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Map of German East Africa.
Map of German East Africa (bordered in red), 1905.
Map of Tanganyika Territory, 1934.

The colony of German East Africa (German: Deutsch-Ostafrika) was founded in the 1880s, after the German explorer Carl Peters signed treaties with native chieftains on neighboring Zanzibar. On 3 March 1885, the government of the German Empire granted an imperial charter to the German East Africa Company, and a protectorate was established. German colonial rule in the region lasted until World War I, when the British occupied the colony during the East African Campaign. The British territory of Tanganyika was established on 20 July 1922, when Britain acquired a mandate to administer the region as a result of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations. On 18 April 1946, the mandate was reorganized as a Trust Territory of the United Nations. Afterwards, the region remained under British administration until it gained independence on 9 December 1961 as Tanganyika.


(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Tenure Portrait Incumbent Notes
German East Africa
German East Africa Protectorate
27 May 1885 to 8 February 1888 Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R30019, Dr. Carl Peters.jpg Carl Peters, Administrator
8 February 1888 to 1 January 1891 Hermann von Wissmann.jpg Hermann von Wissmann, Reichskommissar Imperial commissioner, 1st time
German East Africa Colony
1 January 1891 to 21 February 1891 Hermann von Wissmann.jpg Hermann von Wissmann, Reichskommissar Imperial commissioner, 1st time
21 February 1891 to 15 September 1893 Julius von Soden.jpg Julius von Soden, Governor
1891 Rüdiger, acting Governor Acting for Soden
15 September 1893 to 25 April 1895 Friedrich von Schele.png Friedrich von Schele, Governor
25 April 1895 to 3 December 1896 Hermann von Wissmann.jpg Hermann von Wissmann, Governor 2nd time
3 December 1896 to 12 March 1901 Eduard von Liebert.jpg Eduard von Liebert, Governor
12 March 1901 to 15 April 1906 Gustav Adolf von Götzen.jpg Gustav Adolf von Götzen, Governor
15 April 1906 to 22 April 1912 Albrecht von Rechenberg, Governor
22 April 1912 to 14 November 1918 Heinrich Schnee.jpg Heinrich Schnee, Governor From 9 October 1916 on the move in opposition to British forces, together with General d. Inf. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. Later served as the last President of the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft, from 1930 to 1936
Occupation of German East Africa by United Kingdom
9 October 1916 to 22 July 1920 Horace Archer Byatt, Administrator From 1918, Sir Horace Archer Byatt
22 July 1920 to 20 July 1922 Sir Horace Archer Byatt, Governor
League of Nations Mandate (administered by United Kingdom)
20 July 1922 to 5 March 1925 Sir Horace Archer Byatt, Governor
1924 to 5 March 1925 John Scott, acting Governor Acting for Byatt
5 March 1925 to January 1931 Donald Charles Cameron, Governor
1929 Sir Douglas James Jardine, acting Governor Acting for Cameron
January 1931 to February 1934 Sir George Stewart Symes.png George Stewart Symes, Governor
19 February 1934 to 8 July 1938 Harold MacMichael.jpg Sir Harold Alfred MacMichael, Governor
8 July 1938 to 19 June 1941 Mark Aitchison Young, 1946 (cropped).jpg Sir Mark Aitchinson Young, Governor
19 June 1941 to 28 April 1945 Sir Wilfrid Edward Francis Jackson, Governor
28 April 1945 to 11 December 1946 Sir William Denis Battershill, Governor
United Nations Trust Territory (administered by United Kingdom)
11 December 1946 to 18 June 1949 Sir William Denis Battershill, Governor
18 June 1949 to June 1958 Edward Twining, Governor.png Sir Edward Francis Twining, Governor
15 July 1958 to 9 December 1961 Sir Richard Gordon Turnbull, Governor
9 December 1961 Independence as Tanganyika

For continuation after independence, see: List of heads of state of Tanzania#Governor-General

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