List of Hong Kong films of 1973

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1973:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The 3 Nymphs Lau Daat, Wu Pang
Adultery Chinese Style Lui Kei
Adventure In Denmark Ho Fan
Ambush Ho Meng Hua
The Angry Hero Kim Lung
Angry Tiger
The Awaken Punch Fong Lung Seung
Back Alley Princess Lo Wei
Back Street John Law Ma
The Bamboo House Of Dolls Kuei Chih Hung
The Bastard Chu Yuan
Beach Of The War Gods Jimmy Wang Yu
Beauty Heroine Lau Sau Wa
The Big Fellow Mo Man Hung
The Black Belt Cheung Sam
The Black Dragon Joe Law Chi
Black Friday Man Sek Ling
Black Guide John Law
Black Panther Hau Chang
Blazing Ninja Godfrey Ho Chi Keung
Blood Brothers Chang Cheh
Blood Witness Kuei Chih Hung
The Boxers Hau Chang
Breakout From Oppression Lau Kar Leung, Gordon Liu
The Brothers Chan Tung Man
Bruce Lee : The Man And The Legend Wh Shih


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Call Girls Patrick Lung Kong
Call To Arms
The Champion Yeung Jing Chan
Cheat To Cheat Li Han Hsiang
China Behind Cecille Tong Shu Shuen
Chinese Dragon Wu Chia Chun
Chinese Hercules
Chinese Kung Fu Richard Yeung Kuen
Chinese Kung Fu And Acupuncture Suen Sing Yuen
Chu Chow Kung Fu Chan Hung Man
The Deadly Chase Stanley Siu Wing
Death Blow Teddy Yip
Death Comes In Three Paul Chang Chung
Death On The Docks Cheung Sam
The Delinquent Chang Cheh
Devil And Angel Lo Lieh
The Devil's Treasure Jeong Chang-hwa
La Dialectique peut-elle casser des briques? Tu Guangqi, René Viénet
Dragon And Tiger
The Dragon And Tiger Joint Hands Yeung Jing Chan
Dumb Boxer
End Of The Black
Enter the Dragon Robert Clouse Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Ahna Capri, Shih Kien, Robert Wall Martial arts
Escaped Convict
The Escaper Lee Tso Nam
Every Victorious Hall Cheung Git
Facets Of Love Li Han Hsiang
The Fate Of Lee Khan King Hu
Ferocious To Ferocious Wong Hung Cheung
Fist of Shaolin Lee Sun
Fist of Unicorn Tong Dik Unicorn Chan, Paul Wei Ping-Ao, Bruce Lee, Ji Han Jae
Fist to Fist Jimmy L. Pascual
Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes San Kong
The Flaming Bulwark Of Miao Chan Jing Boh
The Flying Man Of Ma Lan Ting Shan-hsi
The Flying Tiger Tong Sang
The Furious Killer
A Gathering of Heroes Griffin Yueh Feng
The Generation Gap Chang Cheh
A Girl Called Tigress Wong Hung Cheung
Girl Named Iron Phoenix
Gold Snatchers Kim Lung
Greatest Thai Boxing Chui Chang Wang
The Happiest Moment
Haze In The Sunset Chu Yuan
He Walks Like A Tiger Kong Yee Hung
A Heart With A Million Knots
Hercules Against Karate Antonio Margheriti
The Hero Of Chiu Chow Wong Sing Lui
Heroes Of Sung San Kong
Heroine Susan, The Sister Of The Shantung Boxer Wong Hung Cheung
Hill Fortress Sun Chung
Hong Kong Nite Life Patrick Lung Kong
Hong Kong Style Steve Chan Ho
Honor And Love Dung Ming Saan
The House of 72 Tenants Chor Yuen Ouyang Sha-fei, Adam Cheng, Ricky Hui, Chen Kuan Tai, Chor Yuen, Betty Ting, Lydia Shum, Law Lan, Danny Lee Comedy
How Is The Weather Today Pai Ching Jui
If Tomorrow Comes Patrick Tse Yin
Il Figlio di Zorro Gianfranco Baldanello
Il Giustiziere di Dio Franco Lattanzi
Illicit Desire Li Han Hsiang
Imperial Tomb Raiders Ting Shan-hsi
The Imprudent Iron Phoenix Lam Fook Dei
Infernal Street San Kong
The Inheritor Of Kung Fu Chan Hung Lit
Invincible Boxer Law Kei
The Iron Bodyguard Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Lieh
The Iron Bull Tong Dik
The Jilte Yeung Siu
The Karate Killers Yang Man Yi
Killer In The Dark Chan Tung Man
The Kiss Of Death Ho Meng Hua
A Kiss to Remember Yeung Siu
Knight Errant Ting Shan-hsi
Kung Fu Brothers In The Wild West Yang Man Yi
Kung Fu Inferno Chan Hung Man
Kung Fu King Joseph Kong Hung
Kung Fu Mama Kim Lung
Kung Fu's Hero Joseph Kong Hung
Life For Sale Chang Cheh, Law Kei
Little Tiger of Canton Chu Mu Jackie Chan, Chan Hung Lit, Tien Feng Kung fu
The Lone Hero Leung Chit Foo
Love Across The Seas Law Chun
Love Is a Four Letter Word Cheung Sam
A Man Called Tiger Lo Wei
The Man On The Police Gazette
The Mandarin Katy Chin
The Mandarin Shu Mei
The Master Of Kung Fu Ho Meng Hua
Mean Streets Of Kung Fu Yang Tao
The Money-Tree Richard Yeung Kuen
Morning Goodbye
Murder Masters Of Kung Fu Tyrone Hsu Tin Wing
Na Cha And The Seven Devils
None But The Brave Lo Wei
Not Scared to Die Zhu Mu Jackie Chan, Yuen Qiu, Wong Ching
Number One Iron Man Lee Goon Cheung
On The Verge Of Death Li Fai Mon
One by One
Operation White Shirt Ting Shan-hsi
The Opium Trail Huang Feng
Outside The Window Sung Chuen Sau
Payment In Blood Kuei Chih Hung
The Pirate Chang Cheh, Pao Hsueh Lieh, Wu Ma
Police Force Chang Cheh, Choi Yeung Ming
Police Woman Zhu Mu Jackie Chan, Yuen Qiu
The Private Eye Steve Chan Ho
Qing Kung
The Queen Bee Ting Shan-hsi
Rage Of The Wind Ng See Yuen
The Rats Law Kei
Rebirth Of A Deaf Mute Fu Qi
The Rendezvous Of Warriors Jimmy Shaw
Return Of The Assassin
River Of Fury Cheung Chang Chak
Rotary Kicks Ku Hsi
Seaman No. 7 Lo Wei
Sei bounty killers per una strage Franco Lattanzi
Sette ore di violenza per una soluzione imprevista Michele Massimo Tarantini
Seven To One Hau Chang
Sexy Girls Of Denmark Lui Kei
Sexy Playgirls Lui Kei
Smoke In His Eye
Smugglers Suen Ga Man
The Soul of Chiba Chan Tung Man
Stock Fever Suen Ga Man, Wong Chung
Stormy Sun Mo Man Hung
Studio legale per una rapina Tanio Boccia
The Sugar Daddies Sun Chung
Tales Of Larceny Ching Gong, Li Han Hsiang
The Tattooed Dragon Lo Wei
Thunderbolt Joe Law Chi
Tiger John Law
Tiger Boxer Lam Gwok Leung
To Subdue Evil Yeung Jing Chan
A Tooth For A Tooth Joseph Kong Hung
The Tormentor Sung Ting Mei
Triangular Duel Joseph Kuo
The Two Cavaliers Griffin Yueh Feng
The Two Tigers Chan Lit Ban
The Unscrupulous General Tong Sang
Unsubdued Furies Hau Chang
The Villains Chu Yuan
Walking In The Rain
The Way of the Tiger Lee Goon Cheung
We Visited Southeast Asia Luk Bong
When Taekwondo Strikes Huang Feng
Where Does Love Come From
Wild Tiger
Win Them All Kao Pao-shu
Woman Of The Night Yau Goon Yan
The Young Ones
The Young Tiger Wu Ma


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