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This is a complete list of the twenty five patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office to Hendrik Wade Bode for his inventions.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15] The broad areas of his patents include transmission networks, transformer systems, electric wave amplification, broadband amplifiers and artillery computing.

Patent number Description Date granted Patent number Description Date granted
U.S. Patent 1,814,238
Wave filter
July 14, 1931
U.S. Patent 2,249,415
Wave Filter
July 15, 1941
U.S. Patent 1,828,454
Transmission Network
October 20, 1931
U.S. Patent 2,301,245
Transformer System
November 10, 1942
U.S. Patent 1,944,209
Transmission Network
January 23, 1934
U.S. Patent 2,315,040
Electric Wave Amplification
March 30, 1943
U.S. Patent 1,955,788
Transmission Network
April 24, 1934
U.S. Patent 2,337,965
Coupling Network
December 28, 1943
U.S. Patent 2,001,090
Transmission Network
May 14, 1935
U.S. Patent 2,342,638
Wave Transmission Network
February 20, 1944
U.S. Patent 2,002,216
Wave filter
May 21, 1935
U.S. Patent 2,367,711
Broad Band Amplifier
January 23, 1945
U.S. Patent 2,029,014
Wave Transmission Network
January 28, 1936
U.S. Patent 2,455,035
Averaging Mechanism
November 30, 1948
U.S. Patent 2,029,698
Wave Transmission Network
February 4, 1936
U.S. Patent 2,492,351
Smoothing Network
December 27, 1949
U.S. Patent 2,035,258
Wave filter
March 24, 1936
U.S. Patent 2,710,720
Artillery Computer
June 14, 1955 (Filed October 28 1943}
U.S. Patent 2,058,210
Wave Transmission Networks
October 20, 1936
U.S. Patent 2,744,224
Automatic Curve Follower with Vibrating Stylus
May 1, 1956
U.S. Patent 2,096,027
Attenuation Equalizer
October 19, 1937
U.S. Patent 2,955,279
Selective Paging System
October 4, 1960
U.S. Patent 2,123,178
July 12, 1938
U.S. Patent 3,114,142
Selective Paging System
December 10, 1963
U.S. Patent 2,242,878
Design of Broad Band Receivers
May 20, 1941


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