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Copernicus' House in Toruń, Poland, built under the rule of the Teutonic Order
"House of the three Lepards" in Arras, northern France

The term Brick Gothic is used for what more specifically is called Baltic Brick Gothic or North German Brick Gothic. That part of Gothic architecture, widespread in Northern Germany, Denmark, Poland and the Baltic states, is commonly identified with the sphere of influence of the Hanseatic League. But there is a continuous mega-region of Gothic brick architecture, or Brick Gothic in a sense based on the facts, from the Strait of Dover to Finland and Lake Peipus and to the SubCarpathian region of southeastern Poland and southwestern Ukraine.

Out of northern Germany and the Baltic region, the term Brick Gothic is adequately applied as well.[1]

The region around the Baltic Sea, including Northern Germany, has some typical characteristics, but there are also regional and social differences, such as between the churches of medieval big cities and those of the neighbouring villages. On the other hand, a significant number of Gothic brick buildings erected near the Baltic Sea could also have been built in the Netherlands or in Flanders, and vice versa.

Furthermore, Gothic brick structures have also been erected in other regions, such as northern Italy, southwestern and central France, and in the Danubian area of southern Germany. The particular architectural styles of some regions differ very much from the others, these are Italian Gothic (with Lombard Gothic, Venetian Gothic and Tuscan Gothic), French Gothique Méridional. Quite late began the medieval use of brick in England, with the Tudor Style.

The true extent of northern Brick Gothic and other Gothic brick architecture is shown by this almost complete list.


This list will never be complete. But it aims to be almost complete to give an unbiased survey as well on the variance as on the geography of Gothic brick buildings.

The dates given here refer to the present extant Gothic structures. Predecessors or post-Gothic alterations are not normally mentioned, but can be assessed by following up the literature. The most influential structures are indicated by bold print. Romanesque and Renaissance structures are not listed. Gothic Brick structures from outside the Baltic or North German regions, e.g. the Danubian ones, are also included, while Neogothic edifices are not listed.

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Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Hnesna (DE) Church of Saint Michael[2][3] 1524–1527 tower old, nave rebuilt in Gothic Revival style
Hniezna. Гнезна (2007).jpg
Kreva Kreva Castle Early 14th century boulders with partial skin of bricks
Belarus-Kreva Castle-Wall.jpg
Lida Lida Castle 14th century stone with brick superstructure
Kamyenyets Tower 1276–1289 border stronghold, one of the earliest brick constructions in the region
Mir Mir Castle Late 15th to early 16th UNESCO World Heritage Site. Major Renaissance alterations
Belarus-Mir-Castle-8 cropped.jpg
Synkavichy(SV) St. Michael 16th century fortified church
Царква Сьв. Міхаіла Архангела ў Сынкавічах, foto 3.jpg

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Public database links:

  • IBE = Inventaris Bouwkundig Erfgoed (Inventory of Architectural Heritage)

Most of the Gothic brick architecture in Belgium can be found in West Flanders, some in a narrow strip along the border with the Netherlands. Many Gothic brick churches in the Province of Limburg have been lost in the 19th century, as they were displaced by Gothic Revival churches.

Provinces of Belgium : West Flanders • East Flanders • Prov. of Antwerp • Limburg (BE) • Flemish & Walloon Brabant, Brussels

West Flanders[edit]

Bruges (Brugge) • Damme • Poperinge • Veurne
Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Bruges Belfry and halls
IBE 29457
brick end 13th – end 15th century
Belfort van Brugge (1).jpg
Old St. John's Hospital
IBE 82360
Gothic sick-halls 2nd half of 13th century,
Cornelius Chapel 15th century
00 Bruges JPG6.jpg
Church of Our Lady
IBE 82359
brick tower since 1270
Brugge, Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk01.jpg
St. Salvator's Cathedral
IBE 29716
Choir since 1275,
transept since 1360,
present nave & aisles 1481–1557:
Sint-Salvatorskathedraal - Bruges - IMG 4687.JPG
Various houses of citizens
Brugge Diephuis Sint-Jakobsstraat 58.JPG
Damme Town hall
IBE 78719
1464–1467 façade to the market place of stone (Brabantine Gothic)
0 Damme - Stadhuis (2).JPG
Gothic & Baroque
0 Damme - Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Hemelvaartkerk (1).JPG
Huyse de Grote Sterre
IBE 78680
15th century older core
Damme, monumentale panden Huyse de Grote Sterre RM78680 foto6 2011-08-21 16.10.jpg
Diksmuide Belfort
IBE 94380
20141111 Diksmuide; Town Hall and Sint-Niklaaskerk 1.jpg
Koksijde Ten Duinen Abbey
IBE 16323
founded 1107, nave of the church 1354 Gothic parts of brick with some ashley;
destroyed in end 16th century,
archeological excavations since 1897
Abdij Ter Duinen - Koksijde (2).jpg
Koolkerke St Nicholas church
IBE 71984
14th century aisleless first brick church,
after destruction in 16th century, in 16th/17th centuries
rebuilt as a hall church; pale grey brick
Koolkerke - Sint-Niklaaskerk 1.jpg
Poperinge Sint-Bertinuskerk
IBE 31244
15th century hall church
Poperinge - Sint-Bertinuskerk 1.jpg
IBE 31213[5]
13th–15th century stabilized and a bit altered in the 19th century
Poperinge - Sint-Janskerk.jpg
IBE 30986[6]
end 13th to 14th encenturies hall church
Poperinge - Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk 1.jpg
Roeselare Sint-Michielkerk
IBE 23609
1502 Late Gothic hall church
Roeselare, Sint-Michielskerk van zuiden2006-07-21 13.13.jpg
Roeselare-Oekene Sint-Martinuskerk
IBE 23375
tower 15th century, nave 17th century, extended in 1895
Oekene Sint-Martinuskerk.JPG
near Roeselare Rumbeke Castle
IBE 23328
Gothic, Renaissance & Baroque
Rumbeke chateau cote bis.jpg
Steenkerke Sint-Laurentiuskerk
IBE 83685
Steenkerke - Sint-Laurentiuskerk 3.jpg
Veurne Sint-Niklaaskerk (NL)
IBE 16812
13th–15th century
Veurne - Sint-Niklaaskerk 1.jpg
Sint-Walburgakerk (NL)
IBE 16814
choir 14th century choir Early Gothic, rest Gothic Revival
Veurne - Sint-Walburgakerk 2.jpg
House "De Valk" ("Falcon")
IBE 16698
1st quarter of 17th century very late Gothic
Veurne De Valk R01.jpg
Ypres St Martin's Cathedral
IBE 30539
choir since 1221,
transept since 1254
14th century nave & aisles,
tower 1377 and 143–1470
most of the walls of brick, but a lot of stone tracery; was a cathedral 1561 to 1801
Ypres Sint-Maartenskathedraal.JPG
Zuienkerke Sint-Michielskerk
IBE 58088
Zuienkerke St-Michielskerk.JPG

West Flanders ⬆ : Bruges (Brugge) • Damme • Poperinge • Veurne
Provinces of Belgium : West Flanders • East Flanders • Prov. of Antwerp • Limburg (BE) • Flemish & Walloon Brabant, Brussels

East Flanders[edit]

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Aalst St. Martin's Church (NL)
IBE 237
1480–1566 parts of the southern façade
Sint-Martinuskerk (Aalst) - Buitenaanzicht 03.jpg
Assenede Sint-Pieter en Sint-Martinuskerk
IBE 76102
oldest parts Romanesque, northern aisle new
Assenede - Sint-Petrus en Martinuskerk 2.jpg
Dendermonde St-Odolf-Chapel
IBE 48293
1328 later alterations
Kapel Sint-Odulf, Dendermonde.jpg
Ghent-Ekkergem St. Martin's Church (NL)
IBE 20298
brick 1502–1527 alterations by restorations of 1584–1618 and 1903–1907
Sint-Martinus ekkergemkerk.jpg
Maldegem St-Barbarakerk (NL)
IBE 50564
crossing tower & choir
Maldegem Sint-Barbarakerk 27-04-2010 15-43-02.JPG
Moerbeke Church of Abbot St-Anthony
(kerk Sint Antonius Abt)
IBE 34245
14th–15th century
Moerbeke, parochiekerk Sint Antonius Abt oeg34245 foto6 2013-05-06 12.31.jpg
IBE 8682
tower 15th century nave 1777
Kerk Ophasselt.jpg
Schendelbeke (Geraardsbergen) Sint-Amanduskerk
IBE 8731
first mentioned in 1139, transept and lower parts of the tower Gothic and of brick, alterations in 1669 and 19th century
Schendelbeke - Geraardsbergen - Belgium - kerk.jpg
Stekene Heilig Kruiskerk
IBE 15459
choir & transept 1548 Gothic Revival nave 1897
Stekene, de Heilige Kruiskerk oeg15459 foto4 2013-05-06 15.18.jpg
Wachtebeke Sint-Catharinakerk(NL)
IBE 34347
about 1200 & 1550–1580 originally aisleless, later enlarged to be a hallchurch
Wachtebeke - Sint-Catharinakerk 2.jpg
Watervliet, Belgium Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Hemelvaartkerk
IBE 59063
about 1500 most of the simple walls of red brick, all complicated parts of stone

Provinces of Belgium : West Flanders • East Flanders • Prov. of Antwerp • Limburg (BE) • Flemish & Walloon Brabant, Brussels

Province of Antwerp[edit]

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Antwerp former St-Julian's Hospital (NL: Sint-Julianusgasthuis)
IBE 4172
Door with jaguar (25668745396).jpg
Balen Sint-Andrieskerk (NL)
IBE 51953
Balen - Sint-Andrieskerk.jpg
Deurne with proviso:
IBE 11284
1603–1644 After-Gothic reconstruction on the foundations of the predecessor, built about 1500 and destroyed in 1579
Herentals Begijnhofkerk Sint-Catharina
IBE 47015
Herentals beguinage 03.JPG
Herenthout Begijnhofkerk Sint-Catharina
IBE 47225
1550 alterations in 1774
Sint-Gummaruskapel 03.JPG
Hoogstraten Sint-Katharinakerk (NL)
IBE 46578
Decanale kerk Sint-Catharina, Hoogstraten.jpg
IBE 46688
1st half of 15th – 1st half of 16th century
St-Salvatorkerk, Meerle.JPG
IBE 46731
choir 1550 alterations 1773
Minderhout, kerk foto2 2007-08-24 12.51.JPG
Kasterlee Sint-Willibrorduskerk (NL)
IBE 47309
tower old, nave Gothic Revival
P1020726 copySt.Willibrorduskerk.jpg
Mechelen Hof van Kamerijk/Paleis Margaretha van York (NL)
IBE 3467
late 15th century only lateral gables of brick
Mechelen-Keizerstraat 3 (3b).jpg
Hof Van Nassau
IBE 3866
late 15th century
Hof Van Nassau, Mechelen.jpg
"Het Paradijs"
IBE 112156
citizen's house
Mechelen-Haverwerf 20-21 (4).jpg
IBE 3626
ancient monastery, afterwards part of a beginage
Mechelencellenbroedersklooster 10-08-2008 15-05-21.JPG
Jesus Gate
IBE 3668
entrance of a beginage
Begijnhofmechelenjezuspoort 10-08-2008 15-23-31.JPG


Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Bocholt Sint-Laurenskerk
IBE 86025
only the nave
Bocholt - Sint-Laurentiuskerk.jpg
Meeuwen Sint-Martinuskerk (NL)
IBE 72451
Meeuwen - Sint-Martinuskerk.jpg
Peer Sint-Trudokerk (NL)
IBE 80768
only the tower of brick
Peer - Sint-Trudokerk.jpg

Provinces of Belgium : West Flanders • East Flanders • Prov. of Antwerp • Limburg (BE) • Hainaut • Flemish & Walloon Brabant, Brussels


Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Battignies (Binche) Saint-Anne's Chapel[7] about 1600 very late Gothic
Fontaine-l'Évêque St Christopher church[8] simple areas of the walls of the nave of brick
Fontaine-l'Evêque JPG00d.jpg
Enghien St. Nicholas Church (NL)[9] 14th century
Enghien 050918 (5).JPG
St-Martin Church[10] 15th century consecrated in 1347, present building 15th century
Marcq (Enghien) JPG00b.jpg

Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant & Brussels[edit]

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Brussels Coudenberg Palace (FR/NL)[11] completed in 1451, burnt in 1731 underground relics and archeological findings,
the basement and some vaults were of brick
Site du Coudenberg 09.JPG
Sint-Annakerk (NL)
IBE 38985
Gothic 16th century Walls of the aisles with layers of brick, other parts stone only; Romanesqu eparts mid 13th century
Dilbeek, St. Anna chapel.jpg
Wavre Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church (FR)[12] Gothic 16th century nave and base of the tower of red stone, tower of red brick with narrow layers of white stone
Wavre - Saint-Jean-Baptiste - Clocher - Vue arrière 01.JPG

Provinces of Belgium ⬆ : West Flanders • East Flanders • Prov. of Antwerp • Limburg (BE) • Hainaut • Flemish & Walloon Brabant, Brussels
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Czech Republic[edit]

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Brno Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady 1323–1334 intignated by Queen Elizabeth Richeza
Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (Brno).JPG
Hradec Kralové Cathedral of the Holy Spirit 1339–1479 built in three periods
Kostel sv. Ducha, katedrální (Hradec Králové) 01.JPG
Nymburk Saint Giles Church (CZ) 14th century
– about 1500
later alterations by repairing
damages of several wars
Chram sv jilji nymburk 2.jpg
Opava Our Lady of the Assumption Co-Cathedral 1237 –
14th century
Opava, konkatedrála (5x5).jpg
Holy Cross Chapel (CZ) 1394 only the choir of brick
Švédská kaple (kaple sv.Kříže), Opava-Kateřinky..JPG
Prague Convent of Saint Agnes 13th century conventual building
Old New Synagogue 1270 upper gable
Prague,Josefov, Oldnew synagogue.JPG
Karolinum originally a private palace,
now a central building of Charles University
152 Univerzita Karlova, o Karolinum (Universitat Carolina).jpg
U pěti korun
(House of the Five Crowns)
relic of the original Gothic decoration
of a nowadays Renaissance & Baroque building
Gotické cihly U pěti korun, Melantrichova 11, Staré Město.jpg

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Background informations:

  • NM-DK = Digitized pages, available on the websites of the National Museum, of the compendium of Danmarks Kirker ("Churches of Denmark"). It has been published since 1927, but the digitized pages mostly are of editions of the 1990s. On the linked subpage, you have to cklick for a PDF with the title "… Kirke". The description you load down begins with some history. After that, the churchyard is described and after the churchyard, mostly beginning with the headline "BYGNING", the church building itself. In this list, sometimes simply is written "PDF", sometimes an identification of the volume and the number "BYGNING"-page.
  • Trap = Statistik-Topographisk Beskrivelse af Kongeriket Danmark (Statistical-Topographical Description of the Kingdom of Denmark, initiated by Jens Peter Trap (DA) and continued by H. Weitemeyer, V. Falbe-Hansen & H. Westergaard. The 1st edition 1856–1860, 2nd edition 1872–1879 & 3rd edition 1898–1906 are available on Runeberg[13] edition of Nordic literature. As a non-commercial volunteer project providing original texts, it can be considered equivalent to Wikisource.
Denmark: North Jutland • Mid Jutland • South Jutland • Funen • Zealand • Lolland & Falster

North Jutland[edit]

– Danish "Region Nordjylland" –

Jutland : Aalborg • Brønderslev Kom. • Frederikshavn Kom. • Hjørring + Kom. • Jammerbugt Kom. • Mariager + Kom. • Mors Island • Thisted + Kom. • Vesthimmerlands Kom. • Ribe/Esbjerg Kom. • Viborg
Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Aalborg Budolfi Church about 1450 northern chapel and 14 meters of the choir 1942–1944
Aalborg church.JPG
Aalborg Monastery (DA) this wing 1506
Aalborg (DK) Latinergyden - panoramio.jpg
Aalborg Kommune
Bislev church (DA) Romanesque nave of granite, white washed Gothic tower of brick
Aalborg Kommune
Ferslev church (DA) Romanesque nave of granite, white washed Gothic tower of brick
Ferslev church 0330.jpg
Aalborg Kommune
Frejlev kirke[14] nave 12th century Romanesque nave of granite, white washed Gothic tower of brick
Frejlev kirke.JPG
Aalborg Kommune
Hals church (DA) choir Late Gothic, tower Late Gothic & later heightened
07-03-27-q2 Hals (Aalborg).JPG
with proviso for lacking
data: Klarup,
Aalborg Kommune
Klarup church
Klarup Kirke.JPG
Aalborg Kommune
Nibe church (DA) 15th century
Nibe Kirke1.JPG
Nørre Tranders,
Aalborg Kommune
Nørre Tranders church (DA) granite & brick
Aalborg Kommune
Sejlflod church (DA) brick 16th century
Sejlflod Kirke 2010 ubt-4.JPG
Aalborg Kommune
Storvorde church 14th century or later
Storvorde Kirke 2010 ubt-1.JPG
Sønder Tranders,
Aalborg Kommune
Sønder Tranders church (DA) tower & altrations of the nave Late Gothic of brick, washed
Sønder Tranders Kirke, Danmark 0004.jpg
Aalborg Kommune
Sønderholm church (DA) tower & porch LateGothic of brick, washed
Nordenskirker Soenderholm01.jpg
Vester Hassing,
Aalborg Kommune
Vester Hassing church (DA) tower 15th century
Vester Hassing Kirke 2009 ubt.JPG
Brønderslev Kommune
Tise church (DA) Late Gothic enlargement and modernization
Nordenskirker Tisevend(01).jpg
Brønderslev Kommune|Tolstrup kirke[15]
porch Late Gothic, tower replaced in 1937
Tolstrup Kirke (Aalborg Stift) 2011 ubt-1.jpg
near Voergaard Castle,
Brønderslev Kommune
Voer Kirke (DA) Late Gothic choir and porch; tower 1788
Voer kirke (Brønderslev).JPG
Øster Brønderslev,
Brønderslev Kommune
church (DA) about 1250 nave & base of the tower of granite, tower of red brick, porch of washed biick
Øster Brønderslev Kirke-10 ubt.JPG
Frederikshavn Kommune
Åsted church (DA)/(DE)'
brick on a base of granite: Romanesque nave, Gothic porch, Baroque eastern enlargements, tower of 1848 Åsted kirke i Frederikshavn Kommune, billede 14.jpg Åsted kirke i Frederikshavn Kommune, billede 22.jpg
Frederikshavn Kommune
Elling Kirke (DA)/(DE)' 13th century Romanesque & Gothic
Elling udv.jpg
Frederikshavn Kommune
Volstrup church (DA) th century Late Romanesque (also brick) & Late Gothic; gables altered to Baroque style
Volstrup Kirke-1 ubt.JPG
Frederikshavn Kommune
Sand-Covered Church btw. 13t5 & 1387 nave demolished in 1895
The sand-covered church, 2015-07-28-2.jpg
Hjørring St Cathreine church (DA)[16] Gothic 15th century choir, tower & other additions to the Romensque nave (years on the tower from renovations)
Hjörring St. Katharinenkirche 2014.jpg
Hjørring Kommune
Skallerup church (DA) nave Romanesque, tower, sacrity & porch Late Gothic
Skallerup Kirke ydre4.jpg
Hjørring Kommune
Vrensted church (DA) Late Gothic whitened brick tower; Romanesque nave of granite
Nordenskirker Vrensted(01).jpg
Hjørring Kommune
Vrå church (DA) Romensque nave with Late Gothic painted brick tower & porch
Vrå kirke (Hjørring).JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
Alstrup church (DA) choir & tower Late Gothic of brick, whitened
11-07-03-s1-Alstrup-6k Alstrup kirke (Jammerbugt).jpg
Jammerbugt Kom.
church (DA) Gothic 14th century tower & porch of brick
Brovst Kirke-4 ubt.JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
Gjøl church[17] nave 1150 brick tower Gothic age
11-07-03-g2-Gjøl (Jammerbugt).JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
Haverslev church Gothic tower of Romanesque granite church, renovation 1757, poor chronicle information
11-07-04-s4-Haverslev (Jammerbugt).JPG
Hune Sogn,
Jammerbugt Kom.
Hune-/ Vor for Frue Kirke[18] whitene Githic brikc tower, Romanesque (?) nave of granite
11-07-04-c5-Hune kirke (Jammerbugt).JPG
Ingstrup Sogn,
Jammerbugt Kom.
Ingstrup church[19] nave with romanesque walls of granit eashley and gothic vaults, whitened Gothic brick tower
11-07-03-u3-Ingstrup kirke (Jammerbugt).JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
church[20] th century
before 1200 Romanesque nave granite walls, mid 15th century Late Gothic relaunch: brick tower, vauts, doors, frescos Jetsmark Kirke.4.JPG Jetsmark Kirke set fra vest.JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
Kettrup church [21] nave 12th century tower and porch of brick in late Middel Age, renovation in 1801
Kettrup Kirke 2011a ubt.JPG
Klim (DA),
Jammerbugt Kom.
Klim church[22] nave 12th century Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower and further whitened brick additions
Klim kirke (Jammerbugt)-2.JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
Kollerup church[23] Gothic about 1500 Romanesque granite nave of 12th century
Kollerup Kirke 2011 ubt-5.JPG
Lerup sogn,
Jammerbugt Kom.
Lerup church (DA) tower mid 15th century Romanesque nave, Late Gothic whitened brick tower, younger porch
Lerup Kirke-2009 ubt.JPG
Jammerbugt Kom.
Torslev church (DA)[24] Romanesque nave, Late Gothic tower; upper storey of the tower demolished in 1841
Nordenskirker Torslevhan01.jpg
Tranum Sogn,
Jammerbugt Kom.
Tranum Kirke[25] Romanesque nave about 1200, Late Gothic tower about 1450
Tranum Kirke-2009 ubt.JPG
Vester Hjermitslev Sogn,
Jammerbugt Kom.
Vester Hjermitslev church (DA) Gothic about 1500 tower & relaunch of the nave by brick, whitened
Nordenskirker Vesthjerm(01).jpg
Jammerbugt Kom.
Vust church[26] tower about 1500 Romanesque granite nave, Gothic whitened brick tower
Vust kirke (Jammerbugt).JPG
Øland island,
Jammerbugt Kom.
Øland- or Oxholm church (DA) early 15th century former nunnery church, yellow brick, nowadays white washed
Nordenskirker Oeland(01).jpg
Byrum church (DA)[27] 1258 mainly Romanesque, but two Gothic windows and inside Gothic vaults
Byrumkirke læsø.JPG
Vesterø ,
Southern Vesterø church (DA) about 1250 mainly Romanesque, tower Gothic
Vesterø Kirke.jpg
Mariagerfjiord Kom.
Mariager Abbey church 15th century former nunnery and pilgrimage
Mariager Kirke2.JPG
Mariagerfjiord Kom.
Als church (DA) 1309 white washed
Als 1 Als kirke (Mariagerfjord).jpg
Mariagerfjiord Kom.
Astrup church[28] 1542 octagonal tower of red brick
Astrup 6 edited-1 Astrup kirke (Mariagerfjord).jpg
Falslev-Vindblæs sogn,
Mariagerfjiord Kom.
Falslev kirke[29] Romanesque nave of granite ashley, whitened brick tower & porch Late Gothic additions only granite
Vindblæs church[30] Brick about 1550 Late Gothic tower and porch
Vindblæs kirke (Mariagerfjord).JPG
Mors island,
Morsø Kommune
Hvidberg church[31] tower about 1500 nave 12th century of granite ashley
Øster Hvidbjerg kirke (Mors).JPG
Nykøbing Mors,
Dueholm Priory founded 1370
Nykøbing Mors - Dueholm Kloster.jpg
Mors island,
Morsø Kommune
church[32] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Sejerslev kirke (Mors).JPG
Mors island,
Morsø Kommune
Vejerslev church (DA) tower about 1400 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Vejerslev kirke (Mors).JPG
Rebild Kommune
Torup kirke[33] tower about 1500 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower ; porch about 1900
Torup kirke (Rebild).JPG
Thisted Kommune
church (DA)[34] about 1500 yellow munk brick with granite ashley and chalk, nowadays white washed
Thisted Kommune
Bedsted church[35] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic red brick tower, interior of the nave about 1500
11-07-05-h6-Bedsted kirke-11c (Thisted).jpg
Thisted Kommune
Hillerslev kirke[36] tower about 1500 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
09-03-Hillerslev kirke (Thisted).jpg
13 km NE of Thisted,
Thisted Kommune
church (DA)[37] Gothic 15th century Romanesque granite church (about 1200) with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
11-07-06-f2-Hjardemål kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Hunstrup kirke[38] Gothic about 1500 th century Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower and porch
11-07-06-e2-Hunstrup kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Lild kirke[39] about 1460 munk brick & Bulbjerg stone
Lild Kirke (okt 2011, ubt)-007.JPG
Lodbjerg Sogn,
Thisted Kommune
Lodbjerg church (DA) 1530s
Thisted Kommune
Ørum church (DA stub)'[40] tower about 1500 Late Gothic red brick tower, Romanesque granite nave & choir
Thisted Kommune
Øsløs Kirke[41] tower about 1500 Romanesque granite nave & choir
Øsløs kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Østerild Kirke[42] core about 1160 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Østerild kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Hillerslev church[43] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower and porch
Sennels kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Sjørring kirke[44] tower about 1500 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Sjørring kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Tømmerby kirke[45] nave about 1130, tower & porch late Middle Age of brick, whitened
Tømmerby kirke (Thisted).JPG
Thisted Kommune
Vestervig abbey church Romanesque basilica of granite ashley, Late Gothic tower of brick
Nordenskirker Vestervig(01).jpg
Thisted Kommune
Villerslev kirke[46] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Villerslev kirke (Thisted).JPG
Farsø kirke (DA)[47] nave & choir about 1180, tower & porch Late Gothic of brick, whitened
Farsø Kirke2.JPG
Gedsted church (DA) Brick 14th century transept and tower of brick, partly whitened
Gedsted Kirke - 2.jpg
Simested church (DA) brick 16th century Romanesque nave of granite ashley 13th century
Simested Kirke - 1.jpg
Skivum kirke Romanesque granite church with Gothic whitened brick tower
Skivum kirke (Vesthimmerland).JPG
Vesterbølle church (DA) brick early 16th century Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Vesterbølle Kirke.jpg

North Jutland ⬆ : Aalborg • Brønderslev Kom. • Frederikshavn Kom. • Hjørring + Kom. • Jammerbugt Kom. • Mariager + Kom. • Mors Island • Thisted + Kom. • Vesthimmerlands Kom.
Denmark: North Jutland • Mid Jutland • South Jutland • Funen • Zealand • Lolland & Falster

Mid Jutland[edit]

– Danish "Region Midtjylland" –

Middle + South Jutland : Aarhus • Horsens • Viborg • RandersRibe/Esbjerg Kom.
Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Aarhus Kommune
Cathedral end of 14th century to 1500
Church of Our Lady mid-13th century to 1500
Vor Frue Kirke Århus.jpg
Framlev Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Framlev church (DA STUB) Romanesque nave of boulders & trachyte, Late Gothic tower of brick
Framlev (Aarhus).JPG
Kasted Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Kasted church (DA) brick about 1500 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower & porch; upper storey of the tower replaced in 1935
Kasted Kirke - 4.jpg
Kolt Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Kolt Church Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick porch & tower, all white painted
Kolt Kirke - 2.jpg
Lisbjerg Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Lisbjerg church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick porch & tower, all white painted
Lisbjerg 2-Aarhus.JPG
Aarhus Kommune
Mårslet church (DA) brick about 1500 Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick porch & tower, all white painted
Mårslet 3 - Aarhus.JPG
Ormslev Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Ormslev church (DA) tower 16th century Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick enlargement, porch & tower, all white painted
Ormslev 2-Aarhus.JPG
Skødstrup Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Skødstrup church (DA)[48] Romanesque nave of stone, Late Gothic tower, porch and enlargement of the nave by brick, nowadays all brick painted white
Spørring Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Spørring church (DA) brick about 1500 Gothic tower & porch of a Romanesque church of natural stone
Sønder Aarslev Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Sønder Aarslev church (DA) late Middle Age enlargements by brick
Aarslev Kirke (detalje).jpg
Tilst Sogn,
Aarhus Kommune
Tilst church (DA) tower Late Gothic
Tilst 3-Aarhus.JPG
Skanderborg Kommune
Blegind Kirke (DA)[49] Late Gothic tower of brick, white washed nave of granite and other stone
Blegind 4 - Skanderborg.JPG
Foldby Sogn,
Favrskov Kommune
Foldby church (DA)
Romanesque granite church with Gothic brick vaulting & tower; the only church in Favrskov Kommune, whose brick additions are in Gothic style; since 12th century ruled by Aarhus cathedral chapter Foldby Kirke.jpg Foldbykirkedsc01139.jpg
Skive Kommune
Grinderslev Kirke[50] Late Middel Age tower with basket arched windows at a Romanesque church of granite ashlar
07-09-11-v21 Grinderslev (Skive).jpg
Hedensted Kommune
Daugård church (DA) white painted Romanesque trachyte church with Late Gothic brick tower, porch and alterations
Daugård Kirke 01.jpg
Løsning-Korning Sogn,
Hedensted Kommune
Korning kirke[51] white painted Romanesque trachyte church with Late Gothic brick tower
Nordenskirker Korning01.jpg
Ølsted Sogn,
Hedensted Kommune
Ølsted church (DA) tower 15th century originally Romanesque nave with a Gothic tower of yellow brick, altered in 17th century
Ølsted Hedensted).JPG
Øster Snede sogn,
Hedensted Kommune
Øster Snede kirke,
tower 15th century white painted brick tower; Romanesque nave with Gothic alterations
Øster Snede kirke (Hedensted).JPG
eastern coast
Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke DA) 1225 Romanesque & Gothic
Horsens - Vor Frelser Kirke (2).JPG
Horsens Abbey church (DA/DE) 1261–1275
Klosterkirken Horsens.jpg
Lundum Sogn,
Horsens Kommune
Lundum kirke,
Late Midde Age tower and alterations of brick
Lundum kirke (Horsens).JPG
Horsens Kommune
Ørridslev church (DA),
brick about 1500 Gothic porch and white painted tower
Ørridslev Kirke, Horsens Kommune 2009-06-02.JPG
Horsens Kommune
Tyrsted kirke,
Gothic brick tower, white painted Romanesque nave
Tyrsted kirke (Horsens).JPG
Yding Sogn,
Horsens Kommune
Yding church (DA),
white painted Gothic brick tower, Neo-Romanesque nave
Yding Kirke.JPG
Norddjurs Kommune
St Gertrude church (DA) 14th century Present-day outer appearance dominated by Gothic Revival additions of 1870
Sankt Gertruds kirke Church Grenaa Denmark 2010.JPG
Ålsø Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Ålsø kirke[52] tower 1450 nowadays white painted
Ålsø kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Norddjurs Kommune
Fausing church (DA) Late Gothic porch of brick
08-10-07-o4-Faussing (Norddjurs).jpg
Norddjurs Kommune
Ginnerup kirke[53] brick 14th century Gothic tower, porch and choir
08-10-07-ø2-Ginnerup (Norddjurs).JPG
Gjerrild Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Gjerrild kirke[54] Gothic tower & porch mainly of brick
Gjerrild Kirke.JPG
Gjesing Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Gjesing kirke[55] vaults of the nave, choir, tower of brick
08-10-07-g3-Gjesing (Norddjurs).JPG
Norddjurs Kommune
Glesborg Kirke (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Glesborg Kirke01.jpg
Holbæk Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Holbæk kirke[56] Late Middel Age porch of brikc and tower of granite & brick
08-10-07-m5-Holbæk kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Homå Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Homå kirke[57] brick Late Gothic Romanesque granite building partly replaced by Late Gothic
08-10-06-x2-Homå kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Norddjurs Kommune
Karlby kirke[58] Late Gothic stilt tower of brick, white painted
08-10-06-b4-Karlby kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Ørsted Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Ørsted kirke[59] late Middel Age tower of ganite ashley and big brick
Ørsted Kirke (Rougsø) 1.JPG
Ørum [da],
Norddjurs Kommune
Ørum church (DA) sacristy (2nd half of 15th century) and tower (1510s) of brick
Ørum Kirke - 1.jpg
Norddjurs Kommune
Veggerslev kirke (DE)[60] Late Gothic tower & porch of brick
Veggerslev kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Norddjurs Kommune
Vejlby Kirke[61] Late Gothic tower and porch of brick
Vejlby kirke, Grenå (Norddjurs).JPG
Villersø Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Villersø kirke[62] tower (upper part) & porch (plastered) of brick
Villersø kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Vivild Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
Vivild kirke[63] tower & porch late Middle Age of brick
Vivild kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Voer Sogn,
Norddjurs Kommune
church (DA STUB)[64] stilt tower of big red brick – nowadays white painted
Voer Kirke (Rougsø) Syd.JPG
Norddjurs Kommune
Voldby kirke[65] brick since 13th century, 14th century tower, white painted
Voldby kirke (Norddjurs).JPG
Nørre Snede,
Ikast-Brande Kom.
church (DA) upper storeys of the white painted Late Gothic tower of brick
Nørre Snede Kirke2.JPG
Odder Kommune
Odder church (DA),
Trap3/5 p. 163
Romanesque nave & choir of granite ashley, white painted Late Gothic tower of brick
Nordenskirker Odder(01).jpg
Bjerager Sogn,
Odder Kommune
Bjerager church (DA STUB),
Trap3/5 p.160
Gothic porch of brick and boulders
09-06-25-q1 Bjerager kirke (Odder).jpg
Falling Sogn,
Odder Kommune
Falling church (DA STUB),
tower 2nd half of 14th century, mainly brick, white painted
Falling Kirke 03.jpg
Gosmer Sogn,
Odder Kommune
Gosmer church (DA) late Middle Age tower of brick, painted white
09-06-25-o4-Gosmer (Odder).JPG
Hundslund Sogn,
Odder Kommune
Hundslund kirke
brick early 16th century Romanesque choir & nave of granite ashley, upper parts of the white painted Gothic tower of brick
09-06-25-i4-Hundslund kirke (Odder).JPG
Odder Kommune
Tunø church (DA),
Trap3/5 p. 156
about 1300 Gothic brick gables; tower nowadays serving as a light house
Ringkøbing church (DA) 15th century & 1550 round bows, but no Renaissance elements
Ringkøbing, Denmark, Church 8213.JPG
Brejning Sogn,
Brejning church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic white painted brick tower and porch
Brejning (Ringkøbing Skjern).jpg
Dejbjerg Sogn,
Dejbjerg church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic white painted brick tower and porch
Dejbjerg Kirke 3.JPG
Nørre Omme Sogn,
Nørre Omme kirke[66] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic white painted brick tower
Nørre Omme 4-Ringkøbing-Skjern.JPG
Rindum church (DA) 12th century Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic white painted brick tower and porch
Rindum kirke (Ringkøbing-Skjern).JPG
Randers St Martin's Church[67] 1490–1520 former abbey church
Holy Ghost Hospital (Helligåndshuset)[68] 1434
Helligaandshuset Randers.jpg
Ålum sogn,
Randers Kommune
Ålum church (DA) late 16th century Romanesque nave with gothic alterartions, tower in Gothic-Renaissance transitional style
Ålum kirke.JPG
Albæk Sogn,
Randers Kommune
Albæk Kirke[69] tower & porch ~1450 nave & choir late 11th century of chalk ashley
Albæk 5.jpg
Randers Kommune
Borupchurch (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower and some later additions
Borup (Randers).jpg
Randers Kommune
Dalbyneder church (DA) boulders about 1150 boulders & white washed brick
Dalbyneder 1 (Randers).jpg
Randers Kommune
Dalbyove church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower, much of the outer skin of the tower renewed in 1891
Dalbyover 3 (Randers).jpg
Fårup Sogn,
Randers Kommune
Fårup church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick porch, white washed
11-07-07-i5-Fårup (Randers).JPG
Gassum Sogn,
Randers Kommune
Gassum church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower, white washed
Gassum Kirke (Randers).jpg
Hald Sogn,
Randers Kommune
Hald church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower, porch & sacristy
Hald Kirke ydre4.jpg
Harridslev sogn,
Randers Kommune
Harridslev kirke[70] whitened Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower & porch
Harridslev (Randers).JPG
Hørning sogn,
Randers Kommune
Hørning church[71] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower & transept, Baroque western gate
08-10-08-b2-Hørning kirke (Randers).JPG
Lem sogn,
Randers Kommune
Lem kirke[72] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic partly whitened brick tower, tower renovated in 1760 & 1901
Lem kirke (Randers).JPG
Nørbæk Sogn,
Randers Kommune
Nørbæk church (DA) Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic whitened brick tower
Nørbæk Kirke.jpg
Ørum Sogn,
Randers Kommune
Ørum church (DA STUB)[73] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick porch
Ørum kirke (Randers).JPG
Randers Kommune
Råby Kirke[74] porch 16th century porch of alternant belts of red & yellow brick, tower probably also of brick, but painted
Råby kirke (Randers).JPG
Randers Kommune
Råsted church (DA) whitened Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower
Råsted kirke (Randers).JPG
500 m from the coast
north of Randers
Sødring kirke[75] 15th century white painted red brick
Sødring Kirke.jpg
Tånum sogn,
Randers Kommune
Tånum church[76] Romanesque granite church with Late Gothic brick tower and white painted porch
Tånum kirke (Randers).JPG
Randers Kommune
Udbyneder church (DA) all of brick: late Romanesque nave & choir and Gothic tower
Udbyneder kirke (Randers).JPG
Besser Sogn,
church (DA STUB),
mid 13th century all of brick
Besser Kirke (Samsø Kommune).JPG
Kolby Kirke (DA STUB),
mid 13th century all of brick
Kolby kirke (Samsø).JPG
Nordby church (DA),
NM-DK (→Nordby Kirke)
early 12th to 15th century several additions
Nordby Kirke (Samsø Kommune).JPG
Onsbjerg Sogn,
Onsbjerg Kirke NM-DK (→PDF) mid 13th century choir 15th century, tower 1st half of 16th, all of brick
Onsbjerg Kirke (Samsø Kommune) 2.JPG
Tranebjerg Sogn,
Tranebjerg church (DA),
3rd Q 13th to mid 16th century several enlargements
Tranebjerg Kirke (Samsø Kommune).JPG
Skanderborg Kommune
Skivholme church (DA) late medieval tower and porch of brick, Romanesque choir & nave
Skivholme Kirke 20090810-73.jpg
Fousing Sogn,
Struer Kommune
Fousing church (DA),
NatMus (→PDF)
brick: porch about 1500, tower about 1550
FOUSING kirke (Struer).JPG
Hvidbjerg Sogn,
Struer Kommune
Hvidbjerg church (DA),
NatMus (→PDF)
brick about 1500 Romanesque granits church with Late Gothic tower & transept
Hvidbjerg Kirke - Thyholm Kommune.jpg
Syddjurs Kommune
Bregnet church (DA),
2nd half of 15th century
Bregnet Kirke Tårn.jpg
Syddjurs Kommune
Dråby church (DA)[78] 1200–1400
08-10-06-l3-Dråby (Syddjurs).jpg
Feldballe Sogn,
Syddjurs Kommune
Feldballe church (DA),
Trap3-4 p.989
brick late Middle Age Late gothic tower & porch
Nordenskirker Feldballe(02).jpg
Koed Sogn,
Syddjurs Kommune
Koed Kirke,
Trap3-4 p. 939
brick late Middle Age tower and vaults of the choir Gothic
Koed kirke (Sydjjurs).JPG
Syddjurs Kommune
Lime church (DA STUB),
Trap3-4, s. 643/644[79]
late Middle Age porch of brick
Lime kirke (Syddjurs).JPG
W of Ryomgård,
Syddjurs Kommune
Mary Magdalene church (DA/DE) 1425–58
Nordenskirker Magdalene01.jpg
Mørke Sogn,
Syddjurs Kommune
Mørke church (DA),
Trap3-2, s. 446/447
brick: porch since 13th, tower 14th century, unpainted
Moerke Kirke 01.jpg
Syddjurs Kommune
Nimtofte kirke,
Trap3-4, p. 969[80]
th century brick, nowadays painted: Late Gothic stilt tower, porch and modernizations of the nave
Nimtofte kirke (Syddjurs).JPG
Syddjurs Kommune
Thorsager Church,
Trap3-4, p. 1009–1011
Late Middle Age porch of the Romanesque round brick church
Thorsager rundkirke.jpg
Tirstrup, Ebeltoft,
Syddjurs Kommune
Tirstrup church (DA),
Trap3-4 p. 986/987[81]
since 1465 replacing a Romanesque perdecessor, white painted
Tirstrup Kirke 1.jpg
Silkeborg Kommune
Tvilum Kirke (DA) 13th century
Viborg Domprovstegården Cathedral dean's residence
Domprovstegården Viborg Denmark.jpg
Gråbrødreklosteret (Greyfriars Convent) 13th century altered since 1545
Villadsens Gård 1530 enlarged in 1643

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South Jutland[edit]

– Jutland part of Danish Region "Region Syddanmark";
that is much more than traditional "Sønderjylland" –

Ribe/Esbjerg Kom.
Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Billund Kommune
Grindsted Kirke (DA),[82]
natmus→XIX, 4, 2229
core & tower Romanesque 12th century, 15th century or about 1500 porch & enlargement of the nave by brick, white washed
Grindsted Kirke - (2).JPG
Haderslev Church of St. Mary mid 14th century to 1440
Haderslev Domkirke.jpg
Kolding Koldinghus 13th century since 1808 in ruins for more than a century
Kolding - Koldinghus2.JPG
Sønderborg Kommune
Nybøl Kirke (DA) brick 1582 very late Gothic prolongation and modernization of a Romanesque 12th century church, white washed
Nybøl kirke (Sønderborg).JPG
Esbjerg Kommune,
western coast
Cathedral until 1250 Romanesque stone,
since 1283 Gothic brick
Romanesque, since 1100 of tufa, sandstone and granite;
Citizens' Tower and chapels (later lateral naves) of brick
Old town hall (DA) about 1450
Ribe Raadhus.jpg
St. Catherine's Priory founded 1228
Nordenskirker katarinex12.jpg
Seem near Ribe,
Esbjerg Kommune
Seem Kirke (DA) since about 1200 Gothic western portal, generally Romanesque
SEEM kirke (Esbjerg).JPG
Esbjerg Kommune Vester Vedsted Kirke (DA) about 1300 Romanesque nave partly of brick, Gothic choir of brick, all washed
VESTER VEDSTED kirke (Esbjerg) 1.JPG
southwestern Jutland
Kristkirke (DA/DE) 1591/1592 one of the few initially Protestant Gothic churches

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and adjacent Islands

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Assens Church of Our Lady
(Vor Frue Kirke)
finished in 1488
Nordenskirker Assens(01).jpg
Assens Kommune,
near Little Belt
Hårby church (DA) 13th century ? many boulders, few brick, washed or even plastered
Nordenskirker Haarby(03).jpg
Assens Kommune Søllested Kirke (DA) founded about 1100
Søllested kirke (Assens).jpg
Ærø Bregninge Kirke in Ærø (DA) , Romanesque & Gothic, nave mainly of boulders, white washed
Faaborg Holy Ghost church (DA/DE) 1477–1525 washed
Helligåndskirken, Fåborg, februar 2017.jpg
Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune Egeskov Castle completed in 1554 outside Late Gothic, inside Renaissance
Egeskov Schloss von Nordosten.JPG
eastern coast
St Lawrence church (DA) 16th century
06-10-23-h3 Skt. Laurentis kirke, Kerteminde.jpg
Kerteminde Kommune
Rønninge Kirke (DA) founded about 1100
Roenninge Kirke fra sydoest.jpg
Odense Saint Canute's Cathedral
Odense - Sankt Knuds kirke 2005-07-16.jpeg
Odense Kommune Fraugde Kirke (DA) mentioned 1239 brick, stone and alternating layers
Fraugde Kirke fra syd.jpg
Allesø Sogn,
Odense Kommune
Allesø Kirke (DA)
Allesoe Kirke fra nordoest.jpg
Otterup Kommune Bederslev kirke (DA)
Bederslev kirke.jpg

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and adjacent Islands

Faxe • Helsingør • Møn • Næstved • Odsherred Kom. • Roskilde • Stevns Kom.
Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Capital Region
East Hersted church (DA) sinds 1200 tower of brick, plastered nave of boulders
Herstedoester Kirke Albertslund Denmark belfry1.jpg
West Hersted church (DA) 13th century porch & upper tower of brick, nave of stone; alterations in 19th century
Herstedvester Kirke Albertslund Denmark.jpg
Blovstrød Sogn,
Allerød Kommune,
Capital Region
Blovstrød Kirke (DA)
Blovstrød Kirke 02.jpg
Allerød Kommune Lillerød Kirke (DA) founded about 1100 Romaesque stone building enlarged by brick
Nordenskirker Lilleroed(01).jpg
Capital Region
Ballerup Kirke (DA)
Ballerup Kirke.jpg
near Copenhagen
West Brøndby Church (DA) Gothic 15th century begun in 12th century
Broendbyvester Kirke Broendbyvester Denmark.jpg
East Brøndby church (DA) nave of stone about 1150 only tower Brick Gothic
Broendbyoester Kirke Broendbyoester Denmark.jpg
Faxe Faxe Kirke (DA) 15th century
05-07-30-f2 copy Faxe kirke.jpg
Faxe Kommune
Haslev Church 1370 first stone church about 1100
Faxe Kommune Karise Kirke (DA) 1261
05-07-30-g1 copy Karise kirke (Faxe).jpg
Faxe Kommune Roholte Church 1441 royal pessession until 1677
Roholte kirke.jpg
Faxe Kommune Teestrup Kirke[83] Late Romanesque nave, Late Gothic additions, washed
Fredensborg Kommune Asminderød Kirke (DA) founded about 1100 as a round stone church
Asminderød Kirke 8.JPG
Frederiksborg Oppe Sundby Kirke (DA) Gothic about 1400 boulders 11th century
Oppe Sundby Kirke Frederiksborg Denmark.jpg
Frederikssund Kommune,
Capital Region
Frederikssund Kirke (DA) about 1200 Romanesque & early Gothic, eastern part rather of boulders
Frederikssund Kirke.jpg
Frederikssund Kommune,
NW of Copenhagen
Jørlunde church 11th/12th/ ? century brick gothic additions to Romanesque started building; Romanesque frescos
04-11-07-b2-copie 2.jpg
Frederikssund Kommune Slangerup Kirke (DA) tower begun 1411,
nave built 1587–1588
Gotic & Renaissance
Glostrup (also Kom.),
Capital Region
Glostrup Kirke (DA)
05-05-18-a3 copy Glostrup.jpg
Gribskov Kommune,
Capital Region,
north coast
Græsted Kirke (DA) about 1200 Romanesque & Gothic, much of the nave plastered
05-04-02-i2-copie Græsted (Gribskov).jpg
Gribskov Kommune Helsinge Kirke (DA) begun 12th century, tower 16th century nave except of the window framings plastered
Helsinge Kirke 12-03-06 2.jpg
Gribskov Kommune Søborg Kirke (DA) 1140–end 13th century beggun in Romanesque style already by brick
Soeborg Kirke.JPG
Halsnæs Kommune,
Capital Region,
northern coast
Kregme Kirke (DA) Romanesque of boulders 12th century
, Gothic of brick 16th century
Kregme kirke 57.jpg
Halsnæs Kommune,
northern coast,
Capital Region
Melby Kirke (DA) Gothic 16th century Romanesque coer of boulders since 1080
Melby Kirke Frederiksvaerk Denmark.jpg
Helsingør Saint Olaf's Church Gothic early 15th century basilica, begun in Romanesque style already by brick about 1200
Sankt Olai Kirke 01.jpg
Carmelite Priory
with St Mary church
since 1430
Sankt Mariae Helsingoer.jpg
Helsingør City Museum since 1516 former Carmelites' sailors' hospital
Helsingør Bymuseum, Denmark.jpg
north of Copenhagen
Gørløse Kirke (DA) Romanesque & Gothic, nave of boulders & brick since 1150
04-11-07-d2-copie 2 Gørløse (Hillerød).jpg
Hillerød Kommune Nørre Herlev Kirke (DA) 1450–1480
Nørre Herlev Kirke1.jpg
Høje-Taastrup Kommune,
Capital Region
Upper Taastrup church (DA) Gothic 1250–1400 core 1050–1150
Høje Taastrup Kirke (2015).jpg
Holbæk Kommune Frydendal Kircke white washed, partly almost plastered
Frydendal Kirke ved Mørkøv.jpg
Holbæk Jyderup Kirke[84] Gothic 15th century
05-01-22-e4 copie Jyderup kirke (Holbæk).jpg
Former Nicholas church since 13th century after fire of 1795 reconstructed in early 20th century; lower parts of the tower original; nowadays a museum
Kopenhagen - panoramio (51).jpg
Køge St Nicholas church (DA) 1250_1300
Sankt Nicolai Kirke Koege Denmark 7.jpg
Lejre Kommune Gershøj kirke red washed
Gershøj kirke, vest side 09-03-22-a7.jpg
Lejre Kommune Glim Kirke (DA) 13th century
04-10-03-c4-copie 2 Glim (Lejre).jpg
Møn Island,
Vordingborg Kommune
Bogø Kirke (DA) white washed
Nordenskirker Bogoe(01).jpg
Borre (DA),
Møn Island
Borre Kirkeda:Borre Kirke Romanesque & Gothic
Borre Church.JPG
Møn Elmelunde Kirke (DA) stone 1085 brick & boulders, white washed
Elmelunde Kirke.jpg
Møn Fanefjord Kirke (DA) white washed
Fanefjord Kirke 2006.jpg
Vordingborg Kommune
Magleby Kirke (DA) Gothic 15th/16th century coer earrly 13th century
Magleby Church.JPG
Næstved St Martin's church founded about 1220, tower 15th century
Skt. Mortens Kirke - Næstved.jpg
St. Peter's Church 12th to 14th century Built on the site of an earlier Romanesque church, the Gothic church has scarcely been altered since 1375.
Skt. Peders Kirke - Næstved.jpg
Old town hall 15th century
Old Town Hall (Næstved).jpg
Næstved Kommune
Glumsø Kirke (DA)
05-06-15-e2 copy Glumsø (Næstved).jpg
Næstved Kommune Herlufmagle Kirke (DA) 15th/16th century alterations 1886
Sjællands Odde,
'Odsherred Kommune,
northern coast'
Odden Kirke (DA/DE) in stages 13th century – about 1400 washeded; choir enlarged in 1820
Odden kirke bei Overby.JPG
Odsherred Kommune Grevinge Kirke,
Roskilde Stift (DA)
stone about 1170 lower & eastern parts of boulders & other granite
Grevinge kirke 12 2005.jpg
Nykøbing Zealand,
Odsherred Kommune
Nykøbing church (DA|DE) Romanesque brick 1225, Gohtic about 1400
Kirche von Nyköbing Südseite.JPG
Odsherred Kommune (DA) 12th century Romanesque nave mainly of boulders, gables triangles of brick, plastered
Nørre Asmindrup Kirke 07.jpg
Roskilde Cathedral 12th to 13th century UNESCO World Heritage Site. Essentially Romanesque but incorporating Gothic features. Among earliest large-scale brick edifices in northern Europe.
Roskilde domkirke west fassade.jpg
Sankt Jørgensbjerg Kirke (DA) begun 1080 as a building of boulders
Sankt Joergensbjerg Kirke Roskilde Denmark rear.jpg
St. Catherine's Priory, Roskilde old parts 1565 evangelical monastery since 1699
Roskilde Kloster 2015-03-30-4767.jpg
Sankt Laurentii Church Tower early 16th century nave of 13th century demolished after Reformation
Sankt Laurentii Kirkeruin Roskilde Denmark belfry.jpg
Roskilde Kommune Gundsømagle Kirke (DA) founded in 1100
05-03-05-f2 copie gundsømagle (Roskilde).jpg
Roskilde Kommune Snoldelev Kirke (DA) founded about 1100, nave begun Romanesque with Gohtiv alterations, choir and tower Gothic, brick & stone, white washed
Snoldelev Kirke Roskilde Denmark exterior.jpg
Rudersdal Kommune Birkerød kirke (DA)
09-09-19-d3-Birkerød kirke (Rudesdal).jpg
Ringsted Kommune
Sneslev Kirke[85] 12th/13th century Romanesque & Gothic, tower renaissance
Nordenskirker Sneslev(01).jpg
Solrød Kommune Havdrup Kirke (DA) yellow washed
Havdrup Kirke Roskilde Denmark.jpg
Solrød Kommune Jersie Kirke (DA) 13th century
Jersie Kirke Roskilde Denmark.jpg
Kirke Skensved,
Solrød Kommune
Church of Kirke Skensved (DA)[86] nave 14th century, tower & porch 15th century,
upper tower perhaps rebuilt after 1660 (Swedish Wars)
Kirke Skensved Kirke Roskilde Denmark.jpg
Sorø Kommune Vedbygård 1429, 1540
Ruds Vedby - Vedbygaard1.JPG
Stevns Kommune,
south of Copenhagen
Strøby Kirke (DA) 13th century brick and stone
Strøby kirke.jpg
Stevns Kommune Tårnby Kirke (DA) 1200 Romanesque, 1375 Gothic, 1500 porch
St.Tårnby Kirke02.JPG
Stevns Kommune Valløby Kirke (DA) Gothic 15th century eastern part Romanesque with Renaissance gable, western part Gothic with brich tower
Valløby Kirke01.JPG
Greve Kommune,
south of Copenhagen
Tune Kirke[87] 14th/15th century predecessor 11th century
Tune Kirke Roskilde Denmark.jpg

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Denmark: North Jutland • Mid Jutland • South Jutland • Funen • Zealand • Lolland & Falster

Lolland and Falster[edit]

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Store Avnede,
near Nakskov,
Lolland Kommune
Avnede Church 14th century? white washed; before the damming off of Nakskov Fjord near to the beach
06-04-02-d2 copie Avnede kirke (Lolland).jpg
Birket, northern
Lolland Kommune
Birket Church about 1350 washed, Gothtic choir, oldest wodden bell tower of Denmark
Nordenskirker Birketx01.jpg
Lolland Kommune
Gloslunde Church 13th century Romanesque with Gothic additions of porch, sacristy & vaults
06-04-02-k6 Gloslunde (Lolland).JPG
Lolland Kommune
Maribo Cathedral 15th century hall church, former nunnery
Domkirke i Maribo.JPG
Lolland Kommune
St Nicholas church 13th century
& 1420–1654
narrow but high Romanesque core,
lengthened and widened by low Gothic nave & aisles,
forming a basilica in the west and a low hall church in the east;
predecessor of about 1000
Sankt Nikolai Nakskov3.jpg
NW of Maribo,
Lolland Kommune
Østofte Church 14th century
Østofte Kirke.JPG
SW of Nakskov,
Lolland Kommune
Vestenskov Kirke (DA) about 1250
Vestenskov kirke (Lolland).jpg
4 km ESE of Maribo,
Lolland island, but
Guldborgsund Kom.
Engestofte kirke[88] High Gothic, white washed
06-02-11-f3 Engestofte (Lolland).jpg
S of Sakskøbing,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Fjelde Kirke (DA) tower 15th century nave romanesque
06-02-11-i1 Fjelde (Lolland).jpg
Guldborgsund Kom.
Kettinge Kirke (DA) 13th century
06-05-21-e6 Kettinge kirke (Lolland).JPG
Guldborgsund Kom.
Majbølle Kirke (DA) 1250–1300
Majbølle Kirke01.jpg
Guldborgsund Kom.
Nysted Kirke (DA) about 1300
Nysted kirke fra øst.JPG
Guldborgsund Kom.
Radsted Kirke (DA) Romanesque about 1200, Gothic choir 14th, tower 15th century; Renaissance alterations
Lolland, Guldborgsund Kom.
Sakskøbing Kirke (DA) 1250–1300 more Romanesque than Gothic detals
Sakskøbing kirke (Lolland).JPG
S of Sakskøbing,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Slemminge Kirke (DA) 13th century,
tower later
two Romanesque & several Gothic arches
Nordenskirker Slemming(01).jpg
South of Maribo,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Vester Ulslev Kirke (DA) nave before 1300 Romanesque choir, gothicized Romanesque nave, Late Gothic tower
Vester Ulslev 2.JPG
Falster Island,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Eskilstrup Church Romanesque apse, Gothic tower, washed
Eskilstrup Kirke2.jpg
Guldborgsund Kom.
Gundslev Kirke (DA) tower & choir partly Gothic
Guldborgsund Kom.
Kippinge Church 13th century
05-08-16-m5 copie Kippinge kirke (Falster).jpg
Guldborgsund Kom.
Nørre Alslev Church 1308
Nørre Alslev kirke (Falster).jpg
northern Falster,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Nørre Vedby Kirke (DA) about 1300
Nørre Vedby kirke (Falster).jpg
northern Falster,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Østofte Kirke.JPG (DA) about 1250
Nordenskirker Nororslev01.jpg
northeastern Falster,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Stubbekøbing Church[89] 13th & 15th century Late Romanesque basiilical nave, Erly Gothic choir, Late Gothic tower, later alterations
Stubbekøbing Kirke.jpg
east of Nykøbing,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Sønder Alslev Kirke (DA) tower Gothic
Sønder Alslev (Falster).jpg
SE of Nørre Alslev,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Torkilstrup Church tower 15th century Romanesque nave of boulders, Gothic tower of brick
Nordenskirker Torkilstrup01.jpg
north of Nykøbing,
Guldborgsund Kom.
Ønslev kirke[90] choir and nave Early Gothic
Ønslev kirke (Falster).jpg

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In England, the use of bricks for pretentious buildings began later than in continental Europe. And the collective of Gothic brick buildings differs, almost no religious buildings and very few urban ones.

Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Barsham (Norfolk) East Barsham Manor rebuilt in the 1920s and 1930s
East Barsham Manor.jpg
Burnham-on-Crouch (Essex) Creeksea Place Elizabethan architecture
Creeksea Place, Creeksea,
Colchester (Essex) Layer Marney Tower 1520 tallest Tudor gatehouse in Britain
Layer marney21.jpg
Warwickshire Compton Wynyates 1481 Tudor architecture
Compton Wynyates.jpg
Guildford (Surrey) Sutton Place 1525 Tudor architecture
Entrance facade at Sutton Place - - 1556942.jpg
near Henley-on-Thames (Oxfordshire) Greys Court Elizabethan architecture, partly stone with layers of brick, partly brick
Greys Court.jpg
Richmond upon Thames (London) Hampton Court Palace 1497–1600 Tudor style buildings for Giles Daubeney (part of Henry VIII's kitchen), Cardinal Wolsey (1516 Great Gatehouse, 1522 Clock Court), Henry VIII (since 1530), Elizabeth I (since 1547); later buildings in Baroque style
Great Gate, Hampton Court Palace.jpg
Great gatehouse
City of Westminster (London) St James's Palace 1531–1536 Tudor architecture
St Jamess Palace.jpg
Manchester Hough End Hall Elizabethan architecture
Hough End Hall - - 49591.jpg
Morley Saint Peter (Norfolk) Morley Old Hall about 1600 Tudor architecture photo wanted
north of Newbury (Berkshire) Shaw House Elizabethan architecture
Shaw House, Berkshire 05.jpg
Oxborough (Norfolk) Oxburgh Hall Elizabethan architecture
Oxburgh Hall 2.jpg
Prestbury (Cheshire) Normans Hall partly timber-framed, partly brick photo wanted
Ramsbury (Wiltshire) Littlecote House Elizabethan architecture, partly of bricks
Littlecote House 05.jpg
Rochester (Kent) Eastgate House Elizabethan architecture, partly brick, partly half-timbered
Eastgate House, Rochester High St.JPG
Sevenoaks District (Kent) Otford Palace 1537 ruins
Archbishop's Palace ruins - - 509555.jpg
Shottesbrooke (Berkshire) Shottesbrooke Park House 16th century Tudor architecture
Shottesbrooke Park - - 604889.jpg
near Tasburgh (Norfolk) Rainthorpe Hall Elizabethan architecture
Rainthorpe Hall - - 415023.jpg
Cheshire West and Chester Willaston Old Hall Elizabethan architecture
Willaston Old Hall - - 2282882.jpg
Whitchurch-on-Thames (Oxfordshire) Hardwick House before 1526 Tudor architecture
Hardwick House 2013 10 27 East side.JPG
Lincolnshire Tattershall Castle 1430-1450 Brick castle with restored large tower
Tattershall Castle (Lincs).jpg
East Sussex Herstmonceux Castle mid 15th century One of the oldest brick buildings in England
Herstmonceux Castle with moat.jpg
Woking (Surrey) Woking Palace 13th century & 1503 ruins
Woking Palace, near Old Woking - - 40278.jpg

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Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Laiuse Castle 13th – 14th centuries partly brick surface on the walls of boulders;
destroyed in 1559, afterwards partly rebuilt
Laiuse linnuse varemed1.jpg
Põltsamaa Põltsamaa Castle rests of Gothic façade decoration of btick;
since 1750 converted into a Rococo palace; destroyed in 1941
Tartu Cathedral 13th – 15th centuries Destroyed in Livonian War,
east part of ruin now houses Tartu University Museum.
Towers were originally 66 metres (217 feet) high (now 22 m or 72 ft).
Tartu Cathedral 02.jpg
St. John early 14th century
Tartu Jaani Church 2007 12.jpg
Numerous terracotta sculptures inside and outside
Tartu Jaani Church 2007 13.jpg
Vastseliina Vastseliina Castle 14th – 15th centuries partly brick surface on the walls of boulders; rests of Gothic decoration of brick
destroyed in 1702
Castle in Vahtseliina Estonia Vasteliina 04.jpg
Viljandi Viljandi Castle 13th – 14th centuries
Viljandi 2010 001.jpg


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Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Espoo Cathedral Parts of brick Gothic
Espoo Cathedral.jpg
Halikko Holy (Saint) Bridget Church Portico of brick Gothic
Halikko church 2.JPG
Hämeenlinna Häme Castle 14th and 15th century, on earlier fieldstone foundations Brick castle
Hattula Holy Cross Church Northernmost Brick Gothic building
Hattula church of the Holy Cross 20050909.jpg
Porvoo Cathedral
Porvoon Tuomiokirkko.jpg
Turku Cathedral
Turku cathedral 26-Dec-2004.jpg
Saint Mary's Church (Finnish: Maarian kirkko)
Maarian kirkko.jpg

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Hauts-de-France with French Flanders[edit]

Department Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Nord Arnèke Église Saint-Martin (images) Arnèke l'Église Saint-Martin.JPG
town hall
Belfry (FR) (images) 15th century destroyed in 1918,
rebuilt a bit simpler in 1929
Bailleul Beffroi R01.jpg
Gothic hall survived the bombings of 1918
Bambecque St. Omer Church regional pale brick Kerk-Bambeke.jpg
Bergues Belfry (FR) 14th–16th century destroyed in 1944,
almost identically rebuilt in 1961 (images)
0 Bergues - Beffroi (3).JPG
Saint-Martin Church (FR) (images) 0 Bergues - Église Saint-Martin (1).jpg
Blaringhem Saint-Martin Church only the tower and parts of the nave are of bricks,
Bourbourg Saint-John-Baptiste Church (FR) partly of bricks (images) Bourbourg eglise.JPG
Brouckerque Saint-Folquin Church
Jielbeaumadier eglise brouckerque 2010.jpg
Cappelle-Brouck Church of St. James the Elder gray brick: parts of the building of brick, parts of stone and de mixed parts Cappelle-Brouck - Eglise Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur - 2.jpg
Douai Templer's House (FR) founded in 1155 changes in the 19th century Douai - Maison Notre Dame.jpg
Our Lady's Church (FR) 12th–15th centuries shells of the vaults and part of the interior sides of the walls of brick; outside all is of sandstone Douai - Église Notre-Dame - 17.jpg
Dunkerque Belfry (FR) (images)
Dunkerque Belfort.JPG
Saint-Eloi Church (FR) (images) Sinteligiuskerkduinkerke 11-03-2009 16-38-21.JPG
Esquelbecq Saint-Folquin Church 13th–17th century current decorative façade of 1610[93](images) Esquelbecq - Saint-Folquin - Vue générale.JPG
Esquelbecq Castle 12th century altered by renovation since 1606 Chateau d'esquelbecq.jpg
Hazebrouck Saint-Éloi Church (images)
Eglise saint eloi hazebrouck.jpg
Hondschoote Saint Vaast Church 15 century, tower 1513 perhaps the most lovely brick church of French Fladers, famous "White Tower" at a relatively low hall church PA00107551-Église Saint-Vaast de Hondschoote (2).jpg
Houtkerque Église Saint-Antoine (images)
Houtkerque Churchyard. Kerk.JPG
Killem Village church 16th & 17th centuries Killem-Eglise.JPG
Lederzeele Église de l'Assomption-de-Notre-Dame Lederzeele - Eglise - 1.JPG
Millam Église Saint-Omer[94] 15th century pale "sand brick"
Eglise St Omer de Millam.JPG
Morbecque Saint-Firmin Church (FR) Morbecque (Nord, Fr) église 01.JPG
Noordpeene Gothic steeple of yellow brick, rest Gothic revival of red brick Noordpeene (Nord, Fr) église.JPG
Oost-Cappel Église Saint-Nicolas[95] only northern aisle Oost-Cappel, église Saint Nicolas foto3 2013-05-11 13.01.jpg
Quaëdypre Saint-Omer Church Quaedypre Eglise St Omer.jpg
Rexpoëde Saint-Omer Church l'église est en partie gothique, mais le clocher et la flèche sont néogothiques (style néoflamand)
Rexpoede Eglise R01.jpg
Rubrouck D'Oude Hofstee (Flamish: The Old Manor/Farm) very rare example of Gothic Flamish vernacular architecture Rubrouck- La vieille ferme-manoir.JPG
Saint-Georges-sur-l'Aa Saint-Georges Church
Saint-Georges-sur-l'Aa - Eglise.jpg
Saint-Jans-Cappel Tower of St John Baptiste 1557 Gothic/Renaissance[96]
Eglise de St Jans.jpg
Samer Saint-Martin Church (FR) Samer - Église Saint-Martin - 1.jpg
Socx Saint-Léger Church
Staple Saint-Omer Church Staple (Nord, Fr) église (02).JPG
Steenvoorde Saint-Peter's Church[97]
Steenvoorde - Eglise Saint-Pierre 3.jpg
Valenciennes St.-Gery Church (FR)[98] 1st third of 13th century parts of the buttresses; originally abbey of the Recollet Friars; steeple built in the 19th century
Valenciennes - Église Saint-Géry - 2.jpg
Volckerinckhove Église Saint-Folquin Volckerinckove-Eglise1.JPG
Warhem Église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption
Watten Abbey Notre-Dame du Mont (FR) ruins (images)
Tour de l'abbaye - Mont de Watten.jpg
Saint-Gilles Church (images)
West-Cappel Église Saint-Sylvestre
West-Cappel Saint-Sylvestre 499.jpg
Wormhout St-Martin Church (FR) restored 1547–1689 pale "sand brick"[99]
0 Wormhout - Clocher de l'église St-Martin (2).JPG
Pas de Calais Arras House of the three Lepards (FR) 1467
Arras, La Grande Place 035d.jpg
Calais Église Notre-Dame partly of brick (images) Eglise notre dame calais clocher pied.jpg
Tour du Guet
Tour du Guet, Calais.jpg
Ham-en-Artois Église Saint-Sauveur (FR)[100] partly of brick (images)
Ham-en-Artois - Église Saint-Sauveur - 3.JPG
Hesdin Église Notre-Dame[101] before 1554 Renaissance portal of 1585
(Wikimedia has no images of the Gothic phase.)
Zutkerque Saint-Martin Church Zutkerque (Pas-de-Calais) église Saint-Martin (03).JPG
Somme Beaucamps-le-Jeune Église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption (images) Beaucamps-le-Jeune église 1.jpg
Rambures Château de Rambures 15th century Château de Rambures.jpg

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Department Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Bas-Rhin Strasbourg Towers of the Ponts Couverts 1230–1250

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Central France, south and west of Orléans[edit]

In the Loir-et-Cher department, there is a small group of Gothic brick buildings. One of them even is among the most famous buildings of France, though not for its bricks.

Department Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Eure-et-Loir Villebon Villebon Castle (FR)[102] 14th century
Chateau de Villebon.JPG
Indre-et-Loire La Riche Plessis-lèz-Tours Castle (FR) 15th–16th century Brick-and-Stone,[102] largely restored in 19th and 20th century
Loir-et-Cher Blois Blois Castle 1440–1501 wings of Charles VIII and Louis XII,
Flamboyant style and onset of the Brick-and-Stone style[102]
Blois Chateau1.jpg
Lassay-sur-Croisne Château du Moulin (FR) 15th century
Chateau du moulin1.jpg
Chaumont-sur-Tharonne St-Étienne (st Steven's Church) 15th century
Chaumont-sur-Tharonne église Saint-Étienne 2.jpg
Saint-Viâtre Saint-Viâtre Church (FR) early 16th century southern façade of the transept
Souvigny-en-Sologne Saint-Martin Church (FR) 16th century western part of the nave
Souvigny-en-Sologne church cut.jpg
Vouzon St-Peter's Church (FR) 15th–16th century tower: stone and mosaic of bricks

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(Ducal) Burgundy and Franche Comté region[edit]

In Middles Ages, the same rulers were Dukes of Burgundy as French vassals and Counts of Burgundy as vassals of the Holy Roman Empire.

Department Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Côte-d'Or Citeaux Abbey Library 1260–1509 Abbey founded in 1098, mother of all Cistercian abbeys;
outer walls of the library with mosaics of varnished brick
Abbaye de Cîteaux La Bibliothèque.JPG
Ain Bâgé-la-Ville Chapelle d'Aigrefeuille (FR) about 1200
Chapelle Aigrefeuille Bâgé Ville 3.jpg
Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne Saint-Andrew's Church[103] 1273
Chatillon Eglise St Andre.jpg
Castle (FR)[104] 11th–15th century ruins
Chatillon Ancien Chateau.jpg
Saône-et-Loire Louhans Saint-Peter's Church (FR)
Eglise Saint-Pierre Louhans 004.JPG
Mervans Village church 14th century
Mervans clocher2.jpg
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– Between Burgundy and Languedoc –

Department Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Loire Sainte-Agathe-la-Bouteresse Bonlieu Abbey (FR) 12th–14th centuries only partly brick,
nowadays disused as an agricultural building[105][106]
no photo in WM Commons

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Southern France around Toulouse[edit]

Toulouse • Albi • Pamiers
Department Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Haute-Garonne Toulouse Toulouse Cathedral (images)
Façade de la cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Toulouse.jpg
Couvent des Cordeliers (FR) (images) ruins
Église des Cordeliers de Toulouse - 201112 (3).jpg
Jacobine Convent (FR) (images)
154 Toulouse.JPG
Couvent des Jacobins de Toulouse 6.jpg
Saint Nicolas Church
Eglise Saint-Nicolas de Toulouse.jpg
Notre-Dame du Taur (FR)
31 - Eglise Notre-Dame du Taur - Facade.jpg
Notre-Dame de la Dalbade (FR) (images)
Façade de Notre-Dame de la Dalbade.jpg
Hôtel Vinhas[107]
Rue Croix-Baragnon, house n° 15 (images) Romano-Gothic
Immeuble dit Maison romano-gothique - Toulouse.jpg
Rue Croix-Baragnon, house n° 19 much altered
Auterive (FR) Saint-Paul's Church (FR)
Eglise st-paul 2.jpg
Daux Eglise Saint-Barthélémy (images) de Daux
Daux- Eglise Abside et tour.jpg
Grenade (FR) Our-Lady's-Assumption Church* (FR)
Église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption (Grenade) Clocher.jpg
Villefranche de Lauragais (FR) Our-Lady's-Assumption Church*
France-Villefranche de Lauragais-clocher-mur.jpg
Tarn Albi Cathedral of Saint-Cecile (images)
(Albi) East views of the Ste Cécile Cathedral - Apse.jpg
Palais de la Berbie (FR) (images) in the Cité Épiscopale (FR)
(Albi) - Palais de la Berbie vu de la rive droite du Tarn.jpg
Gaillac Abbaye Saint-Michel (FR) (images)
Abbaye Saint-Michel a Gaillac - PA00132878 Centre.jpg
Église Saint-Pierre (FR) (images)
Gaillac - église Saint-Pierre - PA00095558.jpg
Lavaur Cathedral Saint-Alain
Cathédrale Saint-Alain de Lavaur.JPG
Saint-Francis Church (FR)
Lavaur (81) Église Saint-François 01.JPG
Rabastens Église Notre-Dame-du-Bourg (FR)
Rabastens 09.jpg
Tarn-et-Garonne Montauban Église Saint-Jacques (FR)
Montauban - L'église St. Jacques - SO exposure.jpg
Beaumont-de-Lomagne Our-Lady's-Assumption Church*
Beaumont-de-Lomagne - Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption.jpg
Finhan Église Saint-Martin Gothic Revival modifications
Finhan - L'église Saint-Martin.jpg
Ariège Pamiers Cathédrale Saint-Antonin (images)
Cathédrale St-Antonin de Pamiers.jpg
Église Notre-Dame-du-Camp[108] (images) 1343, 1466 built on a Romanesque predecessor (portal of the 12th century), later reconstructions in 1672, 1769, 1773
Orgue Notre Dame du Camp (Pamiers).jpg
Tour des Cordeliers (images)
Tour des Cordeliers de Pamiers (09).JPG
Tour de l'hôtel des Monnaies
Pamiers - Tour de l'hôtel des Monnaies du Languedoc.JPG
Gers The department of Gers has a significant number of buildings in Southern French Gothic (FR) style, built of stone, such as the cathedrals of Condom and Lectoure. Its brick buildings are found in the southwest, near to Toulouse region.
Gimont Our-Lady's-Assumption Church*
Gimont - Église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption -4.JPG
Lombez Saint-Mary's Cathedral
Lombez - Cathédrale -1.jpg
Simorre Église Notre-Dame (FR)
Simorre - Eglise Notre-Dame -2.jpg

(*) "Our-Lady's-Assumption Church" = Église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption

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See List of Gothic brick buildings in Germany


– In Hungary, there is much more hidden than visible medieval brick. During the 145 years of Ottoman occupation, many churches fell in ruins. At about 1700 they were restored, inclusively of plastering, which need not necessary have existed before. In ruins of the Turkish wars and of World War II, brick can be visible, though these buildings had been plastered in their time of function. –

Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
west bank of Rába river
Szent Jakab apostol 1251
Premonstratensian, generally Romanesque building with few Gothic details Szent Jakab prépostság régen.jpg R.k. templom (3988. számú műemlék).jpg
Budapest Tower of St. Mary Magdalene cburch(HU/FR/DE) about 1400 nave of stone, destroyed in the end of WW: II
A Mária Magdolna-templom 44.JPG
east of lower
Tisza river
with proviso:
Ecser church
ruin of a perhaps originally plastered church
Ecseri templomrom.jpg
east of Esztergom
St. Imre church 14th century gothic enlargement of a Roamnesque stone church of 11th/12th century
NE corner of Hungary
with proviso:
Reformed church
13th century Romanesque church with a Gothic choir, temporarily widely unplastered, but now plastered again[109]
Nagygéci református templom - panoramio.jpg
south of lake Balaton
with proviso:
Puszta church (HU)
13th century ruin of an originally plastered church
Somogyvámosi templomrom (4).jpg
Zala County,
NW of lake Balaton
Premonstratensian abbey church (hu:/DE) begun between 1230 & 1240 Romanesque-Gothic transitional style, reconstruction about 1900
TÜRJE5277 KT090620.jpg

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Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • FRI • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Atessa Cathedral St Leucius (IT) 13th century Renaissance alterations
Cattedrale di San Leucio ad Atessa.JPG
Lanciano Santa Maria Maggiore (IT) Tower and originally possibly plastered vaults
Lanciano - Civitanova - S. Maria maggiore (campanile).jpg
(on hills between two rivers,
view to Gran Sasso d'Italia)
Duomo di San Massimo (IT) 11th–13th centuries interim Baroque decoration,
nowadays withdrawn
Duomo di Penne.jpg
various private palazzi nowadays mainly Renaissance,
but some originally Gothic
Penne 2012 by-RaBoe 080.jpg

Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Bologna • Imola • Parma • Piacenza • Rimini
Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Rocca dei Bentivoglio[110][111] (IT)
Torre della rocca dei Bentivoglio.JPG
Bobbio Cathedral 1463 central section of western façade, stylistically not very Gothic
Bologna Basilica of San Francesco 1236–1263
6048 - Bologna - San Francesco - Facciata - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 9-Feb-2008.jpg
Chiostro di San Francesco - panoramio.jpg
Basilica of San Giacomo Maggiore
Bologna, san giacomo maggiore, facciata.JPG
San Giacomo Maggiore (Bologna) Apse and campanile.jpg
Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi
San Martino
San martino maggiore, bologna 01.JPG
San Petronio Basilica
San petronio, fianco destro 02.JPG
The world's largest Gothic brick church (volume about 260,000 m³)
1107 - Bologna - Facciata di San Petronio - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 9-Feb-2008.jpg
Palazzo d'Accursio the city hall
Bologna - Palazzo d'Accursio - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto 5-3-2005 2.jpg
Palazzo della Mercanzia (IT) a guild hall
Bologna, Loggia ei Mercanti 01.JPG
Busseto, (PA) Collegiata di San Bartolomeo Apostolo
Busseto - Chiesa Collegiata di San Bartolomeo 08.JPG
Chiesa e convento di Santa Maria degli Angeli
Busseto - Santa Maria degli Angeli 08.JPG
Busseto - Santa Maria degli Angeli 01.JPG
Castell'Arquato Rocca Viscontea Castle(IT) Castle mainly bricks
Cento Castle La Rocca di Cento, 13th–15th century[112] Gothic & Renaissance
La Rocca Cento, Fe 01.JPG
Cesena Cesena Cathedral on the border of Romanesque and Gothic styles
Facciata del Duomo di San Giovanni Battista.jpg
Copparo Santa Maria di Savonuzzo (IT) Romanesque style in Gothic style age
Pieve di Santa Maria di Savonuzzo detta di San Venanzio (Copparo) 01.JPG
Cotignola, (RV) Church of San Francesco,[113] 15th century
Ferrara Castello Estense various stages since 1385 main residence of the House of Este
Castello estense di ferrara, ext. 02.JPG
Sant'Antonio in Polesine, (IT)
Imola Chiesa dei Santi Nicolò e Domenico (IT)[114] (IT)
Imola porta della chiesa di San Domenico xilografia.jpg
Convento dell'Osservanza (IT) since 1391
Chiesa San Michele e convento Osservanza5.JPG
Rocca Sforzesca (Sforza Fortress) (IT) 14th–15th century
Rocca di Imola, 2014, 2.JPG
Lugo Rocca Estense (Este fort)[115] 15th century
Rocca Estense della Piazza F Barraca.jpg
Mirandola (MO) Church of Gesù and San Francesco[116][117] damaged by the earthquakes of 2012
Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi Mirandola.JPG
Castello dei Pico (IT) since 1311
Castello di Mirandola - panoramio.jpg
Modena San Francesco Parish Church[118] 1244–1445
Chiesa di San Francesco (Modena).jpg
Molinella Torre di Santo Stefano (IT) 1322–1404
Torre di Santo Stefano Molinella.jpg
Parma San Francesco del Prato 13th–16th centuries
San Francesco del Prato di Parma.jpg
Cathedral 11th–15th centuries mainly Romanesque, but some chapels Gothic
of Parma
Certosa di Paradigna (IT/DE) 1298–1385
Certosa Paradigna.jpg
Piacenza Palazzo Comunale
Basilica of Sant'Antonino
Sant'Antonino Piacenza.JPG
San Francesco Church[119]
San Giovanni in Canale[120]
Basilica Chiesa di Sant Giovanni in Canale 1, Piacenza (14238707978).jpg
San Giovanni
Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista[121]
I-PC-Castel San Giovanni2.JPG
Ravenna Campanile of the Church of San Michele in Africisco,[122] Church of 6th century, tower of 14th/15th century
San Michele in Africisco Ravenna.JPG
Reggio Emilia (IT)
Reggio emilia posta.jpg
Rimini Church of Sant'Agostino (IT)
Chiesa di Sant'Agostino, Rimini Italy.JPG
Palazzo dell'Arengo (IT)
Rimini Palazzo dell'Arengo.JPG
Palazzo del Podestà
Palazzo del Podestà, Rimini Italy.JPG
Valconasso La Chiesa dell'Annunciazione di Valconasso[123] 1st half of 14th century
Vignola Rocca di Vignola (IT) 12th–15th centuries
Rocca di Vignola - Esterno.jpg
Vigolzone Castello di Grazzano Visconti 1395
Grazzano Visconti.jpg

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Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Genoa San Matteo 12th–16th century Cloister beside the church
Genova, s. matteo, chiostro del 1308, 05.JPG

Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Cremona • Lodi • Mantua (Mantova) • Milan(o) • Monza • Pavia
Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Abbiategrasso (MI) Visconti Castle (IT)
Abbiategrasso-castello visconteo1.jpg
Bergamo Visconti Citadel (IT) arcades of the court – the only unplastered medieval bricks in Bergamo
Brescia Chiesa di Sant'Agostino (IT)
Sant'agostino brescia facciata.jpg
Broletto brick 14th–early 15th century only parts, especially those built under Pandolfo III Malatesta
Corpus Christi Church (IT) 1467–1473 on the edge of Renaissance, but the frieze of preformed brick on top of the gable is still Gothic
Santissimo corpo di cristo brescia facciata.jpg
San Francesco Church 1254–1394
Brescia S. Francesco Apside particolare by Stefano Bolognini.JPG Brescia S. Francesco tetto1 by Stefano Bolognini.JPG
Brescia S. Francesco facciata by Stefano Bolognini.JPG
St-John-Evangelist Church (IT) 400–1440
Tomba famiglia maggi in san giovanni brescia.jpg
Gothic façade of layers of ashlar alternating with layers of brick
Pallata Tower (IT) 1476–1481 Only the top is of brick
Brescia Torre della Pallata 2 By Stefano Bolognini.JPG
Carpiano (CR) Saint Martin's Church (IT)
Chiesa Carpiano.jpg
Castiglione Olona (VA) Santi Stefano & Lorenzo (IT) 1422–1435
2013-12-29 Collegiata Castiglione Olona chiesa s. Lorenzo e Stefano vista laterale.jpg
Crema (CR) Duomo di Crema
Cremona Cathedral 12th–14th centuries transept & campanile Gothic
Cremona Duomo facciata transetto nord.JPG
Baptistery started in Romanesque style and marble, accomplished in Gothic style and brick
20110725 Cremona Baptistery 5948.jpg
San Michele Vetere
Chiesa S Michele Cremona.jpg
Loggia dei Militi
Cremona- La Loggia dei Militi.jpg
Palazzo Cittanova (IT)
Palazzo Cittanova.JPG
Cusago (CR) Abbazia Santa Maria Rossa (IT)
Lentate sul Seveso (MB) Oratorio di Santo Stefano (IT)
Lentate sul Seveso, Oratorio di Santo Stefano 003.JPG
Lodi Chiesa di Sant Agnese (IT)
Lodi - chiesa di Sant’Agnese - facciata.jpg
Duomo, Romanesque/Gothic
Lodi duomo.JPG
Chiesa di San Francesco (IT)
Lodi, San Francesco 001.JPG
Mantua (Mantova) San Francesco
Lodi Piazza Ospitale 01.JPG
Ducal palace
Mantua2 BMK.jpg
Milan (Milano) Abbazia di Chiaravalle
Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio late Antiquity/Romanesque/early Gothic
Milan - Saint Ambroise - Intérieur.jpg
Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio
Side view of Saint Eustorgius Church in Milan.jpg
Church of San Cristoforo sul Naviglio Late Gothic
San cristoforo facciata.jpg
San Marco, Milan
Chiesa di San Marco - Milano.JPG
Santa Maria Assunta di Crescenzago[124]
Santa Maria del Carmine
Santa Maria del Carmine, Milano VIII 2014.jpg
Palazzo Borromeo
1675 - Milano - Palazzo Borromeo - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto - 18-May-2007.jpg
Sforza Castle Some parts, espacially Filarete Tower, are rather 19th century reconstructions than original.
Castello Sforzesco009.JPG
Monza San Maria in Strada
Santa Maria Strada Monza.jpg
Duomo di Monza
Duomo di monza.jpg
only façade of stone
Arengario 13th century
Teolinda Tower (IT) 13th century former city gate
Pandino (CR) Pandino Castle (IT)
Il Castello di Pandino.JPG
Pavia Castello Visconteo 1360
Castello e parco.jpg
Santa Maria del Carmine
Santa maria del carmine.jpg
Convento dei Francescani (former Franciscan convent)[124]
Pavia Chiesa di San Francesco.jpg
Pozzuolo Martesana (MI) Chiesa di San Francesco (IT)
Revere Torre del Castello[125] 1125–1350
Revere La Torre.JPG
San Giuliano Milanese Abbazia dei Santi Pietro e Paolo in Viboldone
2039 - Milano - Abbazia di Viboldone - Interno - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 31-Oct-2009.jpg
Sant'Angelo Lodigiano Castello Morando Bolognini (IT)
Sant’Angelo Lodigiano , il Castello.jpg
Siziano (PV) Abbazia di Campomorto[124]
Solaro (MI) Oratorio dei Santi Ambrogio e Caterina[124]
Suzzara Torre Civica (City Tower) early 14th century
Piazza Castello, Suzzara.jpg
Voghera Visconti Castle (IT)
Paolo Monti - Servizio fotografico (Voghera, 1980) - BEIC 6330812.jpg
Vigevano Castello Visconteo-Sforzesco di Vigevano
Vigevano Castello maschio.jpg
San Pietro Martire
Vigevano-chiesa san pietro martire.jpg
Chiesa di San Francesco (IT)
Chiesa di San Francesco - Vigevano.JPG

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Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Amandola Sant'Agostino Church (IT) 1464 Gothic belltower
Cattedrale di San Leucio ad Atessa.JPG
Ancona Palazzo degli Anziani (IT) 15th century an ancient city hall
Palazzo Benincasa (IT) 15th century
Ancona, Palazzo Benincasa, XV secolo (1).JPG
Loggia dei Mercanti 1442–1459 Venecian Gothic, parts of the upper storeys of brick
Ancona - Loggia dei Mercanti di Giorgio Orsini da Sebenico.JPG
Cupra Marittima Santa Maria in Castello (IT) since 1227 Romanesque with Gothic alterations
Fabriano Sant'Agostino (IT)[126] upper parts of the façade of brick
Fabriano, Chiesa di S.Agostino, XIII-XIV e XVIII secolo.jpg
Fermo Saint-Francis (IT) bell tower
San Domenico Church (IT)[127] 1233–1491 concathedral no photo in WM Commons
Jesi Saint-Mark Church (IT) 12th century and later
Jesi, san marco 01.jpg
Pesaro Sant'Agostino 1258–1413 lateral wall Gothic an of washed bric
Pesaro, sant'agostino 01.JPG
San Ginesio San Ginesio Collegiate Church (IT) up to 1421 decorations in Floral Gothic style
San Ginesio, facciata della collegiata.jpg
San Severino Marche Saint Severin's Old Sanctuary (IT)
Santuario di San Severino - San Severino Marche 2.jpg
Church of San Lorenzo in Doliolo[128] no photo in WM Commons
Urbino St-Domenico ((IT) western façade Gothic
Urbino San Domenico facciata01 029.jpg
Oratory of St-John Baptist ((IT)
Urbino 01 046.JPG

Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Asti • Carmagnola • Mondovì • Torino • Vercelli
Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Acqui Terme Cathedral St Mary (IT) belltower Gothic
Acqui Terme-cattedrale-facciata1.jpg
Alba Chiesa di San Domenico[129] 13th/14th centuries
Alba-chiesa san domenico.jpg
Alessandria St Mary's Church of the Castle (IT)
Abside Santa Maria di Castello.JPG
Asti Cathedral of St-Mary's Assumption
IL DUOMO . Asti.jpg
Santa Maria di Viatosto (IT) 15th century Romanesque & Gothic
Santa Maria Ausiliatrice Asti 01.jpg
Palazzo del Podestà (IT) 13th century Romanesque & Gothic
Palazzo del Podestà ad Asti.jpg
private palazzi:
  • Palazzo Catena (15th century)
  • Palazzo Zoya (13th century)
Palazzo Catena 1.jpg
Palazzo Zoya 2.jpg
Palazzo Natta & Torre natta 11th century and later
Tore e palazzo Natta.jpg
other patrician towers:
  • Torre Comentina (13th century)
  • Torre Guttuari (1304)
  • Torre De Regibus (12th century and later)
Torre comentina1.jpg
Torre Bertramegna Scarampa2.jpg
Torre de Regibus2Asti.jpg
Bra Palazzo Traversa[130] 15th century
Bra Palazzo traversa.JPG
Carmagnola St-Peter-and-Paul Church (IT)
Carmagnola, chiesa collegiata dei Santi Pietro e Paolo (13).jpg
Castle (IT) 13th century
Castello di Carmagnola Miele.jpg
Palazzo Lomellini 15th century alterations in 18th century
Palazzo Lomellini Carmagnola Miele.jpg
Casa Borioli (IT)[131] 15th century no photo in
WM Commons
Castelnuovo Scrivia Castello Podestarile[132]
Castelnuovo Scrivia-palazzo Pretorio3.jpg
Chivasso Santa Maria Assunta (IT) 1415–1429 outside Gothic inside Baroque
Chivasso Duomo 01.jpg
Cuneo St-Francis Church & compound (IT) 15th century predecessors since 13th century, nowadays municipal museum
Cuneo16San Francesco est h-36 c+54 s+98.jpg
Fossano Castle of the Princes of Acaja (IT) 1314–1332 about 1500 transfomed from a fortification int a residential palace
Castello dei Principi d'Acaja, Fossano (4)cut.jpg
Gattinara St-Peter Church (IT) 1470 only western façade still Gothic
4201 - Gattinara - San Pietro - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto, 20 May 2011.jpg
Moncalieri Chiesa collegiata di S. Maria della Scala[133] 1232–1330 no photo in
WM Commons
Mondovì Municipal Tower (Torre Civica del Belvedere) 13th–14th century
Palazzo del Governatore ground flour arcades
Piazza (Mondovì)-palazzo del governatore3.jpg
Palazzo Fauzone ground flour arcades
Piazza (Mondovì)-palazzo Fauzone di Germagnano1.jpg
Casa Giolitti
Rossana Santa Maria Assunta[134][135] 14th century no photo in
WM Commons
Saluzzo Saluzzo Cathedral (IT)
Duomo di Saluzzo Maria Vergine Assunta.jpg
Torino San Domenico Church (IT) 14th–15th centuries
Chiesa di san Domenico Torino.JPG
Casa dei Romagnano (IT) 14th–16th century Gothic brick arches
Casa Romagnano (TO).JPG
Casa del Senato (IT)[136] 14th & 16th century
Casa Broglia (IT) 14th crntury
Casa Broglia via Torquato Tasso 13 TO.jpg
Vercelli Basilica di Sant'Andrea Romanesque windows, Gothic vaults, façade of stone
Basilica di Sant'Andrea (Vercelli) 14.JPG
Visconti Castle (IT)
Castello Vercelli del sudest.jpg
San Marco Church (IT) Campanile
Campanile di San Marco (Vercelli).jpg
San Paolo Church[137]
Vercelli Campanile San Paolo.jpg
patrician towers
Torre degli Avogadro 2.JPG

⬆ : Asti • Carmagnola • Mondovì • Torino • Vercelli
Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN


Montepulciano • Pisa • Prato • San Gimigniano • Siena
Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Grosseto Campanile of the Cathedral 15th century later alterations of the windows
Lucca Casa Barletti-Baroni 13th century
Casa barletti-baroni, 13th century 02.JPG
Guinigi Tower and Palace 14th century
Torre guinigi 04.JPG
Montepulciano San Francesco Church (IT) 13th–16th centuries Franciscan abbey church
997Z MontepulcianoSFrancesco.JPG
Palazzo Neri Orselli (IT) 14th century
997T MontepulcianoMuseoCivico.JPG
"Pulcinella" clock tower
Piombino Sant'Antimo (IT) 1284–1289
Sant'Antimo, altare.JPG
Casa delle Bifore (IT) 1284–1289 upper storeys mainly of brick
Casa delle Bifore.jpg
Pisa Palazzo Agostini (IT) 15th century
Palazzo Agostini, Pisa.jpg
Palazzo Vecchio de' Medici since 11th century alterations to Renaissance, then in the 19th century re-(?)gothified
Palazzo Poschi (IT) 15th century
Palazzo Poschi 01.JPG
Torre Lanfreducci (IT) 12th & 14th century
Torre Lanfreducci 01.JPG
Pistoia Ancient Bishops' Palace (IT) 12th–13th century prossibly originally plastered
Palazzo dei Vescovi.JPG
Prato Sant'Agostino church 1400–1440 top section of the tower of pure brick, other walls of a Byzantine structure – layers of brick among layers of small boulders
Sant'Agostino in Prato Facade 1.jpg
San Domenico, Prato 1282–1323
San Domenico-bell tower 2.jpg
windows and bell tower of brick
San Domenico-lateral.jpg
San Giusto church (IT) 1360 Campanile with windows of brick
San Giusto in Piazzanese-bell tower 2.jpg
San Gimignano Palazzo Comunale 1323
Sant'Agostino Church 13th century
Old Palace of the Podestà (IT) rebuilt in 1239, enlarged in 1337
San gimignano piazza duomo 06 torre.JPG
various private palazzi
  1. Palazzo della Cancelleria
  2. Palazzo Razzi (IT)
  3. Palazzo Tinacci
  4. Palazzo Tortoli (IT)

(1)Palazzo della Cancelleria o dei Marsili - San Gimignano.jpg (2)Casa salvestrini e palazzo razzi, san Gimignano.jpg

San gimignano piazza della cisterna 10 torre.JPG
Siena Basilica of San Domenico
Basilica of San Francesco
Palazzo Pubblico
City Hall Siena Italy.jpg
Palazzo Sansedoni 1330 seat of Monte dei Pasci Foundation
Palazzo Sansedoni Siena.jpg
various private palazzi
Porta Tufi 1325–1326
Porta Tufi 01.JPG
Santa Maria dei
Servi, Siena
San Clemente
basiica & monastery (IT)
13th – 16th century
Siena, basilica dei servi, abside 02.JPG
Volterra Fortezza Medicea 14th–15th century arcades supporting the balustrades
Fortezza di volterra 01.JPG

⬆ : Montepulciano • Pisa • Prato • San Gimigniano • Siena
Regions of Italy:  ABR • EM-RO • LIG • LOM • MAR • PIE • TUS • VEN

Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia[edit]

Lendinara • Treviso • Venice (Venezia) • Verona
Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Badia Polesine Este Palace[138] 1430
Palazzo degli Estensi (Badia Polesine).jpg
Cividale del Friuli Town hall (Palazzo Comunale)[139] 1286 and 1545–1588
CividaledelFriuliStatua diGiulioCesare.jpg
Isola della Scala Torre scaligera 13th century in some parts mixed with stones
Torre Scaligera Isola della Scala.jpg
Este Castello Carrarese[140] 1339
Castello Carrarese 06.JPG
Rocca di Ponte di/della Torre[141] 12th & 13th centuries
Rocca di Ponte della Torre.jpg
Lendinara Chiesa di Sant'Anna 1433
Sant'Anna (Lendinara).jpg
Palazzo Pretorio and Torre Maistra end of 14th century
Palazzo pretorio and torre maistra, Lendinara.jpg
Torre dell'Orologio originally a Gothic city gate, in 17th century converted into the presentday clock tower
Torre dell'orologio (clock tower), Lendinara, Province of Rovigo, Veneto, Italy - 20090722.jpg
Castel Trivellin[142] probably 1390 only relics
Rovine di castel trivellin.JPG
Montagnana Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta (IT) 1431–1502 with Renaissance additions
Town wall[143] Well preserved circle, some parts of brick, others of stone
Montagnana 18 (8187048601).jpg
Padua Basilica of Saint Anthony
Sant'Antonio (Padua) - Facade.jpg
Cappella degli Scrovegni
La Cappella degli Scrovegni.JPG
Pordenone Cathedral of St. Mark (Duomo) (IT)
Pordenone-Duomo di San Marco.jpg
Town hall
Portogruaro Town hall (IT)
Portogruaro Piazza della Repubblica 01.JPG
Udine Cathedral 13th–14th centuries
Duomo di udine, esterno 01.JPG
(most famous brick:
Palazzo dei Trecento)
San Francesco church (IT) 1231–1270 main nave Romanesque, choir & southern aisle Gothic
Santa Maria Maggiore (IT) Gothic since 1473 after destruction by war 1511 mannerist reconstruction
St Catherine church (IT) 1346 – early 15th century partly visible brick, partly plastered; today housing a museum
Venice Ca' Foscari main façade of stone
(Venice) Ca' Foscari.jpg
Church Sant'Elena (Venice) Facade.jpg
Santi Giovanni
Interior of Santi Giovanni e Paolo (Venice).jpg
San Gregorio
Apse exterior - San Gregorio - Venice 2016.jpg
Madonna dell'Orto
Madonna dell'Orto.jpg
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
Basilica di Santa Maria dei Frari - Venezia.jpg
(proper republic
since 1136,
proper signoria
since 1259,
since 1405)
Sant'Anastasia Church
Basilica di Santa Anastasia (Verona) - Facciata.jpg
Juliet's House (IT)
Balcone di Giulietta a Verona.jpg
Palazzo del Podestà (IT) 13th century though erected in "Gothic age", only few parts in Gothic design
Palazzo del Podestà (Verona) - Il Pozzo.jpg
San Tomaso Becket[144] 1351, 1484
San Tomaso Becket.JPG
Chiesa San Fermo Maggiore[145] 10–11th, Gothic 14th century
Santi Nazaro e Celso[146] 14th century
San Nazaro Verona.JPG
Sant'Eufemia, Church[147] 1275–1450
Santa Eufemia facade.jpg
San Bernardino Church[148] 15th century
Chiesa di San Pietro Martire (IT)[149] 1283
San Pietro Martire a Verona.jpg
Castelvecchio 1354–1356
Castelvecchio Verona-03.JPG
Castelvecchio Bridge 1354–1356 after destruction in WW II, now farly a replique
Verona Castelvecchio.jpg
Domus Mercatorum[150] 1301
Domus Mercatorum.jpg
Vicenza Palazzo Thiene only western wing
Villafranca di Verona Castello Scaligero (IT) 13th century tower and some other parts

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Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Alūksne with proviso:
Alūksne Castle
many part of boulders only, some walls mainly of brick,
but probably originally not visible
Alūksne viduslaiku pils pilsdrūpas.jpg
Bauska with proviso:
Dobele Castle
some walls mainly of brick,
but probably originally not visible
Bauska Castle Ruins - panoramio.jpg
Dobele with proviso:
Dobele Castle
generally of boulders, one tower of brick, but perhaps not visible
Dobeles pils (02).JPG
Ludza Ludza Castle 1399 wally of mixed material with brick surface;
destroyed in 1654
Lutsi ordulinnus 1.jpg
Riga Cathedral 13th century
Rīgas doms.jpg
St. Peter 13th to 15th century
Peterskyrkan Riga.JPG
St James 13th century
St. Jacob's Cathedral, Riga.jpg
St. John 15th century formerly Dominican
St. John's Church - Riga - 2.jpg
House of the Blackheads late 14th century onwards Destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in 1995
Riga Schwarhaeupterhaus Totale.jpg
The oldest of the Three Brothers late 15th century
Riga Old Town part2.JPG
Turaida Castle 14th century

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Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Vilnius St. Anne's 1495–1500 exceptional use of Late Gothic Flamboyant style
Vilnius Šv. Onos St. Anna.jpg
Church of St. Francis and St. Bernard 15th century and later repairs one of the biggest Gothic ensembles (has Renaissance details) in Lithuania
St. Nicholas Late 14th century oldest surviving Catholic church building in Lithuania
Mikalojus Church.jpg
Gediminas Tower and Upper Castle Early 15th century, many later alterations built by Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas
Gediminas Tower in Vilnius (cropped).jpg
Kaunas Cathedral since 1408 basilica, the largest Gothic church in Lithuania
Kauno arkikatedra bokstas 2006-06-03.JPG
Castle since mid-14th century oldest brick castle in Lithuania
Kauno pilis. Kaunas Castle.2006-06-11.jpg
St. Gertrude 15th century? one of the oldest Gothic churches in Lithuania
Gertrude's in Kaunas.jpg
Church of The Accession of The Holy Virgin about 1400 former Franciscan, Latin cross footplan
Vytautas church.jpg
House of Perkūnas late 15th century the other example of exceptional brick Flamboyant style
Perkuno namas 2006-06-30.jpg
Kėdainiai St. George Church (LT) 1403 various reconstractions
Kėdainių Šv. Jurgio bažnyčia2.jpg
Medininkai Castle 13th century The only surviving enclosure type castle and the largest in Lithuania
Medininkų pilis iš dangaus 03.jpg
Trakai Island Castle 14th – early 15th century built by Grand Dukes of Lithuania Kęstutis and Vytautas.
Le château de Trakai (Lituanie).jpg
Peninsula Castle Late 14th century and later repairs built by Grand Duke of Lithuania Kęstutis
N trakai 1pilis.JPG
Zapyškis St. John The Baptist church (LT) between 1530 & 1578 the only surviving rural Gothic church in Lithuania.
Zapyshkis church, Lithuania 2013-08-30 - from NE.jpg

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See List of Gothic brick buildings in the Netherlands


See List of Gothic brick buildings in Poland

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Historical Russia[edit]

Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Novgorod Kremlin Chamber of Facets 1433 1441 decorated with frescos (nowadays almost lost)
Главный зал (2).JPG

Kaliningrad exclave[edit]

Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Kaliningrad Königsberg Cathedral 14th century
Kaliningrad Kant Island -0.3° 2512x2016.jpg
Juditten Church
in Mendeleyevo
Late 13th century
Свято-Никольский собор в Калининграде (Юдиттен-кирха Кёнигсберга).JPG
Druzhba (RU/DE) Allenburg Church 15th century
Allenburger Kirche in Družba-1,567° 3695x2926.jpg
Guryevsk Neuhausen church
Кирха Нойхаузен 06.JPG
Gvardeyskoye Mühlhausen Church [de] 1st half of 14th century restored
Mühlhausen Kirche 1 2011.JPG
Kashtanovo (RU/DE) Almenhausen church ruins since 1945
Каштаново, Правдинский район, Калининградская область. Кирха Альменхаузена.jpg
Kumachyovo Kumehnen Church end 14th century
Пос. Кумачево, кирха.JPG
Logvino (RU/DE) Medenau church poor relics
Medenau Kirche 4.jpg
Neman Teutonic Knight's castle of Ragnit 1397–1409 One of the strongest castles of the Teutonic Order.
Built by Nikolaus von Fellenstein (see Malbork).
Now ruined
Ruine der Ordensburg Ragnit.jpg
Porechye (RU/DE) Allenau church
Кирха Алленау. п. Поречье.jpg
Pravdinsk Friedland church
Pravdinsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, 238400 - panoramio - Anton Yefimov (17).jpg
Rodniki (DE/RU) Arnau Church Late 14th century
Arnau pd.jpg
Romanovo Pobethen church
Kirche in Romanowo (ru. Романово, dt. Pobethen im Samland in Ostpreußen), Kirchturm.jpg
preserved tower plastered
Романово Кирха.jpg
Turgenevo Groß Legitten church
Groß Legitten Kirche 5.jpg
Ushakovo Baldau church
Кирха Вальдау.jpg
Vesyoloye Teutonic Knight's castle of Balga c. 1239 Ruin since centuries
Руины крепости Бальга 02.jpg
Vladimirovo Tharau church restored
Zheleznodorozhny Gerdauen church
Изображение 860.jpg
Zhemchuzhnoje (UKR/DE) Schaaken church
Schaaken Ostpreußen Kirche 04.jpg

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Place Building Time of construction Notes Image
Červený Kláštor,
on Dunajec river
(Polish border)
Red Monastery 2nd half of 14th century vault ribs and some cornices of visible brick
Cervený Kláštor Monastery 9370.JPG

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Until 1658, Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg were Danish.

Lund • Malmö • Stockholm • Uppsala • Ystad
Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Balingsta Parish, southwest of Uppsala Vik Castle Circa 1450, 17th and 19th century alterations
Wiks slott 2.jpg
Danmark Parish, southeast of Uppsala Danmark Church 14th and 15th century
Danmark kyrka1.jpg
Helsingborg St. Mary
(SV:Sankta Maria kyrka)
Sankta Maria kyrka (Helsingborg, Sweden).jpg
Kärnan 1320 in 1893/94 restored with some alterations
The Core - Kärnan - 1317-1318 - panoramio.jpg
Lena Parish, north of Uppsala Lena Church Circa 1300, possibly consecrated in 1303 18th century alterations including plastering of the exterior walls and addition of a burial vault
Lund St. Peter's Priory Church
(S:t Peters klosterkyrka)
Circa 1300
Klosterkyrkan, Lund.jpg
Liberiet 15th century built as cathedral chapter's library
Lund Libreriet.JPG
Krognoshuset (SV/DE) 14th century
Krognoshuset, Lund.jpg
Malmö St. Peter
(Sankt Petri kyrka)
Malmö Sankt Petri kyrka 1.jpg
Archbishops's court 15th-century outside altered and nowadays plastered
Niche fra Ærkebispegården i Malmø.jpg
Jörgen Kock's house(SV) 1522-1524 Largest private house in Malmö from the sixteenth century
Kockska huset 2, Malmö.jpg
Kompanihuset (SV) 1529
Kompanihuset, Malmö.jpg
Ronneby Holy Cross Church (Heliga Kors kyrka)
Ronneby Kyrkan (2008-02-xx).JPG
Sigtuna St. Mary
Mid 13th century
Sigtuna maria.jpg
Skänninge Vårfrukyrkan
("Church of Our Lady")
Vårfrukyrkan i Skänninge, den 20 maj 2007, bild 44.jpg
Skepptuna Parish, Stockholm County Skepptuna Church 13th to 15th centuries
Skepptuna kyrka.jpg
Skokloster north of Sigtuna Skokloster Church
(Sko klosters kyrka)
13th century Near Skokloster Castle, originally a convent church
Söderköping St. Lawrence's Church
(S:t Laurentii kyrka)
St Laurenti2016Söderköping02.jpg
Sölvesborg St. Nicholas' Church
(S:t Nicolai kyrka)
13th century
Sölvesborg, Sankt Nicolai kyrka - KMB - 16000200001922.jpg
Stockholm Riddarholmen Church
Late 13th century, major 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century alterations Burial church for many of the Swedish monarchs
Riddarholmskyrka, Stockholm, by N. Semënov (4).jpg
Storkyrkan (St. Nicholas) 13th-15th centuries in 1736–1742 outside altered into Baroque to make it more similar to the Royal Palace; brick gothic interior preserved
Stockholm-Storkyrkan (St.Georg).jpg
Strängnäs Strängnäs Cathedral 1296 onwards
Strängnäs cathedral Sweden 008.JPG
Tensta Parish, north of Uppsala Tensta Church 13th century Houses the earliest deliberate portrait (a fresco by Johannes Rosenrod) in Swedish art history
Tuna Parish, northeast of Uppsala Tuna Church
(SV: Tuna kyrka )
about 1300
Tuna kyrka Uppland ext3.jpg
Uppsala Uppsala Cathedral 1287–1435, major 18th and 19th century alterations External appearance largely 19th century
Uppsala domkyrka view01sml.jpg
Holy Trinity Church
(SV: Helga trefaldighets kyrka)
Late 13th to 15th century
Helga Trefaldighets kyrka ext2.jpg
Vadstena Vadstena Abbey mid 13th century, 14th century alterations former royal palace, later a hospital, when handed over to the abbey in 1346 the building was "humbled" and the roof was lowered.
Bjälboättens palats, Vadstena, juni 2005.jpg
House of Mårten Skinnare Late Middle Ages, 18th century alterations The roof was lowered and the crow-stepped gables removed in the 18th century.
Västerås Västerås Cathedral 13th century, 14th and 15th century extensions and later alterations Burial place of Eric XIV of Sweden
Västerås Cathedral2.jpg
Växjö Växjö Cathedral 13th century, later alterations
Växjö domkyrka 020.jpg
Vendel Parish, north of Uppsala Vendel Church (SV) Late 13th and early 14th century, possibly consecrated in 1310
Vendels kyrka 10425.JPG
Ystad St. Mary's Church
(Sankta Maria kyrka)
13th to 15th century
Sankta Maria Kyrka.jpg
Franciscan Monastery Church (St. Peter)
(S:t Petri kyrka)
Late 13th to 15th century
Ystad Saint Petri Church.jpg
Latin School (Latinskolan) early 16th century
Latinskolan, Ystad.jpg

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Though brick generally is not typical for medieval Swiss architecture, there are also some Gothic brick buildings in Switzerland, and some more have disappeared.

Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Estavayer-le-Lac Chenaux Castle 15th century Two towers and parts of the gate tower Château d'Estavayer 1.jpg
Vufflens-le-Château, Vaud Vufflens Castle 15th century Chateau de vufflens.jpg


Except of Lutsk Castle, all buildings are not very far from the current Polish border, though Gothic buildings also can be found in Lviv and Stryi, some of them looking like plastered brick buildings.

Place Building Main period of construction Special features Image
Nove Misto (UKR) (Staryi Sambir Raion) Roman Catholic Church 1463–1512
Nove Misto-1.JPG
Drohobych St-Bartholomew Church (UKR) 15th-16th centuries former Roman Catholic palace church
Костел Вознесіння Господнього, вул.Т.Шевченка,1, м.Дрогобич.JPG
Lutsk Lubart's Castle (Ukrainian: Луцький замок, Polish: Zamek w Łucku) 14th and 15th century the only Brick Gothic building in the Dniester basin, Lithuanian foundation
Ukr Luzk Burg Lubarta.jpg
Skelivka St-Martin Church 15th to early 16th century Roman Catholic former palace church of Fulsztyn Castle
Skelivka kostel.JPG
Zymne Zymne Monastery (Ukrainian: Зимненський монастир, Polish: Monaster Zaśnięcia Matki Bożej w Zimnem) after 1495 Orthodox foundation
Monastery in Zimnee (Ukraine).jpg
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See also[edit]


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