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A number of recurring characters appear during the various missions or cut scenes in the video game Grand Theft Auto (sometimes referred to as Grand Theft Auto Advance), set roughly one year before events in Grand Theft Auto III (which takes place in late-2001). Prominent characters are listed here in rough order of appearance.

Major characters[edit]


For the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V, see Michael De Santa.

Introduced in: "Jump Start"

Mike is the protagonist and player character of Grand Theft Auto. He and partner Vinnie had earned enough money to leave Liberty City for good, but Mike was coaxed by Vinnie to take a few more jobs from the Mafia before leaving. After Vinnie was thought to be killed by a car bomb, Mike attempted to trace the killer, while attracting negative attention from all gangs in the city. Learning that Vinnie was still alive, was responsible for killing several of his bosses, and was intending to leave with Mike's share of the earned money, he killed Vinnie. Mike eventually escapes the city with a private aircraft owned by Cisco, Mike's deceased ally and leader of the Colombian Cartel. In the final cutscene in Cisco's plane, Mike says he may travel to Colombia.

Preceded by
Carl "CJ" Johnson
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Protagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto Advance
Succeeded by
Toni Cipriani
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Vinnie is the partner and boss of Mike, who insisted Mike in doing a few more jobs before leaving the city. He was allegedly killed by a car bomb, with "his" remains found in the burned down car, but it's later revealed he faked his death. He realizes Mike is on his trail and kills anyone who comes close to finding out the truth. Shortly after Vinnie kills Cisco, he is killed by Mike, after he reveals his true nature and motive, as he was planning to leave Mike and taking all of his money, including Mike's share.

Preceded by
Frank Tenpenny
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto Advance
Succeeded by
Massimo Torini
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Introduced in: "Fake ID's"

8-Ball is Mike's second boss after Vinnie was thought to be killed. Initially supplying Mike with several missions while aiding him in tracking Vinnie's murderer, 8-Ball would be on the run as he was chased by Vinnie's assassins. He was arrested during the game, but he escaped on the Callahan bridge after it exploded at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III.

A mission near the end of the game features Mike ambushed by the Colombian Cartel while meeting 8-Ball at a diner. During this attack, the Cartel members use flamethrowers as their primary weapons; 8-Ball was caught in the crossfire. Upon completion of the mission, 8-Ball reveals that he has been severely burned, and tells Mike to escape as police arrive on the scene. He is eventually arrested by the police, connecting to the start of Grand Theft Auto III's storyline (in which he would later escape, with his "messed up" hands wrapped in bandages, from police custody along with Claude in GTA III). This is disputed, however, as an article from the Liberty Tree's website, created as a teaser for GTA III, states that 8-Ball's hands were scalded by a pot of burning fat while involved in a scuffle with police.

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Introduced in: "Love Boat"

Killed in: "Show the Money"

Jonnie is a bartender in the Red Light District, Portland Island. He has various connections within the mafia and agrees to look into any suspects of Vinnie's alleged murder. He served as Mike's third boss, before he nearly finds out the truth and was assassinated by Vinnie. Mike's discovery of Jonnie's death was followed by a pursuit of Yardie members that led to King Courtney, the head of the Yardies.

King Courtney[edit]

Introduced in: "Race to Run"

King Courtney is the leader of the Uptown Yardies and Mike's fourth boss. Involved in a turf war with the Colombian Cartel, Courtney is also involved in illegal racing around Staunton Island. He offers to look into Vinnie's death in extange for Mike's services, but it becomes obvious that he is using Mike to fight the Cartel. King Courtney tells Mike that Cisco killed Vinnie, but Cisco confirms otherwise, and Mike switches his loyalties to the Cartel. Later, after Mike kills Vinnie, King Courtney calls a hit out on Mike for his wealth. Mike teams up with the Yakuza to lead an assault on King Courtney's turf. The Yakuza flee and Mike is forced to fight King Courtney alone. Mike comes close to killing King Courtney, but is interrupted by a sudden police raid. Given his role in Grand Theft Auto III, it's clear King Courtney managed to escape arrest and death.


Introduced in: "Fine Dining"

Killed in: "Decoy Disaster"

Cisco is the leader of the Colombian Cartel and Mike's fifth boss. He is nearly killed by Mike on behalf of King Courtney, after Cisco is accused of killing Vinnie. He offers to look into Vinnie's death in extange for Mike's services. One of the jobs involve kidnapping Asuka's niece, who Mike also ends up rescueing. He comes close to finding out the truth and is killed by Vinnie.

Asuka Kasen[edit]

Introduced in: "Kid's a Hero"

Asuka Kasen (Japanese: 飛鳥加瀬) is the leader of the Yakuza and is Mike's sixth boss. Asuka is revealed to have bizarre fetishes and sexual preferences (BDSM). She asks Mike to rescue her niece, who Mike, ironically kidnapped earlier. Mike continues to work for both her and Cisco in looking for Vinnie's killer. After the truth is revealed and Vinnie is killed for real, Mike has trouble with King Courtney and the Yardies. She has some of her men help Mike before the attack on King Courtney's hidout, but the flee as the fight begins.


Introduced in: "School's Out"

Yuka (Japanese: 優香) is Asuka Kasen's young (high school student) niece. Yuka served in only two major plotlines, in which Mike was ordered by Cisco to kidnap Yuka as Cartel blackmail to the Yakuza, before she would eventually be rescued by Mike and returned to Asuka.


Introduced in: "Ill Repute"

Misty is working as a prostitute and was an associate of 8-Ball. She agrees to help 8-Ball and Mike find out more information about Vinnie's death by sleeping with some high-rolling clients who may have information. She later works for Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen on Staunton Island and meets Mike again, when Asuka sends him to deal with a pimp who had been stalking some of her girls.

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