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This is a list of notable people who have completely memorized the Quran. Estimates of how many Huffaz (plural of Hafiz, being a single memorizer of the Quran) there have been, range into the millions, across many ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographical divisions. This is not a representative sampling of Hafiz. Centuries are given in Hijri years (AH).

1st century AH[edit]

2nd century AH[edit]

8th century AH[edit]

9th century AH[edit]

  • Suyuti, memorized the entire Qur'an when he was barely eight.

13th century AH[edit]

15th century AH[edit]

16th Century[edit]

  • Hamza Saleem
  • Maher al-Muaqli (Imam of Masjid AlHaraam, Makkah)
  • Ibrahim Aziz


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