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This is a list of the various animated cartoons featuring Herman and Katnip.

Miscellaneous appearances[edit]

Herman Mouse in Noveltoon cartoons[edit]

  • The Henpecked Rooster (Feat. Herman the Mouse, Henry the Rooster, and Bertha Chicken Pie) February 18, 1944 - Director: Seymour Kneitel (First appearance of Herman)
  • Scrappily Married (Feat. Herman, Henry, and Bertha|Chicken Pie) March 30, 1945 - Kneitel
  • Cheese Burglar (Feat. Herman) February 22, 1946 - I. Sparber (NOTE: Herman's first solo cartoon. This cartoon appeared in Four Rooms)
  • Sudden Fried Chicken (Feat. Herman, Henry|Hector, Bertha|Chicken Pie) October 18, 1946 - Bill Tytla (NOTE: This cartoon appeared in Smart House. Third and final Herman and Henry cartoon.)
  • Naughty But Mice (Feat. Herman) October 10, 1947 - Kneitel
  • Campus Capers (Feat. Herman) July 1, 1949 - Tytla
  • Saved By The Bell (Feat. Herman) September 15, 1950 - Kneitel

Popeye the Sailor: Herman in Cameo[edit]

  • The Island Fling (Feat. Popeye, Olive Oyl, Tiger, Bluto, Sea Monster, Female Gorilla, Hungry Lion, Friday, Herman the Mouse (Cameo)) December 27, 1946 - Tytla (NOTE: Herman makes a cameo in a Popeye cartoon.)

Screen Songs[edit]

  • Gobs of Fun (Feat. Herman, Animals) July 28, 1950 - Sparber

Name as Herman the Mouse only in Casper the Friendly Ghost[edit]

  • Ground Hog Play - February 10, 1956 - Kneitel

Katnip in Noveltoon cartoons[edit]

With Buzzy the Crow[edit]

  • Sock-A-Bye Kitty (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) December 2, 1950 - Kneitel (NOTE: The first Buzzy cartoon featuring Katnip.)
  • As The Crow Lies (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy the Crow) June 1, 1951 - Kneitel (NOTE: First time, Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer.)
  • Cat-Choo (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) October 12, 1951 - Kneitel
  • The Awful Tooth (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) May 2, 1952 - Kneitel
  • Better Bait Than Never (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy, Bulldog) June 5, 1953 - Kneitel
  • Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (Feat. Katnip, Buzzy) April 16, 1954 - Kneitel


  • City Kitty (Feat. Katnip) July 18, 1952 - Sparber
  • Feast And Furious (Feat. Katnip, Finny the Goldfish) December 26, 1952 - Sparber (NOTE: This is the only Finny the Goldfish cartoon featuring Katnip.)

The Baby Huey Show[edit]

  • Self Help Huey (Feat. Baby Huey, the fox, Katnip, animals) October 28, 1995 - Joe Horne
  • Three Ducks and a Dope (Feat. Baby Huey, Papa Duck, Katnip, etc.) November 18, 1995 - Steve Loter

Herman and Katnip 1950–59[edit]

  • Mice Meeting You (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Herman's Cousins) November 10, 1950 - Kneitel (NOTE: Katnip's debut)
  • Mice Paradise (Feat. Herman, Katnip) March 9, 1951 - Sparber (NOTE: Final Herman the Mouse cartoon in the Noveltoons series.)
  • Cat Tamale (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Other Mice) November 9, 1951 - Kneitel (NOTE: First Herman and Katnip cartoon outside the Noveltoons series.)
  • Cat Carson Rides Again (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Other Mice) April 4, 1952 - Kneitel
  • Mice-Capades (Feat. Herman, Katnip) October 3, 1952 - Kneitel (NOTE: First Herman and Katnip spin-off cartoon.)
  • Of Mice And Magic (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Louise, Other Mice, and Finny the Golfish) February 20, 1953 - Sparber (NOTE: Second and cameo appearance of Finny the Goldfish.)
  • Herman The Catoonist (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) May 15, 1953 - Sparber
  • Drinks On The Mouse (Feat. Herman, Katnip) August 28, 1953 - Dave Tendlar
  • Northwest Mousie (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) December 28, 1953 - Kneitel
  • Surf And Sound (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Lousie The Girl Mouse, and Other Mice) March 5, 1954 - Tendlar
  • Of Mice And Menace (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Nephews) June 25, 1954 - Kneitel
  • Ship A-Hooey (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) August 20, 1954 - Sparber
  • Rail-Rodents (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Bulldog) November 26, 1954 - Tendlar (NOTE: This is a second time that Herman doesn't speak; second appearance of the bulldog.)
  • Robin Rodenthood (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) February 25, 1955 - Tendlar
  • A Bicep Built For Two (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Spike) April 8, 1955 - Kneitel (NOTE: Jackson Beck voiced Herman.)
  • Mouse Trapeze (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Nephews) August 5, 1955 - Sparber
  • Mousieur Herman (Feat. Herman, Katnip) November 25, 1955 - Tendlar (first with shorter instrumental theme music)
  • Mouseum (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Nephews) February 24, 1956 - Kneitel
  • Will Do Mousework (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Herman's Cousins) June 29, 1956 - Knietel
  • Mousetro Herman (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) August 10, 1956 - Sparber (NOTE: NEW THEME DEBUTS EARLY)
  • Hide And Peak (Feat. Herman, Katnip) December 10, 1956 - Tendlar
  • Cat In The Act (Feat. Herman, Katnip) February 22, 1957 - Tendlar (NOTES:last Famous Studios NEW THEME DEBUTS)
  • Sky Scrappers (Feat. Herman, Katnip) June 14, 1957 - Tendlar (NOTE: Third time, Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer. First was, As the Crow Lies. Second was, Feast and Furious.)
  • From Mad To Worse (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) August 16, 1957 - Kneitel (NOTE: NEW INTRO ANIMATION DEBUTS)
  • One Funny Knight (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Princess Genevieve) November 22, 1957 - Tendlar
  • Frighty Cat (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) March 14, 1958 - Sparber (NOTE: Sid Raymond last regularly voiced Katnip.)
  • You Said A Mouseful (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Chubby) August 29, 1958 - Kneitel (NOTE: Fourth time, Katnip was voiced by Jack Mercer.)
  • Owly To Bed (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Hooty) 1958 - Kneitel (NOTE: Katnip does not speak, but Herman imitates him saying, "Hooty, get out of there!")
  • Felineous Assault (Feat. Herman, Katnip, and Kitnip) 1958 - Kneitel (NOTE: Jack Mercer voiced Herman for a second time. First was, Sudden Fried Chicken.)
  • Fun On Furlough (Featuring Herman, Katnip, and Other Mice) April 3, 1959 - Kneitel (NOTE: Jack Mercer voiced Katnip for a fifth time. This is the only Herman and Katnip wartime cartoon.)
  • Katnip's Big Day (Feat. Herman, Katnip, Buzzy, Rueben, Dueben, Louie, Spike, and Butch) October 30, 1959 - Kneitel (NOTE: This is a final Herman and Katnip spin-off cartoon.)

Cameo appearances in only Casper cartoon[edit]

  • Ghost of Honor (Feat. Casper, Celebrities, Wolfie, Herman, Katnip, Spunky, Tommy Tortoise, Moe Hare, Pal, Baby Huey, Little Audrey and other Harvey cartoon characters) July 19, 1957 - Sparber (NOTE: Katnip does not speak in a Casper cartoon for a third time, but also on second time, he cameo appears. First was a Popeye cartoon, The Island Fling, and only time, Herman does not speak either, but he cameo appears too.)

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