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This is a list of Guatemalans who are famous or notable. For a list of Guatemalan Presidents see President of Guatemala.




  • Chacón González, Lázaro Army General, former President
  • Cardoza y Aragón, Luis, writer, essayist, poet, art critic, and diplomat
  • Carrera, Rafael, general, conservative politician. President of Guatemala from 1844 to 1848 and from 1851 until his death in 1865. During his military career and presidency, the new nations in Central America faced numerous problems. This led to a rise of caudillos, a term that refers to charismatic populist leaders among the indigenous people. Many regional and national caudillos were interested in power for their own gain, but Carrera was an exception as he genuinely took the interests of Guatemala's Indian majority to heart.[7] During his life, the liberals could not establish the Central American Federation that they wished due to Carrera's strong conservative and Catholic convictions.[3]
  • Castillo Armas, Carlos, colonel, politician
  • Castillo, Otto René, poet, guerrilla member of FAR
  • Arenales Catalán, Emilio (1922–1969), diplomat. Foreign minister of Guatemala from 1966 to 1969 and the president of the United Nations Twenty-Third General Assembly from 1968 to 1969.
  • Chinchilla Recinos, María (1909–1944), schoolteacher killed by soldiers during a peaceful demonstration, now celebrated as a national heroine
  • Cerna y Cerna, Vicente, conservative marshal and politician. Loyal friend and comrade of Rafael Carrera, was appointed army's marshall after Carraera's victory against Salvadorian leader Gerardo Barrios. He was appointed Carrera's successor after the caudillo's death in 1865; however, Cerna's presidency was marred by constant uprising and was eventually ousted by the liberal leaders Miguel Garcia Granados and Justo Rufino Barrios on June 30, 1871.[5]




















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