List of Grand Chiefs (Mi'kmaq)

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The following is a list of Grand Chiefs (Mi’kmaq) who have presided over the Grand Council (Mi'kmaq). For most of the 17th and 18th centuries, the names of the Grand Chiefs of the Mi'kmaq people are unknown.

# Image Name Grand Chief from Grand Chief until
1. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg Henri Membertou unknown 1611
2. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg Francis Peck 1792 1818
3. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg Michael Tooma 1818 1842
4. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg Frank Tooma Jr. 1842 1869
5. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg John Denys 1869 1887
6. Jacques-Pierre Peminuit Paul.jpg Jacques-Pierre Peminuit Paul 1856 1895
7. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg John Denys Jr. 1887 1918
8. Gabriel Sylliboy, Nova Scotia 1930.jpg Gabriel Sylliboy 1918 1964
8. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg Donald Marshall Sr. 1964 1991
9. Mikmaq State Flag (vertical).svg Benjamin Sylliboy 1991 present