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A number of the recurring characters appear during the various missions or cutscenes in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, set in 1998. Prominent characters are listed here in rough order of appearance. Note that the order in which some of these characters appear in-game depends upon the sequence in which the player completes certain missions.

Many of the characters had previously appeared in Grand Theft Auto III (see also list of characters in Grand Theft Auto III), but most of Liberty City Stories' voice actors were changed from better known character actors (i.e. Michael Madsen as Toni Cipriani, Debi Mazar as Maria and Kyle MacLachlan as Donald Love) to those of lesser notability. Several voice actors reprised their original roles in the game, such as Frank Vincent as Salvatore Leone, and Guru as 8-Ball.

Major characters[edit]

Toni Cipriani[edit]

Introduced in: Introduction, roadside cutscene

Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is the playable protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. A recurring character, Toni had previously appeared with a major role in Grand Theft Auto III.

After killing a "made man" of the Forelli family under orders from Don Salvatore Leone, Toni Cipriani left Liberty City in 1994, and lived abroad for years. He finally returns to the city in 1998, ready to rejoin the Leone crime family, and reclaim his old position within the Liberty City Mafia. Toni is given work by a grateful Salvatore Leone, but because he was gone for so long, other members of the Leone family have had the time to capitalize on Toni's absence. Expecting to finally be "made" upon his return, Toni finds himself demoted and working under a younger, better-educated member and a made man named Vincenzo Cilli. Toni is astonished by the Don's lack of appreciation, and quickly grows to hate his new superior. Later on, he takes over Vincenzo's place. Vincenzo tries to kill him with a chainsaw, but he kills him.

Toni's behaviour during the game suggests that he is very loyal, but does not suffer fools lightly. Physically, Toni is significantly thinner than his GTA III' incarnation; this is often met with criticism by his mother, Maria and Salvatore Leone, with his mother and Salvatore in particular mentioning that he is not being fed well.[1][2][3] By GTA III, Toni is fatter and has aged considerably in the three years that have passed.

Toni goes above and beyond the law in protecting the Leone family's interests. In particular, Toni is instrumental in preventing a gang war being provoked by the Sicilian Mafia, who are attempting a takeover of the city. Toni becomes "made" when he assassinates the Mayor of Liberty City, R.C. Hole. Once Salvatore is arrested, Toni manages to suppress attempts by the Forelli family and the Liberty City Yakuza to overthrow the Leone family. It is courtesy of his efforts that the Forelli family are crippled beyond repair, and the Sindacco family is crushed completely (paving the way for the Leone family to control everything). Salvatore in indebted to Toni once more when he is rescued from multiple attempts on his life by the Sicilians. In the end, Toni is appointed by Salvatore to serve as his Caporegime, although Sal cheats Toni out of the money he was promised. Toni remains Capo at the time of GTA III. 'Note depending on how you pronounce it, Toni Cipriani is a spoof of Tony Soprano out of the American TV show The Sopranos.

Toni Cipriani was voiced by Danny Mastrogiorgio,[4] although originally he was voiced by Michael Madsen in GTA III.[5]

Preceded by
Grand Theft Auto Advance
Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Succeeded by
Victor Vance
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Salvatore Leone[edit]

Introduced in: "Home Sweet Home"

Salvatore "Sal" Leone is the Don of the Leone family. He is Toni's main employer and gives Toni the most missions in the game. In 1998, Salvatore Leone is leading the Leone family in an ongoing war for Mafia dominance against the Forelli family and the Sindacco family. Paranoid and violent, Salvatore trusts very few people, which may be attributed to Carl Johnson's betrayal in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which led to Salvatore's casino being robbed of millions of dollars, eventually, his paranoia leads him to his assassination.

Salvatore has many problems in 1998: On top of all of this, the smaller gangs of the city; Yardies, Diablos, Triads and Yakuzas have stepped up and have begun fightinga striking union which is blocking the port pass, which brings Portland Island to isolation from rest of Liberty City (Callahan Bridge is still under construction), which brings him to lose drug shipments, a mayor which stopped cooperating with him and now working with the Forreli's, and even the Sicilian Mafia, who have seemingly arrived to calm the Three Families down, but have really come to take over Liberty City for themselves. for control of the Leone's turf (most Leone turf in the game belongs to other gangs in GTA III). Through all of this, Salvatore is able to trust Toni, who does anything the Don asks. Salvatore eventually decides to "make" Toni, and even appoint him as his Caporegime (a position that Toni still has in GTA III).

Not everything goes the way the Leone family would wish, however. The Mayor of Liberty City, Roger C. Hole, is on the payroll of the Forelli family, and is making life difficult for Salvatore. After Toni assassinates the mayor in Belleville Park during the Mayor's morning jog, Salvatore knows of a friend who the people like and has the potential to be elected as the new Mayor, namely Donald Love. With Donald Love in office, the Leone family can control the city. However, the public learns of Love's connection with the Leone family, so he loses the election to Miles O'Donovan (who is mayor in GTA III).

The Gang War of 1998 comes to a peak when Salvatore is sentenced to prison. He blames the Sindaccos and Forelli Families of snitching to the FBI the information about his business. He demands that Don Paulie Sindacco be killed. When Toni assassinates him for Salvatore, the Leone family have gained much power in the city, now with weakened Forelli's.

Salvatore is released on bail, and is optimistic that the charges on him will be dropped by Mayor O'Donovan. Massimo Torini - the Caporegime of the Sicilian Mafia that is intending to take over - kidnaps the Mayor to stop this, but Salvatore and Toni kill Torini and rescue O'Donovan. Salvatore tells O'Donovan that since they saved his life, he owes the Leone family. O'Donovan agrees, and with the mayor's office in their hands, the Leone family become the main Mafia family in Liberty City.

Salvatore never fully trusts most people, and believes that he should betray others before they have the chance to betray him, even if they have no intention of doing so. This may be due to Carl Johnson's betrayal of him in GTA San Andreas. His paranoia persists in Grand Theft Auto III, which leads to his betrayal and attempted assassination of Claude, who survives and kills Salvatore in return.

Salvatore Leone was voiced by Frank Vincent.[4]

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Donald Love[edit]

Introduced in: "Morgue Party Candidate"

Donald "Don" Love is a necrophiliac and a millionaire real estate mogul from Grand Theft Auto III and in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which is also the disciple of Avery Carrington, who reappears in Liberty City Stories. It is interesting to note that Love resides and works in another skyscraper in the game, as opposed to the smaller "Love Media" building several blocks away in GTA III (although one mission involves delivering a vehicle to the latter's garage). Donald's current residence is under construction, which he is busy overseeing when Toni meets with him during several pre-mission cut scenes.

Following the killing of incumbent Liberty City mayor R. C. Hole (ordered by Salvatore Leone), Love seizes the chance to run in the mayoral race, using his deep pockets to rig the election. Salvatore is bent on getting "his" candidate in office so he can take control of City Hall. Both candidates are backed by two different Mafia syndicates; O'Donovan by the Forelli family, and Love by the Leone family.

Toni meets with Donald at his building, where he is overseeing the construction of the tower while practicing how to dance and orders him on his first mission to recover a body on its way to the pathology labs. Donald has popularity on his side with Toni going in a Bandwagon to voting areas with saying slogans that put down O'Donovan and supporting Love, but O'Donovan's Mafia associates are rigging the ballots to give themselves an edge. Donald orders Toni to kill O'Donovan's campaigners and incineration of their ballot machines , who have a lock on the youth vote and are protected by gunmen. Despite his efforts, the voting polls are still neck-and neck. Making matters worse, Donald cannot make any more public appearances in fear of a Forelli family assassination. Donald resorts to making Toni stealing some of the uncounted ballots and replacing them with some of his own, using Toni to hijack the ballot cars.

Following this, O'Donovan's men uncover evidence of Love's ties to Salvatore Leone. Love's political career stands at a knife's edge; he orders Toni to get to the docks and steal the evidence from the Forelli family (and some Sindacco family) members guarding it. When Toni arrives back at Donald's office, a news report blares that Donald Love has been linked to Toni, widely known as a top Leone family associate. Donald's image is damaged beyond repair and O'Donovan wins the race. Donald drops his usually cordial demeanor and erupts, saying he's been bankrupted by the campaign and blaming Toni for everything.

Later on, Toni receives a panicked phone call from Donald Love in Shoreside Vale, who is living out of a flophouse in Shoreside Vale. Literally down to his last dime, Donald is an unshaven mess. Toni is content to leave him to rot, but Donald promises him a cut of something "really big." He arranges the killing of his former mentor Avery Carrington, who is arriving in Liberty City with valuable development plans under his arm. While leaving Francis International Airport with Colombian Cartel escorts, Avery is slain and his plans are stolen by Toni. The reporter Ned Burner witnesses this and is about to go public; Love orders him killed as well.

Donald still needs prime development property to make the deal go through; he selects the highly populated Fort Staunton (Little Italy) area for "demolition." Toni pays demolitions expert 8-Ball to rig a van full of explosives and uses the Porter Tunnel (which is under construction) to access an abandoned subway station beneath Fort Staunton. He plants the bombs and they explode all at once, leveling the entire district.

His fortune rebuilt, Love moves into the biggest mansion in Shoreside Vale. The Cartel members who were providing security for Avery decide to blackmail Love in exchange for keeping quiet. Love is forced to flee town after Toni massacres the Cartel's force and leaves the corpses and wrecked cars in his garden. The mansion is abandoned and falls into Cartel hands (which remains so up to GTA III). This act of hostility by the Cartel is suggested to be the origins of Donald's subsequent grudge against the gang later on.

During the game, Love is a cannibal. Love describes humans as tasting, "just like chicken, but more... sentient, if you know what I mean" during a cut scene where a torso can be seen on the table with Love eating the ribs. (The meat he was eating might be Giovanni Casa which Toni killed sold the meat.)

Donald enjoys throwing parties for dead people, which he calls "Morgue Parties". Among those celebrated by Donald are Ned Burner and Avery Carrington, both of whom he takes with him on his flight out of Liberty City so he "won't be traveling alone."

Love's bizarre fascination with the dead was hinted at in Grand Theft Auto III when Claude was tasked to destroy pictures of Love at a "morgue party," but it was never fully revealed until this game (in fact, the "morgue party" was also mentioned in Liberty City Stories' dialog twice during Love's mission cut scenes and a mission called Morgue Party Resurrection).

It is also heavily hinted that Love is either a Republican or Independent due to his dislike of Democrats and liberals.

Donald Love was voiced by Will Janowitz,[4] although Kyle MacLachlan voiced him in GTA III.[5]

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Massimo Torini[edit]

Introduced in: "Calm Before the Storm"

Killed in: "The Sicilian Gambit"

Massimo Torini is the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is a feared Mafioso from Sicily who runs a hotel outside of Palermo, and it has been said that he often killed men with his bare hands when he was younger.[6] Torini travels to Liberty City after learning that Salvatore Leone was "out of control" after his return from Las Venturas.[6] Although Torini claims that he is arriving to ease tensions between the Leone, the Forelli, and the Sindacco Families, he actually has ulterior motives in mind; he intends to take over the criminal underworld in Liberty City by having the Three Families destroy each other and moving the Sicilian Mafia in once the dust has eventually settled.

He begins his mission by convincing gangs like the Diablos and Triads to expand their gang into Mafia territory, which would strain the manpower of the Three Families, who are already fighting with each other. Although Toni is successful in defending Hepburn Heights from a Diablos assault, he mentions that the Leone family would be unable to keep defending the territory from future onslaughts. Indeed, in GTA III, Hepburn Heights belongs to the Diablos.

Torini's motives are eventually discovered by Toni and Salvatore, but they keep it quiet so the Forelli and Sindacco Families will wipe each other out. Salvatore is eventually jailed by federal agents, but when it is heard that he will have bail, Torini orders an attack on the convoy transporting the Don from prison to court, hoping to permanently cripple Salvatore's organization. Toni thwarts this, and later on, it seems that newly elected Mayor Miles O'Donovan will drop the charges on Salvatore altogether. To make sure this does not happen, Torini kidnaps O'Donovan. Toni and Salvatore pursue Torini and fight their way through the Sicilian Mafia, eventually rescuing the mayor. Toni shoots down the fleeing Torini's helicopter, killing him. Torini's fate is liken to that of Catalina, who, by the end of GTA III's storyline, kidnaps Maria, flees to an isolated location with the kidnap victim, and is killed when the helicopter she rides in is shot down by Claude. Torini is revealed to be the Caporegime for the Sicilian Mafia, and that his leader is Salvatore's elderly uncle.

Massimo Torini was voiced by Duccio Faggella.[4]

Preceded by
Grand Theft Auto Advance
Main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Succeeded by
Jerry Martinez
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Miles O'Donovan[edit]

Introduced in: "Steering the Vote"

Miles O'Donovan is the mayor of Liberty City who succeeds R.C. Hole in 1998, remaining in office at least up to events in Grand Theft Auto III, which takes place in 2001. Not much is known about O'Donovan, except that he has run for mayor unsuccessfully prior to Hole's election. He apparently has had a past of corruption, drug abuse, and prostitution. After his election, he helped end industrial action by ferry workers by reassuring them that there would always be a place for ferries in the city (despite this promise, ferries ceased to exist by the time events in Grand Theft Auto Advance and GTA III take place). In the final mission of the game, Salvatore is confident that O'Donovan will drop the charges against him, so Massimo Torini kidnaps O'Donovan, and after Toni and Salvatore save O'Donovan and kill Torini, he is indebted to Salvatore and remains in the Leone's pocket.

Despite promising on the radio not to end ferry service following the dock strikes, O'Donovan apparently failed to keep this promise, as the ferry terminals have been demolished and paved over by 2001 in GTA III. Though not featured or mentioned in GTA III's storyline, O'Donovan is said in the official GTA III website to have endorsed nail guns and has done little good for Liberty City, except the increase of hardware stores by two folds since his election.

Mayor O'Donovan was voiced by John Braden.[4]

Paulie Sindacco[edit]

Introduced in: "Taking the Peace"

Killed in: "Dead Reckoning"

Known as "The Invisible Don" or "Mr.Big" because he is always on the move, Paul "Paulie" Sindacco is the Don of the Sindacco family of the Liberty City Mafia. He is, along with Massimo Torini, one of the antagonists of the game. The Sindacco family own Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District, The Doll's House on the outskirts of Hepburn Heights in Portland and The Big Shot Casino in Torrington on Staunton Island. His son, Johnny Sindacco, died of a shock-induced heart attack in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas after coming face-to-face with the man who previously did grievous harm to him (Carl Johnson).

The Sindacco family funneled money from their casinos in Las Venturas to continue their conquest of Leone and Forelli family territory on Portland and Staunton Island. Paulie is constantly going back and forth from Liberty City to Las Venturas, leaving the day-to-day operations of the crime family to his Caporegimes, who are strictly kept in line by Paulie himself.

It is a type that is causing many problems for the family Leone in 1998, among major messes that you make to the family: his failed attempt to destroy the Leone casino, and his failed attempt to kidnap Salvatore and murder, and possibly was his idea to kill JD O 'Toole when would be a "made man".

After losing all its territory in Portland, Paulie still have territories in Staunton Island, and he decides to make a truce with Franco Forelli to kill Leone family, but after the truce was ruined by the family Leone, and finally the state will Forelli war on Paulie and his family.

After losing all his family's reputation and influence he had in Liberty City, he decides to escape to Las Venturas. Toni kills Paulie during a high-speed boat chase, under the orders of a very irate and recently jailed Salvatore.

He is buried in the Staunton Island cemetery.

On his tombstone, it says Viva Las Venturas Baby R.I.P..

Franco Forelli[edit]

Introduced in: "Caught in the Act"

Killed in: "Bringing the House Down"

Franco Forelli is the Don of the Forelli Family of the Liberty City Mafia and is also the brother of Sonny, Marco, and Mike as well as the cousin of Giorgio. He is the employer of current mayor R. C. Hole and uses his power to get away with certain crimes his family commits. After Hole is killed, he aids Miles O'Donnavan in winning the election for mayor of Liberty City and uses him in the same way as the previous mayor. Early in the game, he is convinced by Sicilian Mafia capo, Massimo Torini, to start a war with the Leone and Sindacco Families in order to take over the underworld in Liberty City. In reality, Torini only encourages Franco to wage war in order to wipe out all three families so that the Sicilians can take over the city. Shortly after Paulie Sindacco is killed, Donald Love orders Tony to destroy the Fort Staunton area of Liberty City to get revenge on Forelli for helping O'Donnavan win the election. Tony succeeds in planting bombs under the district which destroy the area and kill Franco. With his and Paulie's deaths, the Liberty City mafia wars end.

Supporting characters[edit]

Vincenzo Cilli[edit]

Introduced in: "Home Sweet Home"

Killed in: "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade"

Vincenzo "Lucky Vinnie" Cilli is a member of the Leone family and Salvatore Leone's current Caporegime, having taken advantage of Toni's absence to rise within the family. Vincenzo is clean-cut and educated, and may have been busy feeding poison into Salvatore Leone's ear to make him distrust Toni. Toni despises Vincenzo on sight.

Despite his upbringing, Vincenzo is an immature person who loves ordering Toni around, which infuriates Toni. Toni is forced to perform various jobs for Vincenzo, who shows him virtually no respect. When Toni begins to rise too high in the Leone family hierarchy for Vincenzo's liking, Vincenzo sends him to pick up his Banshee a few blocks from his office. The car is being watched by police; Toni is nearly caught in an ambush. An irate Toni answers Vincenzo's phone call and responds by stating that he quits working for Vincenzo. He then takes Vincenzo's car to the crusher and destroys it.

Later on, when Toni is back in Salvatore's good graces, Vincenzo wants a truce, asking Toni to meet him in the bowels of a docked ship. This is an ambush, where Toni is assaulted by several chainsaw-wielding Leone family henchmen loyal to Vincenzo. Upon killing them all, Vincenzo emerges with an Uzi, madly shouting and screaming that Salvatore now trusts Toni more than he trusts Vincenzo. Toni kills Vincenzo during the standoff between the two men. He is buried at the Staunton Island graveyard; on his tombstone, under his name, it reads: "Not so lucky after all"—a reference to his nickname "Lucky".

Vincenzo Cilli was voiced by Joe Lo Truglio.[4]

Joseph Daniel O'Toole[edit]

Introduced in: "Snuff"

Killed in: "The Made Man"

The manager of Paulie's Revue Bar (named after Paulie Sindacco) Joseph Daniel O'Toole also known as JD is an overweight pervert of Irish and Italian descent who is a member of the Sindacco Family . He is spat on by the other Sindacco family members for not being full-blooded Italian and is upset that they have not "made" him yet. The disgruntled JD becomes a mole for the Leone family and starts leaking them information.

He helps out by thwarting an attempted assassination of Salvatore, tipping Toni off to an assault on a Leone family gaming house, and helping to blow up the Sindacco family's brothel/casino (the "Doll's House"). These victories eventually lead to a gang war in the Red Light District, where the Leone family manage to drive the Sindaccos out of the area (and out of Portland in general). Paulie's Revue Bar comes "under new management" and is later converted into Sex Club 7. He once implied that his uncle was a pedophile as in one mission when Salvatore Leone was kidnapped , he said, "I'm sweating like my uncle in a schoolyard ."

JD was once arrested for statutory rape, even though the girl he slept with was said to be 18, and was raped in prison because of that. He was also suspected of downloading child pornography, but was never arrested for it. At first, Toni finds him revolting, but they develop a bit of camaraderie as JD's info leads to Toni's rapid ascension within the Leone family.

JD is killed on the day of his "made" ceremony. He is lured to a secluded area beside the car crusher and shot in the back of the head by a Leone family enforcer, Mickey Hamfists - under Salvatore's orders; the ever-paranoid Salvatore could never trust a former snitch. JD and the car where he is killed in are then dumped into the ocean (of the player's choice). JD's grave can be spotted at the Staunton Island graveyard saying "Sleeping with Angels".

JD O'Toole was voiced by Greg Wilson.[4]

Toshiko Kasen[edit]

Introduced in: "More Deadly than the Male"

Committed suicide in: "Cash in Kazuki's Chips"

Toshiko Kasen (Japanese: 加瀬俊子, Kasen Toshiko) is the beautiful and noble wife of Yakuza head Kazuki Kasen, and also the sister-in-law of Asuka and Kenji Kasen.[citation needed]

She is terribly neglected by her husband who much prefers the company of his Yakuza soldiers. Because of this, Toshiko wants Kazuki killed, but only after he and his Yakuza suffer great humiliation. She hires Toni to do this. However, after Toni kills Kazuki, Toshiko only feels immense grief and remorse. She then commits suicide by purposely falling backwards out of her apartment window, several stories high. It was presumed that she had a mild attraction to Toni, even inviting him to a date at an opera house, where both were promptly attacked by racially biased Forelli family mobsters.

Toshiko Kasen was voiced by Hana Moon.[4]

Leon McAffrey[edit]

Introduced in: "Sayonara Sindaccos"

Leon McAffrey is a corrupt Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) detective who finds that aiding criminals pays more than a cop's salary ever could. He is on Salvatore Leone's payroll and helps Toni deal with the encroaching Forellis and Sindaccos in Staunton Island. Above all else, McAffrey cares about getting paid. He is indifferent to the way his actions cause the deaths of good cops on the street, and drives around in a shiny Banshee sports car paid for by graft. Despite the benefits of having a friend on the force, Toni cannot stand McAffrey and generally regards him as slime — apparently, a crook is still more honorable than a crooked cop.[7]

Leon's newest Partner is Ray Machowski. Surprisingly, in 1998, Ray is a good cop who is appalled by his partner's dealings with mobsters, but seems powerless to stop it. Leon despises Ray and constantly berates him for being such a straight arrow. It is implied that seeing McAffrey driving expensive cars and skimming money is bending Ray into a bitter, disillusioned man.

Leon's character stems from a briefly featured character in Grand Theft Auto III known simply as "McAffrey", in which he turns state evidence in return for an honorable discharge. As irony would have it, Ray (now a fully corrupt cop) orders McAffrey's death to prevent him from testifying.

Leon McAffrey was voiced by Ron Orbach.[4]

Maria Latore[edit]

Introduced in: "Ho Selecta!"

Maria Latore (also referred to as Maria La Torra by several sources[citation needed]) is revealed in this game to be Salvatore Leone's wife. Maria is a gold digger, a constant drug abuser, and often cheats on Salvatore with other men, constantly getting herself into trouble with the wrong sort of people. This causes nothing but headaches for Toni, who is occasionally assigned to chaperone her. Maria often professes her love for Toni, but this is seemingly due to the drugs affecting her mind. She nearly dies of a drug overdose at one point, but is saved when Toni finds another drug called "Zap" to save her life.

Maria Latore was voiced by Fiona Gallagher,[4] although Debi Mazar voiced Maria in her first two appearances in GTA III[5] and San Andreas.[8]

See also: GTA III rendition and GTA: San Andreas rendition

Ned Burner[edit]

Introduced in: "L.C. Confidential"

Killed in: "Stop the Press"

Ned Burner also known as "Father Ned", is a reporter for the Liberty Tree, Liberty City's newspaper. He also hosts a news radio bulletin that covers top stories. He will do anything for a story - even create his own.

Ned impersonates a priest in a confession box in order to trick Toni into doing missions for him, which are meant to cause chaos. This way, Ned will be the first to report on the destruction Toni causes, since he is the one who told Toni to do it. Among the obscene jobs Burner tricks Toni into completing involve killing a federal witness, causing chaos in a firetruck around Liberty City, stealing diamonds, and slaughtering three celebrities in town for a movie premiere (allegedly because they refused to give Burner "an exclusive").

Burner is eventually killed by Toni when he witnesses Toni murdering Avery Carrington. His and Avery's corpses are loaded onto Donald Love's jet as he flies out of town.

Prior to events in Liberty City Stories, Ned served as a central character in the official website, corresponding with various characters (including major and minor characters in the game's storyline) and receiving advertising by e-mail through his Liberty Tree inbox.

Ned Burner was voiced by Peter Bradbury.[4]

Ma Cipriani[edit]

Introduced in: "Snappy Dresser", although she can be heard on Chatter Box radio before hand.

Ma Cipriani (aka Momma Cipriani in GTA III) is Toni's mother. She is always comparing Toni to "real men" like his late father, a figure made infallible through her constant praise. No matter how much Toni accomplishes, he is never good enough in Ma's eyes. Ma is none too pleased that Toni never called when he was out of town for several years, and it seems that she also has a new man in her life named Giovanni Casa to replace her son, which does not please Toni at all. The fact that Giovanni dresses in diapers seems to do little to change Ma Cipriani's mind. Ma even goes so far as to call a hit on Toni, hoping that he will at least die like a man. When Toni gets "made", Ma is so proud that she decides to call off the hit, although judging by her dialogue in GTA III, she will be belittling him again soon enough.[9] As is her appearance in GTA III, she is never seen, but only heard. But she can be found as one of the pedestrians in "Liberty City Stories"

Ma Cipriani was voiced by Sondra James.[4]

Mickey Hamfists[edit]

Introduced in: "The Made Man"

Mickey Hamfists is a large enforcer working for the Leone family. Mickey has a loyal henchman's attitude and he always acts as a top subordinate. He attends all the "made" ceremonies, and is present at JD O'Toole's "made" ceremony in Liberty City Stories. Under the orders of Salvatore, Mickey kills JD O'Toole before the ceremony begins, saying that Salvatore would never trust a man who turned on his old bosses. This incident makes Toni a little nervous later on when he is appointed to be "made." Mickey escorts him to the ceremony in a very similar fashion that JD was, but luckily for Toni, there is no set-up and he is indeed "made."

Mickey Hamfists was voiced by Chris Tardio.[4]

Jane Hopper[edit]

Introduced in: "The Offer"

Jane Hopper is a corrupt union boss who has initiated a strike amongst ferry workers, in response to the construction of Callahan Bridge and Porter Tunnel (which exist in Grand Theft Auto III) that will basically put the ferry workers out of work. Jane is very relentless and refuses to back down to mob intimidation, instead piling pressure on Salvatore Leone until he pays her off to end the strike.

When Salvatore concedes defeat and sends Toni to deliver payment, Hopper still isn't satisfied; she leaves Toni to be assaulted by her dock workers while she walks off with the cash. The strike continues, and Hopper snubs Salvatore once more by goading him during a radio interview. Hopper apparently wants to hold out for an even bigger payoff from the corrupt city government. Unfortunately for Jane, her on-air insults push Salvatore too far.

Amongst her union members, Jane is rumored to be a transsexual and she mentions on the Liberty City Stories website that she wears strap ons.[10]

Once, Toni scares Jane Hopper from the mission "Roller coaster ride" She then lets Salvatore use the docks for a free 24 hour. Meaning now Salvatore can now make a drug trade with Miguel on the mission "Contraband" Salvatore just wanted to use the dock for a drug trade because he mentions that "People offload and load cargo by a dock"

Jane Hopper was voiced by Gordana Rashovich.[4]


Introduced in: "No Money, Mo' Problems"

8-Ball works at his garage as an explosives expert, installing car bombs for the Leone family and working for anyone else willing to pay him. 8-Ball is seen wearing the same clothes he did in Grand Theft Auto III with the only difference in his character model being his hands not being in bandages. He is given a shout-out by DJ Clue on one of the in-game radio stations, Liberty Jam FM; asking when he is done with his girlfriend's car.

8 Ball was voiced by Guru.[4]

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Minor characters[edit]

Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay[edit]

Introduced in: "Booby Prize"

Killed in: "Biker Heat"

Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay is the leader of a local biker gang in Liberty City. He is featured as Maria's second lover, until she reveals to him that she is also seeing another man, Toni Cipriani. Wayne hits Maria, injuring her, prompting Toni to retaliate and subsequently kill Wayne in a chase. Wayne's full name is only featured on his tombstone in Staunton Island's cemetery.

Giovanni Casa[edit]

Introduced in: "Snappy Dresser"

Killed in: "Dead Meat"

Giovanni Casa runs one of Liberty City’s most famous Italian delis. He has caught the eye of Ma Cipriani with his special spicy Mexican chorizo. Giovanni is a tough talker, but when it comes time to back it up, he reverts to his true cowardly self. In addition, he is secretly interested in infantilism, revealed when Toni takes a picture of him in a pair of diapers chasing prostitutes.

Nothing would please Toni more than showing his beloved Ma what Giovanni is really like. Toni tries everything, including taking pictures of a diaper-wearing Casa picking up hookers, but Ma refuses to believe that Casa is worse than her son. Only when Casa stops paying protection money does Ma despise him. Toni kills Casa for not paying up. Toni hacks him to death with a fire axe at a sawmill and delivers his chopped corpse back to his own deli, disguised as meat for cooking, which impresses one of his employees there who states that "Casa will sure love this meat!" and even tastes the corpse. But this still does not please Ma, who says that Toni's father would have killed Casa long before Toni decided to. He's buried in the Staunton island cemetery in which his grave is next to Vincenzo Cili. On his tombstone, it says,"Gone...".

Giovanni Casa was voiced by Joel Jones.[4]

Kazuki Kasen[edit]

Introduced in: "More Deadly than the Male"

Killed in: "Cash in Kazuki's Chips"

Kazuki Kasen (Japanese: 加瀬一樹, Kasen Kazuki) is the older brother of Kenji and Asuka Kasen, both of whom would be the leaders of the Liberty City Yakuza in Grand Theft Auto III.

In this game, Kazuki is the current leader of the Liberty City Yakuza, who have only just begun to claim territory. He realizes that while all of the criminal organizations in the city fight over turf (mainly due to the actions of Massimo Torini), the Yakuza can move in and claim a decent amount of territory. Kazuki is well-dressed and well-groomed at all times. He is married to Toshiko Kasen by an arranged marriage, but neglects her, preferring the company of men. After his Yakuza suffer numerous setbacks due to Toni's actions, Kazuki decides to challenge Toni in a katana duel on the roof of Big Shot Casino. Toni wins, killing Kazuki.

In one mission, Toshiko claimed Kazuki is a samurai; this is a factual error as the military nobility had been abolished during the Meiji Restoration in 19th century Japan. However, it could also be assumed that Kazuki may have simply been a descendent of a samurai, or, more likely, followed the derivative of the Bushido code practiced by Yakuza, modified to fit their criminal lifestyle, and so is a "samurai" by way of practice and nickname, not in any official capacity within a literal government. It is strongly hinted that he is gay due to his letter that he emailed to his brother on the Liberty City Stories website.

Kazuki Kasen was voiced by Keenan Shimizu.[4]


Introduced in: "Contra-Banned"

Miguel, who is Catalina's partner in Grand Theft Auto III, makes a brief cameo during one mission, in which Toni picks up a shipment of illegal drugs from some Colombian Cartel members. During the exchange, the police show up and Toni, saying Miguel set him up, escapes the ensuing chaos with the seized contraband. Miguel is wounded, but escapes shortly after as he obviously appears in Grand Theft Auto III.

Ray Machowski[edit]

Introduced in: "Crazy '69'"

Ray Machowski, who gives the player several missions in Grand Theft Auto III, makes a brief appearance as Leon McAffrey's new partner. Much to McAffrey's chagrin, Machowski is a good cop who refuses to do favors for criminals or take bribes... yet.

Ray Machowski was voiced by Peter Appel,[4] who previously voiced Derrick Thackery in San Andreas as the host of The Tight End Zone show in the WCTR radio station.[8] Machowski was previously voiced by Robert Loggia in GTA III. In one of Leon McAffrey's Missions, it is revealed Ray is 40 years old, so it has been revealed that Ray was 43 years old in GTA 3.[5]

Avery Carrington[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "Panlantic Land Grab"

Avery Carrington briefly cameos in Liberty City Stories. He is killed by Toni under the orders of Carrington's one-time protégé, Donald Love, just as he leaves Francis International Airport for Staunton Island to finalize a deal with Panlantic Construction. Love wants to steal Avery's plans to secure the real estate deal for himself. Once Avery is dead and the papers are in his possession, Love regains his fortune and decides that Avery is still dangerous even while dead. He and Toni steal his corpse from an ambulance in Wichita Gardens and take it to Love's private jet, where it remains with Donald during his flight out of town. It is implied Donald keeps both Avery and Ned Burner's corpses on his jet so he can cannibalize on the trip.[11]

Carrington does not speak during his appearance, probably due to the fact that Burt Reynolds, the voice of Carrington in Vice City,[12] was not attached to this project. While en route to Donald Love's hangar, Donald is shocked to discover Avery is wearing a wig.[11]

Phil Cassidy[edit]

Introduced in: "More Deadly than the Male"

Phil Cassidy, a one-armed weapons dealer featured in GTA III, Vice City and Vice City Stories, returns as Toshiko Kasen's contact and continuing arms specialist. Phil's arms business was also found to be previously located in a shop lot in Torrington, Staunton Island. Between Liberty City Stories and GTA III, however, Phil moved his business to his present site in Rockford, which was then the location of a defunct Liberty City ferry terminal. In fact, after Toni delivers stolen Yakuza weapons to him in one mission, Phil mentions that he should move his business to the northern part of Staunton, citing the area's convenient access to the boat docks.

See also: GTA III rendition, GTA: Vice City rendition and GTA: Vice City Stories rendition

Roger C. Hole[edit]

Introduced/Possibly killed in: "A Walk in the Park"

Roger C. Hole is the corrupt mayor of Liberty City up until his assassination in Liberty City Stories. He has survived three famous scandals, one in 1993 in which he, three Russian prostitutes, and a senior manager from a construction company were trying to secure government contracts, another in 1995 when he was photographed having lunch with members of the Forelli family, and finally an incident in 1997 in which he was accused of securing drugs for city officials in exchange for sanitation contracts. Hole does not speak during his appearance in the game he is a quiet and silent character. Hole is in the payroll of Don Franco Forelli, and organized a task force to take down the Leone family's Don Salvatore Leone. In retaliation, Salvatore ordered a hit on the mayor in Belleville Park. Hole is slain while jogging, paving the way for Salvatore's mayoral Staunton Island cemetery. On his tombstone, it says, "Running for office in heaven".

The game's manual states that he has been in office since 1992, which would mean he served two terms, the first which took place from 1992 to 1996, and the second he did not complete, 1996-1998. After Hole's death, Miles O'Donovan was elected as Hole's successor.

R.C. Hole's name, when pronounced with two of his first names in initials, is a sly reference of the word "arsehole."

Uncle Leone[edit]

Introduced in: "The Sicilian Gambit"

Uncle Leone is an elderly and hunched Sicilian Mafia head who is only featured once after the final mission of the game. He is apparently Salvatore Leone's uncle.[13] It is revealed that he is backing Massimo Torini's bid to take over Liberty City, but admits defeat at the end of the game and decides to return to Sicily in peace.[14] Salvatore insults him behind his back, stating that he can't be trusted,[15] to which Uncle Leone replies "Every dog has his day" which is true considering Salvatore dies three years later.

Dan Sucho[edit]

Introduced/Killed in: "Grease Sucho"

Dan Sucho is a known street racer, who Ma Cipriani admires, in so far as respecting his mother. Ma Cipriani tells her son Toni that if his father was still alive that he would beat Sucho in the race and kill him. Toni, looking to impress his mother, beats him in a race and then kills him afterwards. Ma Cipriani only referred to Dan Sucho as Sucho, although his tombstone at the Liberty City cemetery reads Dan Sucho.

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