List of Great Britain by-elections (1734–54)

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This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in Great Britain held between 1734 and 1754, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1715-1754 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed on his own request to an "office of profit under the Crown". Offices used, in this period, were the Stewards of the Chiltern Hundreds (first used in 1751), Steward of the Honour of Otford (used once in 1742) or Chief Steward and Keeper of the Courts of the Honour of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Northampton (used once in 1752). These appointments are made as a constitutional device for leaving the House of Commons, whose Members are not permitted to resign. If the vacancy was caused by appointment to another office then this office is noted in brackets.

In addition certain offices of profit, such as cabinet positions, required the MP to seek re-election. These offices are noted separately.


Until 1752 England (but not Scotland) counted its legal year as beginning on 25 March. For the purposes of this list the year is considered to have started on 1 January.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

8th Parliament (1735–1741)[edit]

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
17 February 1735 Amersham c* Thomas Lutwyche Thomas Gore Death
17 February 1735 Stockbridge c John Montagu John Berkeley Death
17 February 1735 Chipping Wycombe u Edmund Waller Sir Charles Vernon Chose to sit for Great Marlow
18 February 1735 Old Sarum u* Thomas Pitt William Pitt Chose to sit for Okehampton
19 February 1735 Aldborough u* Henry Pelham John Jewkes Chose to sit for Sussex
William Jessop Andrew Wilkinson Death
19 February 1735 Kent u The Viscount Vane Sir Christopher Powell Death
19 February 1735 Norwich c* Waller Bacon Thomas Vere Death
20 February 1735 Ashburton u Sir William Yonge Thomas Bladen Chose to sit for Honiton
20 February 1735 Bewdley u William Bowles Phineas Bowles Chose to sit for Bridport
20 February 1735 East Looe u Edward Trelawny Samuel Holden Ineligible to sit (Commissioner of Customs in Scotland)
20 February 1735 West Looe u Edward Trelawny John Owen Ineligible to sit (Commissioner of Customs in Scotland)
21 February 1735 Plympton Erle u Richard Edgcumbe Thomas Walker Chose to sit for Lostwithiel
22 February 1735 Queenborough u Sir George Saunders Lord Archibald Hamilton Death
26 February 1735 Bedfordshire u* John Spencer Sir Roger Burgoyne Chose to sit for New Woodstock
27 February 1735 Aldeburgh u George Purvis George Purvis Commissioner of the Navy
28 February 1735 Hindon u* Stephen Fox Henry Fox Chose to sit for Shaftesbury
28 February 1735 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis c* George Bubb Dodington John Tucker Chose to sit for Bridgwater
5 March 1735 Suffolk u* Sir Robert Kemp Sir Cordell Firebrace Death
6 March 1735 Monmouthshire u* John Hanbury Charles Hanbury Williams Death
7 March 1735 Lanarkshire u* Lord William Hamilton Sir James Hamilton Death
11 March 1735 Exeter u* John King Sir Henry Northcote Succeeded to a peerage
17 March 1735 Nairnshire u John Campbell Alexander Brodie Chose to sit for Pembrokeshire
20 March 1735 Colchester c Isaac Lemyng Rebow Jacob Houblon Death
28 March 1735 Okehampton u* William Northmore George Lyttelton Death
31 March 1735 Lostwithiel u Philip Lloyd Matthew Ducie Moreton Death
3 April 1735 Tamworth c(*) George Compton Charles Cotes Chose to sit for Northampton
7 April 1735 Bridgwater u Thomas Palmer Charles Wyndham Death
9 April 1735 Hastings u Sir William Ashburnham Sir William Ashburnham Receiver of Fines in the Alienation Office
14 April 1735 Cirencester u* William Wodehouse Henry Bathurst Death
19 April 1735 Whitchurch u* John Conduitt John Mordaunt Chose to sit for Southampton
22 April 1735 Wendover c John Boteler The Viscount Limerick Void Election
1 May 1735 Forfarshire c* Thomas Lyon William Maule Became a Scottish Peer
5 May 1735 Gatton u* Paul Docminique Charles Docminique Death
9 May 1735 Dumfries Burghs c Charles Erskine William Kirkpatrick Chose to sit for Dumfriesshire (Two MPs elected due to a Double Return)
Sir John Douglas
William Kirkpatrick William Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick declared elected 13 February 1736
Sir John Douglas
17 May 1735 Honiton u* Sir William Yonge Sir William Yonge Secretary at War
20 May 1735 Horsham u Henry Ingram Henry Ingram Commissary General of Stores for Minorca
20 May 1735 Wendover u* John Hampden John Hampden Commissary General for Gibraltar
21 May 1735 Reading u Richard Potenger Richard Potenger Puisne Justice of Chester
27 May 1735 St Mawes u Richard Plumer Richard Plumer Lord of Trade
23 January 1736 Yarmouth u* Paul Burrard Thomas Gibson Death
28 January 1736 Scarborough c(*) Sir William Strickland Viscount Dupplin Death
Viscount Dupplin William Osbaldeston By-election results reversed on petition 21 April 1736
2 February 1736 Midhurst u Bulstrode Peachey Knight Sir Henry Peachey Death
3 February 1736 Devon u Sir William Courtenay John Bampfylde Death
10 February 1736 New Romney u David Papillon Sir Robert Austen Chose to sit for Dover
17 February 1736 Newport (I.o.W.) u* William Fortescue The Viscount Boyne Resignation (Baron of the Exchequer)
24 February 1736 Dorchester u* John Browne John Browne King's Counsel
13 March 1736 Derby u* Charles Stanhope John Stanhope Death
19 March 1736 Lostwithiel u* Matthew Ducie Moreton John Crosse Succeeded to a peerage
5 April 1736 Hythe u* Hercules Baker Hercules Baker Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital
22 April 1736 Hertfordshire c Sir Thomas Saunders Sebright Charles Caesar Death
27 April 1736 Argyllshire u* Sir James CampbellCharles Campbell Chose to sit for Stirlingshire
4 May 1736 Lancashire u Sir Edward Stanley Peter Bold Succeeded to a peerage
6 May 1736 Sutherland u* Sir James Fergusson James St Clair Resignation (Senator of the College of Justice)
28 May 1736 Droitwich u* Thomas Winnington Thomas Winnington Junior Lord of the Treasury
22 June 1736 Pembrokeshire u* John Campbell John Campbell Lord of the Admiralty
7 February 1737 Horsham u Henry Ingram Charles Ingram Became a Scottish Peer
9 February 1737 Oxford University c George Clarke William Bromley Death
9 February 1737 Tregony u John Goddard Sir Robert Cowan Death
9 February 1737 West Looe u Sir John Willes John Strange Resignation (Chief Justice of the Common Pleas)
10 February 1737 Cambridge c Thomas Bacon Gilbert Affleck Death
10 February 1737 Portsmouth u Thomas Lewis Charles Stewart Death
10 February 1737 Tiverton u* Dudley Ryder Dudley Ryder Attorney General for England and Wales
15 February 1737 Coventry c* Sir Adolphus Oughton John Neale Death
28 February 1737 Marlborough c* Edward Lisle John Crawley Chose to sit for Hampshire
2 March 1737 Tregony u Sir Robert Cowan Joseph Gulston Death
8 March 1737 Yarmouth u Lord Harry Powlett Anthony Chute Chose to sit for Hampshire
9 March 1737 Glamorganshire u* William Talbot Bussy Mansel Succeeded to a peerage
10 March 1737 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Edward Tucker John Olmius Resignation (Supervisor of the Portland Quarries)
23 March 1737 Norfolk u* William Wodehouse Armine Wodehouse Death
31 March 1737 Northamptonshire u* Sir Justinian Isham Sir Edmund Isham Death
31 March 1737 Oxford University c* William Bromley Edward Butler Death
12 April 1737 Coventry u* John Neale Earl of Euston Previous By-election voided 22 March 1737
u John Bird John Neale Resignation (Commissioner of Stamp Duties)
16 April 1737 Castle Rising u* Thomas Hanmer Viscount Andover Death
27 April 1737 Leicester c* Sir George Beaumont James Wigley Death
24 May 1737 Bossiney c Townshend Andrews Peregrine Poulett Death
10 June 1737 Southampton c John Conduitt Thomas Lee Dummer Death
22 June 1737 Chippenham c* Rogers Holland Edward Bayntun Rolt Chief Justice of the North Wales Circuit
22 June 1737 Hindon u Henry Fox Henry Fox Surveyor-General of Works
25 June 1737 Dorchester u William Chapple Robert Browne Resignation (Puisne Justice of the King's Bench)
27 June 1737 Newport (I.o.W.) u The Viscount Boyne The Viscount Boyne Irish Revenue Commissioner
27 June 1737 Whitchurch u John Mordaunt John Mordaunt Equerry to the King
28 June 1737 Malmesbury u* Giles Earle Giles Earle Junior Lord of the Treasury
28 June 1737 Minehead c Alexander Luttrell Sir William Codrington Death
30 June 1737 Wilton u* Robert Sawyer Herbert Robert Sawyer Herbert Lord of Trade
1 July 1737 Hythe u* William Glanville William Glanville Irish Revenue Commissioner
4 July 1737 Fowey u* John Hedges William Wardour Death
7 July 1737 Knaresborough u* Richard Arundell Richard Arundell Master of the Mint
7 July 1737 Northumberland u* Ralph Jenison Ralph Jenison Master of the Buckhounds
21 July 1737 Inverness Burghs u Duncan Forbes Duncan Urquhart Resignation (Lord President of the Court of Session)
4 August 1737 Dumfriesshire u Charles Erskine Charles Erskine Lord Advocate
4 August 1737 Edinburghshire c* Robert Dundas Sir Charles Gilmour Resignation (Senator of the College of Justice)
30 January 1738 Winchelsea u Robert Bristow Robert Bristow Death
31 January 1738 Newark-on-Trent u* Richard Sutton Lord William Manners Death
31 January 1738 Stafford u* Thomas Foley The Viscount Chetwynd Death
1 February 1738 Orford u Lewis Barlow John Cope Death
1 February 1738 Ripon u* William Aislabie William Aislabie Auditor of the Imprest
2 February 1738 Beverley c* Sir Charles Hotham Charles Pelham Death
3 February 1738 Midhurst u* Sir Henry Peachey Sir John Peachey Death
9 February 1738 Cockermouth c Sir Wilfrid Lawson Eldred Curwen Death
13 February 1738 Lewes u* Thomas Pelham John Morley Trevor Death
13 February 1738 Stamford u* William Noel William Noel King's Counsel
14 February 1738 Great Yarmouth u* William Townshend Roger Townshend Death
16 February 1738 Leicestershire u Ambrose Phillipps Lord Grey Death
21 February 1738 Dunwich u Sir Orlando Bridgeman William Morden Resignation (Governor of Barbados)
9 March 1738 Shaftesbury c Jacob Banks Philip Bennet Death
10 March 1738 New Windsor c Lord Vere Beauclerk Lord Vere Beauclerk Naval Lord (Two MPs elected due to a Double Return)
Richard Oldfield
Lord Vere Beauclerk Lord Vere Beauclerk Beauclerk declared elected 27 March 1738
Richard Oldfield
5 April 1738 Great Bedwyn c Robert Murray Edward Popham Death
16 May 1738 Gatton u* William Newland George Newland Death
17 May 1738 Kingston-upon-Hull u* George Crowle George Crowle Commissioner of the Navy
18 May 1738 Morpeth u Viscount Morpeth Henry Furnese Succeeded to a peerage
22 May 1738 Seaford u* William Hay William Hay Victualling Commissioner
25 May 1738 Dartmouth u* Walter Carey Walter Carey Second Clerk Comptroller of the Green Cloth
29 May 1738 Helston u John Harris John Harris Paymaster of the Board of Works
2 June 1738 Bury St Edmunds u* Thomas Hervey Thomas Hervey Surveyor of the King's Gardens
19 June 1738 Dumfries Burghs u William Kirkpatrick Sir Robert Laurie Resignation (Court of Session)
8 February 1739 Oxford u Matthew Skinner James Herbert Resignation (Chief Justice of Chester)
9 February 1739 Grampound u Philip Hawkins Thomas Trefusis Death
9 February 1739 King's Lynn u* Sir Charles Turner Sir John Turner Death
9 February 1739 Minehead c* Sir William Codrington Thomas Carew Death
10 February 1739 Thetford u* Sir Edmund Bacon Lord Augustus FitzRoy Death
14 February 1739 Nottinghamshire u* Thomas Bennet John Mordaunt Death
14 February 1739 Wenlock u* Samuel Edwards Brooke Forester Death
16 February 1739 Cardiff Boroughs u* Herbert Windsor Herbert Mackworth Succeeded to a peerage
16 February 1739 Reigate u Sir Joseph Jekyll John Hervey Death
16 April 1739 Ashburton u Roger Tuckfield Joseph Taylor Death
20 April 1739 Beaumaris u* The Viscount Bulkeley The Viscount Bulkeley Death
28 May 1739 New Shoreham c John Phillipson John Phillipson Commissioner of the Navy
8 June 1739 Aberdeen Burghs u* John Middleton John Maule Death
13 June 1739 Plymouth c Robert Byng John Rogers Resignation (Governor of Barbados)
John Rogers Charles Vanbrugh By-election results reversed on petition 17 January 1740
21 November 1739 Cricklade u(*) William Gore Charles Gore Death
23 November 1739 Arundel u* John Lumley Garton Orme Death
24 November 1739 Hedon u Sir Francis Boynton Harry Pulteney Death
27 November 1739 Huntingdonshire c Lord Robert Montagu Charles Clarke Succeeded to a peerage
4 December 1739 Berkshire u* William Archer Peniston Powney Death
6 December 1739 Reading c* Richard Potenger John Blagrave Death
12 December 1739 Bristol c* Thomas Coster Edward Southwell Death
20 December 1739 Leicestershire u Lord Grey Lord Guernsey Succeeded to a peerage
2 January 1740 Caernarvonshire u John Griffith John Wynn Death
3 January 1740 Monmouthshire u* Charles Hanbury Williams Charles Hanbury Williams Paymaster of the Marines
14 January 1740 Maldon u Henry Parsons Benjamin Keene Death
15 January 1740 Maidstone c John Finch Robert Fairfax Death
22 January 1740 Newport (Cornwall) u* Thomas Herbert Nicholas Herbert Death
30 January 1740 Oxfordshire u* Sir William Stapleton Sir James Dashwood Death
20 February 1740 Lincolnshire u* Sir Thomas Lumley Saunderson Thomas Whichcot Succeeded to a peerage
22 February 1740 Bere Alston u* Sir Francis Henry Drake Samuel Heathcote Death
26 February 1740 Devizes u* Sir Joseph Eyles John Garth Death
27 February 1740 Oxfordshire u* Henry Perrot Viscount Quarendon Death
13 March 1740 Berwick-upon-Tweed u* Lord Polwarth The Viscount Barrington Became a Scottish Peer
25 March 1740 Liskeard u* George Dennis Charles Trelawny Death
3 April 1740 Christchurch c* Joseph Hinxman Charles Armand Powlett Death
10 April 1740 Brecon c* John Talbot John Talbot Puisne Justice of Chester
28 April 1740 New Windsor u* Lord Sidney Beauclerk Lord Sidney Beauclerk Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
2 May 1740 Wilton u* William Herbert William Herbert Groom of the Bedchamber
15 May 1740 Middlesex c* Sir Francis Child Sir Hugh Smithson Death
24 November 1740 Bedford u* Sir Jeremy Sambrooke Sir Boteler Chernock Death
24 November 1740 Guildford u* Richard Onslow Denzil Onslow Succeeded to a peerage
24 November 1740 New Shoreham u Thomas Frederick John Frederick Death
25 November 1740 Banbury u* Viscount Wallingford William Moore Death
26 November 1740 Newcastle-under-Lyme u* John Lawton Randle Wilbraham Death
26 November 1740 Plymouth u* Charles Vanbrugh Lord Henry Beauclerk Death
26 November 1740 Reading c(*) Henry Grey William Strode Death
William Strode John Dodd By-election results reversed on petition 17 February 1741
26 November 1740 Somerset u* Sir William Wyndham Thomas Prowse Death
26 November 1740 Steyning c* Sir Robert Fagg Hitch Younge Death
27 November 1740 Berwick-upon-Tweed u* George Liddell Thomas Watson Death
27 November 1740 Dartmouth u* George Treby George Treby Junior Lord of the Treasury
27 November 1740 East Looe u* Samuel Holden Henry Legge Death
1 December 1740 Barnstaple c Sir John Chichester John Basset Death
1 December 1740 Northallerton u* Leonard Smelt William Smelt Death
3 December 1740 Oxford u* James Herbert Philip Herbert Death
11 December 1740 Shropshire u* Corbet Kynaston Richard Lyster Death
12 December 1740 Montgomeryshire u Price Devereux Robert Williams Succeeded to a peerage
22 December 1740 Wallingford c William Hucks Joseph Townsend Death
24 December 1740 Denbighshire u(*) Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Steward of Bromfield and Yale
27 December 1740 Malmesbury u* William Rawlinson Earle William Rawlinson Earle Clerk of the Ordnance
21 February 1741 Portsmouth u Charles Stewart Edward Vernon Death
30 March 1741 Aldeburgh u George Purvis Francis Gashry Death

9th Parliament (1741–1747)[edit]

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
28 December 1741 Higham Ferrers u Henry Finch Henry Seymour Conway Chose to sit for Malton
29 December 1741 Huntingdon u Wills Hill Albert Nesbitt Chose to sit for Warwick
29 December 1741 Thetford u* Lord Augustus FitzRoy Lord Henry Beauclerk Death
30 December 1741 Malton u* Lord James Cavendish John Mostyn Death
31 December 1741 Lymington u* Lord Nassau Powlett Charles Powlett Death
31 December 1741 Westminster u Sir Charles Wager Charles Edwin Void Election
The Lord Sundon Lord Perceval
1 January 1742 Appleby u George Bubb Dodington Sir Charles Wyndham Chose to sit for Bridgwater
2 January 1742 Whitchurch u John Wallop William Sloper Chose to sit for Andover
4 January 1742 Downton u John Verney Joseph Windham Ashe Death
4 January 1742 Droitwich u Thomas Winnington Lord George Bentinck Chose to sit for Worcester
5 January 1742 Old Sarum u* George Lyttelton James Grenville Chose to sit for Okehampton
6 January 1742 Herefordshire u Edward Harley Thomas Foley Succeeded to a peerage
14 January 1742 Sussex u* James Butler Earl of Middlesex Death
21 January 1742 Yorkshire c Viscount Morpeth Charles Cholmley Turner Death
23 January 1742 East Grinstead u Earl of Middlesex John Butler High Steward of the Honour of Otford
25 January 1742 Totnes u* Sir Charles Wills Sir John Strange Death
28 January 1742 Tavistock u Lord Sherard Manners The Viscount Limerick Death
28 January 1742 Tregony u Thomas Watts George Cooke Death
2 February 1742 Milborne Port u(*) Thomas Medlycott Michael Harvey Resignation (Commissioner of Hawkers and Pedlars)
5 February 1742 Argyllshire u Charles Campbell James Stuart Mackenzie Death
18 February 1742 Roxburghshire u John Rutherfurd William Douglas Resignation (Commission in the Army)
23 February 1742 Rye u* Phillips Gybbon Phillips Gybbon Junior Lord of the Treasury
24 February 1742 Evesham u* Sir John Rushout Sir John Rushout Junior Lord of the Treasury
24 February 1742 King's Lynn u Sir Robert Walpole Edward Bacon Elevated to the peerage
24 February 1742 Northampton u George Compton George Compton Junior Lord of the Treasury
8 March 1742 Derby c* Lord James Cavendish Viscount Duncannon Resignation (Auditor of Foreign Accounts or Imposts in Ireland)
9 March 1742 Worcester u Samuel Sandys Samuel Sandys Chancellor of the Exchequer
19 March 1742 Minehead u Francis Whitworth John Periam Death
20 March 1742 Lewes u John Morley Trevor John Morley Trevor Lord of the Admiralty
22 March 1742 Brackley u* George Lee Sewallis Shirley Lord of the Admiralty
23 March 1742 Portsmouth u Philip Cavendish Philip Cavendish Naval Lord
24 March 1742 Surrey c* The Lord Baltimore The Lord Baltimore Lord of the Admiralty
27 March 1742 Dartmouth u George Treby Lord Archibald Hamilton Death
29 March 1742 Leominster c John Caswall Robert Harley Death
2 April 1742 Bridport u William Bowles Viscount Deerhurst Chose to sit for Bewdley
2 April 1742 Montgomeryshire u Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Robert Williams Chose to sit for Denbighshire
2 April 1742 Tain Burghs c Charles Erskine Robert Craigie Void Election
6 April 1742 Hastings u* Andrew Stone Andrew Stone Secretary of Barbados
8 April 1742 Andover u* John Pollen John Pollen Justice of Carmathen
23 April 1742 Durham City u* John Shafto John Tempest Death
3 May 1742 Peterborough u The Earl Fitzwilliam Armstead Parker Became a British Peer
3 May 1742 Plympton Erle u Richard Edgcumbe The Lord Sundon Elevated to the peerage
5 May 1742 Chester u* Sir Charles Bunbury Philip Henry Warburton Death
15 May 1742 Plympton Erle u Thomas Clutterbuck Thomas Clutterbuck Treasurer of the Navy
21 June 1742 Truro u* James Hammond Edward Boscawen Death
1 July 1742 Shaftesbury u* Charles Ewer George Pitt Death
13 July 1742 City of London u* Sir Robert Godschall William Calvert Death
21 July 1742 York u* Edward Thompson George Fox Death
22 July 1742 Christchurch u* Edward Hooper Edward Hooper Paymaster of Pensions
22 July 1742 Dorchester u* Nathaniel Gundry Nathaniel Gundry King's Counsel
22 July 1742 Grampound u Daniel Boone Daniel Boone Muster-Master General
23 July 1742 Cambridge University u* Edward Finch Edward Finch Groom of the Bedchamber
23 July 1742 Devizes u Francis Eyles George Lee Resignation (Superintendent of the King’s Foundries)
23 July 1742 Orford u* Henry Legge Henry Legge Surveyor General of Woods, Forests, Parks, and Chases
27 July 1742 Cockermouth u* William Finch William Finch Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
28 July 1742 Ripon u Henry Vane Henry Vane Vice-Treasurer of Ireland
5 August 1742 Middlesex u William Pulteney Sir Roger Newdigate Elevated to the peerage
10 August 1742 Edinburghshire u* Sir Charles Gilmour Sir Charles Gilmour Paymaster of the Works
24 November 1742 Bristol u* Sir Abraham Elton Robert Hoblyn Death
29 November 1742 Boroughbridge u* James Tyrrell William Murray Death
4 December 1742 Plympton Erle u* Thomas Clutterbuck Richard Edgcumbe Death
23 December 1742 Renfrewshire c* Alexander Cuninghame William Mure Death
27 December 1742 West Looe u Sir Charles Wager Sir Charles Wager Treasurer of the Navy
30 December 1742 Cromartyshire u Sir William Gordon Sir John Gordon Death
31 December 1742 Kirkcudbrightshire u Basil Hamilton John Maxwell Death
20 January 1743 Dumfries Burghs u* Lord John Johnstone Sir James Johnstone Death
20 January 1743 Perth Burghs u* John Drummond Thomas Leslie Death
31 January 1743 Whitchurch u William Sloper Charles Clarke Death
11 February 1743 St Albans c Thomas Ashby Hans Stanley Death
18 February 1743 Whitchurch u Charles Clarke Thomas Wentworth Resignation (Baron of the Exchequer)
22 February 1743 Penryn u* Edward Vernon George Boscawen Chose to sit for Ipswich
22 February 1743 Rochester c* Edward Vernon David Polhill Chose to sit for Ipswich
23 March 1743 Oxfordshire u* Viscount Quarendon Norris Bertie Succeeded to a peerage
23 March 1743 Suffolk u* Sir Jermyn Davers John Affleck Death
18 April 1743 Grantham u* Sir Michael Newton Sir John Cust Death
21 April 1743 Saltash u John Clevland Stamp Brooksbank Resignation (Commissioner of the Navy)
27 April 1743 Calne u* William Elliot William Elliot Equerry to the King
13 May 1743 Linlithgowshire c* George Dundas Charles Hope Weir Master of Work to the Crown of Scotland
30 June 1743 Southwark c* Thomas Inwen Alexander Hume Death
6 December 1743 Lewes u Thomas Pelham Sir John Shelley Death
u* John Morley Trevor Sir Francis Poole Death
8 December 1743 Thetford u* Charles Fitzroy Charles FitzRoy Groom Porter
9 December 1743 Aldeburgh u* John Jewkes Nathaniel Newnham Death
9 December 1743 Eye u* Stephen Cornwallis Edward Cornwallis Death
10 December 1743 West Looe u* Sir Charles Wager John Frederick Death
13 December 1743 Harwich u* John Phillipson John Phillipson Lord of the Admiralty
13 December 1743 Haverfordwest u Sir Erasmus Philipps George Barlow Death
14 December 1743 Portsmouth u Philip Cavendish Sir Charles Hardy Death
15 December 1743 Newton u* William Shippen Peter Legh Death
15 December 1743 Sussex u* Henry Pelham Henry Pelham First Lord of the Treasury
20 December 1743 Exeter u Sir Henry Northcote Sir Richard Bampfylde Death
26 December 1743 New Windsor u* Henry Fox Henry Fox Junior Lord of the Treasury
27 December 1743 Guildford u Denzil Onslow Denzil Onslow Paymaster of the Works
27 December 1743 Worcester u Thomas Winnington Thomas Winnington Paymaster of the Forces
28 December 1743 Evesham u* Sir John Rushout Sir John Rushout Treasurer of the Navy
29 December 1743 Malton u* Henry Finch Henry Finch Surveyor of the King's Works
30 December 1743 Ludlow u* Henry Arthur Herbert Richard Herbert Elevated to the peerage
30 December 1743 Truro u Charles Hamilton Charles Hamilton Receiver General of the Revenues of Minorca
10 January 1744 Worcester c Samuel Sandys Sir Henry Harpur Elevated to the peerage
12 January 1744 Sussex u Earl of Middlesex Earl of Middlesex Junior Lord of the Treasury
13 January 1744 Edinburghshire c* Sir Charles Gilmour Sir Charles Gilmour Lord of Trade
26 March 1744 Glasgow Burghs u* Neil Buchanan John Campbell Death
4 April 1744 Cornwall u* Sir William Carew Sir Coventry Carew Death
13 April 1744 Northampton u William Wilmer George Montagu Death
23 April 1744 Midhurst u Sir John Peachey Sir John Peachey Death
2 May 1744 Kingston-upon-Hull u William Carter Harry Pulteney Death
9 May 1744 Seaford u Sir William Hall Gage William Gage Death
3 December 1744 Hythe u* Hercules Baker Thomas Hales Death
3 December 1744 Great Marlow c* Sir Thomas Hoby William Ockenden Death
3 December 1744 New Windsor u* Lord Sidney Beauclerk Lord George Beauclerk Death
5 December 1744 Bridport u Viscount Deerhurst Viscount Deerhurst Death
5 December 1744 New Woodstock u John Spencer John Spencer Ranger of Windsor Great Park
6 December 1744 Bishop's Castle u Marquess of Carnarvon Granville Leveson Gower Succeeded to a peerage
7 December 1744 Corfe Castle u John Bond Thomas Erle Drax Death
7 December 1744 Wenlock u* Sir Brian Broughton Delves Isaac Hawkins Browne Death
8 December 1744 Hedon c* The Earl of Mountrath George Anson Death
8 December 1744 Scarborough c* William Thompson Edwin Lascelles Death
12 December 1744 Cornwall u* Sir John St Aubyn Sir John Molesworth Death
14 December 1744 Yarmouth u Thomas Gibson Robert Carteret Death
20 December 1744 Kincardineshire c* Sir James Carnegie Sir James Carnegie Accepted a Commission in the Army
20 December 1744 Linlithgowshire u* Charles Hope Weir Charles Hope Weir Commissary General of the Musters in Scotland
28 December 1744 Buckingham u* George Grenville George Grenville Lord of the Admiralty
28 December 1744 Cambridge u James Martin Christopher Jeffreason Death
28 December 1744 Portsmouth u* Sir Charles Hardy Isaac Townsend Death
29 December 1744 Marlborough u* Sir John Hynde Cotton Sir John Hynde Cotton Treasurer of the Chamber
29 December 1744 Chipping Wycombe u* Edmund Waller Edmund Waller Cofferer of the Household
31 December 1744 Bridgwater u* George Bubb Dodington George Bubb Dodington Treasurer of the Navy
31 December 1744 Plymouth u* Lord Vere Beauclerk Lord Vere Beauclerk Junior Lord of the Treasury
31 December 1744 Stafford u* William Chetwynd William Chetwynd Master of the Mint
1 January 1745 Wareham u(*) Henry Drax Henry Drax Lord of Trade
2 January 1745 Glamorganshire u Bussy Mansel Thomas Mathews Succeeded to a peerage
2 January 1745 West Looe u Benjamin Keene Benjamin Keene Paymaster of Pensions
3 January 1745 Carmathen u Sir John Philipps Sir John Philipps Lord of Trade
4 January 1745 Knaresborough u* Richard Arundell Richard Arundell Junior Lord of the Treasury
4 January 1745 Okehampton u* George Lyttelton George Lyttelton Junior Lord of the Treasury
8 January 1745 Cumberland u* Sir Joseph Pennington Sir John Pennington Death
15 January 1745 Bletchingley u* Sir William Clayton William Clayton Death
21 January 1745 Hedon u George Anson George Anson Naval Lord
14 March 1745 Monmouth u Lord Charles Noel Somerset Sir Charles Kemys Tynte Succeeded to a peerage
16 April 1745 Harwich u* John Phillipson John Phillipson Surveyor General of Woods and Forests North and South of Trent
16 April 1745 Taunton u John Buck Percy Wyndham O'Brien Death
19 April 1745 Orford u* Henry Legge Henry Legge Lord of the Admiralty
25 April 1745 Lancaster c* Sir Thomas Lowther Francis Reynolds Death
8 May 1745 Newcastle-under-Lyme u* Baptist Leveson Gower Baptist Leveson Gower Lord of Trade
14 May 1745 Mitchell u Edward Clive Richard Lloyd Resignation (Baron of the Exchequer)
16 May 1745 Northallerton u* William Smelt Henry Lascelles Resignation (Receiver General of Casual Revenue in Barbados)
24 October 1745 Castle Rising u Charles Churchill Richard Rigby Death
25 October 1745 Gatton u* Charles Docminique Paul Humphrey Death
29 October 1745 Clitheroe u* Thomas Lister Thomas Lister, jun. Death
30 October 1745 Ludlow u* Richard Herbert Richard Herbert Accepted a Commission in the Army
31 October 1745 Grantham u* Marquess of Granby Marquess of Granby Accepted a Commission in the Army
9 November 1745 Huntingdonshire u William Mitchell William Montagu Death
9 November 1745 Mitchell u John Ord Sir Edward Pickering Death
12 November 1745 Oxford University u* Edward Butler Peregrine Palmer Death
21 November 1745 Carmarthenshire u* Sir Nicholas Williams John Vaughan Death
23 January 1746 Canterbury u Thomas Watson Sir Thomas Hales Succeeded to a peerage
28 January 1746 Cirencester u* Henry Bathurst Henry Bathurst King's Counsel
31 January 1746 Orford u Viscount Glenorchy John Bateman Resignation (Master of the Jewel Office)
3 February 1746 Malton u* John Mostyn John Mostyn Groom of the Bedchamber
12 February 1746 Dysart Burghs u James Oswald James Oswald Commissioner of the Navy
26 February 1746 Amersham u* Thomas Gore William Drake Muster-Master General
26 February 1746 Old Sarum u James Grenville James Grenville Lord of Trade
u* William Pitt William Pitt Vice-Treasurer of Ireland
1 March 1746 Berwick-upon-Tweed u* The Viscount Barrington The Viscount Barrington Lord of the Admiralty
3 March 1746 Portsmouth u* Martin Bladen Thomas Gore Death
20 March 1746 Cardigan Boroughs c* Thomas Pryse John Symmons Death
15 April 1746 Devon u Theophilus Fortescue Sir Thomas Dyke Acland Death
21 April 1746 New Shoreham u* Charles Frederick Charles Frederick Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance
22 April 1746 Boroughbridge u* George Gregory Earl of Dalkeith Death
23 April 1746 Aldeburgh u* Andrew Wilkinson Andrew Wilkinson Storekeeper of the Ordnance
12 May 1746 Old Sarum u William Pitt William Pitt Paymaster of the Forces
13 May 1746 Worcester u* Thomas Winnington Thomas Vernon Death
19 May 1746 Honiton u* Sir William Yonge Sir William Yonge Vice-Treasurer of Ireland
31 May 1746 New Windsor u* Henry Fox Henry Fox Secretary at War
30 June 1746 Derby u* Viscount Duncannon Viscount Duncannon Lord of the Admiralty
30 June 1746 Orford u* Henry Legge Henry Legge Junior Lord of the Treasury
4 July 1746 Knaresborough u* Richard Arundell Richard Arundell Treasurer of the Chamber
4 July 1746 New Woodstock u John Spencer John Trevor Death
5 July 1746 Bossiney u Richard Liddell William Breton Death
22 July 1746 Pembrokeshire u John Campbell John Campbell Junior Lord of the Treasury
30 July 1746 Fowey u* William Wardour George Edgcumbe Death
19 August 1746 Chichester u* James Brudenell Viscount Bury Death
24 November 1746 Cambridge u Viscount Dupplin Viscount Dupplin Lord of Trade
24 November 1746 Petersfield u Francis Fane Francis Fane Lord of Trade
24 November 1746 Rochester u* Nicholas Haddock Sir Chaloner Ogle Death
26 November 1746 Banbury u* William Moore John Willes Death
26 November 1746 Berkshire u* Winchcombe Howard Packer Henry Pye Death
26 November 1746 Carlisle c* John Hylton John Stanwix Death
28 November 1746 Downton u* Joseph Windham Ashe George Proctor Death
29 November 1746 Hedon c(*) George Berkeley Samuel Gumley Death
Samuel Gumley Luke Robinson By-election results reversed on petition 11 February 1747
11 December 1746 Ross-shire c Charles Ross Sir Harry Munro Death
12 December 1746 Bridport c George Richards Thomas Grenville Death
24 December 1746 Warwickshire u* Edward Digby William Craven Death
29 December 1746 Whitchurch u* John Selwyn John Selwyn Paymaster of the Marines
26 January 1747 Eye u* Edward Cornwallis Edward Cornwallis Groom of the Bedchamber
6 February 1747 Stirlingshire u Lord George Graham Thomas Erskine Death
10 February 1747 Tregony u Henry Penton Henry Penton King's Letter Carrier
18 February 1747 Elgin Burghs u* Sir James Grant William Grant Death
19 February 1747 Orkney and Shetland u* Robert Douglas James Halyburton Death
11 March 1747 Wigan u* Sir Roger Bradshaigh Richard Clayton Death
12 May 1747 Thirsk u* Sir Thomas Frankland Thomas Frankland Death
25 May 1747 Bridport u* Thomas Grenville James Grenville Death
26 May 1747 Nottingham u* Borlase Warren Sir Charles Sedley Death
28 May 1747 Old Sarum u James Grenville Edward Willes Receiver of the Crown and Fee Farm Rents for Warwickshire and Leicestershire

10th Parliament (1747–1754)[edit]

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
7 December 1747 Reigate u* Philip Yorke Charles Yorke Chose to sit for Cambridgeshire
8 December 1747 Shaftesbury c George Pitt William Beckford Chose to sit for Dorset
8 December 1747 Stamford u* Lord Burghley Robert Barbor Chose to sit for Rutland
11 December 1747 Cockermouth u Sir Charles Wyndham William Finch Chose to sit for Taunton
11 December 1747 Richmond u* Sir Conyers Darcy Earl of Ancram Chose to sit for Yorkshire
11 December 1747 St Ives c Lord Hobart John Plumptre Chose to sit for Norwich
12 December 1747 Bossiney u Sir Edward Wortley Montagu William Ord Chose to sit for Peterborough
12 December 1747 Tavistock u* Richard Leveson Gower Sir Richard Wrottesley Chose to sit for Lichfield
14 December 1747 Plympton Erle u Richard Edgcumbe George Treby Chose to sit for Lostwithiel
George Edgcumbe William Baker Chose to sit for Fowey
15 December 1747 Portsmouth u Thomas Gore Edward Legge Chose to sit for Bedford
15 December 1747 Saltash u Edward Boscawen Stamp Brooksbank Chose to sit for Truro
17 December 1747 Downton c George Lyttelton Richard Temple Chose to sit for Okehampton
17 December 1747 Old Sarum u Thomas Pitt Earl of Middlesex Chose to sit for Okehampton
Sir William Irby The Viscount Doneraile Chose to sit for Bodmin
21 December 1747 Pembroke Boroughs u* William Owen Hugh Barlow Chose to sit for Pembrokeshire
26 December 1747 Tiverton c Sir William Yonge Henry Conyngham Chose to sit for Honiton
28 December 1747 Coventry c* Viscount Petersham Samuel Greatheed Chose to sit for Bury St Edmunds
28 December 1747 Portsmouth u* Edward Legge Sir Edward Hawke By-election voided due to Legge having died 87 days before election
20 January 1748 Barnstaple u Henry Rolle Sir Bourchier Wrey Elevated to the peerage
2 February 1748 Clitheroe u Sir Nathaniel Curzon Nathaniel Curzon Chose to sit for Derbyshire
15 February 1748 Eye u* Roger Townshend Nicholas Hardinge Resignation (Receiver General of Customs)
18 February 1748 Northumberland c John Fenwick Lord Ossulston Death
Lord Ossulston Lancelot Allgood By-election results reversed on petition 14 February 1749
8 March 1748 Derby u John Stanhope John Stanhope Lord of the Admiralty
10 March 1748 Huntingdon u Kelland Courtenay John Montagu Death
25 March 1748 Bath c* George Wade Sir John Ligonier Death
14 April 1748 Northamptonshire c* Thomas Cartwright Valentine Knightley Death
16 April 1748 Montgomery u Henry Herbert Francis Herbert Death
21 April 1748 Callington u Thomas Coplestone Edward Bacon Death
27 April 1748 Cornwall u* Sir Coventry Carew James Buller Death
6 May 1748 Cambridge u Samuel Shepheard Christopher Jeffreason Death
21 May 1748 Bury St Edmunds u* Viscount Petersham Viscount Petersham Customer of the Port of Dublin
21 May 1748 Ludlow u Sir William Corbet Sir William Corbet Clerk of the Pipe
24 May 1748 Lyme Regis u Henry Holt Henley Robert Henley Death
20 June 1748 Aberdeen Burghs c John Maule Charles Maitland Resignation (Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland)
7 December 1748 Ludlow u* Sir William Corbet Henry Bridgeman Death
9 December 1748 Bewdley c* William Bowles William Henry Lyttelton Death
12 December 1748 St Germans u* Richard Eliot Edward Eliot Death
12 December 1748 Tamworth u* Sir Henry Harpur Sir Robert Burdett Death
13 December 1748 Essex u* Sir Robert Abdy Sir John Abdy Death
15 December 1748 Knaresborough u* Richard Arundell Richard Arundell Clerk of the Pipe
17 December 1748 Horsham u* Charles Ingram Sir Lionel Pilkington Death
20 December 1748 Derby u John Stanhope Thomas Rivett Death
30 December 1748 Christchurch u* Edward Hooper Sir Thomas Robinson Resignation (Commissioner of Excise)
30 December 1748 Tamworth u* Thomas Villiers Thomas Villiers Lord of the Admiralty
5 January 1749 Pontefract u William Monckton The Viscount Galway Resignation (Receiver General of Crown Rents for Yorkshire and County Durham)
31 January 1749 Cambridge u Christopher Jeffreason Charles Sloane Cadogan Death
9 March 1749 Shrewsbury u* William Kinaston Thomas Hill Death
30 March 1749 Weobley u* Savage Mostyn Savage Mostyn Comptroller of the Navy
1 April 1749 Thirsk u Frederick Meinhardt Frankland William Monckton Resignation (Irish Revenue Commissioner)
3 May 1749 County Durham u Henry Vane Henry Vane Junior Lord of the Treasury
5 May 1749 Eye u* Edward Cornwallis Courthorpe Clayton Resignation (Governor of Nova Scotia)
5 May 1749 Orford u* Henry Legge Henry Legge Treasurer of the Navy
9 May 1749 Caernarvon Boroughs u* Sir Thomas Wynn Sir William Wynn Death
6 June 1749 Cirencester u* Thomas Master John Coxe Death
17 June 1749 Tavistock u Sir Richard Wrottesley Sir Richard Wrottesley Second Clerk Comptroller of the Green Cloth
19 June 1749 Great Yarmouth u* Charles Townshend Charles Townshend Lord of Trade
21 June 1749 Dunwich u* Sir George Downing Sir Jacob Garrard Downing Death
21 November 1749 Oxford u Philip Herbert The Viscount Wenman Death
24 November 1749 Downton u Richard Temple Henry Vane Death
28 November 1749 Andover c* Viscount Lymington John Griffin Griffin Death
28 November 1749 Gatton c George Newland Charles Knowles Death
30 November 1749 West Looe u* William Noel William Noel Chief Justice of Chester
5 December 1749 Denbighshire u* Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton Death
13 December 1749 Rye u Sir John Norris Thomas Pelham Death
20 December 1749 Hastings u* Andrew Stone Andrew Stone Lord of Trade
23 December 1749 Christchurch u* Sir Thomas Robinson Sir Thomas Robinson Master of the Great Wardrobe
27 December 1749 Denbigh Boroughs u* Richard Myddelton Richard Myddelton Steward of Bromfield and Yale
29 December 1749 Ayr Burghs u Charles Erskine Sir Henry Erskine Death
18 January 1750 Totnes u* Sir John Strange Sir John Strange Master of the Rolls
23 January 1750 Lancashire u* Richard Shuttleworth Peter Bold Death
31 January 1750 Oxford University c* Viscount Cornbury Sir Roger Newdigate Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
2 February 1750 Launceston u Sir William Morice Humphry Morice Death
27 February 1750 Taunton u* Sir Charles Wyndham William Rowley Succeeded to a peerage
8 March 1750 Middlesex c* Sir Hugh Smithson George Cooke Succeeded to a peerage
6 April 1750 Plymouth u Lord Vere Beauclerk Charles Saunders Elevated to the peerage
10 April 1750 New Shoreham u Charles Frederick Charles Frederick Surveyor-General of the Ordnance
23 April 1750 Boroughbridge u* Earl of Dalkeith Lewis Watson Death
25 April 1750 Yorkshire u* Sir Miles Stapylton The Viscount Downe Resignation (Commissioner of Customs)
15 May 1750 Westminster c Viscount Trentham Viscount Trentham Lord of the Admiralty
18 May 1750 Lanarkshire u Sir James Hamilton Patrick Stuart Death
22 January 1751 East Grinstead u* Sydney Smythe Joseph Yorke Resignation (Baron of the Exchequer)
23 January 1751 Rochester u* Sir Chaloner Ogle John Byng Death
25 January 1751 Heytesbury u* William Ashe William Ashe-à Court Death
25 January 1751 Old Sarum u The Viscount Doneraile Paul Jodrell Death
25 January 1751 Wareham u* John Pitt Henry Drax Resignation to contest Dorchester
28 January 1751 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Richard Plumer Lord George Augustus Cavendish Death
29 January 1751 Dorchester u John Browne George Damer Death
u* Nathaniel Gundry John Pitt Resignation (Puisne Justice of the Common Pleas)
14 February 1751 Edinburghshire u Sir Charles Gilmour Robert Balfour Ramsay Death
27 March 1751 Aberdeen Burghs u* Charles Maitland David Scott Death
1 April 1751 Newark-on-Trent c* Job Staunton Charlton Job Staunton Charlton Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance
4 April 1751 Haddington Burghs u* Andrew Fletcher Andrew Fletcher Auditor of the Exchequer in Scotland
10 April 1751 Worcestershire u* Viscount Deerhurst John Bulkeley Coventry Succeeded to a peerage
22 April 1751 Downton c George Proctor Thomas Duncombe Death
27 April 1751 Gatton u* Paul Humphrey James Colebrooke Death
4 May 1751 Hindon c Valens Comyn Francis Blake Delaval Death
8 May 1751 Hampshire u* Francis Whithed Alexander Thistlethwayte Death
8 May 1751 Surrey u* The Lord Baltimore Thomas Budgen Death
13 May 1751 Saltash u Thomas Corbett George Brydges Rodney Death
28 May 1751 Winchester c George William Brydges George Paulet St John Death
13 June 1751 Malmesbury u James Douglas Edward Digby Death
24 June 1751 Chippenham u* Edward Bayntun Rolt Edward Bayntun Rolt Surveyor-General of the Duchy of Cornwall
24 June 1751 Taunton u William Rowley William Rowley Naval Lord
26 June 1751 Tregony u* William Trevanion William Trevanion Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall
27 June 1751 Derbyshire u Marquess of Hartington Lord Frederick Cavendish Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
28 June 1751 St Germans u* Edward Eliot Edward Eliot Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall
28 June 1751 Truro u* Edward Boscawen Edward Boscawen Naval Lord
2 July 1751 Liskeard u Charles Trelawny Charles Trelawny Assay-Master of Tin for the Duchy of Cornwall
25 July 1751 Wigtownshire u* John Stewart John Stewart Clerk of the Pipe of the Exchequer in Scotland
19 November 1751 Gloucester u* John Selwyn Charles Barrow Death
21 November 1751 Bath u* Robert Henley Robert Henley King's Counsel
21 November 1751 Whitchurch u John Selwyn Lord Robert Bertie Death
22 November 1751 Bramber u Henry Gough Henry Pelham Death
22 November 1751 Carmarthen u* Thomas Mathews Griffith Philipps Death
22 November 1751 Old Sarum c Paul Jodrell Simon Fanshawe Death
26 November 1751 Christchurch u* Sir Charles Armand Powlett Harry Powlett Death
26 November 1751 Pontefract u The Viscount Galway Robert Monckton Death
9 December 1751 St Ives c John Plumptre Samuel Stephens Death
24 December 1751 East Retford u* William Mellish John Shelley Resignation (Commissioner of Excise)
26 December 1751 East Looe u* Francis Gashry Francis Gashry Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance
30 December 1751 Wilton u* Robert Sawyer Herbert Robert Sawyer Herbert Surveyor General of the Land Revenues of the Crown
2 January 1752 Fifeshire u James Oswald James Oswald Lord of Trade
7 February 1752 Dover u* Thomas Revell William Cayley Death
18 February 1752 Marlborough u* Sir John Hynde Cotton Sir John Hynde Cotton Death
22 February 1752 Bossiney u Richard Heath William Montagu Death
28 March 1752 Dorchester c George Damer George Clavell Death
3 April 1752 Northallerton u* Henry Lascelles Daniel Lascelles Resignation (Chief Steward of the Honour of Berkhampstead)
10 April 1752 Gatton u Charles Knowles William Bateman Resignation (Governor of Jamaica)
13 January 1753 St Mawes u The Lord Sundon Sir Thomas Clavering Death
16 January 1753 Westbury u* Matthew Michell Peregrine Bertie Death
16 January 1753 Westminster u* Sir Peter Warren Edward Cornwallis Death
17 January 1753 Buckingham u Viscount Cobham Temple West Succeeded to a peerage
17 January 1753 Wendover u* The Earl Verney The Earl Verney Death
19 January 1753 Bodmin c* John LaRoche George Hunt Death
19 January 1753 Bridgwater u* Peregrine Poulett Robert Balch Death
19 January 1753 Lyme Regis u* John Scrope Thomas Fane Death
20 January 1753 Bere Alston u* Sir Francis Henry Drake Sir Francis Henry Drake Second Clerk Comptroller of the Green Cloth
20 January 1753 Bishop's Castle c* Samuel Child John Dashwood King Death
20 January 1753 Ludgershall u George Augustus Selwyn George Augustus Selwyn Registrar of the Court of Chancery in Barbados
21 January 1753 Rutland c* James Noel Thomas Noel Death
27 January 1753 Mitchell u Albert Nesbitt Arnold Nesbitt Death
29 January 1753 Beaumaris u The Viscount Bulkeley John Owen Death
7 February 1753 Cheshire u John Crewe Charles Crewe Death
31 March 1753 New Woodstock u* John Trevor Anthony Keck Succeeded to a peerage
6 April 1753 Salisbury u(*) Edward Poore Edward Poore Puisne Justice of Carmathen
25 April 1753 Maidstone u* William Horsemonden Turner Gabriel Hanger Death
12 May 1753 Downton u Henry Vane James Hayes Resignation to contest County Durham
19 May 1753 County Durham u* Henry Vane Henry Vane Succeeded to a peerage
21 November 1753 Harwich u* Viscount Coke Wenman Coke Death
21 November 1753 Higham Ferrers u* John Hill John Yorke Death
24 November 1753 Lichfield c Richard Leveson Gower Sir Thomas Gresley Death
Sir Thomas Gresley Henry Vernon By-election results reversed on petition 29 January 1754
28 November 1753 Flint Boroughs u* Kyffin Williams Sir John Glynne Death
5 December 1753 Bedfordshire u* Sir Danvers Osborn The Earl of Upper Ossory Resignation (Governor of New York)
13 December 1753 Selkirkshire u* John Murray Gilbert Elliot Death
26 December 1753 Worcestershire u* Edmund Pytts Edmund Pytts, jun. Death
25 January 1754 Midhurst u* Sir Thomas Bootle John Sargent Death
26 January 1754 Rochester u* David Polhill Nicholas Haddock Death
9 February 1754 Petersfield u* William Conolly William Gerard Hamilton Death
15 February 1754 Amersham u* Sir Henry Marshall Isaac Whittington Death
15 February 1754 Boroughbridge u* Lewis Watson Lewis Watson Auditor of the imprests
25 February 1754 Wendover u* John Hampden John Calvert Death


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