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This list of Illinois Institute of Technology alumni includes graduates and non-graduate former students of Illinois Institute of Technology.

Nobel laureates[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Steinberger, JackJack Steinberger Jack-Steinberger-2008.JPG Withdrew
Chemical Engineering
Corecipient of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physics "for the neutrino beam method and the demonstration of the doublet structure of the leptons through the discovery of the muon neutrino." [1][2]

Politics and public service[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Adamkus, ValdasValdas Adamkus Valdas Adamkus in 2005.JPEG 1961
Civil Engineering
Highly decorated President of the Republic of Lithuania, who served two terms, the first from 1998 to 2003 and again from 2004 to 2009. [3]
Chandrasekhar, RajeevRajeev Chandrasekhar 1985
Master's in Computer Science
Member of the Parliament of India; vice-president of FICCI; member of the Pentium chip design team at Intel; director of Karnataka Power Corporation Limited; and director of HAL Bangalore International Airport. Rajeev Chandrasekhar was a member of the architecture teams that invented the 486 chip and Intel's signature Pentium chip. [4][5][6][7]
Hoffman, JuliusJulius Hoffman Presiding judge in the Chicago Seven conspiracy trial. [8]
Khan, Munir AhmadMunir Ahmad Khan 1956
Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (1972-1991) and IAEA Board of Governors (1986-1987)
Roche, James G.James G. Roche James Roche.jpg 1960
Bachelor of Science in language, literature and philosophy
Former Secretary of the Air Force, was Senior Professional Staff Member of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, asst. dir. of the Office of Net Assessment. Awards include the Order of the Sword, Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service, Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, Navy Commendation Medal, Legion of Merit, and the Defense Superior Service Medal. [9]
Sazegara, MohsenMohsen Sazegara Sazegara.jpg 1979 Iranian journalist, political activist, and a researcher at Harvard University. [10][11]
Karlmark, Gloria RayGloria Ray Karlmark 1965
Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Mathematics
Congressional Gold Medal Recipient and one of the Little Rock Nine, a group of African-American students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School after the historic Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case. [12][13]


Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Andrus, Ethel PercyEthel Percy Andrus 1918
Bachelor of Science
Founded both the National Retired Teachers Association and the American Association of Retired Persons, both of which merged into what is now AARP. [14][15]
Sarich, VincentVincent Sarich Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Controversial Professor of Anthropology who received 75 protesters during one of his lectures at University of California, Berkeley. His research includes work in sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, and the relation between race and evolutionary speciation. [16][17]
Jischke, Martin C.Martin C. Jischke 1963
Bachelor of Science in Physics
President of Purdue University; President of Iowa State University; and Chancellor of Missouri University of Science and Technology. He is also a member of the United States President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. [18][19][20]


Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Pritzker, RobertRobert Pritzker 1946
Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Listed as #47 in 2004 on Forbes' ranking of the wealthiest people in the world. Inherited Colson Company, and industrial component manufacturer, and merged it with others into Marmon Group. [21][22]
Calamos, JohnJohn Calamos 1963
Bachelor's Degree in Business and Economics;
1970 M.B.A.
Listed on Forbes' 400 Richest Americans list as #281. Founder and CEO of Calamos Asset Management. Conferred as one of BusinessWeek's Best Mutual Fund Managers in both 2003 and 2004. [23][24][25][26][27]
Kirloskar, SanjaySanjay Kirloskar Chairman and Managing Director of the Kirloskar Brothers Limited, one of the world's largest pump manufacturers. As of 2006, he is worth 1.5 billion USD. [28][29]
Pitroda, SamSam Pitroda Sam Headshot.jpg 1966
Master's in Electrical Engineering
Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission to the Prime Minister of India. Chairman and CEO of World-Tel Limited, a member of the ITU. Set up 1.52 million ubiquitous yellow public call offices throughout India, revolutionizing telephone access in the country. [30][31][32]
Michels, TimTim Michels Tim Michels Cropped.jpg 1997
Master of Public Administration
Republican nominated for Senator from Wisconsin who lost to incumbent Russ Feingold in 2004. Co-owner and Vice President of Michels Corporation, a construction contractor in Wisconsin. [33][34]
Rezko, TonyTony Rezko 1970's
Bachelor's Degree and master's degree in Civil Engineering
Political fundraiser, restaurateur, and real estate developer who helped Rod Blagojevich become Governor of Illinois and set up the state's first Democratic administration in twenty years. Rezko was convicted on several counts of fraud and bribery in 2008 for using his connections to the state boards to demand kickbacks from businesses that wanted to do business with the state. [35][36]


Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Camras, MarvinMarvin Camras 1940 Invented a way to produce high fidelity magnetic wire recordings which were used for training and misinforming the enemy during WWII. His inventions contributed to commercializing magnetic tape sound recording. Received the National Medal of Technology "for the development and commercialization of magnetic recording." [37][38]
Boykin, OtisOtis Boykin Boykins at Dept of Energy BLACK CONTRIBUTORS TO SCIENCE AND ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Page 08.jpg Withdrew Most notable invention was likely the control unit for the artificial heart pacemaker, which used electrical impulses to maintain a regular heartbeat. He also contributed more than 25 other military and commercial electronic devices. [39]
Cooper, MartinMartin Cooper Martin Cooper, Two Antennas, October 2010.jpg 1950 Inventor of the mobile phone while working at Motorola. His first call on "the brick" was to his rival at Bell Labs, Joel S. Engel. He is a former CEO, co-founder, and current Chairman of ArrayComm. [23][40][41]
Rath, Bhakta B.Bhakta B. Rath 1961 Material physicist and Head of the Materials Science and Component Technology of the United States Naval Research Laboratory [42][43]
Reber, GroteGrote Reber Grote Reber.gif 1933
Electrical Engineering
Early experimenter with radio telescopes and built the first with a parabolic reflector.

Computer science[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Dongarra, JackJack Dongarra JackDongarra.jpg 1973
Master of Science in Computer Science
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, University of Tennessee
Kaplan, Edward L.Edward L. Kaplan 1965 Co-founder of Zebra Technologies and served as chairman and CEO of the company for 37 years. The company manufactures Real time location systems, RFID solutions, and specialty printers for industrial product tracking. [23][44]
Tsao, VictorVictor Tsao 1980
Co-founded Linksys together with his wife Janie Tsao. Linksys Group, Inc. was the market and product leader in the Consumer/SOHO networking market. Linksys’ products include wireless/wired home routers and access points, wireless adapters for laptops and desktops and unmanaged switches. In 2003 the company was acquired by Cisco Systems for $500 million. [45]

Natural sciences[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Coleman, SidneySidney Coleman Sidney Coleman at Harvard crop.jpg 1957
Creator of the eponymous Coleman–Mandula theorem
Solomon, SusanSusan Solomon Susan Solomon-Desk With Globe.jpg 1977
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
A senior scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, she was the first person to explain that manmade chlorofluorocarbons were destroying the ozone layer and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1992 at age 36. She was named one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People in 2008. [46][47]
Karlin, SamuelSamuel Karlin Mathematician and population geneticist.


Architecture and design[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Faulkner, Charles DraperCharles Draper Faulkner 1913
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Chicago-based architect
Jahn, HelmutHelmut Jahn Withdrew Architect (Sony Center on the Potsdamer Platz, Berlin; Messeturm in Frankfurt; James R. Thompson Center in Chicago)
Freed, James IngoJames Ingo Freed Degree in Architecture Architect
Hollein, HansHans Hollein Hans Hollein, Architect, Designer.jpg 1959
Pritzker Prize-winning Austrian architect (attended IIT for one year)
Lambert, PhyllisPhyllis Lambert 1963 Canadian architect
Lane, HowardHoward Lane 1947 Architect based in Los Angeles, California [48]
Noonan, EdwardEdward Noonan Ed Noonan speaks at Shimer.png 1960 Architect and Shimer College president [49]
Tague, Robert BruceRobert Bruce Tague 1935
Master's Degree in Architecture
Chicago-based architect and abstract artist ,[50][51]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Abramson, MichaelMichael Abramson 1977 Documentary photographer
Brande, DorotheaDorothea Brande Writer and associate editor of The American Review
Connor, LindaLinda Connor Large-format photographer; professor of photography
Ishimoto, YasuhiroYasuhiro Ishimoto 1952 Photographer
Keeler, Harry StephenHarry Stephen Keeler Electrical Engineering Novelist
Paul, ArtArt Paul 1950 Graphic designer, Playboy Art Director and designer of its rabbit-head logo [52]
Thompson, DorothyDorothy Thompson Writer, broadcaster, wife of Sinclair Lewis
Traub, Charles H.Charles H. Traub Photographer and educator
Young, JamesJames Young James JY Young of Styx.JPG Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Member of the band Styx

Social and behavioral sciences[edit]

Name Image Graduation date
Known for Reference
Gottesman, Irving I.Irving I. Gottesman 1953
Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
Distinguished Professor at University of Minnesota in psychology [53]


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