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Green Lantern: The Animated Series is an American computer-animated television that is based on the DC Comics superhero, Green Lantern. Green Lantern: The Animated Series airs on Cartoon Network, in the United States. The series premiered on November 11, 2011, as a special "sneak peek". The event was one hour long.[1] An official premiere of the series was broadcast on March 3, 2012, as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block. The series is 26 episodes long, and consists of two 13 episode-long story arcs.[2]

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates) DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2
1 26[2] November 11, 2011[1][3] March 16, 2013 Part 1: August 28, 2012[4]
Part 2: June 25, 2013[5]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original U.S. Air Date Prod. Code U.S. viewers (millions)
1–2 "Beware My Power"[1] Jim Krieg & Ernie Altbacker Sam Liu & Rick Morales November 11, 2011 (2011-11-11) 101–102 1.9[6] (November 11, 2011 airing)

Ace test pilot Hal Jordan, who leads a secret life as Earth's guardian Green Lantern, is called back to Oa. Searching for the culprits behind a series of Green Lantern deaths in "Frontier Space", Hal and his gruff fellow Green Lantern Kilowog “commandeer” the Interceptor, a prototype spaceship powered by pure Green Lantern energy that possesses an advanced AI system, Aya.

NOTE: Beware My Power is considered to span across two episodes. Part One reaired on March 3, 2012 as the official series premiere, while Part Two reaired on March 10, 2012. 
3 "Razer's Edge"[7] Eugene Son Sam Liu March 17, 2012 (2012-03-17)[7] 103 N/A
Hal and Kilowog have no choice but to fight alongside Red Lantern, Razer.[8] 
4 "Into the Abyss"[7] Matt Wayne Rick Morales March 24, 2012 (2012-03-24)[7] 104 N/A
Tension is high on the Interceptor as Razer is now part of the crew. When a merchant ship is being sucked into a pinhole, a tiny black hole, the three unlikely crew members are forced to work together to save the ship. Meanwhile, Aya is convinced she will become a Green Lantern, placing her system into a new robotic body. 
5 "Heir Apparent"[7] Jennifer Keene Sam Liu March 31, 2012 (2012-03-31)[7] 105 N/A

Searching for some more recruits for their fight against the Red Lanterns, the crew of the Interceptor travel to the planet of Betrassus to find the planet's Green Lantern Dulock. However, Hal must fight for the hand of a queen named Iolande.

NOTE: This episode is directly based on the plot of Green Lantern Corps volume 2 #2–3. It is the first story in the series to be a direct retelling of a comic book plot. 
6 "Lost Planet"[9] Michael F. Ryan Rick Morales April 7, 2012 (2012-04-07) 106 N/A

Hal and company follow an errant Green Lantern ring to a mysterious planet, in search for a new Green Lantern. When they arrive on the planet, they discover three castaways who agree to help them. Unknown to Hal, Kilowog, Razer and Aya, that the three castaways are actually trying to use them to get off the planet.

NOTE: This episode is loosely based on Mogo Doesn't Socialize, which was written by Alan Moore
7 "Reckoning"[9] Ernie Altbacker Sam Liu April 14, 2012 (2012-04-14) 107 N/A
In an attempt to murder Atrocitus, Razer goes to the Red Lantern home world, Shard. He is captured and sentenced to execution by Atrocitus. Meanwhile, Hal learns more about the origin of the Red Lanterns while infiltrating Shard with Aya and Kilowog. 
8 "Fear Itself"[9] Mark Hoffmeier Rick Morales April 21, 2012 (2012-04-21) 108 N/A
Hal and Kilowog visit an alien planet in search of food, but encounter two warring races of aliens, and mysterious yellow crystals filled with yellow fear energy. 
9 "...In Love and War"[9] Andrew Robinson Sam Liu April 28, 2012 (2012-04-28) 109 N/A
Hal, Kilowog, Razer, and Aya are saved by a different type of Lantern Corps from an invading space monster. Grateful for their rescue, the Star Sapphires, whose power comes from the violet energy of love, invite everyone to their homeworld Zamaron. It turns out, however, that the whole thing was a set-up to drain the Lanterns' power rings by encasing them in crystals. 
10 "Regime Change"[9] Josh Hamilton Rick Morales May 5, 2012 (2012-05-05) 110 1.586[10]

Hal and company go back to Betrassus and discover that Iolande's brother has been recruited into the Red Lantern Corps and usurped his sister's throne. Meanwhile, Ganthet of the Guardians is exiled.

NOTE: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Ian Abercrombie, voice of Ganthet, who died in January 2012, before the episode aired. 
11 "Flight Club" Michael F. Ryan Sam Liu May 12, 2012 (2012-05-12) 111 N/A
The Red Lanterns plot their next move. When Hal and Kilowog hear that the Red Lanterns are on their way to what's known as "The Lighthouse" they want to get there first. 
12 "Invasion" Ernie Altbacker Rick Morales May 19, 2012 (2012-05-19) 112 1.675[11]
The team must block the way to Guardian space when the Red Lanterns head for it. 
13 "Homecoming" Jim Krieg Sam Liu May 26, 2012 (2012-05-26) 113 1.298[12]
Atrocitus wreaks vengeance on Oa, as the Red Lantern armada crosses into Green Lantern space – with only Kilowog to stop them. It's up to Hal to take the shortcut back to Earth by teleporting across the universe from the Star Sapphires’ homeworld of Zamaron and stop Atrocitus and Zilius Zox from killing the Guardians. 
14 "The New Guy" Tom Sheppard Rick Morales September 29, 2012 (2012-09-29) 114
When Hal returns to Earth, he finds out he's been replaced as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 by Guy Gardner.[13] The pair are forced to work together when a trio of Manhunters are reactivated on Earth after the Anti-Monitor invades this universe. 
15 "Reboot"[14] Mark Hoffmeier Sam Liu October 6, 2012 (2012-10-06) 115
The threat of the Anti-Monitor leads Hal to try to assemble Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Aya as a team to help the new Honor Guard.[14] 
16 "Steam Lantern"[14] Ernie Altbacker Rick Morales January 5, 2013 (2013-01-05)[15] 116

After a blast from the Anti-Monitor, Hal is transported to an alternate world where steam still rules as a powersource.[14]

NOTE: Due to an abrupt schedule change which postponed the DC Nation block, the episode was briefly released on iTunes on October 14, 2012, one day after it initially meant to air. It has since been removed. It aired on cartoon network India on 23rd December 2012 
17 "Blue Hope"[14] Jeremy Adams Sam Liu January 12, 2013 (2013-01-12) 117

The Blue Lantern Corps must fend off an invasion of Manhunters.

NOTE: This episode aired on Cartoon Network India on 30 December 2012 before its original airdate in U.S.[14] 
18 "Prisoner of Sinestro"[14] Mark Hoffmeier Rick Morales January 19, 2013 (2013-01-19) 118
Green Lantern Sinestro unleashes a dangerous creature on board the Interceptor.[14] 
19 "Loss"[16] Michael F. Ryan Sam Liu January 26, 2013 (2013-01-26)[16] 119
A Manhunter presence on Ysmault threatens the peace between the Red and Green Lanterns.[17] 
20 "Cold Fury"[18] Ernie Altbacker Rick Morales February 2, 2013 (2013-02-02)[18] 120
A horde of Manhunters gives chase as our heroes' hope runs thin. Their will is truly tested as they prepare for an inevitable face-off against the unstoppable Anti-Monitor – a battle for the lives of everyone in the universe. 
21 "Babel"[18] Charlotte Fullerton & Kevin Rubio Sam Liu February 9, 2013 (2013-02-09)[18] 121
Hal, Kilowog, and Razer crash land on a planet with a poisonous atmosphere. With their power rings nearly depleted, their only hope is to seek refuge in a nearby domed city, completely overrun by thieves and hooligans. But teamwork’s a little tougher when no one can understand anyone else![18] 
22 "Love is a Battlefield"[18] Jennifer Keene Rick Morales February 16, 2013 (2013-02-16)[18] 122
Carol Ferris is summoned back to Zamaron, the Star Sapphire homeworld, where she must fight to prove that love is stronger than hate in order to prevent the planet's destruction. 
23 "Larfleeze"[18] Ernie Altbacker Sam Liu February 23, 2013 (2013-02-23)[18] 123
The crew of The Interceptor searches the planet Okaara for the mythical Orange Lantern battery as a way to combat the Aya Monitor. The problem is, it’s guarded under the watchful, and very greedy, eyes of Larfleeze, the one and only Orange Lantern.[18] 
24 "Scarred"[19] Jeremy Adams Rick Morales March 2, 2013 (2013-03-02)[19] 124
The Green Lanterns use yellow crystals to try and stop Aya's rampage.[20] 
25 "Ranx"[20] Ernie Altbacker Sam Liu March 9, 2013 (2013-03-09)[20] 125
The Aya Monitor is after a secret weapon on the deserted planet Ranx, and sends a massive army of Manhunters to retrieve it. While Hal, Kilowog and Razer are ordered to the planet, the Green Lantern Corps, led by Guy Gardner, launch a simultaneous attack to beat her to it.[20] 
26 "Dark Matter"[20] Jim Krieg Rick Morales March 16, 2013 (2013-03-16)[20] 126
In their last adventure, the Aya Monitor returns to the dawn of time to stop all emotion and all life from ever existing. Now, Hal, Kilowog, Gardner, and the Rest of the Green Lantern Corps must find a way to stop her – while Razer realizes the only way to save the universe may mean killing the woman he loves. Aya manages to return back to normal after injuring Razer. She has to upload a virus to the manhunters to destroy them for good even if it means killing herself. Back on Oa Razer sets out on a journey to find Aya. The episode ends with a blue lantern power ring chasing him [20] 


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