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A list of Hanfu, the historical clothing of the Han Chinese, in category of different clothing style.


Diyi Ming Dynasty empress attire.jpg Diyi (翟衣), the formal wear of her imperial highness empresses and princesses[1]
Tsachüchuishaofu Female figure dressed in Tsa-chü-ch'ui-shao clothing. Lacquer painting over wood, Northern Wei.jpg Tsa-chü-ch'ui-shao-fu (雜裾垂髾服), a typical dress style for women from Ts'ao Wei to Northern and Southern dynasties
Daxiushan Xian2-10.jpg Daxiushan (大袖衫), a formal wear of royal Chinese women
Ruqun Jiao Bingzhen - Paintings of Ladies - Leaf 2.jpg Ruqun (襦裙), a common form of attire for women
Zhiduo Zhiduo 1.jpg Zhiduo (直裰), a common form of attire for men[2][3]
Banbi Xian2-9.jpg Banbi (半臂), a form of casual outerwear for both men and women
Beizi Beizi3.jpg Beizi (褙子), a cloak common to both men and women
Chang'ao Daao 1.jpg Chang-ao (長襖), the formal wear for women
Daopao Hanfu daopao.jpg Daopao/Xingyi (道袍/行衣), the formal wear for men
Shenyi Shenyi 1.jpg Shenyi (深衣), the formal wear for men
Yuanlingshan Traditional chinese wedding.jpg Yuanlingshan (圓領衫), a formal attire worn by men (civilian), most common form of attire for (both male and female) officials and nobles
Lanshan Panling lanshan.jpg Lanshan (襴衫), the formal attire worn by scholars and students (生員) taking the imperial examination


Phoenix crown Ming Dynasty phoenix crown.jpg Phoenix crown (鳳冠), the headgear for noblewomen and brides[4]
Tang official headwear Tangxuanzong.jpg Official headwear of Tang Dynasty
Song official headwear Shenzong of Song.jpg Official headwear of Song Dynasty
Ming official headwear Officials.jpeg Official headwear of Ming Dynasty

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