List of Hong Kong films of 1960

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The following is a list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1960:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
A-Dou In The Army Wong Hok Sing
Adventure Of Black Heroine Wong Hok Sing
Alarm Conscious Law Gwan Hung
Ali Baba And The 40 Robbers Luk Bong
Apartment Murder Wu Pang
Ape's Daughter Vs. Dragon Devil (Part 1) Wong Hok Sing
Ape's Daughter Vs. Dragon Devil (Part 2) Wong Hok Sing
Autumn Leaf Chor Yuen
Bachelors Beware Evan Yang
The Battle Between The Dragon And The Tiger Wu Pang
The Bedside Story Bu Wancang
The Book and the Sword
Lee Sun-Fung Cheung Ying, Yung Siu-Yi, Tsi Law-Lin Wuxia
The Enchanting Shadow Li Han Hsiang Entered into the 1960 Cannes Film Festival
The Orphan Lee Sun Fung Bruce Lee, Ng Cho Fan, Pak Yin, Feng Feng Drama

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