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Television broadcasting in Greece began in 1966. Nevertheless, the first TV series was aired in 1970 and was the series To Spiti me ton Foinika, aired by YENED.[1] The next series was O Kyrios Synigoros in the same year. The first years of television there were only public channels.[2] The first channels were the channel EIR and the TED, the channel of armed forces. Few years later TED renamed to YENED and EIR became EIRT. The public channels renamed again after the coming of PASOK in the power and they became ERT1 and ERT2. Famous series of the period of public television are O Agnostos Polemos, I Geitonia Mas, Louna Park, Christ Recrucified, Methoriakos Stathmos, oi Pantheoi.[3] In 1989, Greek television entered in a new period, the period of private television.[4] The first private TV channels started to broadcast in 1989. After the creation of private channels the most series were played by them. The period 1995–2009 is the best period of the Greek television and frequently characterized as the golden age of the Greek TV. Then, many series were shot with expensive productions. After 2010, the Greek debt crisis affected the Greek television and the productions decreased dramatically. On the 28th of October 2018 the channel closed down at exactly 2:10 am. Viewers were tuned in to watch the channel's last transmission, which was an episode from the 90's hit series 'Oi Aparadehtoi'.

Public television era (1970–1989)[edit]

Title Years Channel Genre Notes
To Spiti me ton Foinika 1970 YENED Drama The first Greek television series[1]
O Agnostos Polemos 1971–74 YENED Drama
I Geitonia Mas 1972–77 YENED Comedy
O Paraxenos Taxidiotis 1972 EIRT Drama
Louna Parκ 1974–81 EIRT Comedy
Methoriakos Stathmos 1974–81 YENED Drama
Christ Recrucified 1975–76 EIRT Drama
oi Pantheoi 1977–79 ERT Drama
To Minore tis Avgis 1982–84 ERT1 Drama

Private television era (1989–present)[edit]


Title Years Channel Genre Notes
Oi Afthairetoi 1989–1990 Mega Channel Comedy The first television series of private television[5]
Oi Treis Harites 1990–1992 Mega Channel Comedy
To Retire 1990–1992 Mega Channel Comedy
Lampsi 1991–2005 ANT1 Soap opera
Oi Aparadektoi 1991–1993 Mega Channel Comedy
Oi Mikromesaioi 1992–1993 Mega Channel Comedy
Oi frouroi tis Achaias 1992–1993 Mega Channel Drama
Anastasia 1993–1994 Mega Channel Drama
Tis Ellados ta Paidia 1993–1995 ANT1 Comedy
I Men... ke I Den 1993–1996 ANT1 Comedy


Title Years Channel Genre Notes
Ntoltse Vita 1995–1997 Mega Channel Comedy
Ekeines Kai Ego 1996–1998 ANT1 Comedy
Athina-Thessaloniki 1997–1998 ERT1 Drama
I Agapi Argise mia Mera 1997–1998 ERT1 Drama The most award-winning Greek tv series in Greek television awards (11 awards)
A.M.A.N. 1997–2000 Mega Channel, ANT1 Satire
Kai oi Pantremenoi Ehoun Psyhi 1997–2000 ANT1 Comedy
Dyo Xenoi 1997–1999 Mega Channel Comedy
I Aithousa tou Thronou 1998-1999 Mega Channel Drama
Eglimata 1998–2000 ANT1 Comedy
Konstantinou kai Elenis 1998–2000 ANT1 Comedy


Title Years Channel Genre Notes
Ti Psyhi Tha Paradoseis Mori? 2000 Mega Channel Comedy
Eisai to Tairi mou 2001–2002 Mega Channel Comedy
To kafe tis Charas 2003–2006 ANT1 Comedy
Kaneis de leei s' agapo 2004–2005 Mega Channel Drama comedy
S1ngles 2004–2008 Mega Channel Drama comedy
Vera sto Dexi 2004–2008 Mega Channel Soap opera


Title Years Channel Genre Notes
Erotas 2005–2008 Mega Channel Soap opera
Mov – Roz 2005–2006 ANT1 Drama
Sto Para Pente 2005–2007 Mega Channel Comedy
Peninta Peninta 2005–2007 Mega Channel Comedy
Mazi sou 2006–2007 Mega Channel Drama
Tis Agapis Maheria 2006–2007 Mega Channel Drama
Kodikas Da Mitsi 2006–2007 Alter Channel Satire
Coupling 2007–2008 ANT1 Drama comedy
Eftyhismenoi Mazi 2007–2009 Mega Channel Comedy
Latremenoi Mou Geitones 2007–2009 Mega Channel Comedy
Maria, i Aschimi 2007–2009 Mega Channel Soap opera
The Ten 2007–2008 Alpha TV Drama The most award-winning Greek TV series in Greek television awards (11 awards)[6]
Mavra Mesanychta 2008–2009 Mega Channel Comedy
I Polykatoikia 2008–2011 Mega Channel Comedy
Lola 2008–2009 ANT1 Comedy
Radio Arvyla 2008–today ANT1 Satire
Karyotakis 2009 ERT1 Drama, Biography


Title Years Channel Genre Notes
To Nisi 2010–2011 Mega Channel Drama The most expensive television series in Greek television
Oi Vasiliades 2012–2014 Mega Channel Comedy
Brousko 2013–2017 ANT1 Soap opera
Tamam 2014-2017 ANT1 Comedy
Symmathites 2014–201? ANT1 Comedy
To Soi Sou 2014-2019 ALPHA Comedy One of the best greek TV series, according to rating, with 5 seasons.


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