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Home Troopers (Traditional Chinese: 居家兵團) is a 201011 Hong Kong television serial drama produced by TVB. The series follow the lives of the middle class Chukot family, who helps organize a housekeeping business in Hong Kong.


Chukot family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ha Yu Chukot Ho
60 years old
A retired civil servant (Ex-technician)
Ka-ka's husband
Joseph, Karen, Danny, and Benny's father
Wah Jing-lek's love interest
Liza Wang Lai Ka-ka
55 years old
Ho's wife
Joseph, Karen, Danny, and Benny's mother
Kevin Cheng Chukot Ching, Joseph
35 years old
Co-owner of Master Home Services Company, later co-owner of King of Home Services Company
Former HR manager in a real estate company
Ho and Ka-ka's eldest son
Fred's friend
Tung Kam-po's boyfriend, later husband
Mandy Wong Chukot Yung, Karen
29 years old
A Chinese high school teacher
Ho and Ka-ka's second daughter
Adrian Chau Chukot Kiu, Benny
19 years old
A first year Biology university student
Ho and Ka-ka's third son
Danny's older twin brother
Kimi's boyfriend.
Daniel Chau Chukot Fung, Danny
19 years old
A Form 7 repeated student
An ice-cream hawker
Ho and Ka-ka's youngest son
Benny's younger twin brother
Michelle's boyfriend.

Master Home Services Company[edit]

Cast Role Description
Kevin Cheng Chukot Jing, Joseph
Raymond Cho Kei Wing-fat, Fred
35 years old
Joseph's friend
Bowie's ex-boyfriend
Bernice Liu Tung Kam-po (Kam)
29 years old
Secretary and housework assistant
Former restaurant hostess
Tung Chi's daughter
Liza Wang Lai Ka-ka
Housework assistant
Angela Tong Wah Jing-lek, Janet
38 years old
Thai chinese
Housing assistant and doula
Lai Ka-ka's apprentice
Loved Chukot Ho
Peter Lai Tung Chi
A locksmith
Kam's father

Other characters[edit]

Cast Role Description
Christine Kuo Kwai Sin-yau, Michelle
25 years old
A university English teaching assistant
Master Home Services' client
Danny's love interest, later girlfriend
Vincent Wong Tong Sau-lai, Leo
29 years old
A doctor
Leung Man-tai's grandson
Kiki's husband
Karen's ex-boyfriend, later lover, finally broke up in Episode 19
Timmy Hung Cheung Lok-tin
32 years old
A physical education teacher
Chukot Yung's colleague
Loved Chukot Yung, later her boyfriend
Claire Yiu Sung Tsz-kei, Kiki
Leo's wife
Master Home Services' client
Gave birth to a baby girl in Episode 11
Framed Chukot Yung
Disfigured after protecting Leo from sulfuric acid attack in Episode 19
Raymond Tsang Ar Kwong
Crystal's ex-husband
Abused Crystal
Teresa Ha Leung Man-tai
Leo's grandmother
Kirby Lam Kimi Chokot Kiu's classmate, later girlfriend

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