List of Governors of the Danish West Indies

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Being a list of governors of the former Danish colony, the Danish West Indies.

Governors of St. Thomas[edit]

St. Thomas was claimed by Denmark-Norway in 1665.

Governors of St. Thomas & St. John[edit]

St. John (St. Jan) was claimed by Danish West India Company in 1683, which was disputed by the British until 1718.

Governors of St. Croix[edit]

St. Croix was bought from French West India Company in 1733.

  • Friderich Moth, Governor of St. Croix (January 8, 1735 - May 15, 1747)
  • Gregers Høg Nissen, Chief ad interim of St. Croix (February 24, 1736 - April 16, 1744)
  • Paul Lindemark, Chief ad interim of St. Croix (April 16, 1744 - May 15, 1747)
  • Jens Hansen, Governor of St. Croix (May 15, 1747 - December, 1751)
  • Peter Clausen, Governor of St. Croix (December, 1751 - 1758)

In 1754, the Danish West Indies were sold by Danish West India Company to King Frederick V of Denmark, becoming royal Danish colonies. Hereafter, St. Croix was governed by the Governors-General of the Danish West Indies.

Governors of the royal colonies[edit]

The Danish West Indies was sold by the Danish state to the United States of America on December 12, 1916. The administration was officially turned over on March 31, 1917, and the first US governor was Edwin Taylor Pollock, see List of United States Virgin Islands Governors.


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