List of Home Shopping Network affiliates

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The following is a list of affiliates of the Home Shopping Network in the United States.

  • Stations that are BOLD are HSN Owned and Operated.
  • Stations with a 2 carry sister companion channel, HSN2.


City Station Channel Owner


Birmingham, Alabama W20DE-D 20.12 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WPXH-TV 44.6 Ion Media Networks
Mobile, Alabama W19CO-D 19.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)


Phoenix, Arizona KAZT-TV 7.3 Londen Media Group
KPPX-TV 51.6 Ion Media Networks
Tucson, Arizona K21CX-D 21.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)


Bakersfield, California KCBT-LD 34.4 Cocola Broadcasting
KPMC-LD 43.1
Fresno, California KGMC 43.4
Los Angeles, California KHTV-CD 27.32 Venture Technologies Group
KPXN-TV 30.6 Ion Media Networks
Sacramento, California KBTV-CD 8.42 HC2 Holdings
KSPX-TV 29.6 Ion Media Networks
San Francisco, California KKPX-TV 65.6


Denver, Colorado KHDT-LD 16.1 Syncom Media Group, Inc.
KLPD-LD 28.1
KPXC-TV 59.6 Ion Media Networks


New London/Hartford/New Haven, Connecticut WHPX-TV 26.6 Ion Media Networks


Wilmington, Delaware WPPX-TV 61.6 Ion Media Networks

District of Columbia[edit]

Washington, D.C. WPXW-TV 66.6 Ion Media Networks


Jacksonville, Florida W39DF-D 39.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
Miami, Florida W16CC-D 16.1
HC2 Holdings
WPXM-TV 35.6 Ion Media Networks
Orlando, Florida WOPX-TV 56.6
Pensacola, Florida W19CO-D 19.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
Tampa, Florida W15CM-D 15.1 HC2 Holdings
W40CU-D 40.12 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WXPX-TV 66.6 Ion Media Networks
West Palm Beach, Florida WPXP-TV 67.6


Atlanta, Georgia W45DX-D 45.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WPXA-TV 14.6 Ion Media Networks
WYGA-CD 16.62 HC2 Holdings


Boise, Idaho KBSE-LD 33.1 Cocola Broadcasting
KBTI-LD 41.12


Champaign, Illinois W33AY-D 33.1 Marquee Broadcasting
Chicago, Illinois W25DW-D 25.1
HC2 Holdings
WCPX-TV 38.6 Ion Media Networks


Indianapolis, Indiana WIPX-TV 63.6 Ion Media Networks
South Bend, Indiana WHME-TV 46.6 LeSEA Broadcasting


Cedar Rapids, Iowa KPXR-TV 48.6 Ion Media Networks
Des Moines, Iowa K41DD-D 41.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
KFPX-TV 39.6 Ion Media Networks


Wichita, Kansas K15DD-D 15.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)


Lexington/Morehead, Kentucky WUPX-TV 67.6 Ion Media Networks
Louisville, Kentucky W50CI-D 50.2 Word Broadcasting


New Orleans, Louisiana K47JO-D 47.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WPXL-TV 49.6 Ion Media Networks
Shreveport, Louisiana K47HO-D 47.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)


Boston, Massachusetts WBPX-TV 68.6 Ion Media Networks
Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts WDPX 58.6


Detroit, Michigan/Ann Arbor, Michigan WPXD-TV 31.6 Ion Media Networks
Grand Rapids, Michigan WZPX-TV 43.6


Minneapolis, Minnesota KPXM-TV 41.6 Ion Media Networks


Kansas City, Missouri K45IO-D 45.12 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
KPXE-TV 50.6 Ion Media Networks
St. Louis, Missouri K38HD-D 38.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
KPTN-LD 7.1 HC2 Holdings
WRBU 46.6 Ion Media Networks


Las Vegas, Nevada KGNG-LD 47.1 King Kong Broadcasting

New Mexico[edit]

Albuquerque, New Mexico KLUZ-TV 41.3 (Simulcast of KTFA-LP) Entravision Communications Corporation

New York[edit]

Buffalo, New York WPXJ-TV 51.6 Ion Media Networks
New York City W41DO-D 41.12 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WPXN-TV 31.6 Ion Media Networks
Syracuse, New York WSPX-TV 56.6

North Carolina[edit]

Greensboro, North Carolina WGPX-TV 16.6 Ion Media Networks
Greenville, North Carolina WEPX-TV 38.6
WPXU-TV 35.6
Raleigh, North Carolina W46EU-D 46.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WFPX-TV 62.6 Ion Media Networks
WRPX-TV 47.6


Cleveland, Ohio WVPX-TV 23.6 Ion Media Networks
Columbus, Ohio W44DC-D 44.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma KOPX-TV 62.6 Ion Media Networks
KTOU-LD 21.1
HC2 Holdings
Tulsa, Oklahoma K46LF-D 46.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
KTPX-TV 44.6 Ion Media Networks


Portland, Oregon KORS-CD 16.1 WatchTV, Inc.
KPXG-TV 22.6 Ion Media Networks


Altoona, Pennsylvania WTOO-CD 50.1 Local Media TV
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania W36DO-D 36.1 HC2 Holdings
WDUM-LD 41.1
WPPX-TV 61.6 Ion Media Networks
WZPA-LD 33.2 HC2 Holdings
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WOSC-LD 61.1 The Videohouse Inc.
WINP-TV 16.6 Ion Media Networks
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania WQPX-TV 64.6

Rhode Island[edit]

Providence, Rhode Island WPXQ-TV 69.6 Ion Media Networks

South Carolina[edit]

Columbia, South Carolina WZRB 47.6 Ion Media Networks


Knoxville, Tennessee W45DF-D 45.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WPXK-TV 54.6 Ion Media Networks
Memphis, Tennessee WPXX-TV 50.6
Nashville, Tennessee WJDE-LD 31.4 Word Broadcasting
WNPX-TV 28.6 Ion Media Networks


Britton, Texas KODF-LD 26.2
HC2 Holdings
Corpus Christi, Texas K29IP-D 29.2
Dallas, Texas K25FW-D 25.12 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
KJJM-LD 34.1
HC2 Holdings
KODF-LD 26.42
KPXD-TV 68.6 Ion Media Networks
Houston, Texas KPXB-TV 49.6
KUVM-CD 34.22 HC2 Holdings
San Antonio/Uvalde, Texas KPXL-TV 26.6 Ion Media Networks


Salt Lake City, Utah KUPX-TV 16.6 Ion Media Networks


Norfolk, Virginia W14DC-D 14.12 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)
WPXV-TV 49.6 Ion Media Networks
Roanoke, Virginia WPXR-TV 38.6


Seattle, Washington KWPX-TV 33.6 Ion Media Networks
Spokane, Washington K29NM-D 43.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)

West Virginia[edit]

Huntington, West Virginia W30DG-D 30.1 Home Shopping Network
(Ventana Television)


Antigo/Wausau, Wisconsin WTPX-TV 46.6 Ion Media Networks
Milwaukee, Wisconsin WPXE-TV 55.6