List of Hindu temples in Pakistan

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Door of a Hindu Temple in Peshawar

This is a list of Hindu temples in Pakistan, sorted by administrative unit.


Islamabad Capital Territory[edit]

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa[edit]

  • Araya Temple, Nawanshehr area, Abbottabad (ruined)
  • Shiva Temple and Dusehra House (old)- Abbottabad (ruined/half demolished)
  • Krishna Temple (old)--Abbottabad (destroyed/building no longer exists)
  • Shiva Temple (ancient)- Mansehra, Chitti Gatti/Gandhian location (in use)
  • Shiva Temple (former, now a public library)-- Mansehra town (no longer a temple)
  • Bareri Mata/Durga Temple and Shrine, on Bareri hill--Mansehra (destroyed/no longer in regular use,location sometimes visited by pilgrims and tourists)
  • Krishna Temple, Haripur (destroyed)* Nandi Mandir - Peshawar
  • Balmiki (Valmiki) Mandir - Peshawar
  • Shiv Mandir - Nowshera
  • Laxmi Narain Mandir - Mardan
  • Kali Mandir - Dera Ismail Khan (being used as a hotel)



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