List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2010

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The List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2010 is a listing of those persons to whom Guggenheim Fellowships have been awarded in the year 2010. The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has made awards to those "who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts"[1] since 1925.


Fellow Category Field of Study
Fellow Category Field of Study
Kimberlee Acquaro Creative Arts Film
Lorraine Adams Creative Arts Fiction
Shelby Lee Adams Creative Arts Photography
Ricardo Ainslie Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Christy Anderson Humanities Architecture, Planning, & Design
Andrew Apter Humanities African Studies
Gauvin Alexander Bailey Creative Arts Fine Arts Research
Adam Begley Creative Arts Biography
Tom Bissell Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Ed Bowes Creative Arts Video & Audio
Troy Brauntuch Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joel Brouwer Creative Arts Poetry
Joshua Brown Humanities U.S. History
Markus Brunnermeier Social Sciences Economics
Antoinette Burton Humanities British History
Harmen Bussemaker Natural Sciences Molecular & Cellular Biology
Luca Buvoli Creative Arts Fine Arts
William Caferro Humanities Renaissance History
Rebecca Cammisa Creative Arts Film
Ethan Canin Creative Arts Fiction
David Caron Humanities Intellectual & Cultural History
Arachu Castro Natural Sciences Medicine & Health
Catherine Chalmers Creative Arts Video & Audio
Anne Chu Creative Arts Fine Arts
Leon Chua Natural Sciences Engineering
John Collins Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
Jane Comfort Creative Arts Choreography
Peter Constantine Humanities Translation
Ingrid Daubechies Natural Sciences Mathematics
Lav Diaz Creative Arts Film
Hasia R. Diner Humanities Intellectual & Cultural History
Anthony Doerr Creative Arts Fiction
C. Josh Donlan Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Jill Downen Creative Arts Fine Arts
Carolyn Drake Creative Arts Photography[2]
Judith Eisen Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Caroline Elkins Humanities British History
Norman Ellstrand Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Betsy Erkkila Humanities American Literature
Angie Estes Humanities Poetry
Rita Felski Humanities Literary Criticism
Gary Fine Social Sciences Sociology
James H. Fowler Social Sciences Sociology
Dale Frail Natural Sciences Astronomy—Astrophysics
Amy Franceschini Creative Arts Fine Arts
Katherine Freeman Natural Sciences Earth Science
Nell Freudenberger Creative Arts Fiction
Matthew Gabel Social Sciences Political Science
Ted Genoways Humanities American Literature
Sharon Gerstel Humanities Medieval History
Peter Godwin Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg Social Sciences Economics
Sander Goldberg Humanities Classics
Gaston Gordillo Humanities Iberian & Latin American History
Philip Gourevitch Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Alan Govenar Humanities Folklore & Popular Culture
Terence Gower Creative Arts Fine Arts
Paul Graham Creative Arts Photography
Vincent Grenier Creative Arts Video & Audio
Miguel Gutierrez Creative Arts Choreography
Kimiko Hahn Creative Arts Poetry
Monica Haller Creative Arts Photography
Barbara Hamby Creative Arts Poetry
Paul Harding Creative Arts Fiction
Jonathan Harr Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Lorenzo Harris Creative Arts Choreography
Joel Harrison Creative Arts Music Composition
Molly Haskell Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Bernard Haykel Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Bernard Herman Humanities Folklore & Popular Culture
Juan Felipe Herrera Creative Arts Poetry
Linda Hess Humanities South Asian Studies
Daniel Heyman Creative Arts Fine Arts
Kathryn High Creative Arts Fine Arts
Cynthia Hopkins Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
Holly Hughes Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
Petr Janata Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Sheila Jasanoff Natural Sciences Geography & Environmental Studies
Walter Johnson Humanities U.S. History
Rosemary Joyce Humanities Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Pieter Judson Humanities German & East European History
Joshua Katz Humanities Classics
Mark Kilstofte Creative Arts Music Composition
Jin Hi Kim Creative Arts Music Composition
Junhyong Kim Natural Sciences Molecular & Cellular Biology
Mari Kimura Creative Arts Music Composition
Jeffrey Kinkley Humanities Literary Criticism
Shinobu Kitayama Humanities Psychology
Igor Klebanov Natural Sciences Physics
Herbert Kohl Social Sciences Education
Elizabeth Kolbert Natural Sciences Science Writing
Ladislav Kubik Creative Arts Music Composition
Thomas Kuehne Humanities Intellectual & Cultural History
Gerald Kutcher Humanities History of Science & Technology
Franziska Lamprecht Creative Arts Fine Arts
Victor LaValle Creative Arts Fiction
Gregory Levine Humanities Fine Arts Research
Charles Lindsay Creative Arts Photography
Mary Lum Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jim Lutes Creative Arts Fine Arts
Patrick Lynett Natural Sciences Geography & Environmental Studies
Nathaniel Mackey Creative Arts Poetry
Silvia Malagrino Creative Arts Film
Cameron Martin Creative Arts Fine Arts
Adeline Masquelier Humanities African Studies
Tomoko Masuzawa Humanities Religion
Richard Maxwell Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
Colum McCann Creative Arts Fiction
Van McElwee Creative Arts Video & Audio
Lawrence McFarland Creative Arts Photography
Michael Jones McKean Creative Arts Fine Arts
Louise McReynolds Humanities Russian History
Anne Mendelson Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Michael Meyer Humanities General Nonfiction
Philipp Meyer Creative Arts Fiction
Paula Michaels Humanities History of Science & Technology
Margaret M. Mitchell Humanities Translation
Hajoe Moderegger Creative Arts Fine Arts
Tomasz Mrowka Natural Sciences Mathematics
Maggie Nelson Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Nic Nicosia Creative Arts Photography
Mark Nowak Creative Arts Poetry
Helen O'Leary Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joseph O'Neil Creative Arts Fiction
João Ricardo Mendes de Oliveira Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Seung-Ah Oh Creative Arts Music Composition
Lothar Osterburg Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jed Perl Creative Arts Biography
Philip Pettit Humanities Philosophy
Patrick Phillips Creative Arts Poetry
Marta Ptaszynska Creative Arts Music Composition
David Rhodes Creative Arts Fiction
Frances Rosenbluth Social Sciences Political Science
Jill Rosser Creative Arts Poetry
Sarah Ruden Humanities Translation
Carl Safina Natural Sciences Science Writing
Susan Schulten Humanities U.S. History
Michael Schultz Creative Arts Photography
Charlotte Schulz Creative Arts Fine Arts
Christine Schutt Creative Arts Fiction
Salvatore Scibona Creative Arts Fiction
Elizabeth Sears Humanities Fine Arts Research
Nadrian Seeman Natural Sciences Chemistry
Richard Serrano Humanities Literary Criticism
Nancy Shaver Creative Arts Fine Arts
Kerry Shaw Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Mary Sheriff Humanities French History
Carol Silverman Humanities Folklore & Popular Culture
Edward Simon Creative Arts Music Composition
Adam T. Smith Humanities Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Hyongsok Soh Natural Sciences Engineering
Dawn Song Natural Sciences Computer Science
Blane De St. Croix Creative Arts Fine Arts
Sarah Stanbury Humanities Medieval Literature
David Storey Creative Arts Fine Arts
Winnifred Sullivan Humanities Religion
Maryam Tabrizian Natural Sciences Medicine & Health
Steven Takasugi Creative Arts Music Composition
Gordon Teskey Humanities English Literature
Morgan Thorson Creative Arts Choreography
Richard Tillinghast Creative Arts Poetry
Alexander Todorov Social Sciences Psychology
Camilla Townsend Humanities Iberian & Latin American History
Peter Trachtenberg Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Monique Truong Creative Arts Fiction
Anna Tsing Humanities Anthropology & Cultural Studies
David Van Taylor Creative Arts Film
Lea VanderVelde Social Sciences Constitutional Studies
Irene Vilar Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Richard Wallace Humanities Philosophy
Laura Walls Creative Arts Biography
Tandy Warnow Natural Sciences Computer Science
Kenny Werner Creative Arts Music Composition
John Wettlaufer Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
James Whitman Social Sciences Law
John Witt Social Sciences Law
Matt Wolf Creative Arts Film
Shuhai Xiao Natural Sciences Earth Science
Yunxiang Yan Humanities East Asian Studies
David Zeiger Creative Arts Film
John Zurier Creative Arts Fine Arts
Pavel Zustiak Creative Arts Choreography


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