List of Hong Kong films of 1977

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This is a list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1977.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The 36 Crazy Fists Chan Chi Hwa Jackie Chan, Fung Hak On


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung Li Han Hsiang
Along Comes a Tiger Wu Ma Don Wong Tao
Arson - The Criminals, Part III Hua Shan, Kuei Chih Hung
Assassin Larry Tu Chong Hsun
Assault - The Criminals, Part IV Kuei Chih Hung, Sun Chung
At The Side of Sky-Line Pai Ching Jui
The Battle Wizard Pao Hsueh Lieh
Be Quick Darling Wu Fung
Below the Lion Rock Allen Fong Yuk Ping, Ann Hui On Wah, Wong Sum
The Big Boss Girl And CID Wu Fung
Black Belt Karate
Black Samurai Al Adamson
The Brave Archer Chang Cheh Martial arts Shaw Brothers
Broken Oath Jeong Chang-hwa
Brotherly Love
Bruce Lee, We Miss You Lee Goon Cheung
Bruce Lee's Ways Of Kung Fu Godfrey Ho Chi Keung Bruce Lai
Bruce, Kung Fu Girls Shut Dik


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Call Girls Ching Gong
Carry On Bangkok Luk Bong
The Chase David Chung
Chinatown Kid Chang Cheh
Chinese Connection 2 Lee Tso Nam Bruce Li, Lo Lieh
The Chivalry, The Gunman And Killer Hon Bo Cheung
Chu Yuan Bao Fang, Hui Sin
CID - second season Alex Cheung
Clans of Intrigue Chu Yuan
The Clones of Bruce Lee Joseph Kong Hung
Cloud of Romance Chan Hung
The Clumsy Gambler Luk Bong
Clutch of Power Cheung Paang
Cobra Girl Sun Chung
Confessions of a Private Secretary Steve Chan
Confused Love Patrick Tse Yin
Crack Shadow Boxers Wen Yao Hua
The Criminal
Deadly Angels Pao Hsueh Lieh
Deadly Snail vs Kung Fu Killers Heung Ling
Death Challenge Lung Fong
Death Duel Chu Yuan
The Diary of Di-Di
The Discharged Stanley Siu Wing, Alan Tang Kong Wing
Don't Kiss Me on the Street Pai Ching Jui
Dragon Lives Again Law Kei Bruce Liang, Hon Kwok Choi
Dragon on the Shaolin Tower Cheung Yan Git
The Dragon, the Lizard, the Boxer
The Dream of the Red Chamber Li Han Hsiang
Dreams of Eroticism Siu Jeung Pin Diy Cho
Duel in the Desert Siu Muk
Duel With the Devils
Dynamite Shaolin Heroes Godfrey Ho
Dynasty Cheung Mei Gwan


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Eagle's Claw Lee Tso Nam
Eight Masters Joseph Kuo
The End of Wicked Tiger Law Kei
Enter the Invincible Hero Godfrey Ho Dragon Lee, Casanova Wong
Eternal Love
Executioners of Shaolin Lau Kar-leung Kuan Tai Chen, Li-Li, Li Yue Wong, Lo Lieh, Gordon Liu Martial arts
Fame of Chess Ha Yue
The Fatal Flying Guillotines Raymond Lui
Fight for Survival Hau Chang
A Fine Chilly Autumn
Fists of Dragon
Forever and Ever John Law
Four Iron Men Kim Jeong Rong
The Four Shaolin Challengers Ngai Hoi


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Gambler Aan Lik
The Glory Of The Sunset
Golden Peacock Castle
Golgo 13 Kowloon Assignment Sonny Chiba, Alan Chui Chung-San
The Great Man Tam Bing Man
Greatest Plot Ulysses Au-Yeung Jun
He Has Nothing But Kung Fu Lau Kar Wing
Hedgehog Lee Hyeok Su
Hero from Shanghai Pao Hsueh Lieh
Heroes of Shaolin William Cheung Kei
Heroes of the Eastern Skies Cheung Chang Chak
Hong Kong Emmanuelle Man Wa
Hot Blood Richard Yeung Kuen
A House Is Not a Home


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
ICAC Ann Hui, David Lam, Yim Ho
Imperial Sword Chan Chi Hwa
The Inheritor of Kung Fu Chan Hung Lit Lau Kar Wing, Shek Kin, Chan Hung Lit
Innocent Lust Ho Fan
Instant Kung Fu Man Richard Tung John Liu, Hwang Jang-lee, Yip Fei Yang, Yuen Woo-ping, Alan Chui Chung-San
Invincible Armour Ng See Yuen
Invincible Swordswoman Chan Ming Wa
Iron Fisted Monk Sammo Hung Sammmo Hung, James Tien Martial Arts / Action
Iron Monkey Chen Kuan Tai
Ironside 426 Lam Gwok Cheung
It's Azalea's Time
Jade Tiger Chu Yuan
Judgement of an Assassin Sun Chung


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Killer From Above Joe Law Chi
Kung Fu Kid Lo Wei
Lady Constables Cheung San Yee
Lady Exterminator Sun Chung
The Lady Killer Zhu Mu
Lantern Festival Adventure Cheung Pooi Saan
Lantern Street Larry Tu Chong Hsun
Last Hurrah for Chivalry John Woo
Last Strike Wa Yat Wang
Legend of All Men Are Brothers Tien Peng
The Legend of The Purple Hairpin Lee Tit
Life and Death Fu Qi
Lost Swordship Lee Ga
Love Across the Bridge
The Love Affair of Rainbow Gao Shan Lan
Love in the Shadow
Love Stories Yang Tao


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Tiger Love Hu Chin, Wang Ya, Lo Lieh Martial arts
To Kill with Intrigue Lo Wei Jackie Chan Kung fu

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