de"?)
  • Lesson 054. "Mistaking Someone's Name is Rude!" (人の名前とか間違えるの失礼だ "Hito no Namae to ka Machigaeru no Shitsurei da"?)
  • Lesson 055. "Ramen Shops with Long Menus Never Do Well" (メニューが多いラーメン屋はたいてい流行っていない "Menyū ga Ooi Rāmenya wa Taitei Nayatte Inai"?)
  • Lesson 056. "Eating Ice Cream in Winter is Awesome" (冬に食べるアイスもなかなかオツなもんだ "Fuyu ni Taberu Aisu mo Nakanaka Otsu na Mon da"?)
  • Lesson 057. "What's the Bonbon Mean in Whiskey Bonbon?" (ウイスキーボンボンのボンボンって何? "Uisukī Bonbon no Bonbon tte Nani?"?)
  • Lesson 058. "Give a Thought to Planned Pregnancy" (子作りは計画的に "Kozukuri wa Keikakuteki ni"?)
After being hit by a car, Gintoki starts suffering from a case of amnesia in which he is unable to remember his identity or friends. Finding his original self unreliable, Gintoki leaves Shinpachi and Kagura and starts working in a factory alongside a Kondo who also suffers from amnesia and the Shinsegumi spy Sagaru Yamazaki. Yamazaki is undercover searching what is the factory's owner, a terrorist, doing and soon discovers the objects they create are explosives. The terrorist is confronted by the Shinsengumi and Odd Jobs, with the latter coming to protect Gintoki. Gintoki is able to recover his memory and helps the Shinsengumi arrest the terrorist. In other chapters, Gintoki battles the ninja Zenzo Hattori for the last issue of the Weekly Shōnen Jump, Odd Jobs trick two aliens sent by Sakamoto to rebuild their house, and Katsura meets a woman named Ikumatsu while escaping from the Shinsengumi. In the last chapters, Kagura's father, an alien fighter named Umibouzu, comes to Edo to bring her daughter back home, and Gintoki tells her it is better for her to leave.
8 Just Slug Your Daughter's Boyfriend and Get It Over With
Musume no Kareshi wa Toriaezu Naguttoke (娘の彼氏はとりあえず殴っとけ)
August 4, 2005[26]
ISBN 978-4-08-873844-4
September 2, 2008[27]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1621-9
  • Lesson 059. "Always Knock Before Opening the Bathroom Door" (トイレに入るときはまずノック "Toire ni Hairu Toki wa Mazu Nokku"?)
  • Lesson 060. "You Can't Judge a Movie by Its Title" (タイトルだけじゃ映画の面白さはわからない "Taitoru Dake Jya Eiga no Omoshirosa wa Wakaranai"?)
  • Lesson 061. "You Know What Happens if You Pee on a Worm" (みみずにおしっこかけると腫れるよ "Mimizu ni Oshikko Kakeru to Hareru yo"?)
  • Lesson 062. "You Only Live With Your Father for About Twenty Years...So Be Nice to Him!" (せいぜい一緒に過ごす期間なんて二十年くらいなんだから娘さんはお父さんを大切にしてあげて "Seizei Issho ni Sugosu Kikai Nante Jyuujinen Kurai Nan da Kara Musume-san wa Otōsan wo Taisetsu ni Shite Agete"?)
  • Lesson 063. "Just Slug Your Daughter's Boyfriend and Get It Over With" (娘の彼氏はとりあえず殴っとけ "Musume no Kareshi wa Toriaezu Naguttoke"?)
  • Lesson 064. "Make Characters So Anybody Can Tell Who They Are Just By Their Silhouettes" (キャラクターはシルエットだけで読者に見分けがつくように描き分けよう "Kyarakutā wa Shiruetto Dake de Dokusha ni Miwake ga Tukuyō ni Kakiwakeyō"?)
  • Lesson 065. "You Can't Judge a Person By His Appearance, Either" (外見だけで人を判断しちゃダメ "Gaiken Dake de Hito wo Handan Shicha Dame"?)
  • Lesson 066. "Do Cherries Come From Cherry Trees?" (さくらんぼってアレ桜の木になるの? "Sakuranbo tte Are Sakura no Ki ni Naru no?"?)
  • Lesson 067. "Why are Masochists So Tough?" (Mってある意味 無敵 "Emu tte Aru Imi Muteki"?)
As Shinpachi tries to convince a saddened Kagura to stay, her ship is attacked by plant-like alien. Gintoki watches it in the news and sets to help her with Sadaharu, eventually allying with Umibouzu. After the Bakufu eliminate the alien, Umibouzu allows Kagura to stay in Earth. He reveals to Gintoki that the reason why he tried to make her leave as he was afraid she would be consumed by her clan's blood and attack other people like her older brother. In following chapters, the Shinsengumi are requested to make their client's daughter break up with her date, Odd Jobs meet the friendly alien Hedoro who accidentally scares all the neighborhood, and Elizabeth is kidnapped by an official, and Katsura asks Odd Jobs and Sachan to help him save her.
9 Whatever You Play, Play to Win!
Nande are Yaru kara ni wa Makecha Dame (キャバクラ遊びは20歳になってから)
October 4, 2005[28]
ISBN 978-4-08-873864-2
November 4, 2008[29]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1622-6
  • Lesson 068. "The Moon Knows Everything" (月は何でもを知っている "Tsuki wa Nandemo Shitte Iru"?)
  • Lesson 069. "Mom's Busy Too, So Quit Complaining About What's for Dinner" (お母さんだって忙しいんだから夕飯のメニューに文句つけるの止めなさい "Okāsan date Isogashii n da kara Yuuhan no Menyū ni Mongu Tsukeru no Yamenasai"?)
  • Lesson 070. "Life Without Gambling Is Like Sushi Without Wasabi" (ギャンブルのない人生なんてわさび抜きの寿司みてぇなもんだ "Gyanburu no Nai Jinsei Nante Wasabinuki no Sushi Mitē na Mon da"?)
  • Lesson 071. "Stop Drinking While You Still Feel Good" (酒は気もちいい状態の内に止めておけ "Sake wa Kimochii Ii Jōtai no Uchi ni Tomete Oke"?)
  • Lesson 072. "Walk Your Dog at an Appropriate Speed" (愛犬の散歩は適度なスピードで "Aiken no Sanpo wa Tekido na Supīdo de"?)
  • Lesson 073. "One Bark Is Sweeter than a Million Songs" (百万編の歌より一吠えのワン "Hyakumanben no Uta Yori Hitohae no Wan"?)
  • Lesson 074. "Adults Only. We Wouldn't Want Anyone Immature in Here..." (キャバクラ遊びは20歳になってから "Kyabakura Asobi wa Hatachi ni Natte Kara"?)
  • Lesson 075. "The More You're Alike, the More You Fight" (似てる二人は喧嘩する "Niteru Futari wa Kenka Suru"?)
  • Lesson 076. "Whatever You Play, Play to Win!" (何であれ やるからには負けちゃダメ "Nande are Yaru kara ni wa Makecha Dame"?)
Yorozuya, Katsura and Sachan go to rescue Elizabeth and battle former Oniwabanshus hired to stop them. Although Gin's group wins, Elizabeth is revealed to have never been rescued as Katsura forgot about him. In the next chapters Gin and Hasegawa have gambling problems and have to work with another gambler to pay a debt to a casino's owner, Sadaharu becomes a demon forcing Yorozuya and its former owners to work together to restore its original form, Tae and Sadaharu's former owner compete to keep their jobs in their cabaret, an assassin tries to kill Hijikata but is bothered by his repeated fights with Gin, and the Yorozuya meet the ghost of the Oniwabanshu's master.
10 Even an Inch-long Insect Has a Soul
Issun no Mushi ni mo Gobu no Tamashii (一寸の虫にも五分の魂)
December 2, 2005[30]
ISBN 978-4-08-873886-4
January 6, 2009[31]
ISBN 978-1-4215-1623-3
  • Lesson 077. "Milk Should Be Served at Body Temperature" (ミルクは人肌の温度で "Miruku wa Hitohada no Ondo de"?)
  • Lesson 078. "The Maid Saw Everything" (家政婦はやっぱり見てた "Kaseifu wa Yappari Miteta"?)
  • Lesson 079. "If You Want to See Someone, Make an Appointment First" (人に会うときはまずアポを "Hito ni Au Toki wa Mazu Apo wo"?)
  • Lesson 080. "Always Show Up for a Date 30 Minutes Early" (デートは30分前行動で "Dēto wa 30 Bunmae Kōdō de"?)
  • Lesson 081. "If You Go to Sleep with the Fan On, You'll Get a Stomachache, So Be Careful" (扇風機つけっばなしで寝ちゃうとお腹こわしちゃうから気をつけて "Senpūki Tsukebbanashi de Nechau to Onaka Kowashichau Kara Ki wo Tsukete"?)
  • Lesson 082. "Like a Haunted House, Life is Full of Horrors" (渡る世間はオバケばかり "Wataru Seken wa Obake Bakari"?)
  • Lesson 083. "Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys that Life is Precious" (少年はカブト虫を通し命の尊さを知る "Shōnen wa Kabutomushi wo Tōsi Inochi no Tōtosa wo Shiru"?)
  • Lesson 084. "Even an Inch-long Insect Has a Soul" (一寸の虫にも五分の魂 "Issun no Mushi ni mo Gobu no Tamashii"?)
  • Lesson 085. "Even on the Net, Use at Least a Minimum of Courtesy" (ネットでも最低限のエチケットはもって "Netto mo Saiteigen no Echiketto wa Motte"?)
Gin finds an abandoned baby and goes to search for his mother. The Yorozuya meets the mother who is being haunted by her late husband's father who wishes to take the baby. Gin defeats the man's assassin, Nizo Okada, and returns the baby to his mother. In the two next one-shot chapters, Gin has to protect a fan-like machine from being used to destroy Edo and the Yorozuya try to scare people as part of a festival. In a three chapter story, the Yorozuya goes beetle hunting to be used in beetle rematch against Okita. Kagura finds the Shogun's lost beetle the Shinsengumi were searching and while trying to stop Kagura and Okita's beetle fight, Gin accidentally kills the Shogun's beetle. The last chapter has Shinpachi accidentally saving a girl from a accepting to go on a date with her.
11 The Sun Rises Again
Hi wa mata noboru (陽はまた昇る)
February 3, 2006[32]
ISBN 978-4-08-874017-1
March 3, 2009[33]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2395-8
  • Lesson 086. "Love Doesn't Require a Manual" (恋にマニュアルなんていらない "Ai ni MANYUARU nante iranai"?)
  • Lesson 087. "For the Wind is the Life" (走り続けてこそ人生 "Hashiri tsuzukete koso jinsei"?)
  • Lesson 088. "The Ideal Girlfriend is Always Minami" (理想の彼女はやっぱり南ちゃん "Riso no kanojo wa yappari Minami-chan"?)
  • Lesson 089. "Croquette Sandwiches are Always the Most Popular Food Sold at the Stalls" (売店ではやっぱりコロッケパンが一番人気 "Baiten de wa yappari korokke pan ga ichiban ninki"?)
  • Lesson 090. "Misfortune Never Arrives Alone" (災難は続け様に降り懸かる "Sainan wa tsuzukezama ni furikakaru"?)
  • Lesson 091. "The Full Moon Drives People Crazy" (満月は人を狂わせる "Mangetsu wa hito wo kuruwaseru"?)
  • Lesson 092. "Be Careful Not To Leave Your Umbrella Somewhere" (傘の置き忘れに注意 "Kasa no okiwasure ni chui"?)
  • Lesson 093. "Fools and Villains Love High Places" (バカとワルは高い所がお好き "Baka to waru wa takai tokoro ga osuki"?)
  • Lesson 094. "The Sun Rises Again" (陽はまた昇る "Hi wa mata noboru"?)
Shinpachi's date turns out to be a thief who takes his belongings but his friends help him to stop her. In the next two chapters Gin helps a woman to accidentally deliver a bomb and Sachan has to assassin a doctor but her feelings for Gin who is hospitalized after the delivery cause her to make multiple mistakes. The rest chapters involve an arc in which Katsura is defeated by Nizo Okada and Elizabeth requests the Yorozuya's help to find him. Gin is also hired y the swordsmith Murata Tetsuya to find Nizo who was taken his biomechanical sword, Benizakura, but is severely wounded in his battle against Okada. Meanwhile, in her search for Katsura, Kagura is taken by Sadaharu to Shinsuke Takasugi's ship where his comrades from the Kiheitai imprison her. Shinpachi and Elizabeth find Kagura's location and Gintoki follows them with Tetsuya's sister, Tetsuko, after her brother allied with Takasugi in order to assist Nizo with Benizakura. Having survived to Nizo's attack, Katsura also infiltrates Takasugi's ship and confronts him.
12 The Longest Way Around Is the Shortest Way
April 4, 2006[34]
ISBN 978-4-08-874040-9
May 5, 2009[35]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2396-5
  • Lesson 095. "On a Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn to the Light" (闇夜の虫は光に集う Yamiyo no mushi wa hikari ni tsudō?)
  • Lesson 096. "The Longest Way Around Is the Shortest Way" (急がば回れ?)
  • Lesson 097. "If You're Prepared, You Don't Need to Worry" (備えあれば憂い無し?)
  • Lesson 098. "Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn into Mummies" (ミイラ捕りがミイラに?)
  • Lesson 099. "People Who Say that Santa Doesn't Really Exist Actually Want to Believe in Santa" (サンタなんていねーんだよって言い張る奴こそホントはいるって信じたいんだよ Santa nante inēndayotte iiharu yatsu koso honto ha irutte shinjitaindayo?)
  • Lesson 100. "A Shared Soup Pot Is a Microcosm of Life" (鍋は人生の縮図である Nabe wa jinsei no shukuzu de aru?)
  • Lesson 101. "Keep an Eye on the Chief for the Day" (一日局長に気をつけろッテンマイヤーさん Ichinichi kyokuchō ni ki o tsukerottenmaiyā-san?)
  • Lesson 102. "In Order to be Myself" (僕が僕であるために?)
  • Lesson 103. "Only Children Play in the Snow" (雪ではしゃぐの子供だけ Yuki de hashagu no kodomo dake?)
Gin has his rematch with Nizo who is consumed by the Benizakura and Tetsuya is killed while trying to protect Tetsuko from the sword. Gin kills Nizo and escapes from the ship with his friends after he and Katsura announce Takasugi they will defeat him the next time they meet. In the next one-shot chapters Yamazaki is assigned the task of learning Gin's relationship with Katsura's group but has difficulties spying him due to the traps that Shinpachi's house has, Gin tries to help Santa Claus in delivering presents, and the Yorozuya compete in eating the New Year's food. In the next two chapter story the Shinsengumi have to protect the idol Terakado Tsu from the terrorist and the last one-shot chapter focuses on a snow sculpture contest the Yorozuya participate.
13 After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday Is Still Your Enemy Today
Kinō no teki wa kyō mo nan'ya kan'ya de teki (昨日の敵は今日もなんやかんやで敵)
July 4, 2006[36]
ISBN 978-4-08-874130-7
July 7, 2009[37]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2397-2
  • Lesson 104. "All Mothers Are More or Less the Same" (どこの母ちゃんもだいたい同じ "Doko no kāchan mo daitai onaji"?)
  • Lesson 105. "Don't Eat Too Much Kaki-Pi" (柿ピーはあんまり食べ過ぎちゃダメ?)
  • Lesson 106. "Don't Make Chomping Sounds when You Eat" (もの食べるときクチャクチャ音をたてない "Mono taberu toki kucha kucha oto o tatenai"?)
  • Lesson 107. "Men Have a Weakness for Girls Who Sell Flowers and Work in Pastry Shops" ("花屋とかケーキ屋の娘に男は弱い Hanaya toka kēkiya no musume ni otoko wa yowai"?)
  • Lesson 108. "Tasty Snacks Really Fill Your Stomach" (んまい棒は意外とお腹いっぱいになる "Nmaibō wa igai to onaka ippai ni naru"?)
  • Lesson 109. "Bread Is Better than the Song of Birds" (華より団子 "Hana yori dango"?)
  • Lesson 110. "At Times Like This, Don't Talk, Just Make Red Rice" (そういう時は黙って赤飯 "Sō iu toki wa damatte sekihan"?)
  • Lesson 111. "Watch the Sakata Family Show at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at the Dinner Table" (火曜7時は坂田家を食卓で?)
  • Lesson 112. "After All, Your Enemy of Yesterday Is Still Your Enemy Today" (昨日の敵は今日もなんやかんやで敵 "Kinō no teki wa kyō mo nan'ya kan'ya de teki"?)
The Yorozuya are hired by a woman to find her missing son who is supposed to be working in Kabuki-Cho. They find her son, Kyoshiro Honjo, who is running his own male host club, Takamagahara, and help him to protect the club from a group of bandits. In the next three one-shot chapters, Kagura replaces a sick Gin as Yorozuya's leader to find to investigate a man who appears to be unfaithful to his wife, Katsura has an interview with a TV reporter as he is tracked by the Shinsengumi and the Yorozuya participate in an eating contest to help a man with promoting his shop. The rest of the volume introduces a young samurai named Kyubei Yagyu from a noble family who was promised by Tae to get married. Although Tae decides to keep her promise Shinpachi and Kondo challenge the Yagyu family to meet her after having to see her cry. Gin, Kagura, Hijikata and Okita join them and they challenge the Yagyu's top four.
14 Four Heads Are Better than One
September 4, 2006[38]
ISBN 978-4-08-874252-6
September 1, 2009[39]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2398-9
  • Lesson 113. "Fragile: Handle with Care" (ワレモノ注意?)
  • Lesson 114. "Blood or Bandages, Are Kinda Cool. They're a Good Look" (血とか包帯って…なんかカッケー 憧れる?)
  • Lesson 115. "People Who Are Picky About Food Are Also Picky About People" (食べ物の好き嫌い多い人は人間の好き嫌いも多い?)
  • Lesson 116. "Don't Just Pick Up Anything You Find Left on the Street" (落ちてたからって何でも拾ってきちゃダメ?)
  • Lesson 117. "Do It Before You Do That" (やる前にやれ?)
  • Lesson 118. "Four Heads Are Better than One" (四人揃えばいろんな知恵?)
  • Lesson 119. "All Words Have Two Meanings" (言葉には裏がある?)
  • Lesson 120. "Everyone Makes Mistakes" (間違いは誰にでもある?)
  • Lesson 121. "When Someone Who Wears Glasses Takes Them Off, It Looks Like Something's Missing" (普段 眼鏡をかけてる奴が眼鏡を外すとなんかもの足りないパーツが一個足りない気がする?)
Shinpachi's group splits to fight the Yagyu with Okita quickly defeating Sui Minato. Okita then joins Kagura in beating Tsukamu Nishino but the two wound each other during their arguments. Hijikata also manages to win his fight against Itsuki Kitaoji but suffers wounds and decides to make time for Shinpachi to find Tae while fights Kyubei. Meanwhile, Gin, Kondo, the last Yagyu Four, Aujumu Tojo and Yagyu's leader, Binbokusai Yagyu, are trapped in the bathroom with no toilet paper leaving them unable to start fighting. Kondo and Toyjo eventually battle with the former winning but Kondo wounds himself after using sandpaper to clean himself. Gin and Binbokusai sacrifice important papers to clean themselves and fight just as Shinpachi finds Tae. He learns that Kyubei is actually a girl raised as a male trying to protect Tae with her new strength. Shinpachi is still against accepting the marriage due to Kyubei not understanding Tae's feeling and joins Gin in the final fight against Bibokusai and Kyubei.
15 The Best Makeup for Women Is Their Smiles
Onna no ichiban no keshō wa egao (女の一番の化粧は笑顔)
November 2, 2006[40]
ISBN 978-4-08-874274-8
November 3, 2009[41]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2399-6
  • Lesson 122. "Everyone Cares About Somebody" (誰もが誰かを思ってる "Dare mo ga dare ka o omotteru"?)
  • Lesson 123. "The Best Makeup for Women Is Their Smiles" (女の一番の化粧は笑顔 "Onna no ichiban no keshō wa egao"?)
  • Lesson 124. "You Can't Trust the Previews for Jump's Next Volume" (ジャンプの次号予告は当てにならない "Janpu no jigō yokoku wa ate ni naranai"?)
  • Lesson 125. "Always Practice "What If" Driving" (かもしれない運転で行け "Kamoshirenai unten de ike"?)
  • Lesson 126. "Dog's Paws Smell Crispy like Popcorn" (犬の肉球はこうばしい匂いがする "Inu no nikukyū wa kōbashii nioi ga suru"?)
  • Lesson 127. "If You Sleep with the Air Conditioner On, You'll Catch a Cold" (クーラーはタイマーで切れるようにしてから寝ないと風邪ひくよ "Kūrā wa taimā de kireru yō ni shite kara nenai to kazehiku yo"?)
  • Lesson 128. "Social Status Has Nothing to Do with Being Lucky" (運に身分は関係ない "Un ni mibun wa kankeinai"?)
  • Lesson 129. "When You're Too Absorbed in Counting Sheep, You End Up Not Sleeping Well" (羊数えるの自体に夢中になったりして結局 眠れないことも多い "Hitsuji kazoeru no jitai ni muchū ni nattari shite kekkyoku nemurenai koto mo ooi"?)
  • Lesson 130. "If You Eat Too Much Spicy Food, You Will Get Hemorrhoids" (辛いもんばっか食べてっと痔になるぞ "Karai monbakka tabetetto ji ni naru zo"?)
Shinpachi's group wins the fight against the Yagyu and the marriage is cancelled. However, Tae and Kyubei stay as friends with the latter wishing to stop being acting in a childish way and become stronger. In the next one-shot chapter Hattori befriends a child he was assigned to kidnap, Katsura takes a driving lessons to get a license and rent movies and Kagura tries to find a girlfriend for Sadaharu. The Yorozuya are also asked to work in Tae's bar and have to make the Shogun Shigeshige Tokugawa pass a good time. In the last two chapters Okita's older sister, Mitsuba, comes to Edo to prepare for her marriage. However, Mitsuba has a poor health and is expected to live for a short time. Hijikata learns that Mitsuba's fiance illegally trades weapons and decides to go to arrest him against Okita's wishes who hates Hijikata for attracting his sister in the past and rejecting her feelings.
16 German Suplex Any Woman Who Asks, "Which Is More Important, Me or Your Work?"
December 27, 2006[42]
ISBN 978-4-08-874294-6
January 5, 2010[43]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2814-4
  • Lesson 131. "Men Are Troublesome" (男ってメンドくさい?)
  • Lesson 132. "German Suplex Any Woman Who Asks, 'Which Is More Important, Me or Your Work?'" (私と仕事どっちが大事なのとかいう女にはジャーマンスープレックス?)
  • Lesson 133. "The Best Place to Hide a Tree Is in a Forest" (木を隠すなら森?)
  • Lesson 134. "A Manga Artist Is a Pro when He Has Built Up a Backlog of Manuscripts" (漫画家は原稿のストックが出来てこそ一人前?)
  • Lesson 135. "Every Man Has a Hard-Boiled Egg for a Heart" (男は心に固ゆで卵?)
  • Lesson 136. "Even a Villain Could Be Somebody's Daddy" (悪人でも親は親?)
  • Lesson 137. "A Hard-Boiled Egg Doesn't Get Crushed" (固ゆで卵は潰れない?)
  • Lesson 138. "You Can Get Almost Anything You Want at Loft" (ロフトにいけば大体何でもある?)
  • Lesson 139. "A Blind Date Is Fun Until Just Before It Starts" (合コンは始まるまでが一番楽しい?)
As Mitsuba is hospitalized due to her poor health, Hijikata goes alone to arrest Mitsuba's fiance. Understanding that Hijikata did not want Mitsuba to suffer by his side, Okita goes to assist the Shinsengumi to stop the arm dealers and meets his sister in her last moments. In the next chapters, the people from Edo become zombies suspiciously similar to the main character from the series Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo and the Yorozuya fight for their lives. Another story follows the Yorozuya meeting detective Heiji Kozenigata who hires them to help him capture a thief known as Fox. Although they capture the thief Kozenigata learns that Fox is actually a friend of him whom he frequents. The last two chapters have Tojo requesting the Yorozuya's help to make Kyubei be attracted to male after suspecting she wants a sex reassignment surgery. The Yorozuya, Tae, Katsura and Kondo make a gathering to attract Kyubei unaware that Tojo realizes he was wrong.
17 Only One Hour of Video Games per Day
Gēmu wa ichinichi ichijikan (ゲームは一日一時間)
March 2, 2007[44]
ISBN 978-4-08-874327-1
March 2, 2010[45]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2815-1
  • Lesson 140. "Please Cooperate in Separating the Trash" (ゴミの分別回収にご協力ください?)
  • Lesson 141. "There Are No Save Points in Real Life" (人生にセーブポイントはない?)
  • Lesson 142. "Nothing Can Compete With a Woman's Tears" (女の涙に勝るものなし?)
  • Lesson 143. "Too Much Cute Is Creepy" (可愛いモノも多すぎると気持ち悪い?)
  • Lesson 144. "Western Songs Are Hard To Learn" (洋楽は皆うろ覚え?)
  • Lesson 145. "People Who Say They Are Doing it For the Sake of Another Are Mostly Doing it for Themselves" (誰々のためにとか言う奴は大抵自分のためだったりする?)
  • Lesson 146. "Some Data Cannot be Deleted" (消せないデータもある?)
  • Lesson 147. "Only One Hour of Video Games per Day" (ゲームは一日一時間 Gēmu wa ichinichi ichijikan?)
  • Lesson 148. "Don't Spent Your Whole Day Off Playing Video Games" (休みだからってゲームばっかやっちゃダメ?)
18 Men, Be Dorks
May 2, 2007[46]
ISBN 978-4-08-874354-7
May 4, 2010[47]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2816-8
  • Lesson 149. "Life and Video Games Are Full of Bugs" (人生もゲームもバグだらけ?)
  • Lesson 150. "Disasters Come in Threes" (2度あることは3度ある?)
  • Lesson 151. "Even Heroes Have Problems" (ヒーローだって悩んでる?)
  • Lesson 152. "Try to See People's Good Points Instead of the Bad" (人の短所を見るより長所を見つけられる人になれ?)
  • Lesson 153. "When You're on a Train, Hold On to the Straps with Both Hands" (電車に乗るときは必ず両手を吊り革に?)
  • Lesson 154. "Men, Be Dorks" (男達よマダオであれ?)
  • Lesson 155. "Love Conquers All" (愛は勝つ?)
  • Lesson 156. "If You Want to Lose Weight, Move" (やせたいなら動け?)
  • Lesson 157. "If You Want to Lose Weight, Don't Eat" (やせたいなら食べるな?)
19 A Schemer Gets Caught in His Own Scheme
Sakushi saku ni oboreru (策士 策に溺れる)
August 3, 2007[48]
ISBN 978-4-08-874399-8
August 4, 2010[49]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2817-5
  • Lesson 158. "Most New Things Have Too Many Functions" (最近のは色々機能つきすぎ "Saikin no wa iroiro kinou tsukisugi"?)
  • Lesson 159. "Rules Are Meant to Be Broken" (掟は破るためにこそある "Okite wa yaburu tame ni soko aru"?)
  • Lesson 160. "Otaku Are Very Talkative" (オタクは話好き "Otaku wa hanashizuki"?)
  • Lesson 161. "True Fanatics Need Three Each" (アニメは三つ欲しい "Anime wa mitsuhoshii"?)
  • Lesson 162. "There's a Fine Line Between One's Good Points and Bad Points" (長所と短所は紙一重 "Chousho to tansho wa kamihitoe"?)
  • Lesson 163. "A Uniform Makes You Look 20 Percent Better" (制服は二割増し "Seifuku wa niwarimashi"?)
  • Lesson 164. "Don't Play on the Railroad Tracks" (線路で遊んじゃいけません "Senro de asonjyai ikemasen"?)
  • Lesson 165. "A Schemer Gets Caught in His Own Scheme" (策士 策に溺れる "Sakushi saku ni oboreru"?)
  • Lesson 166. "Important Things Are Hard to See" (大切なものは見えにくい "Taisetsu na mono wa mienikui"?)
20 Summer Vacation Is Best Before It Actually Begins
Natsuyasumi wa hajimaru mae ga ichiban tanoshii (夏休みは始まる前が一番楽しい)
October 4, 2007[50]
ISBN 978-4-08-874424-7
November 3, 2010[51]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2818-2
  • Lesson 167. "Listen to What Other People Say to You" (人の話をちゃんと聞け "Hito no hanashi wo chanto kike"?)
  • Lesson 168. "Rhythm and Timing Are Useful in Any Endeavor" (何事もノリとタイミング "Nanigoto mo norito TAIMINGU"?)
  • Lesson 169. "Unlikable Things Are Adorable" (好かれないものほど愛おしい "Sukarenai mono hodo itoshii"?)
  • Lesson 170. "What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You" (知らぬが仏 "Shiranu ga hotoke"?)
  • Lesson 171. "A Man Must Never Give Up" (男なら諦めるな "Otoko nara akirameru na"?)
  • Lesson 172. "I Hate Myself Because I Almost Always Leave My Umbrella Somewhere" (ほぼ100%の確率でビニール傘を置き忘れてくる自分が嫌い "Hobo 100% no kakuritsu de biniiru kasa o okiwasurete kuru jibun ga kirai"?)
  • Lesson 173. "Life Is a Test" (人生は試験だ "Jinsei wa shiken da"?)
  • Lesson 174. "The Best Part of Summer Vacation Is Before It Begins" (夏休みは始まる前が一番楽しい "Natsuyasumi wa hajimaru mae ga ichiban tanoshii"?)
  • Lesson 175. "It's Important to Spend a Little Time Alone" (一人の時間も大事 "Hitori no jikan mo daiji"?)

Volumes 21–40[edit]

No. Title Japanese release English release
21 Stand Straight Even if You Are Bent with Age
December 4, 2007[52]
ISBN 978-4-08-874445-2
February 1, 2011[53]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2819-9
  • Lesson 176. "Age Brings Wisdom" (亀の甲より年の功?)
  • Lesson 177. "Going Strong Despite Your Age" (老いてなおお盛ん?)
  • Lesson 178. "When the Kids' Summer Vacation Begins, Adults Get Excited Too" (子供の夏休みが始まると大人も何かワクワクする?)
  • Lesson 179. "Beauty Is like a Summer Fruit" (美は夏の果実の如き物?)
  • Lesson 180. "Go Straight Even If You're Bent with Age" (腰は曲がってもまっすぐに?)
  • Lesson 181. "A Man Should Drink Sake Alone While Gazing at the Moon" (男は一人で月見酒?)
  • Lesson 182. "Flowers on Dead Wood" (枯れ木に花?)
  • Lesson 183. "She's Happiest When She's Working" (起きて働く果報者?)
  • Lesson 184. "Children Don't Know How Their Parents Feel" (親の心 子知らず?)
22 Always Hold A Screwdriver In Your Heart
February 4, 2008[54]
ISBN 978-4-08-874475-9
May 3, 2011[55]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2820-5
  • Lesson 185. "The less said about it the better" (言わぬが花?)
  • Lesson 186. "Give back what you borrowed it" (借りたものは返せ?)
  • Lesson 187. "The tales of a worker! It's sushi!!" (一度取った皿は戻さない?)
  • Lesson 188. "The Shinsengumi's horrible toilet incident" (便器を磨く事これ心を磨く事なり?)
  • Lesson 189. "To a novice a phillips and a flathead are equally as splendid." (素人はプラスとマイナスだけで十分だ?)
  • Lesson 190. "The power of imagination is best between two people" (想像力は中2で培われる?)
  • Lesson 191. "Parameters in real life and in net games are directly inversed" (現実とネットゲームのパラメーターは反比例する?)
  • Lesson 192. "Always, be a scredriver in your heart" (いつも心に一本のドライバー?)
  • Lesson 193. "<<Gaolbreak 2>> If you have broken free of gaol before, it is not gaolbreaking?" (プリズンブレイク シーズン2」ってアレもうプリズンをブレイクしてるからプリズンブレイクじゃなくね??)
23 There's Usually a Fight Before a Trip
April 4, 2008[56]
ISBN 978-4-08-874496-4
August 2, 2011[13]
ISBN 978-1-4215-2821-2
  • Lesson 194. "Everyone is an escapee of a gaol called "myself"." (人は皆 自分という檻を破る脱獄囚?)
  • Lesson 195. "Let's have a chat about the past" (時には昔の話をしようか?)
  • Lesson 196. "Fights often ensue during trips." (旅行先ではだいたいケンカする?)
  • Lesson 197. "Silver and the good for nothing of his highness." (銀と閣下の穀潰し?)
  • Lesson 198. "The line under your briefs is absolutely inescapable." (ブリーフのウン筋は絶対不可避?)
  • Lesson 199. "It Sure is Fun to Draw in The Deformed Style" (ディフォルメだと色塗るのが楽?)
  • Lesson 200. "Oh, It's Chapter 200 Now? Don't Worry About It" (二百回とか気にしないでいこうか?)
  • Lesson 201. "Rest For a Ghost is at Their Discretion" (幽霊ネタやる時は慎重に?)
  • Lesson 202. "A cigarette box with only two cigarettes in it smells a lot like a guy who walks into a room with the scent of horse dung." (タバコは一箱に一、二本馬糞みたいな匂いのする奴が入っている Tabako wa hitohako ni ichi, nihon bafun mitai na nioi no suru yatsu ga haitte iru?)
24 There Are Things Which You Won't Understand Even If You Met Each Other
Atte mo Wakaranai Koto mo Aru (会ってもわからないこともある)
July 4, 2008[57]
ISBN 978-4-08-874524-4
  • Lesson 203. "There Are Some Things Words Cannot Express" (文字でしか伝わらないものがある Moji de Shika Tsutawaranai Mono ga Aru?)
  • Lesson 204. "That face has been decided on!!" (文字だけじゃ伝わらないものもある?)
  • Lesson 205. "There are things that you won't understand without meeting each other." (会わないとわからないこともある Awanai to wakaranai koto mo aru?)
  • Lesson 206. "There Are Things Which You Won't Understand Even If You Met Each Other." (会ってもわからないこともある Atte mo Wakaranai Koto mo Aru?)
  • Lesson 207. "Be Careful of What You Pick Up and Eat" (拾い食いに気をつけろ?)
  • Lesson 208. "Cat Owners and Dog Owners Never See Eye to Eye" (猫好きと犬好きは相容れない Nekozuki to Inuzuki wa Aiirenai?)
  • Lesson 209. "Need energy? Leave it to booze" (酒の勢いに任せるな?)
  • Omake. "13" (サーティーン?)
25 Using two-page spreads is so Jump-like
September 4, 2008[58]
ISBN 978-4-08-874564-0
  • Lesson 210. "Don't put your wallet in your back pocket." (財布は尻(ケツ)ポケットに入れる?)
  • Lesson 211. "Pretty roses can come from the thorniest of bushes." (綺麗な薔薇には棘がある?)
  • Lesson 212. "Beware of guys who use umbrellas on sunny days." (晴れの日に雨傘さす奴には御用心 "Hare no hi ni amagasa sasu yatsu niwa goyōjin"?)
  • Lesson 213. "Using two page spreads is so Jump-like." (見開きを使うとジャンプっぽい?)
  • Lesson 214. "Business transactions come before struggles to the death" (決闘前には用を足せ?)
  • Lesson 215. "It's dangerous to interrupt a fight." (ケンカの横槍は危険 Kenka no yokoyari wa kiken?)
  • Lesson 216. "There are plenty of guys who think that "little breasts" are "pretty breasts", Rambo isn't reckless, and that "buddy" and "ah, a wart" don't sound the same" (微乳とと美乳を同じだと思っている奴が多いけれど ランボーと乱暴くらい違うからね 「相棒」と「あっ疣(いぼ)」くらい違うからね?)
  • Lesson 217. "Life's all about choosing the right footing." (人生は選択肢の連続?)
  • Lesson 218. "Only Mommy can stop siblings from fighting." (兄妹喧嘩を止められるのは母ちゃんだけ?)
26 Booze tastes a bit different during the day
December 4, 2008[59]
ISBN 978-4-08-874591-6
  • Lesson 219. "People who say "I'm really getting angry" are in fact not angry at all." (「マジキレそうだわ」を多用する奴はまずキレない?)
  • Lesson 220. "It's the supervillain types who have the best smiles" (腹黒い奴程 笑顔がキレイ?)
  • Lesson 221. "There is no night without dawn." (明けない夜はない?)
  • Lesson 222. "Standing four legged is beastlike, while standing two legged in a show of bravado is man." (四本足で立つのが獣二本足と意地と見栄で立つのが男?)
  • Lesson 223. "Don't draw confidence from bedtime stories" (寝物語は信用するな "Nemonogatari wa shin'yō suruna"?)
  • Lesson 224. "Women who turn tricks are not to be trusted" (水商売の女は信するな?)
  • Lesson 225. "Burning a perm doesn't change it" (天然パーマは燃えても変わらない?)
  • Lesson 226. "Spread your arms wide enough and they'll fade into the distance" (手をのばす程に遠くなる?)
  • Lesson 227. "Various people bring about various bonds" (絆の色は十人十色?)
  • Lesson 228. "Booze tastes a bit different during the day." (昼間に飲む酒は一味違う?)
27 Heavenly beings' superiors are the ones who created topknots
February 4, 2009[60]
ISBN 978-4-08-874629-6
  • Lesson 229. "All adults are all children's instructors." (全ての大人達は全ての子供達のインストラクター Subete no otonatachi wa subete no kodomotachi no insutorakutā?)
  • Lesson 230. "You gotta get up and make your own crib." (己の居場所は己で作るものなり?)
  • Lesson 231. "Gossip born in the barbershop is among the world’s most pointless." (床屋で交わされる店員との会話は世界で一番どうでもいい?)
  • Lesson 232. "Heavenly beings' superiors are the ones who created topknots." (天は人の上に人をつくらず 髷をつくりました?)
  • Lesson 233. "Zippers should be undone with care." (チャックはゆっくり引きあげろ?)
  • Lesson 234. "Bad guys sleep more often" (悪い奴程よく眠る?)
  • Lesson 235. "When your half eaten popsicle starts sliding down the stick, that's when jerks come around hoping for a share" (チューパットを二つに分ける時はあの持つトコある奴の方がなんかイイ あそこから飲むのもオツ Chūpatto o futatsu ni wakeru toki wa, ano motsu toko aru yatsu no hō ga nanka ii, asoko kara nomu no mo otsu?)
  • Lesson 236. "Usually, Birthday gatherings turn into unwanted reunions" (誕生日会はいつものアイツが違う奴に見える?)
  • Lesson 237. "Don't let sleeping children lie" (寝る子は育つ?)
28 It takes subtle amounts of courage to sneak into a shopping cart
April 3, 2009[61]
ISBN 978-4-08-874650-0
  • Lesson 238. "It takes subtle amounts of courage to sneak into a shopping cart" (屋台に入るには微妙に勇気がいる?)
  • Lesson 239. "Guys need a battlefield to feel complete" (男が揃えばどんな場所でも戦場になる?)
  • Lesson 240. "Be sure to take your infected friends to a hospital" (友達がケガしたらすぐに病院へ?)
  • Lesson 241. "When in a cardboad box one bad apple ruins the bunch" (みかんは一個腐るといつの間にかダンボール中のみかんを腐らせる?)
  • Lesson 242. "If it looks like a foreigner it's a foreigner, if it looks like an alien, it's an alien." (外国人から見たらこっちも外国人宇宙人から見たらこっちも宇宙人?)
  • Lesson 243. "Laputa's still good after seeing it so many times" (何回見てもラピュタはいい?)
  • Lesson 244. "Love often become cruelty" (愛とは無償のものなり?)
  • Lesson 245. "Even a black boat looks flashy when it sinks" (黒船は沈む時も派手?)
  • Lesson 246. "There's loads of dirt under the willow tree" (柳の下にどじょうは沢山いる?)
29 Get caught up in the spider's web, and you'll be hard pressed to escape
July 3, 2009[62]
ISBN 978-4-08-874699-9
  • Lesson 247. "Smooth polygons smooth out a human's heart" (なめらかなポリゴンは人の心もなめらかにする?)
  • Lesson 248. "A Person's Body is a Microuniverse" (人の身体は小宇宙 "Hito no Karada wa Shōuchū"?)
  • Lesson 249. "There are always two guys in a party of warriors that essentially do the same thing" (パーティーに勇者が二人いるとメダパニと同じ効果がある?)
  • Lesson 250. "Idiots lead idiots" (導かれしバカたち?)
  • Lesson 251. "And then, towards a legend..." (そして伝説へ?)
  • Lesson 252. "A dangerous scent...." (アメとムチは使いよう?)
  • Lesson 253. "A tasty situation indeed!!" (人は閉じ込められると自分の中の扉が開く?)
  • Lesson 254. "As there is light, there is radiance." (夜の蜘蛛は縁起が悪い?)
  • Lesson 255. "Get caught up in the spider's web, and you'll be hard pressed to escape" (蜘蛛の糸は一度絡まるとなかなかとれない?)
30 The size of someone's areola and their height are always proportionate
Nyūrin no Dekasa to Ningen no Dekasa wa Hirei suru (夜の蜘蛛は縁起が悪い)
September 4, 2009[63]
ISBN 978-4-08-874728-6
  • Lesson 256. "Beautiful people get boring after 3 minutes, ugly people you can live with forever" (美人は3分で飽きるがブサイクは永久不滅 "Bijin wa Sanbun de Akiru ga Busaiku wa Eikyūfumetsu"?)
  • Lesson 257. "A single thread can cause a fire" (糸一本火事の元 "Ito Ippon Kaji no Moto"?)
  • Lesson 258. "Instead of leaving before students, teachers should leave together with them" (師は先に往く者ではなく共に往く者 "Shi wa Saki ni Yuku Mono de wa naku Tomo ni Yuku Mono"?)
  • Lesson 259. "There's hell to pay when someone like an irresponsible guy gets angry" (チャランボランな奴ほど怒ると恐い "Charanboran na Yatsu hodo Okoru to Kowai"?)
  • Lesson 260. "The important things are usually the heaviest burdens" (大切な荷ほど重く背負い難い "Taisetsu na Ni hodo Omoku Seoigatai"?)
  • Lesson 261. "When the time comes, pay back what you owe" (恩返しは気づいた時にやっておけ "Ongaeshi wa Kidzuita Toki ni yatte oke"?)
  • Lesson 262. "Be warned, drink and women don't mix" (酒と女はワンセットで気をつけろ "Sake to Onna wa Wansetto de Ki o tsukero"?)
  • Lesson 263. "No matter how old you are, going to the dentist is hard" (幾つになっても歯医者は嫌 "Ikutsu ni natte mo Haisha wa Iya"?)
  • Lesson 264. "The size of someone's areola and their height are always proportionate" (乳輪のデカさと人間のデカさは比例する "Nyūrin no Dekasa to Ningen no Dekasa wa Hirei suru"?)
31 Things Like Character Polls Should Fuck Off
Ninki Tōhyō nante Kusokurae (人気投票なんか糞食らえ)
November 4, 2009[64]
ISBN 978-4-08-874749-1
  • Lesson 265. "Things Like Character Polls Should Fuck Off" (人気投票なんて糞食らえ "Ninki Tōhyō nante Kusokurae"?)
  • Lesson 266. "Things Like Character Polls Should Be Burnt To Ash" (人気投票なんて燃えて灰になれ "Ninki Tōhyō nante Moete Hai ni Nare"?)
  • Lesson 267. "Things Like Character Polls If Made Into Tofu and Used To Hit Someone's Head Would Cause Comminuted Fractures" (人気投票なんて豆腐の角に頭をぶつけて粉砕骨折しろ "Ninki Tōhyō nante Tōfu no Kado ni Atama o Butsukete Funsaikossetsu shiro"?)
  • Lesson 268. "Things Like Character Polls..." (人気投票なんて… "Ninki Tōhyō nante..."?)
  • Lesson 269. "The Saying That Bee Stings Go Away When You Piss On Them Is Just a Superstition. In Reality It's Just A Great Way To Get Germs, So Be Careful!!" (蜂に刺されたら小便かけるってアレは迷信ですバイ菌入るから気をつけようね!! "Hachi ni Sasaretara Shōben Kakerutte Are wa Meishin desu Baikin ga Hairu kara Ki o Tsukeyō ne!!"?)
  • Lesson 270. "Watch Out For Death Flags" (死亡フラグに気をつけろ "Shibō Furagu ni Ki o tsukero"?)
  • Lesson 271. "There Are Things That No Matter How Dirty They Are, Have To Be Exposed" (汚れても護らなければいけないものがある "Yogoretemo Mamoranakereba Ikenaimono ga aru"?)
  • Lesson 272. "When the Flag Waves, It's Goodbye" (フラグを踏んだらサヨウナラ "Furagu o Fundara Sayōnara"?)
  • Lesson 273. "Radio Physical Fitness Shows Are How Boys and Girls Build Stable Social Relationships" (ラジオ体操は少年少女の社交場 "Rajio Taisō wa Shōnenshōjo no Shakōba"?)
32 Kabukichō Stray cat Blues
Kabukichō Noraneko Burūsu (かぶき町野良猫ブルース)
January 4, 2010[65]
ISBN 978-4-08-874785-9
  • Lesson 274. "Stick with your Observation Diaries until the very end" (観察日記は最後までやりきろう "Kansatsu Nikki wa Saigo made yarikirō"?)
  • Lesson 275. "When looking for something, search from its point of view" (捜しものをする時はそいつの目線になって捜せ "Sagashimono o suru Toki wa soitsu no Mesen ni natte Sagase"?)
  • Lesson 276. "Shimura's Behind Yoooou!"... huh? I didn't realise it really is Shimura!!" (「志村うしろォォォ」ってアレホントは志村気づいてんだぜ!! ""Shimura Ushiroooo"tte Are Honto ni Shimura Kizuitendaze!!"?)
  • Lesson 277. "Freedom isn't living without rules, it's just living by your own rules" (自由とは無法ではなく己のルールで生きること "Jiyū to wa Muhō de wa naku Onore no Rūru de Ikiru Koto"?)
  • Lesson 278. "Pussies and their tails have some sort of use" (猫と尻尾は使いよう "Baka to Shippo wa Tsukaiyō"?)
  • Lesson 279. "Kabukichō Stray cat Blues" (かぶき町野良猫ブルース "Kabukichō Noraneko Burūsu"?)
  • Lesson 280. "Cooking is Willpower" (料理は根性 "Ryōri wa Konjō"?)
  • Lesson 281. "Whenever I hear "Leviathan" I think of Sazae-san... I'm an idiot!!" (リヴァイアサンってきいたらどうしてもサザエさんがチラつく俺のバカ!! "Rivaiasan-tte kiitara dōshite mo Sazae-san ga Chiratsuku Ore no Baka!!"?)
  • Lesson 282. "Unbeaten by rain," (雨ニモ負ケズ "Ame ni mo Makezu"?)
33 I want to become someone that beautiful and strong...
Sonna Tsuyoku Utsukushii mono ni Watashi wa naritai (ソンナ強ク美シイモノニ私ハナリタイ)
April 2, 2010[66]
ISBN 978-4-08-870021-2
  • Lesson 283. "The Expectations For a Movie Are Proportionate to the Height of the Front Seating in the Theater." (映画の期待値の高さと前の観客の座高は比例する "Eiga no Kitaichi no Takasa to Mae no Kankyaku no Zakō wa Hirei suru"?)
  • Lesson 284. "Unbeaten by wind," (風ニモ負ケズ "Kaze ni mo Makezu"?)
  • Lesson 285. "Unbeaten by storms," (嵐ニモ負ケズ "Arashi ni mo Makezu"?)
  • Lesson 286. "Unbeaten by meteorites," (隕石ニモ負ケズ "Inseki ni mo Makezu"?)
  • Lesson 287. "Unbeaten by demonic heretics," (天魔外道ニモ負ケズ "Tenmagedō ni mo Makezu"?)
  • Lesson 288. "Whose smile can never be eradicated," (イカナル時ニモ笑顔ヲ絶ヤサナイ "Ikanaru Toki ni mo Egao o Tayasenai"?)
  • Lesson 289. "I want to become someone that beautiful and strong..." (ソンナ強ク美シイモノニ私ハナリタイ "Sonna Tsuyoku Utsukushii mono ni Watashi wa naritai"?)
  • Lesson 290. "The Red on Santa Is Probably Blood" (サンタクロースの赤は血の色 "Santakurōzu no aka wa chi no iro"?)
  • Lesson 291. "What Santa Delivers Is Not Limited To Presents" (サンタが届けるはプレゼントではなく夢 "Santa ga todokeru wa purezento de wa naku yume"?)
34 Outrageous Cities Are Full of Gathering Places For Yahoo Type Guys
Muhō no Machi ni Tsudou wa Kyahhō na Yatsu Bakari (無法の街に集うはキャッホーな奴ばかり)
April 30, 2010[67]
ISBN 978-4-08-870047-2
  • Lesson 292. "All of Humanity is Santa" (人類みなサンタ "Jinrui Mina Santa"?)
  • Lesson 293. "Think About Balance in Your Meals" (食事はバランスを考えろ "Shokuji wa baransu o kangaero"?)
  • Lesson 294. "Do New Years Cards With Calligraphy Pens" (年賀状は筆ペンでいけ "Nengajō wa fudepen de ike"?)
  • Lesson 295. "Cocoa Before Hearts" (カカオよりココロ "Kakao yori kokoro"?)
  • Lesson 296. "The Poster Board Store's Poster Girl Has Enough Trouble With Two Place Cards" (看板屋の看板娘はもう面倒なんで二枚の板と呼べ "Kanbanya no kanban musume wa mō mendō nande nimai no ita to yobe"?)
  • Lesson 297. "Outrageous Cities Are Full of Gathering Places For Yahoo Type Guys" (無法の街に集うはキャッホーな奴ばかり "Muhō no machi ni tsudou wa kyahhō na yatsu bakari"?)
  • Lesson 298. "Trash That Is Mixed Together Will Stink" (ゴミに交われば臭くなる "Gomi ni majiwareba kusaku naru"?)
  • Lesson 299. "When Were Odagiri Joe's Hairdo and Shenmue's Continuation Sales Decided?" (オダギリジョーの髪型とシェンムーの続編発売はいつになったら決定するんですか "Odagiri Jō no kamigata to Shenmū no zokuhen hatsubai wa itsu ni nattara kettei surundesu ka"?)
  • Lesson 300. "Ghosts Aren't The Only Ones Who Go Crazy In Graveyards" (墓場で暴れるのは幽霊だけでない "Hakaba de abareru no wa yūrei dake de nai"?)
35 How Do You Do!!
August 4, 2010[68]
ISBN 978-4-08-870086-1
  • Lesson 301. "It's a Youngster's Responsibility to Watch Over the Elderly Until Death, and the Elder's Job to Watch Over Youngsters as They Live" (若者の務めは老人の死を看とること 老人の務めは若者の生を看とること?)
  • Lesson 302. "The Chains of Men" (侠の鎖?)
  • Lesson 303. "Bonds That Can't Be Cut By 30 Volumes' Worth of Enemies" (30巻あいても切れない絆?)
  • Lesson 304. "Town of Iron" (鉄の街?)
  • Lesson 305. "When an Old Man and a Young Girl Get Together, All Kinds of Creativity Abound" (ジジイと若い女が一緒にいると何か色々想像力が増す?)
  • Lesson 306. "Stubborn, Impudent, Determined and Inflexible" (しぶとくずぶとくしたたかにしなやかに?)
  • Lesson 307. "Battle of the Noble Monkeys" (猿公達の闘い?)
  • Lesson 308. "The Pipe and the Jitte" (煙管と十手?)
  • Lesson 309. "How Do You Do!!" (お控えなすって!!?)
36 Jugem
October 4, 2010[69]
ISBN 978-4-08-870111-0
  • Lesson 310. "This Wonderful World Is Full of Bastards" (悪党だらけの この素晴らしき世界?)
  • Lesson 311. "Odd or Even?" (丁か半か?)
  • Lesson 312. "Difficult to Command Super Secret Techniques Won't Work" (超必殺コマンドは難すぎて出せない?)
  • Lesson 313. "We Are All Soldiers in the War Against Fate..." (人は皆運命と戦う戦士?)
  • Lesson 314. "Jugem" (寿限無?)
  • Lesson 315. "Names and Natures Often Match" (名は体を表す?)
  • Lesson 316. "It's Surprising the People You Meet For the First Time at a Funeral" (葬式って初めていくと意外とみんな明るくてビックリする?)
  • Lesson 317. "You Should Watch the Ukon Tea Twice When Possible" (ウコン茶は二度見してしまう?)
  • Lesson 318. "Glasses Are a Part of the Soul" (メガネは魂(こころ)の一部です?)
37 People Grow Up So Much During Summer Vacation
December 3, 2010[70]
ISBN 978-4-08-870145-5
  • Lesson 319. "Z~~"
  • Lesson 320. "Annihilation VS Lethal Strike" (滅殺VS必殺?)
  • Lesson 321. "There are Things That You Can't See, Even with Glasses on" (メガネじゃ見えないものがある?)
  • Lesson 322. "Twice, Three Times That There Are" (二度あることは三度ある?)
  • Lesson 323. "You Can't Say Pool Without Porori" (プールといったらポロリ?)
  • Lesson 324. "People Grow Up So Much During Summer Vacation" (夏休みあけは皆ちょっと大人に見える?)
  • Lesson 325. "Everyone Seems So Grown Up After Winter Vacation" (冬休みあけも皆けっこう大人に見える?)
  • Lesson 326. "Right After Goldenweek Ends, If You Can See It, You Can See It" (GWあけも見えるっちゃあ見える?)
  • Lesson 327. "Candles Are a Bit Exciting Aren't They?" (ロウソクってちょっとドキドキするよね?)
  • Lesson 328. "A Crabs Pincers Can Snap Bonds Too" (カニのハサミは絆を断つハサミ?)
38 An Old Guy's Home Situation Is Usually Pretty Tough
February 4, 2011[71]
ISBN 978-4-08-870176-9
  • Lesson 329. "An Old Guy's Home Situation Is Usually Pretty Tough" (おっさんの家庭事情は大分ハード?)
  • Lesson 330. "The Old Man Is Surprisingly Soft Heart" (おっさんのハートは意外とソフト?)
  • Lesson 331. "Even Adults Can Learn a Lot From Field Trips" (社会見学は大人にとっても学ぶ事の多い場?)
  • Lesson 332. "To Be Honest, I Don't Have A Single Memory Of Having A Observational Study At A Factory." (工場見学とか正直一つたりとも記憶に残ってねェ?)
  • Lesson 333. "Everyone Has Committed The Sin Of Borrowing Without Returning" (人はしらないうちに借りパクという罪を犯している?)
  • Lesson 334. "In The Public Baths, Our Bodies And Souls Are Naked" (銭湯では身も心も丸裸?)
  • One-Shot. "Bankara-san Ga Tooru" (ばんからさんが通る?)
39 Even A New Years Party Has Things You Should Never Forget
April 4, 2011[72]
ISBN 978-4-08-870208-7
  • Lesson 335. "It Is The Same If It Is Camila, Vidal Sassoon or Timotel As Long As You Clean Your Back" (椿派もヴィダルサスーン派もティモテ派も背中を流し合えば一つ?)
  • Lesson 336. "Even A New Years Party Has Things You Should Never Forget" (忘年会でも忘れちゃいけないものがある?)
  • Lesson 337. "It'll Be Okay~." (だいじょうぶだ〜?)
  • Lesson 338. "Beware of the Housewife Next Door" (隣の奥様にも気をつけろ?)
  • Lesson 339. "People Are Able to Live By Forgetting Some Things" (人は忘れることで生きていける?)
  • Lesson 340. "Sure, prison break season two is still more of the same, but it's only cause they've got to break out of the rotting prison known as society that the title still fits" (プリズンブレイクシーズン2って確かにもうプリズンブレイクしてるけどあれはこの腐った社会がプリズンってことだからプリズンブレイクでいいんだよ?)
  • Lesson 341. "Everyone Wears Pajamas" (人は皆パジャマっ子?)
  • Lesson 342. "I'll Cast You Into The Punishment Chamber" (懲罰房にブチ込むぞ?)
  • Lesson 343. "Red and Blue Ecstasy" (青と赤のエクスタシー?)
40 The Wide World is Riddled with Love
July 4, 2011[73]
ISBN 978-4-08-870237-7
  • Lesson 344. "I Daresay, May I Come Skiing With You?" (拙者をスキーにつれてって?)
  • Lesson 345. "Even When One Puts the Utmost Effort into Creating Snow Domes, the Next Day Some Brat Will Break Them." (かまくらはどんだけ頑張って作っても次の日にはどっかのクソガキに壊される?)
  • Lesson 346. "We Can't Take a Company Vacation There!!" (慰安旅行はイヤンどこォ!??)
  • Lesson 347. "Love Has No Pluses or Minuses" (愛にプラスもマイナスもなし?)
  • Lesson 348. "Love is an Illusion" (愛なんてしょせん幻想?)
  • Lesson 349. "Love is not something to take, but something one receives" (愛はもらうものではなく与えるものなり?)
  • Lesson 350. "The Wide World is Riddled with Love" (渡る世間は愛ばかり?)
  • Lesson 351. "Thinking of a title for this thing that sounds like a text message subject was a pain in the ass" (ここのタイトルもメールのタイトルみたいなトコも考えるのメンド臭ぇ?)
  • Lesson 352. "Out of Range Messenger" (圏外からの使者?)

Volumes 41–60[edit]

No. Title Japanese release English release
41 Don't say Sayonaraion
September 2, 2011[74]
ISBN 978-4-08-870283-4
  • Lesson 353. "The end of a picture story show and a show of dreams" (紙芝居 夢芝居 これでオシマイ?)
  • Lesson 354. "A forgotten guy will come at the time he is least remembered" (宇宙ブルルン滞在記?)
  • Lesson 355. "Space Bururun Taizaki" (宇宙ブルルン滞在記?)
  • Lesson 356. "If you're a man, try the cockpit at least once" (男だったら一度はコックピット?)
  • Lesson 357. "A Senryouhako is just a trash bin" (千両箱とガラクタの箱?)
  • Lesson 358. "Empty Star" (空の星?)
  • Lesson 359. "Business Transactions are Fierce Battles" (商いとは戦い?)
  • Lesson 360. "Don't say Sayonaraion" (さよなライオンなんか言わせない?)
42 A Letter from Baragaki
Baragaki kara no Tegami (バラガキからの手紙)
November 4, 2011[75]
ISBN 978-4-08-870303-9
  • Lesson 361. "The painters known as manga artist use life experience as their paintbrush and canvas" (漫画という画布に人生という筆で絵を描け?)
  • Lesson 362. "Are you a bon bon sorta guy? Or a koro koro sort of guy?" (コロコロ派かボンボン派かと問われれば わんぱっく派です?)
  • Lesson 363. "According to the alphabet's order, all of humanity are hosts" (アルファベット表記で人類皆ホスト?)
  • Lesson 364. "Girls love Vegeta, and guys like Piccolo" (女はべジータ好き 男はピッコロ好き?)
  • Lesson 365. "Check it out!" (チェケラ!!?)
  • Lesson 366. "If all a pair of siblings has is hardships, then even the good things they do will eventually become hardships" (デキの悪い兄弟をもつと苦労するがデキが良くても結局苦労する?)
  • Lesson 367. "The thorns that poke the cogwheel" (歯車に絡まった茨?)
  • Lesson 368. "Baragaki and Baragaki" (茨ガキと薔薇ガキ?)
  • Lesson 369. "Bad brats party hearty" (悪ガキどもの祭典?)
  • Lesson 370. "A Letter from Baragaki" (バラガキからの手紙 "Baragaki kara no Tegami"?)
43 Nobody with a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy
February 3, 2012[76]
ISBN 978-4-08-870360-2
  • Lesson 371. "Millioner Madao" (マダオドッグミリオネア Madao Doggu Mirionea?)
  • Lesson 1 (Lesson 372). "Nobody with a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy" (ストレートパーマに悪い奴はいない Sutorēto Pāma ni Warui Yatsu wa Inai?)
  • Lesson 2 (Lesson 373). "Nobody with a Straight Perm is a Bad Guy; 2" (続ストレートパーマに悪い奴はいない Zoku: Sutorēto Pāma ni Warui Yatsu wa Inai?)
  • Lesson 3 (Lesson 374). "Gold or Silver"
  • Lesson 4 (Lesson 375). "Kin-san's Kin****" (金さんの金○?)
  • Lesson 5 (Lesson 376). "Writing "Friend" and Reading it as "Enemy"" (「友」と書いて「てき」と読む?)
  • Lesson 6 (Lesson 377). "Writing "Enemy" and Reading it as "Friend"" (「敵」と書いて「とも」と読む?)
  • Lesson 7 (Lesson 378). "Steel Memories" (鋼の記憶?)
  • Lesson 8 (Lesson 379). "A Protagonist Is" (主人公とは?)
  • First Counter (Lesson 380). "A Man's Sword" (男の剣?)
44 The Prostitute That Turns The Tables
April 4, 2012[77]
ISBN 978-4-08-870387-9
  • Lesson 381. "Presents should be sent early" (贈り物はお早めに?)
  • Lesson 382. "Seems talk of otoshidama usually results in an outburst of toilet humor" (お年玉は下ネタとの相性がバツグン?)
  • Lesson 383. "When You're Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Be Careful You Don't Cook Your ***tama" (コタツで寝る時は○玉熱しないよう気をつけろ?)
  • Lesson 384. "Inspecting Love Begins With An Inspection" (監察の恋は観察から始まる?)
  • Lesson 385. "In The End, The Parents Don't Like Anyone The Kid Brings Home" (結局親は誰が来ても気にくわない?)
  • Lesson 386. "The Prostitute That Turns The Tables" (傾城逆転?)
  • Lesson 387. "Eww! Not You Old Man!!" (じいやはいや-!!?)
  • Lesson 388. "I Daresay We're In The Palace!!" (殿中でござる!!?)
  • Lesson 389. "The Guys Who Go To Sleep First At Slumber Parties Are Usually Up To No Good" (お泊り会は先に寝た奴からイタズラされる?)
45 Vow
July 4, 2012[78]
ISBN 978-4-08-870428-9
  • Lesson 390. "'Country Seizing' Is Kinda More Exciting to Write Than 'Country Taking'" (「国取」より「国盗」って書いた方がなんかドキドキするよね?)
  • Lesson 391. "Five Fingers" (5本の指?)
  • Lesson 392. "The Sun and The Moon" (日輪と指?)
  • Lesson 393. "Purge" (大獄?)
  • Lesson 394. "Enemies That Fate Brought Together" (呉越同舟?)
  • Lesson 395. "Paradise and Hellfire" (極楽と地獄?)
  • Lesson 396. "Vow" (心中立て?)
  • Lesson 397. "Samurai's Country" (侍の国?)
  • Lesson 398. "Two Demons" (二匹の鬼?)
  • Lesson 399. "Unsinking Moon" (沈まぬ月?)
46 The Thing Known as a Beam Can Pierce Through the Hearts of Everyone
October 4, 2012[79]
ISBN 978-4-08-870496-8
  • Lesson 400. "Heads of the Editorial Committee do it Alone" (担当編集は一人で足りる?)
  • Lesson 401. "Dog Food isn't as Tasty as it Looks" (ドッグフードは見た目より味がうすい?)
  • Lesson 402. "Dog Food Makes for a Surprisingly Good Snack to go with Alcohol" (ドッグフードは意外に酒の肴になるビームという響きはあらゆる者のハートを射抜く?)
  • Lesson 403. "The Thing Known as a Beam Can Pierce Through the Hearts of Everyone" (ビームという響きはあらゆる者のハートを射抜く?)
  • Lesson 404. "A Laughing Gate Invites Misfortune" (笑う門には厄来る?)
  • Lesson 405. "Two Brothers" (二人のアニキ?)
  • Lesson 406. "Everyone's Dignity" (それぞれの矜恃?)
  • Lesson 407. "We Don't Want 'em, You Bastard" (願いさげだぜコノヤロー?)
  • Lesson 408. "Shin-boy and Hajime-nii" (新坊と一兄?)
  • Lesson 409. "Doctrine of the Beam Saber Style" (ビームサーベ流の教え?)
47 One Editor is Enough
December 4, 2012[80]
ISBN 978-4-08-870532-3
  • Lesson 410. "One Editor is Enough" (担当編集は一人で足りる?)
  • Lesson 411. "A Begirama Summer" (ベギラマな夏?)
  • Lesson 412. "Amen" (アーメン?)
  • Lesson 413. "Jesus" (ジーザス?)
  • Lesson 414. "Fool!" (愚か者!!?)
  • Lesson 415. "Being a Leader is Tough" (リーダーは辛いよ?)
  • Lesson 416. "Dudes with huge nostrils also have a lot to express" (鼻の穴デカイ奴は発想力もデカイ?)
  • Lesson 417. "Before memorizing historical events, try burning the image of people into your mind" (年号暗記より人間焼き付けろ?)
  • Lesson 418. "Mirrors Show Both Beauty and Ugliness" (鏡は美も醜もありのまま映し出す?)
48 Set the Heart Aflame
February 4, 2013[81]
ISBN 978-4-08-870615-3
  • Lesson 419. "Set the Heart Aflame" (ハートに火をつけて?)
  • Lesson 420. "Climbing the Stairway of Adulthood Means Being Confined and Unable to Rise" (大人の階段は昇り階段とは限らない?)
  • Lesson 421. "Romantic Love and Parental Affection" (恋愛と親愛?)
  • Lesson 422. "Bald Dad, Grey Haired Dad, and Glasses Dad" (ハゲたお父さんと白髪のお父さんとお父さんのメガネ?)
  • Lesson 423. "No One Is Interested In License Photos" (免許証の写真を気に入ってる奴は皆無?)
  • Lesson 424. "3000 Leagues in Search of Scabbard" (鞘をたずねて三千里?)
  • Lesson 425. "Total Sadist vs Total Sadist" (ドSとドS?)
  • Lesson 426. "Both Idiots and Katana Have Their Uses" (バカと刀は使いよう?)
  • Lesson 427. "Realistically Spiral Turds Have a Maximum of Two Full Twists" (巻きグソは現実的に二回転位が限界?)
49 A Bowl of Ramen
May 2, 2013[82]
ISBN 978-4-08-870647-4
  • Lesson 428. "The Ultimate Blade and The Worst Dullness" (最強の剣と最低の鈍?)
  • Lesson 429. "Invisible Scabbard" (見えない鞘?)
  • Lesson 430. "The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games is Paper Thin" (神ゲーと糞ゲーは紙一重?)
  • Lesson 431. "A Bowl of Ramen" (一杯のラーメン?)
  • Lesson 432. "One Crust of Bread" (一きれのパンのみみ?)
  • Lesson 433. "One Family" (一つのかぞく?)
  • Lesson 434. "Fashionable is Something That Disappears The Moment it is Put Into Words" (オシャレとはオシャレと言葉にした時点でかき消えるものなり?)
  • Lesson 435. "All Answers are in the Field" (全ての答えは現場にある?)
  • Lesson 436. "New Sentai Sentais Seem to Start Out as Things You Could Never Approve of, but by the Last Episode, You Don't Want Them to go Away" (新しく始まる戦隊モノは最初はこんなの認めねェみたいになっているが最終回の頃には離れたくなくなっている?)
50 9+1=Jubei Yagyu
July 4, 2013[83]
ISBN 978-4-08-870682-5
  • Lesson 437. "9+1=Jubei Yagyu" (9+1=柳生十兵衛?)
  • Lesson 438. "I Believe I Can Both Be Beautiful and Make Manga" (美と漫画って両立できると私は思います?)
  • Lesson 439. "When You Forget About Calories is When They Come Back" (カロリーは忘れた頃にやってくる?)
  • Lesson 440. "Affection, Heartache, Manliness, and Femininity" (愛しさと切なさと男らしさと女らしさと?)
  • Lesson 441. "10-1=" (10-1=?)
  • Lesson 442. "G Pens are Whimsical, Round Pens are Stubborn" (Gペンは気まぐれ屋さん 丸ペンは頑固者?)
  • Lesson 443. "Mommy's Bentou are Always Too Cold and Somewhat Squashed" (母ちゃんの弁当はいつもつめすぎて若干潰れている?)
  • Lesson 444. "The Sunglasses of Life and Death" (生と死のグラサン?)
  • Lesson 445. "A Snotty Diamond" (ハナクソダイヤモンド?)
51 Mettle of an Idol
September 4, 2013[84]
ISBN 978-4-08-870802-7
  • Lesson 446. "Before you Shake Someone's Hands be Sure yours are Properly Washed" (握手の前は手を洗え?)
  • Lesson 447. "Diamonds Cannot be Scarred" (ダイヤモンドは傷つかない?)
  • Lesson 448. "Bitches that Take the Lead" (導かれしビッチ達?)
  • Lesson 449. "Mettle of an Idol" (アイドルの勲章?)
  • Lesson 450. "People Under Fifty Who Dream of the Lottery is Like a Rising Tide" (人間五十年下天のうちをくらぶれば 夢 宝くじの如くなり?)
  • Lesson 451. "Human Life Lasts Only 50 Years, Contrasting Human Life with a Life of Geten it is but Dreams and Mohicans" (人間五十年下天のうちをくらぶれば 夢 モヒカンの如くなり?)
  • Lesson 452. "It's Tough for People who Show Up to Class Reunions Late to Join in" (同窓会は遅れてくると入りづらい?)
  • Lesson 453. "It's During Alumni Reunions that Things you Don’t Want to Remember are Revived" (同窓会は思い出したくない思い出も蘇ってくる?)
  • Lesson 454. "Class Reunion of Shadows and Demons" (鬼と影の同窓会?)
  • Lesson 455. "You Can Hide Erotic Books but You Can't Hide ****" (エロ本かくして○○○隠さず?)
52 A Shinigami of Dawn and Night
December 4, 2013[85]
ISBN 978-4-08-870834-8
  • Lesson 456. "The Phoenix Will Always Rise Again" (フェニックスは何度も蘇る?)
  • Lesson 457. "Making Light of Early Plot Elements is Fatal" (初期設定はナメたら命取り?)
  • Lesson 458. "Feigned Illnesses are the Source of All Kinds of Diseases" (仮病は万病の元?)
  • Lesson 459. "A Farewell Greeting Should Be Concise" (別れの挨拶は簡潔に?)
  • Lesson 460. "Love is Gokiburi Hoi-hoi" (恋はゴキブリポイポイ?)
  • Lesson 461. "You may hide your face, but you cannot hide your heart" (顔隠して心隠さず?)
  • Lesson 462. "Not a damn thing happened in summer 2013" (何もねぇよ夏2013?)
  • Lesson 463. "Generally characters who appear in white clothing will end up dying in a pool of blood" (白い服を着て出て来たキャラは大体血だらけになって死ぬ?)
  • Lesson 464. "A Shinigami of Dawn and Night" (朝と夜の死神?)
  • Lesson 465. "Human? Or Demon?" (鬼か人か?)
53 So Long Shinigami
February 4, 2014[86]
ISBN 978-4-08-880006-6
  • Lesson 466. "Hijikata Crosses Into the Mayonnaise Line and Disappears" (土方はマヨネーズ航路の彼方に消えました?)
  • Lesson 467. "Okita also Disappeared in the Distant Sadistic Line" (沖田もドS航路の彼方に消えました?)
  • Lesson 468. "Ikeda Yaemon" (池田夜右衛門?)
  • Lesson 469. "So Long Shinigami" (さらば死神?)
  • Lesson 470. "I'm a Mayora and he's got a Sweet Tooth" (おれがマヨラーで あいつが甘党で?)
  • Lesson 471. "I have V shaped bangs, and he's a permhead" (おれがV字で あいつが天パで?)
  • Lesson 472. "I'll be the right ball and he'll be the left" (おれが右の玉で あいつが左の玉で?)
  • Lesson 473. "I'm a failure as a leader and so is he" (おれがリーダー失格で あいつもリーダー失格で?)
  • Lesson 474. "I'll be glasses and he'll be sunglasses" (ぼくがメガネで あいつがグラサンで?)
  • Lesson 475. "I’ll be a leader and so will you" (おれがリーダーで おまえもリーダーで?)
  • Lesson 476. "I’m Yorozuya and he's Shinsengumi" (おれが万事屋で あいつが真選組で?)
54 Always Open Bags Like They Have 50 Million in Them
May 2, 2014[87]
ISBN 978-4-08-880041-7
  • Lesson 477. "Always Open Bags Like They Have 50 Million in Them" (バッグは常に5千万入るようにあけておけ?)
  • Lesson 478. "Whether it be a bag or a ball sack, it’s recommended to open them as well." (バッグにはきたろう袋も入れておけ?)
  • Lesson 479. "A True Merchant" (本当の商い?)
  • Lesson 480. "Open your bags like they always have rocks in ‘em" (バッグは常に石ころが入るようにあけておけ?)
  • Lesson 481. "Essay Manga Are Easy to Draw" (エッセイ漫画は作画楽?)
  • Lesson 482. "The kanji for thief has a lot of evil in it" (泥棒って漢字 悪意ハンパねェ?)
  • Lesson 483. "Two Monkeys" (二人の猿公?)
  • Lesson 484. "Awesome situations never stop during a brief pause" (一時停止は うまい具合には止まらない?)
  • Lesson 485. "There is Trash that Even a Matsuibou Cannot Get Rid of" (マツイ棒でもとれないゴミがある?)
  • Lesson 486. "There are Two Types of Humans in the World, Those that Shout Special Attacks and Those that Don't" (世の中には二種類の人間がいる それは必殺技を叫ぶ人間と叫ばない人間だ?)
55 In Both Spring and Winter
July 4, 2014[88]
ISBN 978-4-08-880135-3
  • Lesson 487. "An ID Photo is Proof of the Harshness of Reality" (証明写真は現実の厳しさを証明するもの?)
  • Lesson 488. "Afros of Life and Death" (生と死のアフロ?)
  • Lesson 489. "Afros of Love and Hate" (愛と憎しみのアフロ?)
  • Lesson 490. "Afros of Justice and Betrayal" (正義と裏切りのアフロ?)
  • Lesson 491. "A Furou and A-Fro" (阿腐郎とアフ狼?)
  • Lesson 492. "Smoke Rises in Places Without Love" (恋のない所に煙は立たない?)
  • Lesson 493. "The Heavens Do Not Make Beautiful Women Better Than Ugly Woman" (天はブスの上に美女を作らず?)
  • Lesson 494. "Beast Trash" (ケダモノだもの?)
  • Lesson 495. "Eternal Flower" (永遠の花?)
  • Lesson 496. "In Both Spring and Winter" (春も冬も?)
56 Shoguns of Light and Shadow
October 3, 2014[89]
ISBN 978-4-08-880172-8
  • Lesson 497. "Strike While the Iron and the Evil King are Hot" (鉄と魔王は熱いうちに打て?)
  • Lesson 498. "Oil Rain" (オイルの雨?)
  • Lesson 499. "Glasses are Part of the Heart" (メガネは魂の一部?)
  • Lesson 500. "Does Everyone Really See the Same World?" (本当にみんなと同じ世界を映していますか?)
  • Lesson 501. "Guardian Spirits are a Part of the Body, Too" (守護霊も魂の一部?)
  • Lesson 502. "Shoguns of Light and Shadow" (光と影の将軍?)
  • Lesson 503. "A Horse from a Gourd" (瓢箪から駒?)
  • Lesson 504. "A Shogun's Duty and a Shinobi's Duty" (将軍の務めと忍の務め?)
  • Lesson 505. "Villains and Policemen" (悪党とおまわり?)
  • Lesson 506. "Shinobi Country" (忍の里?)
57 Those that Protect All
January 5, 2015[90]
ISBN 978-4-08-880209-1
  • Lesson 507. "Steel Peashooter" (鋼の豆鉄砲?)
  • Lesson 508. "Soul of the Shinobi" (忍の魂?)
  • Lesson 509. "Proof (Scar)" (?)
  • Lesson 510. "Samurai and Shinobi" (侍と忍?)
  • Lesson 511. "The Last 5 People" (最後の5人?)
  • Lesson 512. "Request" (依頼?)
  • Lesson 513. "Place to Go Back To" (帰る場所?)
  • Lesson 514. "Those that Protect All" (万事を護る者達?)
  • Lesson 515. "A Sibling Spat And a Battle to Seize a Country" (国盗合戦と兄妹喧嘩?)
58 Farewell, Pal
April 3, 2015[91]
ISBN 978-4-08-880328-9
  • Lesson 516. "Two Good-For-Nothings" (ろくでなし二人?)
  • Lesson 517. "Each One's Samurai" (それぞれの侍?)
  • Lesson 518. "Fist" (げんこつ?)
  • Lesson 519. "Enemies" (?)
  • Lesson 520. "Sakata of Shouka Shonjoku" (松下村塾の坂田銀時?)
  • Lesson 521. "After The War, The Crow Caws" (戦のあとには烏が哭く?)
  • Lesson 522. "The Disciples of Shouyou" (松陽の弟子達?)
  • Lesson 523. "Resistance" (抗い?)
  • Lesson 524. "Farewell, Pal" (さらばダチ公?)
59 3 Sake Cups
June 4, 2015[92]
ISBN 978-4-08-880364-7
  • Lesson 525. "3 Sake Cups" (3杯の盃?)
  • Lesson 526. "The Day the Demon Cried" (鬼が哭いた日?)
  • Lesson 527. "New Ones and Old Ones" (新しき者と旧き者?)
  • Lesson 528. "Heroes Show Up Late" (ヒーローは遅れてやってくる?)
  • Lesson 529. "Forgotten Think" (忘れもの?)
  • Lesson 530. "The Shogun and the Villains (Joui Patriots)" (将軍と攘夷志士?)
  • Lesson 531. "Jailbreak" (脱獄?)
  • Lesson 532. "Festival" (?)
  • Lesson 533. "Stray Dogs" (野良犬?)
60 True Path
August 4, 2015[93]
ISBN 978-4-08-880445-3
  • Lesson 534. "Iron Rules of Surveillance" (監察の鉄則?)
  • Lesson 535. "Shinsengumi Kyokuchuu Hatto Article 47" (真選組局中法度第47条?)
  • Lesson 536. "Two Generals" (二人の大将?)
  • Lesson 537. "That Name is..." (「その名は・・・」?)
  • Lesson 538. "True Path" (真の道?)
  • Lesson 539. "Undelivered Email" (届かなかったメール?)
  • Lesson 540. "Villain" (悪役?)
  • Lesson 541. "Star of Freedom" (自由の星?)
  • Lesson 542. "Shinigami" (死神?)

Volumes 61–current[edit]

No. Title Japanese release English release
61 Farewell, Shinsengumi
November 4, 2015[94]
ISBN 978-4-08-880498-9
  • Lesson 543. "Signal Fire" (狼煙?)
  • Lesson 544. "Memories of the Sword" (剣の記憶?)
  • Lesson 545. "Karma" (?)
  • Lesson 546. "Last Address" (最後のアドレス?)
  • Lesson 547. "Mistake" (過ち?)
  • Lesson 548. "Something Forgotten" (忘れもの?)
  • Lesson 549. "Nobume" (信女?)
  • Lesson 550. "Farewell Shinsengumi (First Part)" (さらば真選組・前篇?)
  • Lesson 551. "Farewell Shinsengumi (Latter Part)" (さらば真選組・後篇?)
62 The No-Good Brats from That Era
January 4, 2016[95]
ISBN 978-4-08-880579-5
  • Lesson 552. "The Monster and the Monster's Child" (化物と化物の子?)
  • Lesson 553. "The Kiheitai's Final Day" (鬼兵隊の最後の日?)
  • Lesson 554. "Ryuumyaku" (龍脈?)
  • Lesson 555. "Request for Leave of Absence" (休暇届?)
  • Lesson 556. "Worthless Thing" (くだらぬもの?)
  • Lesson 557. "The No-Good Brats From That Era" (あの頃の悪ガキ?)
  • Lesson 558. "Hometown" (故郷?)
  • Lesson 559. "Scent" (匂い?)
  • Lesson 560. "Final Blade" (最後の一刀?)
  • Lesson 561. "Warrior's Song" (武士の唄?)
63 Manjuus and Breakfast
Manjū to Asameshi (まんじゅうと朝飯)
March 4, 2016[10]
ISBN 978-4-08-880624-2
  • Lesson 562. "The Noble Youth of Madness" (狂乱の貴公子?)
  • Lesson 563. "Runaway Kotarou" (逃げの小太郎?)
  • Lesson 564. "Zura" (ヅラ?)
  • Lesson 565. "Toys" (玩具?)
  • Lesson 566. "Two Fools" (うつけもの二人 "Utsukemono Futari"?)
  • Lesson 567. "Peak" ( "Itadaki"?)
  • Lesson 568. "Sky Ship" (空の船 "Kara no Fune"?)
  • Lesson 569. "The Swordsman's Moment" (剣士の瞬間 "Kenshi no toki"?)
  • Lesson 570. "Abyss of the Innards" (肚の深淵 "Hara no Soko"?)
  • Lesson 571. "Manjuus and Breakfast" (まんじゅうと朝飯 "Manjū to Asameshi"?)
64 Old Friends and New Friends
Furu ki Tomo to Ima no Tomo (旧き友と今の友)
May 2, 2016[96]
ISBN 978-4-08-880668-6
  • Lesson 572. "Place of Death" (死に場所 "Shi ni Bajo"?)
  • Lesson 573. "10 Years" (十年 "Jū Nen"?)
  • Lesson 574. "Path" ( "Michi"?)
  • Lesson 575. "Old Friends and New Friends" (旧き友と今の友 "Furu ki Tomo to Ima no Tomo"?)
  • Lesson 576. "Two Male Beasts" (二匹の雄 "Ni Hiki no Osu"?)
  • Lesson 577. "Crybaby" (泣き虫 "Nakimushi"?)
  • Lesson 578. "Frog in a Well" (井の中の蛙 "I no naka no kawazu"?)
  • Lesson 579. "Kouan's Master" (徨安のヌシ "Kōan no Nushi"?)
  • Lesson 580. "Wilted Flower" (枯れた花 "Kareta Hana"?)
65 Siblings
Kyōdai (兄妹)
August 4, 2016[97]
ISBN 978-4-08-880748-5
  • Lesson 581. "Lost Rabbit" (まよい兎 "Ma yoi usage"?)
  • Lesson 582. "Crystal" (結晶 "Kesshō"?)
  • Lesson 583. "Right Arm" (右腕 "migiude"?)
  • Lesson 584. "Strongest" (最強 "Saikyō"?)
  • Lesson 585. "Name" (名前 "Namae"?)
  • Lesson 586. "Bottom" ( "soko"?)
  • Lesson 587. "Damn Idiot" (すっとこどっこい "Suttoko dokkoi"?)
  • Lesson 588. "Blue Planet" (青い星 "Aoi Hoshi"?)
  • Lesson 589. "Siblings" (兄妹 "Kyōdai"?)
66 Even If a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring Back
Tennen Paama wa Gunyagunya Magatte mo Modotte Kuru (天然パーマはグニャグニャ曲がっても戻ってくる)
November 4, 2016[98]
ISBN 978-4-08-880803-1
  • Lesson 590. "First Disciple" (一番弟子 "Ichiban Deshi"?)
  • Lesson 591. "Blood and Soul" (血と魂 "Chi to Tamashi"?)
  • Lesson 592. "Complaining" (グチ "Guchi"?)
  • Lesson 593. "The Two Utsuros" (二人の虚 "Futari no Utsuro"?)
  • Lesson 594. "Release" (解放 "Kaihou"?)
  • Lesson 595. "Hope" (希望 "Kibou"?)
  • Lesson 596. "Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring Back Part 1" (天然パーマはグニャグニャ曲がっても戻ってくる (前編) "Tennen Paama wa Gunyagunya Magatte mo Modotte Kuru (Zenpen)"?)
  • Lesson 597. "Even if a Natural Perm Gets Limp and Bent, It'll Eventually Spring Back Part 2" (天然パーマはグニャグニャ曲がっても戻ってくる (後編) "Tennen Paama wa Gunyagunya Magatte mo Modotte Kuru (Kouhen)"?)
  • Lesson 598. "Everyone has a Terminal Between Their Legs" (誰もが股にターミナル "Dare mo ga Mata ni Taaminaru"?)
67 When You Wear a Headband, You Look Ready to Take an Exam
Hachimaki maitara jukensei ni mieru (ハチマキ巻いたら受験生に見える)
December 31, 2016[99]
ISBN 978-4-08-880884-0
  • Lesson 599. "Don't go Overboard with Seasoning" (調味料は控え目に "Choumiryou wa Hikaeme ni"?)
  • Lesson 600. "Your Abs Won't be Ripped but Your Ass Will Be" (ハラは割れないがケツは割れている "Hara wa Warenai ga Ketsu wa Wareteiru"?)
  • Lesson 601. "If You Skip Reading Jump for One Week, Then Make Sure You Read Closely" (ジャンプ一週読まざれば刮目して見よ "Jyanpu Isshuu Yomazareba Katsumoku Shite Miyo"?)
  • Lesson 602. "Delinquent Kids Have Long Hair Going Down the Backs of Their Necks" (ヤンキーの子供は襟足が長い "Yankii no Kodomo wa Eriashi ga Nagai"?)
  • Lesson 603. "Ninjas and Idiots like High Places" (忍者とバカは高い所が好き "Ninja to Baka wa Takai Tokoro ga Suki"?)
  • Lesson 604. "The Difference Between Tenacious and Obstinate is Paper Thin" (しぶといとしつこいは紙一重 "Shibutoi to Shitsukoi wa Kamihitoe"?)
  • Lesson 605. "When You Wear a Headband, You Look Ready to Take an Exam" (ハチマキ巻いたら受験生に見える "Hachimaki Maitara Jukensei ni Mieru"?)
  • Lesson 606. "People that Lecture Others About Not Smoking Can't Give it up Themselves for Long" (禁煙は他人に言いふらす奴に限って続かない "Kinen wa Tanin ni Iifurasu Yatsu ni Kagitte Tsuzukanai"?)
  • Lesson 607. "The T in T-Shirt is the T in Tamashii (Soul)" (TシャツのTは魂のT "T Shatsu no T wa Tamashii no T"?)
68 --
-- (--)
April 4, 2017[100]
ISBN 978-4-08-881046-1
  • Lesson 608. "Jump Comes Out on Monday, Magazine and Sunday Come Out on Wednesday" (ジャンプは月曜日、マガジン、サンデーは水曜日 "Jyanpu wa Getsuyoubi, Magajin, Sandee wa Suiyoubi"?)
  • Lesson 609. "Old Men Etch Things They Can't Forget Into Their Wrinkles" (爺さんは忘れてはいけないものを皺に刻む "Jiisan wa Wasurete wa Ikenai Mono o Shiwa ni Kizamu"?)
  • Lesson 610. "A Machine That's Learned to be Useless is Called a Piece of Junk (Or a Human)" (無駄を覚えた機繰を人間(ポンコツ)という "Muda o Oboeta Karakuri o Ponkotsu to Iu"?)
  • Lesson 611. "There's Nothing as Depressing as a Bossy Person that Likes Festivals" (祭り好きの仕切り屋ほどうっとうしいものはない "Matsurizuki no Shikiriya hodo Uttoushii Mono wa nai"?)
  • Lesson 612. "We are a Part of the Universe, We are the Universe Itself" (我々は宇宙の一部であり宇宙そのもの "Wareware wa Uchuu no Ichibu de Ari Uchuu Sonomono"?)
  • Lesson 613. "Men Must Live Not Long or Thick, but Hard" (男は長くも太くもなく硬く生きろ "Otoko wa Nagaku mo Futoku mo Naku Kataku Ikiro"?)
  • Lesson 614. "The Second Son Tends to get Forgotten About" (次男坊は忘れられがち "Jinanbou wa Wasure Raregachi"?)
  • Lesson 615. "You Should Treasure Everything that has Ball' in the Name" (”玉”の名がつくものは全て大事にすべし "Tama" no Na ga Tsukumono wa Subete Daiji ni subeshi?)
  • Lesson 616. "Dirty is a Fine Color, Too" (汚れも立派な色 Yogore mo Rippana Iro?)
  • Lesson 617. "Onis are Weak to Small Things like Issun-Boushi" (鬼は一寸法師のような小粒に弱い "Oni wa Issun Boushi no Youna Kotsubu ni Yowai"?)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume. They were serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from January 2017 to April 2017.

  • Lesson 618. "Logs can be Weapons, Houses, or even a Mode of Transport; They're Pretty Convenient" (丸太は武器にもなるし家にもなるし乗り物にもなるし便利 Maruta wa Buki nimo Narushi Ie nimo Narushi Norimono nimo Narushi Benri?)
  • Lesson 619. "When Your Playing Tag, the Faster the Person Who's It is, the More Exciting it Gets" (鬼ごっこは鬼の足が速いほど盛りあがる Oni Gokko wa Oni no Ashi ga Hayai Hodo Moriagaru?)
  • Lesson 620. "Don't Be Early or Late" (遅くても早くてもいけない Osokute mo Hayakute mo Ikenai?)
  • Lesson 621. "Watch Out for the 7 Times Tables" (七の段に気をつけろ Nana no Dan ni Ki o Tsukero?)
  • Lesson 622. "The Candy Given to you By Your Elders is Special" (年寄りのくれるお菓子は独特 Toshiyori no Kureru Okashi wa Dokutoku?)
  • Lesson 623. "When You Tell Old Stories of Your Heroic Exploits, it Makes People Dislike You, So Get Other People to Tell Them" (昔の武勇伝は自分で話すと嫌われるので他人に話させろ Mukashi no Buyuuden wa Jibun de Hanasu to Kirawareru no de Tanin ni Hanasasero?)
  • Lesson 624. "Feet Have Fingers, Too" (指は足にもある Yubi wa Ashi ni mo Aru?)
  • Lesson 625. "Instead of Thinking About Gambling as Betting Money, Let's Systematically Gamble Like We're Playing a Game." (博打は儲けは考えず、遊びの範囲内で計画的に打ちましょう。 Bakuchi wa Mouke wa Kangaezu, Asobi no Han'inai de Keikakuteki ni Uchimashou.?)
  • Lesson 626. "The Important Thing with Jump Is Inflation" (ジャンプはインフレてなんぼ Jyanpu wa Infure te Nanbo?)
  • Lesson 627. "Peace and Destruction are Two Sides of the Same Coin" (平和と破滅は表裏一体 Heiwa to Hametsu wa Hyouri Ittai?)
  • Lesson 628. "When You Can't Get the Lid off a Jam Jar, Try Gripping it Tight with a Rubber Glove" (ジャムの蓋が開かなくなった時はゴム手袋でギュッと掴もう Jyamu no Futa ga Akanakunatta Toki wa Gomu Tebukuro de Gyutto Tsukamou?)
  • Lesson 629. "Logic is Essential to Solving Mysteries" (推理はロジックが大切 Suiri wa Rojikku ga Taisetsu?)
  • Lesson 630. "Bushido consists in dying in one second" (武士道とは一秒後に死ぬことと見つけたり Bushidou towa Ichibyougo ni Shinu koto to Mitsuketari?)
  • Lesson 631. "Sometimes You Just Have to Give Up"
  • Lesson 632. "Those That Do Good Things While Doing Bad Things"


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