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This is a list of ISO 639-5 codes, including the code hierarchy as given in the ISO 639-5 registry. The code und (undetermined) from ISO 639-2 can be seen as top of the hierarchy (for example, und:aav, und:euq:eu). The hierarchy is not a complete genetic hierarchy; some of the collection codes are based on geography (like nai) or category (like crp) instead.

Hierarchy ISO 639-5 Language collection name Notes
aav aav Austroasiatic languages South-Asiatic languages, not related to Australian languages
afa afa Afro-Asiatic languages
nai:aql:alg alg Algonquian languages
nic:alv alv Atlantic–Congo languages
nai:xnd:ath:apa apa Apache languages
sai:aqa aqa Alacalufan languages
nai:aql aql Algic languages
art art Artificial languages
nai:xnd:ath ath Athapascan languages
sai:awd:auf auf Arauan languages
aus aus Australian languages
sai:awd awd Arawakan languages
nai:azc azc Uto-Aztecan languages
nic:alv:bad bad Banda languages
nic:alv:bai bai Bamileke languages
ine:bat bat Baltic languages
afa:ber ber Berber languages
nic:alv:bnt bnt Bantu languages
map:poz:pqw:btk btk Batak languages
cai cai Central American Indian languages
cau cau Caucasian languages
sai:cba cba Chibchan languages
cau:ccn ccn North Caucasian languages
cau:ccs ccs South Caucasian languages
afa:cdc cdc Chadic languages
nai:cdd cdd Caddoan languages
ine:cel cel Celtic languages
map:poz:pqw:cmc cmc Chamic languages
crp:cpe cpe creoles and pidgins, English-based
crp:cpf cpf creoles and pidgins, French-based
crp:cpp cpp creoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based
crp crp creoles and pidgins
ssa:csu csu Central Sudanic languages
afa:cus cus Cushitic languages
day day Land Dayak languages not to be confused with Dayak languages, which is a larger group
nic:dmn dmn Mande languages
dra dra Dravidian languages
afa:egx egx Egyptian languages
esx esx Eskimo–Aleut languages
euq euq Basque (family) Basque (eu/eus/baq) is an individual language covered by this collection code
urj:fiu fiu Finno-Ugrian languages
map:fox fox Formosan languages
ine:gem gem Germanic languages
ine:gem:gme gme East Germanic languages
ine:gem:gmq gmq North Germanic languages
ine:gem:gmw gmw West Germanic languages
ine:grk grk Greek languages
hmx hmx Hmong–Mien languages
nai:hok hok Hokan languages
ine:hyx hyx Armenian (family) Armenian (hy/hye/arm) is an individual language covered by this collection code
ine:iir iir Indo-Iranian languages
nic:alv:ijo ijo Ijo languages
ine:iir:inc inc Indic languages
ine ine Indo-European languages
ine:iir:ira ira Iranian languages
nai:iro iro Iroquoian languages
ine:itc itc Italic languages
jpx jpx Japanese (family) Japanese (ja/jpn) is an individual language covered by this collection code
sit:tbq:kar kar Karen languages
nic:kdo kdo Kordofanian languages
khi khi Khoisan languages
nic:alv:kro kro Kru languages
map map Austronesian languages
aav:mkh mkh Mon–Khmer languages
map:poz:pqw:phi:mno mno Manobo languages
aav:mun mun Munda languages
cai:myn myn Mayan languages
nai:azc:nah nah Nahuatl languages
nai nai North American Indian languages
paa:ngf ngf Trans–New Guinea languages
nic nic Niger–Congo languages ISO uses the term "Niger–Kordofanian"
ssa:sdv:nub nub Nubian languages
cai:omq omq Oto-Manguean languages
afa:omv omv Omotic languages
cai:omq:oto oto Otomian languages
paa paa Papuan languages
map:poz:pqw:phi phi Philippine languages
map:poz:plf plf Central Malayo-Polynesian languages
map:poz poz Malayo-Polynesian languages
map:poz:pqe pqe Eastern Malayo-Polynesian languages
map:poz:pqw pqw Western Malayo-Polynesian languages
ine:iir:inc:pra pra Prakrit languages
sai:qwe qwe Quechuan (family) Quechua (qu/que) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
ine:itc:roa roa Romance languages
sai sai South American Indian languages
nai:sal sal Salishan languages
ssa:sdv sdv Eastern Sudanic languages
afa:sem sem Semitic languages
sgn sgn sign languages
nai:sio sio Siouan languages
sit sit Sino-Tibetan languages
ine:sla sla Slavic languages
urj:fiu:smi smi Sami languages
ssa:son son Songhai languages
ine:sqj sqj Albanian languages Albanian (sq/sqi/alb) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
ssa ssa Nilo-Saharan languages
urj:syd syd Samoyedic languages
tai tai Tai languages Thai (th/tha) is an individual language covered by this collection code
sit:tbq tbq Tibeto-Burman languages
tut:trk trk Turkic languages Turkish (tr/tur) is an individual language covered by this collection code
sai:tup tup Tupi languages
tut tut Altaic languages
tut:tuw tuw Tungus languages
urj urj Uralic languages
nai:wak wak Wakashan languages
ine:sla:zlw:wen wen Sorbian languages
tut:xgn xgn Mongolian languages Mongolian (mn/mon) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
nai:xnd xnd Na-Dene languages
esx:ypk ypk Yupik languages
sit:zhx zhx Chinese (family) Chinese (zh/zho/chi) is a macrolanguage covered by this collection code
ine:sla:zle zle East Slavic languages
ine:sla:zls zls South Slavic languages
ine:sla:zlw zlw West Slavic languages
nic:alv:znd znd Zande languages Zande (individual language) (zne) is an individual language covered by this collection code

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