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The following is a list of cast members who portrayed characters appearing in the movies and series of the Highlander franchise. As for the series, listed are, in chronological order, regular cast, recurring cast as well as guest cast credited in the opening credits. Guest actors credited in the closing credits are not listed.


Highlander (1986)[edit]

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Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)[edit]

Highlander III: The Sorcerer (1994)[edit]

Highlander: Endgame (2000)[edit]

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Highlander: The Source (2007)[edit]


Highlander: The Series (1992–1998)[edit]

Regular cast[edit]

Actor Role Appearances Year
Adrian Paul Duncan MacLeod All episodes except "Two of Hearts", "Indiscretions" 1992–1998
Stan Kirsch Richie Ryan "The Gathering" through "Archangel", "To Be", "Not To Be" 1992–1998
Alexandra Vandernoot Tessa Noël "The Gathering" through "The Darkness", "Leader of the Pack", "To Be", "Not To Be" 1992–1993
Amanda Wyss Randi McFarland "Innocent Man", "Bad Day in Building A", "Deadly Medicine", "See No Evil", "Eyewitness", "Band of Brothers" 1992–1993
Jim Byrnes Joe Dawson "The Watchers" through "Not To Be" 1993–1998
Philip Akin Charlie DeSalvo "Turnabout" through "Unholy Alliance Part Two", "The Samurai", "Line of Fire", "The Revolutionary", "Brothers in Arms" 1993–1995
Michel Modo Maurice Lalonde "Unholy Alliance Part Two" through "Counterfeit Part Two", "Star-Crossed", "Take Back the Night", "Reasonable Doubt", "Finale", "The Modern Prometheus" 1994–1997
Lisa Howard Anne Lindsey "The Revolutionary" through "Mortal Sins", "Reunion", "The Blitz" 1994–1995

Recurring cast[edit]

Actor Role Appearances Year
Wendell Wright Sgt. Thomas Powell "The Gathering", "The Road Not Taken", "Innocent Man" 1992
Matthew Walker Ian MacLeod "Family Tree", "Homeland", "Prophecy" 1992–1996
Christianne Hirt Angie Burke "The Road Not Taken", "Revenge Is Sweet" 1992
Jay Brazeau Commissioner Stanley "Stosh" Cominski "Free Fall", "Bad Day In Building A" 1992
Leslie Carlson Sam Thompson "Free Fall", "Deadly Medicine" 1992
Tim Reid Sgt. Ray Bennett "Revenge Is Sweet", "See No Evil", "Eyewitness" 1992
Werner Stocker Darius "Band of Brothers", "For Tomorrow We Die", "The Beast Below", "Saving Grace", "The Hunters" 1993
Hugues Leforestier Inspector Raymond LeBrun "For Evil's Sake", "For Tomorrow We Die", "Saving Grace" 1993
Roland Gift Xavier St. Cloud "For Tomorrow We Die", "Unholy Alliance", "Unholy Alliance Part Two", "Finale", "Double Jeopardy" 1993–1994
Elizabeth Gracen Amanda "The Lady and The Tiger", "The Return of Amanda", "Legacy", "The Cross of St. Antoine", "Rite of Passage", "Finale", "Finale Part 2", "Double Eagle", "Reunion", "The Colonel", "Methuselah's Gift", "The Immortal Cimoli", "Dramatic License", "Money No Object", "The Stone of Scone", "Forgive Us Our Trespasses", "To Be", "Not To Be" 1993–1998
Roger Daltrey Hugh Fitzcairn "The Hunters", "Star-Crossed", "Till Death", "The Stone of Scone", "Unusual Suspects", "To Be", "Not To Be" 1993–1998
Peter Hudson James Horton "The Hunters", "The Watchers", "Unholy Alliance", "Unholy Alliance Part Two", "Counterfeit", "Counterfeit Part Two", "One Minute to Midnight", "To Be", "Not To Be" 1993–1998
Bruce A. Young Carl Robinson "Run For Your Life", "Manhunt" 1993–1996
Alexandra Stewart Catherine Legris "Unholy Alliance", "Unholy Alliance Part Two" 1994
Stacey Travis Renee Delaney "Unholy Alliance", "Unholy Alliance Part Two", "Double Jeopardy" 1994–1997
Nadia Cameron Rebecca Horne "Legacy", "Methuselah's Gift" 1994–1996
Alexandra Vandernoot Lisa Halle/Lisa Milon "Counterfeit" (uncredited), "Counterfeit Part Two" 1994
Myles Ferguson Kenny "The Lamb", "Reunion" 1994–1995
David Robb Kalas "Song of the Executioner", "Star-Crossed", "Methos", "Finale", "Finale Part 2" 1994
Peter Wingfield Methos "Methos", "Finale", "Finale Part 2", "Chivalry", "Timeless", "Deliverance", "Methuselah's Gift", "Through a Glass, Darkly", "Till Death", "Judgement Day", "One Minute to Midnight", "The Messenger", "The Valkyrie", "Comes a Horseman", "Revelation 6:8", "Forgive Us Our Trespasses", "The Modern Prometheus", "Archangel", "Indiscretions", "To Be", "Not To Be" 1995–1998
Tracy Scoggins Cassandra "Prophecy", "Comes a Horseman", "Revelation 6:8" 1995–1997
Valentine Pelka Kronos "Comes a Horseman", "Revelation 6:8", "Not To Be" 1997–1998
Marcus Testory Caspian "Comes a Horseman", "Revelation 6:8" 1997
Richard Ridings Silas "Comes a Horseman", "Revelation 6:8" 1997

Guest cast[edit]

Actor Role Appearance Year
Christopher Lambert Connor MacLeod "The Gathering" 1992
Richard Moll Slan Quince "The Gathering" 1992
Soon-Tek Oh Kiem Sun "The Road Not Taken" 1992
John Novak Howard Crowley "Innocent Man" 1992
Gerard Kragen "Haunted" 1996
Joan Jett Felicia Martins "Free Fall" 1992
Marc Singer Caleb Cole "Mountain Men" 1992
John Dennis Johnston Carl the Hermit "Mountain Men" 1992
Stephen Macht Alexei Voshin "The Sea Witch" 1992
Christoph M. Ohrt Walter Reinhardt "Revenge Is Sweet" 1992
J. G. Hertzler Marcus Korolus "See No Evil" 1992
Tom Butler Andrew Ballin "Eyewitness" 1992
James Horan Grayson "Band of Brothers" 1993
Peter Howitt Christoph Kuyler "For Evil's Sake" 1993
Christian Van Acker Ursa "The Beast Below" 1993
Julia Stemberger Grace Chandel "Saving Grace" 1993
Georges Corraface Carlo Sendaro "Saving Grace" 1993
Jason Isaacs Zachary Blaine "The Lady and the Tiger" 1993
Nigel Terry Gabriel Piton "Eye of the Beholder" 1993
Martin Kemp Alfred Cahill "Avenging Angel" 1993
Peter Guinness Everett Bellian "Nowhere to Run" 1993
Joel Wyner Gregor Powers "Studies in Light" 1993
Geraint Wyn Davies Michael Moore/Quenten Barnes "Turnabout" 1993
Sheena Easton Annie Devlin "Eye For An Eye" 1993
Roddy Piper Anthony Gallen "Epitaph for Tommy" 1993
Bruce Weitz Thomas Sullivan "The Fighter" 1993
Jonathan Banks Mako "Under Color of Authority" 1994
Jeremy Brudenell Nicholas Ward "The Vampire" 1994
Robert de Valicourt "Till Death" 1996
Peter Firth Artur Drakov "Warmonger" 1994
James Faulkner Marcus Constantine "Pharaoh's Daughter" 1994
Nia Peeples Nefertiri "Pharaoh's Daughter" 1994
Emile Abossolo M'Bo Luther "Legacy" 1994
Michael Siberry Martin Hyde "Prodigal Son" 1994
Stephen McHattie Michael Kent "The Samurai" 1994
Randall "Tex" Cobb Kern "Line of Fire" 1994
Brion James Armand Thorne/John Durgan "The Cross of St. Antoine" 1994
Rob Stewart Axel Whittaker "Rite of Passage" 1994
Gabrielle Miller Michelle Webster "Rite of Passage" 1994
Alexa Gilmour Sharon Collins "Rite of Passage" 1994
John Pyper-Ferguson Brian Cullen "Courage" 1994
Eric Keenleyside Dallman Ross "The Lamb" 1994
Alf Humphreys Frank Brody "The Lamb" 1994
Jesse Moss Sean Zale "The Lamb" 1994
Garwin Sanford John Garrick "Shadows" 1994
Anthony De Longis Lymon Kurlow "Blackmail" 1994
Otavio Consone "Duende" 1997
Bill Croft Peter Matlin "Blackmail" 1994
Tony Rosato Benny Carbassa "Vendetta" 1995
Vivian Wu May-Ling Shen "They Also Serve" 1995
Barry Pepper Michael Christian "They Also Serve" 1995
Richard Lynch John Kirin/Kage "Blind Faith" 1995
Kim Johnston Ulrich Ceirdwyn "Take Back the Night" 1995
Richard Lintern Richard Tarsis "Reasonable Doubt" 1995
Paudge Behan Lucas Kagan "Reasonable Doubt" 1995
Carsten Norgaard Kanwulf "Homeland" 1995
Nicholas Campbell Kit O'Brady "Double Eagle" 1995
Kabir Bedi Kamir "The Wrath of Kali" 1995
Phil Hayes Alan Wells "The Innocent" 1995
Callum Keith Rennie Tyler King "The Innocent" 1995
Pruitt Taylor Vince Mikey Bellows "The Innocent" 1995
Mike Preston Terence Kincaid "Reunion" 1995
Ann Turkel Kristin Gilles "Chivalry" 1995
Ron Halder Walter Graham "Timeless" 1996
Rae Dawn Chong Claudia Jardine "Timeless" 1996
Byron Chief-Moon Coltec "Something Wicked" 1996
Darcy Laurie Horvan Kant "Something Wicked" 1996
Benjamin Ratner Bryce Korland "Something Wicked" 1996
Michael J. Jackson Sean Burns "Deliverance" 1996
Ricco Ross Kassim "Promises" 1996
Crispin Bonham-Carter Danny Cimoli "The Immortal Cimoli" 1996
Simon Kunz Damon Case "The Immortal Cimoli" 1996
Patrick Mille Jean Philippe de LeFaye III "The Immortal Cimoli" 1996
T.C. Holmes Vrej Ratavoussian "The Immortal Cimoli" 1996
Dougray Scott Warren Cochrane "Through A Glass, Darkly" 1996
Gresby Nash Andrew Donnelly "Through A Glass, Darkly" 1996
Marc Warren Morgan D'Estaing "Double Jeopardy" 1996
Nicholas Lea Cory Raines "Money No Object" 1996
Chris Humphreys Graham Ashe "The End of Innocence" 1996
Réal Andrews Haresh Clay "The End of Innocence" 1996
Chris William Martin Carter Wellan "The End of Innocence" 1996
Eric McCormack Matthew McCormick "Manhunt" 1996
Ian Tracey Johnny Kelly "Glory Days" 1996
Alastair Duncan Terence Coventry "Dramatic License" 1996
Kevin John Conway Alec Hill "Haunted" 1996
Andrew Divoff Gavriel Larca "Little Tin God" 1996
Roger R. Cross Derek Worth "Little Tin God" 1996
Steve Bacic Luke Sarsfield "Little Tin God" 1996
Christopher J.P. Racasa Enrique Grimaldo "Little Tin God" 1996
Ron Perlman The Messenger "The Messenger" 1996
Robert Wisden William Culbraith "The Messenger" 1996
Musetta Vander Ingrid Henning "The Valkyrie" 1997
Jonathan Firth Lord Byron "The Modern Prometheus" 1997
F. Braun McAsh Hans Kerschner "The Modern Prometheus" 1997
Chris Larkin Steven Keane "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" 1997
Danny Dyer Andrew Baines "Avatar" 1997
Dara Tomanovich Alex Raven "Sins of the Father" 1997
Joe Searby Gerard LeBlanc "Sins of the Father" 1997
Jasper Britton William Kingsley "Diplomatic Immunity" 1997
Alice Evans Kyra "Patient Number 7" 1997
Michael Halsey Milos Vladic "Patient Number 7" 1997
Andrew Bicknell Devon Marek "Black Tower" 1997
Sandra Hess Reagan Cole "Deadly Exposure" 1998
Claudia Christian Katherine "Two of Hearts" 1998
Jack Ellis Bartholomew "Two of Hearts" 1998
Benedick Blythe Morgan Walker "Indiscretions" 1998
Martin McDougall Liam O'Rourke "Not To Be" 1998
Actor Role Appearance Year
Peter DeLuise Clinch "Family Tree" 1992
J. E. Freeman Joe Scanlon "Family Tree" 1992
Tamsin Kelsey Mrs. Gustavson "Family Tree" 1992
Dustin Nguyen Chou Lin "The Road Not Taken" 1992
Jimmy Sang "Revenge of the Sword" 1993
Vincent Schiavelli Leo Atkins "Innocent Man" 1992
Andrew Divoff Bryan Slade "Bad Day in Building A" 1992
Wes Studi Sheriff Benson "Mountain Men" 1992
Joe Pantoliano Dr. Paul Wilder "Deadly Medicine" 1992
Johannah Newmarch Nikki Simmons "The Sea Witch" 1992
Vanity Rebecca Lord "Revenge is Sweet" 1992
Dee Dee Bridgewater Carolyn Lamb "The Beast Below" 1993
Katia Douvalian Myia "Eye of the Beholder" 1993
Sandra Nelson Elaine Trent "Avenging Angel" 1993
Anthony Head Alan Rothwood "Nowhere To Run" 1993
Sheila Moore Linda Plager "Studies in Light" 1993
Andrew Jackson Pallin Wolf "The Darkness" 1993
Traci Lords Greta "The Darkness" 1993
Santino Buda Canaan "The Zone" 1993
Sandra P. Grant Asia "The Zone" 1993
Don S. Davis Palance "The Return of Amanda" 1993
Robert Wisden Werner Geist "The Return of Amanda" 1993
Robert Ito Johnny Leong "Revenge of the Sword" 1993
Hideo Koto "The Samurai" 1994
Debbie Podowski Lisa Scott "Revenge of the Sword" 1993
Geza Kovacs Eugene Carter "Run For Your Life" 1993
Roman Podhora Kenny Dixon "Run For Your Life" 1993
Biski Gugushe Ricky Price "Run For Your Life" 1993
Andrea Roth Suzanne Honniger "Epitaph for Tommy" 1993
Ken Camroux Mike Honniger "Epitaph for Tommy" 1993
Jan d'Arcy Betty Bannen "Epitaph for Tommy" 1993
Cali Timmins Iris Lange "The Fighter" 1993
Tom McBeath Frank Coleman "The Fighter" 1993
Deanna Milligan Laura Daniels "Under Color of Authority" 1994
Lochlyn Munro Tim Ramsey "Under Color of Authority" 1994
Michelle Thrush Sara Lightfoot "Bless the Child" 1994
Jon Cuthbert Billy Hoskins "Bless the Child" 1994
Carolyn Dunn Nora Fontaine "Bless the Child" 1994
Ed Lauter Avery Hoskins "Bless the Child" 1994
Trevor Peacock Henry Jacom "The Vampire" 1994
Denis Lill Alan Baines "The Vampire" 1994
Nathalie Presles Helene Piper "The Vampire" 1994
Tonya Kinzinger Juliette Jacom "The Vampire" 1994
Angeline Ball Elizabeth Vaughn "Warmonger" 1994
Tom Watson Eli Jarmel "Warmonger" 1994
Valerie Steffen Inspector Veronique Bardot "Prodigal Son" 1994
Martin Cummins Pete Wilder "Counterfeit" 1994
Meilani Paul Lisa Halle/Lisa Milon "Counterfeit" 1994
Tamlyn Tomita Midori Koto "The Samurai" 1994
Chandra West Donna "Line of Fire" 1994
John Novak Mason "The Revolutionary" 1994
Alan Scarfe Craig Webster "Rite of Passage" 1994
Stefan Arngrim Harry "Courage" 1994
Sherry Miller Sarah Carter "Obsession" 1994
Gordon Tipple Hangman "Blackmail" 1994
Barbara Tyson Barbara Waverly "Blackmail" 1994
Stella Stevens Margaret Lang "Vendetta" 1995
Mary Woronov Rita Luce "They Also Serve" 1995
Dolores Chaplin Clarisse "Reasonable Doubt" 1995
Theresa Del Gloria "Duende" 1997
Michael Dobson Cop "Leader of the Pack" 1995
Laurie Holden Debra Campbell "Homeland" 1995
Rachel Hayward Valerie Meech "Leader of the Pack" 1995
Delila "The End of Innocence" 1996
Emmanuelle Vaugier Maria Alcobar "Chivalry" 1995
Gary Jones Hotel Guest "The End of Innocence" 1996
Peta Wilson Inspector "Promises" 1996
Vernon Dobtcheff Hamad "Promises" 1996
Struan Rodger Bonnie Prince Charlie "Through A Glass, Darkly" 1996
Eric Keenleyside Trey Franks "Manhunt" 1996
Marcia Strassman Betsy Fields "Glory Days" 1996
Jan Triska Nicolae Breslaw "The Valkyrie" 1997
Barbara Keogh Grandmother "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" 1997
Rachel Shelley Sophie Baines "Avatar" 1997
Dudley Sutton Father Robert "Armageddon" 1997
Ian Richardson Max Leiner "Sins of the Father" 1997
Ed Bishop Edward Banner "Diplomatic Immunity" 1997
Alexis Denisof Steve Banner "Diplomatic Immunity" 1997
Anita Dobson Molly Kingsley "Diplomatic Immunity" 1997
Nicholas Clay Loxley "Unusual Suspects" 1997
Godfrey James Frederick of Godfrey "Justice" 1997
Brian Protheroe Bannock "Deadly Exposure" 1998

Highlander: The Raven (1998–1999)[edit]

Main article: Highlander: The Raven

Regular cast[edit]

Actor Role Appearances Year
Elizabeth Gracen Amanda All episodes 1998–1999
Paul Johansson Nick Wolfe All episodes 1998–1999

Recurrent cast[edit]

Actor Role Appearances Year
Patricia Gage Lucy Becker "Reborn", "Full Disclosure", "Bloodlines", "Immunity", "Crime and Punishment", "The Unknown Soldier", "Cloak and Dagger", "Passion Play", "The Devil You Know" 1998–1999
Michael Copeman Carl Magnus "Reborn", "Full Disclosure", "Birthright", "Crime and Punishment", "The Unknown Soldier", "The Devil You Know" 1998–1999
Julian Richings Basil Morgan "Reborn", "Birthright" 1998
Hannes Jaenicke Bert Myers "Bloodlines", "Immunity", "Cloak and Dagger", "The French Connection", "The Rogue", "Love and Death" 1998–1999
Catherine Bruhier Chase MacAffee "So Shall Ye Reap", "Cloak and Dagger" 1998
Melanie Nicholls-King Officer Robbins "The Unknown Soldier", "Passion Play" 1998
Valentine Pelka Andre Korda "A Matter of Time", "The French Connection" 1999
Robert Cavanah Father Liam Riley "The French Connection", "Inferno", "The Frame", "Love and Death", "War and Peace" 1998–1999
Marc Pierret Pascal "Love and Death", "The Ex-Files" 1999

Guest cast[edit]

Actor Role Appearance Year
Torri Higginson Claudia Hoffmann "Reborn" 1998
James Purcell Stanley Ferris "Full Disclosure" 1998
Carlo Rota Mario Cardoza "Full Disclosure" 1998
James Kidnie Walter "Full Disclosure" 1998
Cedric Smith Morgan Kenworth "Bloodlines" 1998
Carolyn Dunn Denise Grady "Bloodlines" 1998
Alan Van Sprang William Kenworth "Bloodlines" 1998
Tara Rosling Martha Anonesuc "Immunity" 1998
James Kee Stefan Collier "Immunity" 1998
Lawrence Dane Charlie "So Shall Ye Reap" 1998
Chuck Shamata Martin Foster "So Shall Ye Reap" 1998
Frank Pellegrino Hewlitt "So Shall Ye Reap" 1998
Carl Marotte Young Charles "So Shall Ye Reap" 1998
Philip Akin Simon Clark "Birthright" 1998
John Bourgeois Harmon Frost "Birthright" 1998
John Ralston Riley Del Deegan "Birthright" 1998
Mark Humphrey Ray Bonita "Crime and Punishment" 1998
Andrew Jackson Darryl Keenan "Crime and Punishment" 1998
Michael Rhoades John Ray Fielding "The Unknown Soldier" 1998
Robert Bockstael Donald Magnus "The Unknown Soldier" 1998
Marc Strange Ludwig Weiss "Cloak and Dagger" 1998
Anne Marie Loder Catherine "Cloak and Dagger" 1998
Gordon Currie Wilson Geary "Passion Play" 1998
Polly Shannon Young Lucy Becker "Passion Play" 1998
Kirby Morrow Marco Becker "Passion Play" 1998
Geordie Johnson Victor Hansen "The Devil You Know" 1998
Richard Fitzpatrick Bob Marshall "The Devil You Know" 1998
Jim Byrnes Joe Dawson "A Matter of Time" 1999
Ellen Dubin Crysta "A Matter of Time" 1999
Daphne Cheung Dr. Mika "The French Connection" 1998
Lysette Anthony Debra Dow "The Rogue" 1998
Glynis Barber Rachael "The Rogue" 1998
Michael Siberry Frank Brennan "The Rogue" 1998
Nadia Cameron Rebecca Horne "Inferno" 1998
Michelle Gomez Talia Bauer "Inferno" 1998
Jolyon Baker Michael Garrett "Inferno" 1998
Eric Connor Freddy "Inferno" 1998
Charlotte Lewis Jade "The Frame" 1999
Ronan Vibert Trevor Benton "The Frame" 1999
Derek Lea Bob Hemmon "The Frame" 1999
Philippe Caroit Inspector Colbert "The Frame" 1999
Stephen Billington Derrick Markham "Love and Death" 1999
Vincent Pickering Burke "Love and Death" 1999
Jan Triska Nicolae Breslaw "Thick as Thieves" 1999
Stephen Moyer Jeremy Dexter "Thick as Thieves" 1999
Miles Richardson Vladimir Rankov "The Manipulator" 1999
Guy Lankester Tim Helfet "The Manipulator" 1999
Richard Durden Anton Novak "The Manipulator" 1999
Agathe De La Boulaye Clarissa "The Manipulator" 1999
Julian Wadham Heller "The Ex-Files" 1999
Rochelle Redfield Lauren Wolfe "The Ex-Files" 1999
Elizabeth Kaza Susanne "The Ex-Files" 1999
Patrick Albenque Spencer "The Ex-Files" 1999
Michel Albertini Sergeant "The Ex-Files" 1999
Benedick Bates Sean "War and Peace" 1999
Josephine Butler Lizzie Tynan "War and Peace" 1999
Janet Spencer-Turner Emma "War and Peace" 1999
Thomas Lockmeyer Evan Peyton "Dead on Arrival" 1999
Nathalie Roles Janet Ross "Dead on Arrival" 1999
Scott Maslen Tom Ross "Dead on Arrival" 1999