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This is a list of supporting characters in the Hulk comics.


  • Betty Ross Banner – The daughter of Thunderbolt Ross. Bruce Banner's most enduring love interest and later his wife. Deceased due to poisoning by the Abomination, later revealed to be cryogenically preserved and transformed by the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. into Red She-Hulk.
  • Brian Banner - Brian Banner is the son of Bruce Banner I, the brother of Elaine and Susan Banner, the husband of Rebecca Banner, the father of Bruce Banner, and the uncle of Jennifer Walters. Abusive to Bruce and Rebecca, he murdered her in front of him. He was killed by Bruce in a self-defense accident but returned as a vengeful ghost in more recent years.
  • Elaine Banner-Walters - Elaine Banner is the sister of Brian Banner, Bruce Banner's first Aunt, Morris Walters's wife, and the mother of Jennifer Walters. Since her husband was the Sheriff of the Los Angeles Police Force, he became a threat to Nicholas Trask. Trask wanted Morris killed and planned out a murder by smashing into him in his car and make it look like a drunk-driving accident, but his plan back-fired because Elaine had been the one driving to see Jennifer’s dance recital with two of her friends. Deceased.
  • Lyra - Daughter of the Hulk and Thundra. Lyra was raised in the 23rd Century by Femizons, battling men. She was conceived artificially by Thundra stealing Hulk's DNA during a fight, the time-displaced Lyra now lives with her aunt, Jennifer.
  • Rebecca Banner - Bruce Banner's mother who helped raise and protect him from his abusive father Brian Banner. She was eventually killed by Brian in front of Bruce's eyes.
  • She-Hulk – Jennifer Walters is the daughter of Morris Walters and Elaine Banner-Walters, and the cousin of Bruce Banner. When she was critically wounded, Bruce Banner gave her an emergency blood transfusion that transformed her into the heroic She-Hulk.
  • Skaar - The Hulk's son. Skaar's mother is Caiera. However their first encounter was hostile since Skaar felt Hulk had deserted him on Sakaar, when Hulk was really avenging his planet and family during World War Hulk.
  • Hiro-Kala - He is the son of the Hulk and Caiera and the twin brother of Skaar.
  • Susan Drake-Banner - Susan Banner is the sister of Brian Banner, and Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walter's aunt. After Rebecca's death at the hands of her brother, Bruce was placed into her care.
  • Scorpion - Carmilla Black, born Thasanee Rappaccini, is the daughter of Monica Rappaccini, the Scientist Supreme of the worldwide terrorist network A.I.M. Monica Rappaccini and Bruce Banner had a romantic relationship in college. [1] Peter David, who wrote Carmilla's appearances in Hulk, made suggestions that Bruce Banner may be her biological father, and this was further alluded to in Hulk Family #1, (Feb 2009). [2]


  • Amadeus Cho - The seventh smartest person on Earth. After being tragically orphaned, Cho was saved by and quickly befriended the Hulk. He valiantly advocated on the Hulk's behalf during the World War Hulk saga, believing the Hulk to be a truly benevolent soul.
  • Bereet – An alien artist and filmmaker from the planet Krylor, and brief love interest of Bruce Banner, with technology enabling her to turn her movies into reality.
  • Cary St. Lawrence - Originally an army colonel pursuing the Hulk, but eventually came to understand and sympathise with him.
  • Crackajack Jackson - A friendly wanderer, and the father of Hammer. Deceased.
  • Defenders - A super-hero group of "non-joiners", including the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, Nighthawk, Valkyrie, Hellcat and others.
  • Doc Samson – The Hulk's occasional psychiatrist. An ethical gamma-powered strongman with a working knowledge of nuclear biology, and excellent, quick-thinking, fighting skills.
  • Doctor Strange - The greatest sorcerer on Earth, and leader of the Defenders. He had an almost fatherly relationship with the rampaging Hulk, and sometimes let the latter live in his mansion. However, in recent years the two have had a falling out following the Illuminati's launching of the Hulk into space.
  • Falcon – Sam Wilson. He has defended the Hulk on a few occasions due to the Hulk's comforting his nephew, Jim Wilson, during his last moments alive, and financing a medical fund to honour the latter's memory.
  • Hercules - An Olympian God who's fought with the Hulk on many occasions. After an incident where Hercules and his Champions attempted to stop the Hulk from what they thought was another one of his rampages (but was actually him trying to bring his cousin to the hospital), Hercules vowed to make reparations. They've become allies since then and consider each other friends.
  • Fred Sloan – A long-haired musician who befriended the Hulk many years ago.
  • Jarella – The queen of the planet K'ai and beloved of both the Hulk and Bruce Banner. Deceased due to saving a child from a falling building.
  • Jim Wilson – A friend of Bruce Banner and sometimes sidekick. He was the first character in mainstream comics to be HIV positive. Deceased due to AIDS.
  • Iron Man - Bruce Banner's friend, who battles the Hulk with his Hulkbuster armor and tries to cure Bruce of the Hulk.
  • Kate Waynesboro - Bruce Banner's lab assistant and love interest, revealed as an agent and spy for S.H.I.E.L.D., but genuine in her affection, and remaining a friend afterwards. She has recently appeared in World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound.
  • Marlo Chandler - Former girlfriend to Mr. Fixit, now wife of Rick Jones.
  • Mogol - An android constructed by Tyrannus to befriend the Hulk and enlist him as an ally, but unaware of his programming or artificial nature. Destroyed when Hulk found out and mistakenly thought that Mogol had intentionally betrayed him.
  • Queen Divine Justice - The street-smart queen of the Jabari tribe of Wakanda, and former bodyguard/ceremonial betrothed of the Black Panther.[1]
  • Renegades - A ragtag group consisting of Amadeus Cho, the immensely strong jovial immortal Hercules, the Atlantean warrior-queen Namora, the mutant philanthropist Angel, and Bruce Banner's possible daughter Scorpion.
  • Rick Jones – A teenager whom Banner saved, causing Banner to be caught in his life-changing explosion. He's been a sidekick or partner to the Avengers, Captain America and Captain Marvel.
  • Sentry - Robert Reynolds. He is capable of pacifying the Hulk via empathy and/or a form of radiation, greatly reducing his rage-fueled power in the process. Hulk even served as his partner for a short time.
  • Silver Surfer - A godlike cosmic wanderer of great compassion and spirituality. A fellow loner, recurrent ally and occasional confidante.
  • Thor - The Norse god of thunder. Former adversaries who have recently put an end to their rivalry after teaming up to defeat the Red Hulk. They shook hands and even parted ways calling each other "friend".
  • Ulysses - A slow-aging former 50s biker rebel, and Pantheon warrior, using a very formidable glowing sword and shield.
  • Valkyrie - The greatest among Asgardian warrior-women, and a fellow Defender, who comforted the Hulk after Jarella's death.
  • Warbound from Planet Hulk
    • Caiera, the oldstrong - The Hulk's warrior queen, with an "oldstrong" heritage, granting her the ability to turn harder than stone and attain immense levels of physical strength. Deceased in the explosion that destroyed Sakaar.
    • Elloe Kaifi - Daughter of a high ranking Sakaaran official whom the Red King tries for treason.
    • Hiroim, the Shamed - A warrior-mystic "Shadow Priest" who was expelled from his order for the heresy of believing he could be the Sakaarson, the fabled savior of planet Sakaar. He inherited Caiera's mystic Oldstrong power after all other members of his race perished.
    • Korg - A stone man of the Kronan race with great superhuman strength, who once fought Thor.
    • Miek, the unhived - A meek insectoid who becomes king of his freed people before metamorphosing into a behemoth. Although he was part of the Warbound and considered himself a friend of the Hulk, he also allowed the death of the Hulk's wife and many others on Sakaar. He is currently imprisoned in the Negative Zone Prison.[3]
    • No-Name of the Brood - Sole survivor of a pack of Brood warriors that landed on Planet Sakaar. Unlike most other members of her race she has the capacity for compassion.
    • Arch-E-5912 - A robot that aids Hulk in the fight against the Red King. Later piloted the ship that brought Hulk back to Earth. Self-destructed from a malfunction.


  • Abomination – Emil Blonsky. A gamma-spawned monstrous powerhouse. The Hulk's primary physical rival.
  • Absorbing Man - Crusher Creel. Able to magically "absorb"/duplicate the properties/powers of things/people he touches. He is also an enemy of She-Hulk and Thor.
  • Achilles - Agamemnon's super-strong right-hand man, with nearly absolute invulnerability. Deceased.
  • Agamemnon - The immortal former leader of the Pantheon, and alleged descendant of a god, turned weary, bored and immensely cynical from his millennia of existence. Cyclically building and destroying civilizations as a personal hobby.
  • Ajax - An immensely strong childlike bruiser, and member of the Pantheon. Like the Hulk his power increases with his rage, and he has considered the latter as a friend in the past.
  • Agent Pratt - A malicious calculating operative working for a secret government agency called Home Base. He has a genetic ability to regrow limbs upon death. Quotes Stephen Hawking and appears to be a genius.
  • Amphibion - Qnax. The sometimes ally, sometimes enemy, warrior champion of the planet Xantares, with great superhuman strength.
  • Armageddon - Warlord of the star-spanning troyjan empire, with power rivalling the Silver Surfer's. He holds a grudge against the Hulk for accidentally slaying his son Trauma.
  • Bi-Beast - A giant two-headed android living on a floating island in the sky, and containing the knowledge of the bird people that built it.
  • Jackdaw - The Leader's former second-in-command, who ultimately turned against him.
  • Black Fog - A serial killer from India that was captured by the authorities and beaten up badly by the families of his victims. He was freed by Zero/One who replaced his lost limbs with cybernetic limbs and awakened his metahuman gene in her plots to dispose of Red Hulk.
  • Boomerang - An Australian who gained skills with boomerangs and was recruited by a criminal organization the Secret Empire. He uses different types of boomerangs as weapons.
  • Collector - A billions of years old being, who keeps himself active by scouring the Universe for unusual additions to his planetary collections of creatures and artifacts.
  • Flux – A soldier, exposed to a gamma bomb detonation by General Ryker. Deceased.
  • Galaxy Master – A shapeshifting alien weapon and conqueror, destroying any intelligent life that it considers a potential threat.
  • Gamma Corps - A series of mutated superhuman military operatives with personal grudges, originally employed by General John Ryker.
  • Glenn Talbot – Betty Ross' ex-husband, a military officer who tried to kill Bruce Banner and destroy the Hulk. Was the one who personally discovered the truth of Banner's Hulk condition from Rick Jones (who believed that Banner was dead at the time) and revealed it to his superiors. Deceased.
  • Glob - A shambling bog-monster, with high resistance to physical harm.
  • Glorian - The reality-warping apprentice of the Shaper of Worlds has come on a collision course with the Hulk during the course of his lessons.
  • Gremlin - The misshapen, supergenius, Russian son of the Hulk's first enemy, the Gargoyle. Used a Titanium Man armour. Deceased.
  • Grey Gargoyle - A superstrong thief and mercenary, able to turn others to stone with a touch. The Hulk's healing factor fought off the transformation.
  • Halflife – Anthony Masterson, a gamma-irradiated power-leech. Dead during the day, and alive during the night. Deceased.
  • Hammer and Anvil - An embittered African-American and a white supremacist. Escaped convicts permanently shackled to each other by a chain granting them both great physical power, and bonding their life-forces together. Deceased.
  • Hulkbusters - Various incarnations of military units dedicated to putting the Hulk down.
  • Humanoids - The Leader's army of super-strong rubber-men, virtually immune to blunt impacts, shown to include the Hulk's fists or Thor's hammer, but they are comparatively easy to immobilise or destroy with energy-based attacks.
  • John Ryker - A ruthless military general, and brilliant manipulator, who hunted the Hulk to seek a cure for his wife.
  • Juggernaut - A super-strong, nearly indestructible villain whose power rivals that of the Hulk's.
  • Kang the Conqueror - A temporal tyrant of a thousand timelines, with futuristic armies at his beck and call.
  • Kronan the Barbarian – Conan parody,with one eye,featured in a Hulk story,as he travelled to microworld of Jarella.
  • Leader – A Gamma-irradiated genius with superhuman intelligence and mind-control abilities.
  • Madman - The Leader's brother, a chaotic, distorted, and clever powerhouse.
  • Maha Yogi - An ancient mutant and sorcerer with various psychic powers.
  • Maestro - A barbaric and crafty future version of the Hulk. He’s stated as twice as strong as the ‘merged’ incarnation, and is an experienced, ruthless and dishonourable combatant.
  • Man-Beast - A wolf evolved to the height of lupine potential. A superstrong malevolent schemer with great psychic powers.
  • Man-Thing - Ted Sallis. Another shambling swamp-monster driven entirely by instinct. Whatever knows fear burns at his touch.
  • Matt Talbot - The nephew of Glenn Talbot, and an old friend of Cathy St. Lawrence. He wanted to avenge his uncle by hunting down the Hulk, but was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Maximus the Mad - The deranged but brilliant brother of Black Bolt and current leader of the Inhumans.
  • Mephisto - An immensely powerful demon who has tried to corrupt and claim the Hulk's spirit.
  • Mercy - An enigmatic immortal with multiple powers, including shapeshifting, draining, teleportation, energy-projection, invisibility, astral projection, and self re-assembly. She considers herself on a mission of "mercy" to "help" those who wish to die but don't have the strength to commit suicide.
  • Metal Master - Hulk's first superhuman adversary. An alien conqueror with practically limitless ability to control all forms of metal.
  • Missing Link - A radioactive monster with immense strength, a childlike personality, and the ability to reform itself after being destroyed.
  • Mister Hyde - A savage, super-strong, dark mirror of the Hulk.
  • MODOK - His name is an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. He possesses vast offensive psionic powers and computing intelligence, and is the leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics
  • Moonstone - An utterly amoral criminal psychiatrist, with super-strength, force-blasts, intangibility, flight, and capable of quickly coercing mental breakdowns.
  • Namor the Sub-Mariner - Namor McKenzie. The proud imperial ruler of the world's oceans, and a grudging recurrent ally, but their respective hot tempers have created a strong rivalry and many confrontations over the years.
  • Nightmare - An immensely powerful dream demon, responsible for driving the Hulk mad and exiled many years ago; later caused the death of Hulk's first unborn child, and raped his wife Betty in her sleep; He also plagued Hulk with nightmarish reality-distortions in more recent years, including the "Devil-Hulk" and the "Homebase" conspiracy.
  • Ogress - A gamma infused female attorney named Diane Davids. Ogress was a creation of The Leader and later became a member of the Riot Squad.[4] In the Incredible Hulk animated series, she served as a rival for both the Hulk and his cousin She-Hulk. She is voiced by Kathy Ireland.
  • Omegex - A powerful alien robot built by an ancient alien race who brings an end to the worlds he visits. It is powered by the souls of his victims.
  • Omnibus - The Leader's supergenius second in command, and briefly serving as a host for his spirit. Deceased.
  • Pantheon - A pro-active organization of super-powered beings descended from the immortal Agamemnon and titled after the participants in the Trojan War.
  • Paris - A manipulative prudish empath, and brief leader of the Pantheon, with grudges against both the Hulk and Ulysses.
  • Piecemeal - A monster engineered from an unwilling scientist, at the Red Skull's behest, mixing up the attributes of any superbeings it encounters.
  • Psyklop - An humanoid insect scientist-mystic, worshiping a race of elder gods and seeking to use the Hulk as a power-source to revive them. Deceased.
  • Puffball Collective – An alien group-mind that kept Hulk company during his exile to the crossroads dimension. Eventually revealed as an agent of the N'Garai.
  • Ravage - A gamma induced monster, created by Professor Geoffrey Crawford's attempts to cure himself of a crippling disease using his Matter Teleportation Device.
  • Red Hulk – General Thunderbolt Ross, transformed into the Red Hulk by the Leader and MODOK. He seems to start at a higher strength level than the Hulk but gets hotter as he gets angrier.
  • Red King – The despotic emperor of the planet Sakaar, dethroned by the Hulk and his Warbound.
  • Reginald Fortean - A US Air Force General who was Thunderbolt Ross' former protégé. He is obsessed with seeking revenge on the Red Hulk (who he believes killed Ross) unaware that Red Hulk and Thunderbolt Ross are one person. He used a gun on Red Hulk that shot remote-activated micro-mines into Red Hulk's brain that would fry Red Hulk's brain when Red Hulk changes back.
  • Rhino- A Rhinoceros-based villain with super strength, speed, and tough hide like a rhino.
  • Riot Squad - A superpowered unit of the Leader's henchmen, and citizens of his Arctic-based utopia, Freehold.
  • Rock and Redeemer - A morphing boulder, capable of severely damaging even the Hulk, and an armored living weapons arsenal. Two of the Leader's main enforcers and former members of the Hulkbusters.
  • Sabra - A super-strong, combat expert, Israeli heroine, with a cloak emitting powerful 'energy-quills', who has recurrently come to blows with the Hulk due to misunderstandings.
  • Shanzar - Sorcerer Supreme of the strange matter universe. He got tired of protecting his reality from threats and eradicated every sentient being in it, but eventually grew bored and decided to seek out and conquer other realms.
  • Space Parasite - An alien conqueror with virtually unlimited ability to absorb energy.
  • Speedfreek wears a power-armour granting him superhuman speed, durability and adamantium weaponry. Deceased.
  • Sultan Magus - Dagan Shah is a rebel leader who came across Regillian technology and used their weapons to sell to terrorists while organizing Sharzhad (which is on the borders of Libya). Red Hulk and Machine Man came to Sharzhad to investigate Dagan Shah (who Red Hulk believed to be behind the death of his old friend).
  • Super-Adaptoid - An android with the powers of the Avengers.
  • Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross – Betty Ross' father, a military general who used to hunt for the Hulk. He later became Red Hulk.
  • Thing - Ben Grimm, a member of the Fantastic Four, and a frequent rival of the Hulk's, due to consistently being defeated at his hands. They have nonetheless come to understand each other.
  • Thor – The god of thunder and Hulk's main rival among other superheroes, with many inconclusive confrontations over the years.
  • Toad Men - Short, squat-faced aliens with magnetic weaponry, and delusions of conquest. Once devastated Washington D.C., killing many military pilots. They are led by Queen Frojya, whatever technology they gained were by stealing it by it from other alien races.
  • Trauma - Prince of the Troyjans. An immensely strong warrior, with force-blasts capable of cutting through planets. Deceased.
  • Tyrannus – An ancient Roman would-be world conqueror, and long-time Hulk villain.
  • U-Foes - A Fantastic Four counterpart. They blame the Hulk for interrupting the experiment that granted them their powers.
  • Umar - A vastly powerful, sadistic and hedonistic, immortal sorceress, and sister of the mystic entity Dormammu. She finds the Hulk attractive, and has tried to make him into her personal enforcer and sex-slave.
  • Wendigo - A large cannibalistic monster from the Canadian north woods.
  • Wildman - An unpredictable scrawny lunatic, in pink bunny slippers, who can temporarily 'borrow' the abilities of the main superheroes on Earth, but is limited to one at a time.
  • Xemnu the Titan - An alien with superhuman strength, and vast psionic powers, capable of engineering formidable genetic monstrosities.
  • Zero/One - Dr. Parul Kurinji was a scientist who was exposed to a virus that was created by MODOK. She became an enemy of Red Hulk.
    • Jacob Feinman - A scientist who fell victim to the Scorched Earth protocols left by Intelligencia which horribly scarred his face. He was approached by Zero/One who agreed to restore his face in exchange for his services.
  • Zzzax – Electricity-based villain/monster with superhuman strength and the ability to incinerate almost anything it touches. It gains intelligence by feeding on the minds of human beings.


Foes of lesser renown[edit]



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