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Hellblazer has been incompletely collected into many trade paperbacks. The first UK editions, printed by Titan Books, reprinted the original colour issues in black and white. Though subsequent editions were in colour, they were not numbered and not always released chronologically. While some issues were never collected in trade form, some early issues appear in books.

In April 2011, Vertigo began republishing the series in new numbered editions, collecting the series in proper chronological order and including issues that had been left out of earlier editions. The new editions also include short stories, prose pieces and crossover issues from other series, most commonly Swamp Thing.

As of January 2016, 229 is the only issue left uncollected.

Collected editions[edit]

As of April 2018, eighteen volumes of the new numbered editions of Hellblazer have been published. The following table lists these books in chronological order.[1]

In reading order, these volumes are immediately preceded by vols. 3–7 of Swamp Thing.

Title Issues collected Writer(s) Story arcs reprinted ISBN
Hellblazer, Vol. 1: Original Sins Hellblazer #1–9; Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #76-77 Jamie Delano

Rick Veitch

HELLBLAZER: Hunger; A Feast of Friends; Going for It; Waiting for the Man; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; Extreme Prejudice; Ghosts in the Machine; Intensive Care; Shot to Hell.
SWAMP THING: L'Adoration de la Terre; Infernal Triangles.
Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Devil You Know Hellblazer #10–13; Hellblazer Annual #1; The Horrorist #1-2 Jamie Delano Sex and Death; Newcastle: A Taste of Things to Come; The Devil You Know; On the Beach; The Bloody Saints; Venus of the Hardsell; Antarctica. 1-40121-269-7
Hellblazer, Vol. 3: The Fear Machine Hellblazer #14–22 Jamie Delano The Fear Machine. 1-40121-810-5
Hellblazer, Vol. 4: The Family Man Hellblazer #23-33; material from Vertigo Secret Files: Hellblazer Jamie Delano

Dick Foreman Grant Morrison Neil Gaiman

Larger Than Life; The Family Man; Early Warning; How I Learned to Love the Bomb; Hold Me; Thicker Than Water; Sick at Heart; Fatality; Mourning of the Magician; New Tricks; Sundays Are Different; The Gangster, the Whore and the Magician. 1-40121-964-0
Hellblazer, Vol. 5: Dangerous Habits Hellblazer #34-46 Jamie Delano

Garth Ennis

The Bogeyman; Dead-Boy's Heart; The Undiscover'd Country; Man's Work; Boy's Games; The Hanged Man; The Magus; Dangerous Habits. 1-40123-802-5
Hellblazer, Vol. 6: Bloodlines Hellblazer #47-61 Garth Ennis

John Smith

The Pub Where I Was Born; Love Kills; Lord of the Dance; Remarkable Lives; Counting to Ten; Royal Blood; This Is the Diary of Danny Drake; Mortal Clay; Body and Soul; Guys & Dolls; She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven. 1-40121-514-9
Hellblazer, Vol. 7: Tainted Love Hellblazer #62-71; Hellblazer Special #1; material from Vertigo Jam #1 Garth Ennis End of the Line; Forty; Fear and Loathing; Dear John; Down All the Days; Rough Trade; Tainted Love; Heartland; Finest Hour; Confessional. 1-56389-456-4
Hellblazer, Vol. 8: Rake at the Gates of Hell Hellblazer #72–83; Heartland #1 Garth Ennis Damnation's Flame; Act of Union; Confessions of an Irish Rebel; And the Crowd Goes Wild; Rake at the Gates of Hell; Heartland. 1-40124-749-0
Hellblazer, Vol. 9: Critical Mass Hellblazer #84-96 Paul Jenkins

Jamie Delano

Eddie Campbell

In Another Part of Hell; Warped Notions; Dreamtime; Dangerous Ground; Riding the Green Lanes; Critical Mass. 1-40125-072-6
Hellblazer, Vol. 10: In the Line of Fire Hellblazer #97-107 Paul Jenkins The Nature of the Beast; Walking the Dog; Punkin' Up the Great Outdoors; Sins of the Father; Football: It's a Funny Old Game; Difficult Beginnings; A Taste of Heaven; In the Line of Fire. 1-40125-137-4
Hellblazer, Vol. 11: Last Man Standing Hellblazer #108-120 Paul Jenkins Days of Wine and Roses; The Wild Hunt; Last Man Standing; In the Red Corner; Widdershins; Life and Death and Taxis; Undertow; Desperately Seeking Something. 1-40125-529-9
Hellblazer, Vol. 12: How To Play With Fire Hellblazer #121-133 Paul Jenkins

Garth Ennis

Up the Down Staircase; How to Play With Fire; Son of Man. 1-40125-810-7
Hellblazer, Vol. 13: Haunted Hellblazer #134-145; Vertigo Resurrected #1; material from Vertigo: Winter's Edge #1-3 Warren Ellis

Darko Macan Garth Ennis Paul Jenkins Dave Gibbons

Haunted; Locked; The Crib; Setting Sun; One Last Love Song; Telling Tales; Shoot; Ashes & Honey; Tell Me; All Those Little Girls and Boys; Another Bloody Christmas. 1-40126-141-8
Hellblazer, Vol. 14: Good Intentions Hellblazer #146-161

Material from Vertigo Secret Files: Hellblazer.

Brian Azzarello Hard Time; Good Intentions; ... And Buried; ... Freezes Over; The First Time. 1-40126-373-9
Hellblazer, Vol. 15: Highwater Hellblazer #162-174 Brian Azzarello Lapdogs and Englishmen; Highwater; A Fresh Coat of Red Paint; Chasing Demons; Ashes & Dust in the City of Angels. 1-40126-579-0
Hellblazer, Vol. 16: The Wild Card Hellblazer #175-188 Mike Carey High on Life; Red Sepulchre; The Game of Cat and Mouse; Black Flowers; Third Worlds; Bred in the Bone. 1-40126-909-5
Hellblazer, Vol. 17: Out of Season Hellblazer #189-201 Mike Carey Staring at the Wall; Ward 24; Out of Season; Stations of the Cross; Happy Families; Event Horizon. 1-40127-366-1
Hellblazer, Vol. 18: The Gift Hellblazer #202-215 Mike Carey Reasons to be Cheerful; Cross Purpose; Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go; The Gift; R.S.V.P.. 1-40127-538-9

The most up-to-date collections of the series that have not yet been replaced with the new editions are listed below.

Title Issues collected Writer(s) Story arcs reprinted ISBN
Hellblazer: Shoot Collects Hellblazer #144, 145, 245-246, 250 and Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer—Shoot #1 Warren Ellis
Jason Aaron
Darko Macan
Dave Gibbons
Jamie Delano
Brian Azzarello
Peter Milligan
China Miéville
"Shoot", "Ashes & Honey", "Newcastle Calling", "Happy Fucking New Year", "Christmas Cards", "All I Goat for Christmas", "The Curse of Christmas", "Snow Had Fallen" 1-40124-748-2
Hellblazer: Empathy is the Enemy Collects Hellblazer #216–222 Denise Mina "Empathy is the Enemy" 1-40121-066-X
Hellblazer: The Red Right Hand Collects Hellblazer #223–228 Denise Mina "The Season of the Zealot", "The Red Right Hand" 1-40121-342-1
Hellblazer: Joyride Collects Hellblazer #230–237 Andy Diggle "In at the Deep End", "Wheels of Chance, Systems of Control", "Joyride" 1-40121-651-X
Hellblazer: The Laughing Magician Collects Hellblazer #238–242 Andy Diggle "The Smoke", "The Passage", "The Laughing Magician" 1-40121-853-9
Hellblazer: Roots of Coincidence Collects Hellblazer #243-244, 247-249 Andy Diggle "The Mortification of the Flesh", "The Roots of Coincidence" 1-40122-251-X
Hellblazer: Scab Collects Hellblazer #251-255 and a story from #250 Peter Milligan "The Curse of Christmas", "Scab", "Regeneration" 1-40122-501-2
Hellblazer: Hooked Collects Hellblazer #256-260 Peter Milligan "Hooked", "The Cottage", "The Long Crap Friday" 1-40122-728-7
Hellblazer: India Collects Hellblazer #261-266 Peter Milligan "India", "No Future" 1-40122-848-8
Hellblazer: Bloody Carnations Collects Hellblazer #267-275 Peter Milligan "Sectioned", "Bloody Carnations", "The Royal Wedding of the Century" 1-40123-152-7
Hellblazer: Phantom Pains Collects Hellblazer #276-282 Peter Milligan "High Frequency Man", "Phantom Pains", "Inside" 1-78116-057-0
Hellblazer: The Devil's Trenchcoat Collects Hellblazer #283-291 Peter Milligan "The Devil's Trenchcoat", "Another Season in Hell" 1-40123-720-7
Hellblazer: Death and Cigarettes Collects Hellblazer #292-300; Hellblazer Annual #1 Peter Milligan "The Curse of the Constantines", "Death and Cigarettes" 1-40124-093-3

New 52 series[edit]

Following the cancellation of Hellblazer, DC Comics launched a new series featuring John Constantine as part of their New 52 line, which re-established the continuity of the DC Universe. This new series features a younger version of the character with a new backstory and the title Constantine.

Title Issues collected Writer(s) Story arcs reprinted ISBN
Constantine, Vol. 1: The Spark and the Flame Collects Constantine #1-6 Jeff Lemire
Ray Fawkes
New series set in the New 52 1-40124-323-1
Constantine, Vol. 2: Blight Collects Constantine #7-12 Ray Fawkes Part of DC's Forever Evil: Blight crossover 1-40124-747-4
Constantine, Vol. 3: The Voice in the Fire Collects Constantine #13-17 and Constantine: Futures End #1 Ray Fawkes 1-40125-085-8
Constantine, Vol. 4: The Apocalypse Road Collects Constantine #18-23 Ray Fawkes 1-40125-470-5

DCYou series[edit]

After the 23rd issue, DC cancelled the Constantine series and relaunched the character again in the title Constantine: The Hellblazer, as part of their DCYou line. The series restored some of the continuity of the Vertigo run.

Title Issues collected Writer(s) Story arcs reprinted ISBN
Constantine: The Hellblazer, Vol. 1: Going Down Collects Constantine: The Hellblazer #1-6 Ming Doyle
James Tynion IV
DCYou relaunch of series 1-40125-972-3
Constantine: The Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Art of the Deal Collects Constantine: The Hellblazer #7-13 Ming Doyle
James Tynion IV

Rebirth series[edit]

After the 13th issue of the DCYou series, DC cancelled the Constantine: The Hellblazer series and relaunched the character again in the title The Hellblazer, as part of their Rebirth line.

Title Issues collected Writer(s) Story arcs reprinted ISBN
The Hellblazer, Vol. 1: The Poison Truth Collects The Hellblazer #1-6 and The Hellblazer Rebirth Special Simon Oliver Rebirth relaunch of series 1-40126-886-2

Other collections[edit]

In 2010, Vertigo began publishing 100-page reprints of previously unpublished or "forgotten" stories that would not fit easily into larger collections, under the banner "Vertigo Resurrected". Several contain John Constantine stories. Vertigo Resurrected: Shoot, published October 2010, prints Warren Ellis, Phil Jimenez, and Andy Lanning's previously unpublished Hellblazer story "Shoot", along with reprints of some non-John Constantine stories. Vertigo Resurrected: Winter's Edge, published November 2010, reprints Paul Jenkins and Paul Pope's "Tell Me" story, previously published in Vertigo: Winter's Edge #1; Garth Ennis and Glyn Dillon's "All Those Little Girls and Boys" story, previously published in Vertigo: Winter's Edge #2; and Dave Gibbons's illustrated prose story "Another Bloody Christmas", previously published in Vertigo: Winter's Edge #3; along with reprints of some non-John Constantine stories. Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer, published December 2010, reprints Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's "Mortal Clay" and "Body and Soul" stories, previously published in Hellblazer #57–58; and Jason Aaron and Sean Murphy's "Newcastle Calling, Parts One and Two" stories, previously published in Hellblazer #245–246. Finally, the Vertigo Resurrected: Bad Blood, published June 2011, collects Jamie Delano's five-part miniseries.

Graphic novels[edit]

There have also been a number of original graphic novels:

  • All His Engines, by Mike Carey, involves Constantine trying to solve the mystery of a strange sickness sweeping the globe.[2] It also includes a character summary and history of the series taken from Vertigo Secret Files: Hellblazer.
  • Hellblazer: Pandemonium, by Jamie Delano and Jock, originally scheduled for release in 2008, was held back until 2010 (being the 25th year since Constantine's first appearance). The novel sees Constantine visiting Iraq. The story also reflects on the history of Constantine.[3][4]
  • Dark Entries,[5][6] written by Ian Rankin with art by Werther Dell'Edera and cover art by Lee Bermejo, is a 216-page black-and-white original hardcover graphic novel under the Vertigo Crime "sub-print".[7] It stars John Constantine without the "Hellblazer" banner below his name, much like The Horrorist, which was released as a two-part, prestige format mini-series. The story concerns Constantine's investigation of mysterious deaths during the broadcast of a reality TV show and is the only title in the Vertigo Crime series to feature a previously existing character.


Author John Shirley has written three Hellblazer-related novels: a novelisation of the film Constantine, released in 2005, War Lord and Subterranean, a pair of original novels based around the Constantine seen in the comics, both of which were released in 2006.